Archived Mechanics

New World-Federation War

Campaign Status

Mission Log
Turn Log
E-Scale Strategic Combat Rules
P-Scale Strategic Combat Rules
Campaign Turn System Rules
Technology List
Action Roster
International Treaties
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Playing the Game

Longinus Spirit Assimilation Rules
Time Management

Combat Rules

Action List
Extreme Environment Rules
Horde Rules
Status Effects Table
Special Damage
Vehicle Rules
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Traits, Skills and Talents

Assets and Drawbacks
Elite Talents
Full Horde Abilities List
Full Horde Tactics List
Full Formations List
Full Talents List
Full Skills List
Full Traits List
Unique Traits and Season Bonuses
Updated AT Powers
Advanced AT Powers
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Classes and Kits

New Backgrounds
AT Tactician
Operations Director
Auxiliary Rules
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Special Unit Rules

Followers and Entourages
Horde Rules
D-Titan Rules and Base Template
E-Destroyer Rules
T-RIDEN-T Custom Rules and Base Template
The Wizard Army Rules
Special Operations Service Rules
Evaspawn Creation Rules
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Army and Special Unit Lists

Angelspawn Army List Angelflag.png?dl=0

Angelspawn P-Scale List

Brazilian Armed Forces Army List Brazil%20Pog.png?dl=0

Brazilian Armed Forces P-Scale List

Caine's New World Army List UN%20pog.png?dl=0

Caine's New World Army MAGI Analyses
Caine's New World Army P-Scale List

United Earth Federation Army List Fed%20Pog.png?dl=0

United Earth Federation P-Scale List
Melbourne Gangs P-Scale List
SOS Units P-Scale List

Generic Army List

Generic P-Scale List

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Evangelion Rules

Evangelion Critical Damage
Eva Unique Weapons
Evangelion Upgrades
Eva Letter Equipment
New Evangelion Features
Synch Ratio and Ego Rules
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E-Scale Equipment Rules

E-Scale Weapons
Full Weapon Quality List
Full Armour Quality List

P-Scale Equipment Rules

P-Scale Personal Equipment
Iron Guard Personal Equipment
Unique Equipment
Rare Equipment Vault
Iron Guard Restricted Equipment Section
Full Weapon Quality List
Full Armour Quality List

Vehicle and Vehicle Equipment Rules

Vehicle Rules
Federation Vehicles
New World Army Vehicles
Vehicle Weapon List
Full Weapon Quality List
Vehicle Special Equipment
Vehicle Trait List
Vehicle List (Defunct)
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Special Scenarios

Sea of the Soul
Social Conflict Rules
Space Combat
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Blank Sheets

Blank PC Sheet
Alternate Blank PC Sheet
Blank Evangelion Sheet
Follower Sheet Template
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