Campaign History

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Special Logs

Aline/Shinji Email Correspondence

The Original Letter

First Exchange

14/02/15 - 19/02/15, 20/02/15 - 26/02/15, 27/02/15 - 2/03/15

Second Exchanges

08/03/15 - 10/03/15, 04/04/15 - 06/04/15, 19/04/15 - 28/04/15
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Reminiscence: Stories of the Past

A Fateful Meeting Beneath an Icy Sky

Viviane's Escape

Sera shoots Isaiah

Lagos, Nigeria, September 2000

The Caines in the East

The Caines in the East 2

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Warp Space: Raphael's Dream World

Post-Session 1

Gendo and Raphael

Yanmei 1

Yanmei 2

Yanmei 3

Yanmei 4 ;_;

Sera 1

Sera 2

Sera 3

Sera 4

Aline 1

Aline 2

Aline 3

Aline 4

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Solomon Aline

Aline 1 - Birth

Aline 2 - Phantoms

Aline 3 - Ezra

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Intro 1, Session 0: In the Shadow of a Mechanical God

Intro 2, Session 0: In the Halls of the Medical District

Intro 3, Session 0: In the Spine of the Beast

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Session 1: In the Midst of an Angel Attack

Mini 1, Session 1: In the Apartment of a Pilot
Mini 2, Session 1: In the Mind of a Scared Young Girl
Mini 3, Session 1: In the Search of New Furniture and Clothes
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Session 2: In the Heat of a Press Conference

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Session 2 Press Conference Debriefing

Mini 1, Session 2: In the Envelope of a Young Man
Mini 2, Session 2: In the Confidence of an Attache
Mini 3, Session 2: In the Plaza of Saint Louis
Mini 4, Session 2: In the Office of the Ice Queen
Mini 5, Session 2: In the Meeting of two Old Friends
Mini 6, Session 2: In the Talk Between Two Pilots
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Session 3: In the Sunlight of the First Day of School

Mini 1, Session 3: To the Root of the Mob Problem
Mini 2, Session 3: In the Free Time of a Pilot
Mini 3, Session 3: In the Gathering of the Music Club
Mini 4, Session 3: In the Shooting Range of NERV HQ
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Session 4: In the Forest of Sudden Defeat

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Session 4A: In the Craft of the Commander

Mini 1, Session 4: In the Haze of a Fragile Mind
Mini 2, Session 4: In the Eyes of Isaiah
Mini 3, Session 4: In the Cage of Zero-One
Mini 4, Session 4: In the Day of Being Unable to Bear to Do What You're Supposed To
Mini 5, Session 4: In the Silence Between Sentences
Mini 6, Session 4: In the Embrace of a Guardian
Mini 7, Session 4: In the Starlight of Bistro l'Etoile
Mini 8, Session 4: In the Morning before School
Mini 9, Session 4: In the Fencer's Hall
Mini 10, Session 4: In the Process of Synchronisation
Mini 11, Session 4: In the Blossoming of an Alliance(?)
Mini 12, Session 4: In the Company of a Scientist
Mini 13, Session 4: In the Start of the Roleplaying Games Club
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Session 5: In the Throng of the Quarterly NERV Games

Session 5A: The Races

Session 5B: The Fights

Session 5C: The Shooting

Session 5D: Yanmei's Investigations

Session 5E: Aline's Investigations

Session 5F: Sept's Investigations

Mini 1, Session 5: In the Company of a Family
Mini 1A: Yanmei and Freya
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Session 6: In the Line of Assault

Mini 1, Session 6: In the Rain comes a Stray
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Session 7: In the Party of Power

Mini 1, Session 7: In the Pain of the Past
Mini 2, Session 7: In the Presence of an Enemy...?
Mini 3, Session 7: In the Alleys of the Quiet City
Mini 4, Session 7: In the Doubt of an Officer
Mini 5, Session 7: In the Dismay of a Friend
Mini 6, Session 7: In the Mysteries of the Mind
Mini 7, Session 7: In the Hope of Love
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Session 8: In the Darkest of Moments, You Are (Not) Alone

Session 8A: I'm Taking Yanmei Back

Mini 1, Session 8: In the Aftermath of Hell
Mini 2, Session 8: In the Discussions between Major and Pilot
Mini 3, Session 8: In the Room of a Fallen Hero
Mini 4, Session 8: In the House of Blanc
Mini 5, Session 8: In the Court of Justice
Mini 6, Session 8: In the Company of a Friend
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Session 9: For a Change of Scenery and a rest

Session 9A: Dr. Ikari and Dr. Akagi discuss Matters

Mini 1, Session 9: For a Chance to Win
Mini 2, Session 9: For the Hope of Fun
Mini 3, Session 9: For a Sharing of Nightmares
Mini 4, Session 9: For a Soak in the Springs
Mini 5, Session 9: For a Meeting in the Bar
Mini 6, Session 9: For a revealing Lunch
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Session 10: For the Searching of the Heart

Session 10A: Sera's Adventure

Mini 1, Session 10: For the Love of Strawberry
Mini 2, Session 10: For the Sake of a Wolf
Mini 3, Session 10: For the Urge to Know
Mini 4, Session 10: For the Question of Patrimony
Mini 5, Session 10: For the Want of Safety
Mini 6, Session 10: For the Telling of Secrets
Mini 7, Session 10: For the Swapping of Anger
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Session 11: For the Waves and Sand

Mini 1, Session 11: For the Desire to Swim!
Mini 2, Session 11: For the Dream of Darkness
Mini 3, Session 11: For the Quelling of Fears
Mini 4, Session 11: For the Joy of Little Rei
Mini 5, Session 11: For the Safety of a Boy
Mini 6, Session 11: For the Sight of a God
Mini 7, Session 11: For the Remembrance of Dreams
Mini 8, Session 11: For the Confession of Love
Mini 9, Session 11: For the Parliament of Dreams
Mini 10, Session 11: For a Cheerful Chat
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Session 12: For the Radiance of His Eminence

Mini 1, Session 12: For the Implications of Failure
Mini 2, Session 12: For the Cheering of Ariadne
Mini 3, Session 12: For the Call of Passion
Mini 4, Session 12: For the Seeing of the Wolf
Mini 5, Session 12: For Not Knowing Everything
Mini 6, Session 12: For Viviane's Night Out
Mini 7, Session 12: For Meeting a Lonely Fan
Mini 8, Session 12: For a Rendezvous in Cologne
Mini 9, Session 12: For a Request for Help
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Session 13: For Living Before the Light

Mini 1, Session 13: For Visiting Fallen Loved Ones
Mini 2, Session 13: For Finding Hope in Despair
Mini 3, Session 13: For the Lengthly Elevator Ride
Mini 4, Session 13: For Discussing Geopolitics
Mini 5, Session 13: For a Reconciliation of Sorts
Mini 6, Session 13: For The Conflict of Logic
Mini 7, Session 13: For the Unveiling of A New Pair
Mini 8, Session 13: For a Meeting of Quiet Ambition
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Session 14: For Within a Single Shard of a Moment, All Is Seen

Mini 1, Session 14: For Waiting within a Tomb
Mini 2, Session 14: For Facing What Lies beyond
Mini 3, Session 14: For Enjoying Elisha's Gift
Mini 4, Session 14: For Dinner At Home
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Session 15: For One Seen Thing Hides A Hundred Unseen Things

Session 15A: Atticus likes laughing a lot and plotting a lot

Mini 1, Session 15: For a Fun Night Out(?)
Mini 2, Session 15: For the Awakening of the Boy
Mini 3, Session 15: For Everything Is Forever
Mini 4, Session 15: For the Questioning of Humanity
Mini 5, Session 15: For Stories from the Eyes of God
Mini 6, Session 15: For Meeting the President
Mini 7, Session 15: For Saying Goodbye
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Session 16: For the Eve of All The Blessed

Session 16a: A Call from Japan

Mini 1, Session 16: For Advice from a Head of State
Mini 2, Session 16: For the Awful News
Mini 3, Session 16: For Meeting Dr. Riel
Mini 4, Session 16: For Befriending an Old Man
Mini 5, Session 16: For A Message From Silas
Mini 6, Session 16: For Dining Over Serious Matters
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Session 17: For Confronting Fear Itself

Session 17a: Group Captain Atticus

Mini 1, Session 17: For Recovering from an Ordeal
Mini 2, Session 17: For Sating Curiosity
Mini 3, Session 17: For Pining Over Rooftops
Mini 4, Session 17: For Company With Parents
Mini 5, Session 17: For Breaking the News
Mini 6, Session 17: For Dining Between Novice and Master
Mini 7, Session 17: For Arguing At a Mall
Mini 8, Session 17: For Dreams and a Morning Park
Mini 9, Session 17: For Phone Anger Management
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Session 18: For For Celebrating a Friend

Mini 1, Session 18: For Allaying Doubts
Mini 2, Session 18: For A Filial Reunion
Mini 3, Session 18: For Gifts from a Mentor
Mini 4, Session 18: For Soft Drinks and Plans
Mini 5, Session 18: For Meeting a Nemesis
Mini 6, Session 18: For Learning to Drive
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Session 19: For Ameliorating Working Differences

Session 19.1: For the Family

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Session 20: For the Fight between Freedom and Survival, You can (not) Advance

Session 20a: Silas

Mini 1, Session 20: For Visiting a Brother(?)
Mini 2, Session 20: For Blame
Mini 3, Session 20: For Uniting the Lost Lovers
Mini 4, Session 20: For Dealing with Grief
Mini 5, Session 20: For Unanswered Questions
Mini 6, Session 20: For the Depths of Unconsciousness
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Session 21: She said, "Every war requires a little peace."

Mini 1, Session 21: He said, "T-This is a love hotel...!"
Mini 2, Session 21: She said, "Sometimes, simply knowing that they exist -is- to understand."
Mini 3, Session 21: He said, "He really remembered."
Mini 4, Session 21: He said, "The only -right- reason to pilot is because you were -meant- to."
Mini 5, Session 21: He said, "Shinji has always been closer to her than to myself."
Mini 6, Session 21: She said, "Isn't it natural to feel sad without him?"
Mini 7, Session 21: He said, "Only Eva can ever give us our freedom."
Mini 8, Session 21: She said, "I don't mind. So don't you worry about it, okay?"
Mini 9, Session 21: She said, "I'm not keen on killing another friend either, so..."
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Session 22: He said, "What did you do...?"

Mini 1, Session 22: He said, "Then you agree that they are people."
Mini 2, Session 22: He said, "No, Mr. Caine. Simply relying on what I know."
Mini 3, Session 22: She said, "...Ah. This again."
Mini 4, Session 22: She said, "You're not Ikari Rei."
Mini 5, Session 22: She said, "I am Ayanami Rei."
Mini 6, Session 22: She said, "But forgiveness isn't something that comes that easily."
Mini 7, Session 22: He said, "You -can't- bear everyone's problems!"
Mini 8, Session 22: She said, "I expect better from you."
Mini 9, Session 22: She said, "I love you and Meimei both. I don't want you fighting."
Mini 10, Session 22: He said, "I didn't mean to cause you any harm. I was being selfish."
Mini 11, Session 22: She said, "A knife is more than just a weapon."
Mini 12, Session 22: She said, "Merry Christmas, Isaiah."
Mini 13, Session 22: She said, "... It's hard to describe."
Mini 14, Session 22: She said, "Hey, is that a dakimakura?"
Mini 15, Session 22: She said, "We'd be happy together."
Mini 16, Session 22: She said, "You want me to... match your courage too."
Mini 17, Session 22: He said, "NAGISA, YOU BASTARD!"
Mini 18, Session 22: He said, "Let me help."
Mini 19, Session 22: He said, "Love... You."
Mini 20, Session 22: She said, "Goodnight."
Mini 21, Session 22: She said, "Protect this world's hope with the light of your soul."
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Session 23: She said, "The ground...?!"

Mini 1, Session 23: She said, "Special."
Mini 2, Session 23: She said, "I have to protect myself from this, right?"
Mini 3, Session 23: She said, "Meimei. <3"
Mini 4, Session 23: He said, "LILIM."
Mini 5, Session 23: He said, "What would Batman do?"
Mini 6, Session 23: He said, "She's the real deal alright, Isabelle!"
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Session 24: She said, "So make sure you vote for me, ok~? <3"

Mini 1, Session 24: She said, "Equivalent exchange. If I tell you, you have to tell me something in return."
Mini 2, Session 24: She said, "No need to worry when I'm around!"
Mini 3, Session 24: He said, "Look her in the eye."
Mini 4, Session 24: She said, "There are going to be some changes around here."
Mini 5, Session 24: She said, "Sisters against Seele!"
Mini 6, Session 24: He said, "So what do I grow up into?"
Mini 7, Session 24: She said, "Easy thing to say for a cushy French boy."
Mini 8, Session 24: He said, "Survival isn't the be all and end all."
Mini 9, Session 24: He said, "They refuse to see they've already done that."
Mini 10, Session 24: She said, "Yanmei-san is totally head over heels in love with you~ <3"
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Session 25: She said, "I am the Rose Maiden- and I fight for justice and love!"

Session 25, Room 2: Sera's Group

Session 25, Room 3: Death in the Forest

Mini 1, Session 25: Stories of the Massacre
Mini 2, Session 25: He said, "My name is Wei Hongling."
Mini 3, Session 25: She said, "w-we're just -animals- t-to die..."
Mini 4, Session 25: He said, "The AT Field is the ultimate form of protection."
Mini 5, Session 25: She said, "About Suzanne Sartre."
Mini 6, Session 25: She said, "You'll be able to hear his heartbeat."
Mini 7, Session 25: He said, "There you are, Sir Guillory. The people have spoken."
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Session 26, Room 1: She said, "You know finishing me would make me happy."

Session 26, Room 2: She said, "He's my classmate, best friend, recent housemate

Session 26: Room 3: She said, "Bad Ban-Ban! No more acid!"

Mini 1, Session 26: He said, "I have the loveliest fiancee in the world."
Mini 2, Session 26: He said, "Alright. Winner gets to drink a milkshake with the loser?"
Mini 3, Session 26: She said, "So I'll stick with you, or stand against you, if that's what you need to get going again."
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Session 27: She said, She said, "Did you make it with love, honey?"

Mini 1, Session 27: She said, "Raffy-Kun, knight of the air~ None can ever match his flair~"
Mini 2, Session 27: She said, "-So- much work for this Superheavy Regiment..."
Mini 3, Session 27: He said, "I -do- think you're an exceptional woman."
Mini 4, Session 27: She said, "I hope the lot of us realize what's at stake."
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Session 28: She Said, "She was a little girl, but it didn't matter."

Session 28, Room 2: Raphael's Team

Session 28, Room 3: Memory Field

Mini 1, Session 28: He said, "DROP THE DROP!"
Mini 2, Session 28: She said, "If you don't, we'll kill you both."
Mini 3, Session 28: She said, "would you let an innocent person, such as Suzanne, die, for the greater good?"
Mini 4, Session 28: She said, "You obviously want to hold her~"
Mini 5, Session 28: He said, "...right. Good luck, then, Edgar."
Mini 6, Session 28: She said, "Eee~ Flying Lizzie-tan~"
Mini 7, Session 28: She said, "He's... He's Silas Caine..."
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Session 29: He said, "Three million people are in danger."

Mini 1, Session 29: He said, "'Use protection.'"
Mini 2, Session 29: She said, "What a... pain."
Mini 3, Session 29: She said, "Won't she look -scrumptious in her shiny new ~Officer's Uniform~?"
Mini 4, Session 29: She said, "Silly~ That's what I'm going to show you!"
Mini 5, Session 29: He said, "You mean, Azariah might be controlling it?"
Mini 6, Session 29: She said, "Probably spec ops..."
Mini 7, Session 29: She said, "SHUT UP!"
Mini 8, Session 29: She said, " you know who Shah Jahan is?"
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Session 30: She said, "What? No... A trap...?"

Mini 1, Session 30: She said, "But just as often, we coordinate and cover each other without being asked."
Mini 2, Session 30: She said, "I'm not childish."
Mini 3, Session 30: She said, "I'm coming here to apologise?"
Mini 4, Session 30: She said, "This was the best idea,"
Mini 5, Session 30: She said, "sit down, Agent W."
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Session 31: She said, "You can tell me anything, of course."

Session 31A: Aline's Interview
Session 31B: Sera's Interview
Session 31C: Raphael's Interview

Mini 1, Session 31: She said, "You were amazing! Damned amazing!"
Mini 2, Session 31: He said, "Are you sure you're not psychic?"
Mini 3, Session 31: She said, "Some kind of artificial implant?"
Mini 4, Session 31: She said, "The simulation is a training tool."
Mini 5, Session 31: He said, "Look. Your notes make no sense."
Mini 6, Session 31: He said, "This will be the best case ever."
Mini 7, Session 31: She said, "I don't know how well it's going to go."
Mini 8, Session 31: She said, "You're just a big teddy bear, Raffy~"
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Session 32: She said, "That's the 'Little Princess'."

Session 32A: W interrogates Raphael

Session 32B: Beijing-2 Falls

Mini 1, Session 32: She said, "I'll fight,"
Mini 2, Session 32: She said, "She could still be alive..."
Mini 3, Session 32: He said, "Cheeky little Raffy-kun..."
Mini 4, Session 32: He said, "My little Anastasie..."
Mini 5, Session 32: She said, "Stupid Yanmei. I don't idolise you even in secret!"
Mini 6, Session 32: She said, "We are the Ground Defense Task Force."
Mini 7, Session 32: He said, "That's wrong."
Mini 8, Session 32: She said, "I wish to become more like you."
Mini 9, Session 32: He said, "... Thanks for waiting for me."
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Session 33: She said, "I've seen the future, and I've seen your place; you will not survive."

Session 33a: Rei steps up

Mini 1, Session 33: She said, "You'll keep it quiet, right?"
Mini 2, Session 33: He said, "You care about him, don't you?"
Mini 3, Session 33: He said, "Elisha agrees."
Mini 4, Session 33: He said, "Is that so? I did promise, didn't I?"
Mini 5, Session 33: She said, "Don't you think she'd make a great girlfriend?"
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Session 34: Faster and more fast, o'er night's brim, day boils at last.

Mini 1, Session 34: Let me be cared about, kept out of harm.
Mini 2, Session 34: I shot an arrow into the air. It fell to earth, I knew (not) where
Mini 3, Session 34: For the female of the species is more deadly than the male.
Mini 4, Session 34: There are ten silk-mills new belong to you.
Mini 5, Session 34: But a mended egg is no longer an egg, soldered armour is no longer armour
Mini 6, Session 34: In me all that fire is repeated, in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten.
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Session 35: In one spirit meet and mingle, why not I with thine?

Session 35, Part 2: Sera's Infiltration

Mini 1, Session 35: How beautiful a thing can be, a breath will tear away.
Mini 2, Session 35: Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.
Mini 3, Session 35: A deep mistrust of that which certain seems. A hope of that which reason doubtful deems.
Mini 4, Session 35: And then my blood rushed to my face and took my eyesight quite away.
Mini 5, Session 35: A loon is he that will not sing, O! Water Hot is a noble thing.
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Session 36: Know that you aren't alone, the whole world shares your tears

Session 36, Part 2: Aline's Christmas

Session 36, Part 3: Sera's Christmas

Session 36, Part 4: Yanmei's Christmas

Session 36, Part 5: Rei's Christmas

Session 36, Part 6: W's Christmas

Mini 1, Session 36: Thine be like a joy and treasure, peace, enjoyment, love and pleasure.
Mini 2, Session 36: I do not love you except because I love you; I go from loving to not loving you.
Mini 3, Session 36: You may trod me in the very dirt, but still, like dust, I'll rise.
Mini 4, Session 36: And smother up all life except our life.
Mini 5, Session 36: Do not stand at my grave and weep; I am not there. I do not sleep.
Mini 6, Session 36: The Child's Toys & the Old Man's Reasons, Are the Fruits of the Two seasons.
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Session 37: Though lovers shall be lost love shall not; And death shall have no dominion.

Session 37, Part 2: The Sea of the Soul

Session 37 Side-Event: The Fall of Singapore

Mini 1, Session 37: Don't leave me, even for an hour, because then the little drops of anguish will all run together.
Mini 2, Session 37: For the caged bird sings of freedom.
Mini 3, Session 37: That crazed girl improvising her music. Her poetry, dancing upon the shore.
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Session 38: Dulce et decorum est, pro patria mori

Mini 1, Session 38: There's one thing must be done; you know what thing.
Mini 2, Session 38: Dust thou are, to dust thou returnest, Was not spoken of the soul.
Mini 3, Session 38: Rapidly, merrily, Life's sunny hours flit by, Gratefully, cheerily, Enjoy them as they fly!
Mini 5, Session 38: Remember me when I am gone away, Gone far away into the silent land.
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Session 39: And Each Slow Dusk a Drawing Down of Blinds

Session 39, Part 2: The bridge of the Independence

Mini 1, Session 39: Amazing grace! (how sweet the sound!) That sav'd a wretch like me!
Mini 2, Session 39: Worship whom else? For am I not, this day, whate'er I please?
Mini 3, Session 39: We are prisoners and must eat our ration. All the long road in chains...
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Session 40: Your soul is oftentimes a battlefield...

Session 40, Part 1: Shopping for Lingerie

Session 40, Part 2: Chaos in Boston

Mini 1, Session 40: And They no more remember me, Nor ever turn to tell me why. Oh, Master, This is Misery
Mini 2, Session 40: With sacrifice before the rising morn, Vows have I made by fruitless hope inspired
Mini 3, Session 40: His hand to take your hand is overmuch. Too much to bear.
Mini 4, Session 40: A pattern that others made may prevail in the world and following the wrong god home we may miss our star.
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Session 41: Steady, Comrades, Steady.

Session 41, Part 2: The New de Pteres

Mini 1, Session 41: For if the truth were known, Love cannot speak, But only thinks and does.
Mini 2, Session 41: Take down the love letters from the bookshelf
Mini 3, Session 41: So lay we till the storm came.
Mini 4, Session 41: Tyger! Tyger! burning bright.
Mini 5, Session 41: Peace, re-assurance, pleasure, are the goals I seek.
Mini 6, Session 41: "Is there anybody there?" said the Traveller, Knocking on the moonlit door;
Mini 7, Session 41: any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind.
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Session 42: How Great is God Almighty, who has made all things well

Mini 1, Session 42: The apparition of these faces in the crowd; petals on a wet, black bough.
Mini 2, Session 42: Wit grew polite, and numbers learn'd to flow.
Mini 3, Session 42: Deep in heart-wrung tears I'll pledge thee, Warring sighs and groans I'll wage thee.
Mini 4, Session 42: Lift your chin and set your shoulders, plant your feet and take a brace.
Mini 5, Session 42: so many things seem filled with the intent to be lost that their loss is no disaster
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Session 43: Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand, and eternity in an hour.

Mini 1, Session 43: No one worth possessing Can be quite possessed
Mini 2, Session 43: Think first what you are. Call to mind what you were.
Mini 3, Session 43: Is it to lose the glory of the form, The lustre of the eye?
Mini 4, Session 43: yet what I am none cares or knows, My friends forsake me like a memory lost;
Mini 5, Session 43: I marvel how Nature could ever find space; For so many strange contrasts in one human face
Mini 6, Session 43: That bird beyond the remembering his free fells.
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Session 44: Only the Monstrous Anger of the Guns.

Session 44, Part 2: An Encounter With Tobias Linden

Session 44, Part 3: Saving Pilot Rei

Mini 1, Session 44: From the ashes a fire shall be woken, A light from the shadows shall spring
Mini 2, Session 44: a mind at peace with all below, a heart whose love is innocent.
Mini 3, Session 44: Not, I'll not, carrion comfort, Despair, not feast on thee.
Mini 4, Session 44: I only know it is, not how or why, My greatest happiness
Mini 5, Session 44: Divine charity, dear charity, Fast you ever, fast bind.
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Session 45: We took him to the carnival and he started crying

Session 45, Part 2: Sera and Yanmei

Mini 1, Session 45: 'No, no!' she cried. 'Indeed I'm not! I'm feeling devilishly hot!'
Mini 2, Session 45: Recovered Mini S4.45.2
Mini 3, Session 45: You did not come, And marching Time drew on, and wore me numb.
Mini 4, Session 45: and the writing be of words, slow and quick, sharp to strike, quiet to wait, sleepless.
Mini 5, Session 45: Forgive me, they were delicious
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Session 46: This game is the way in which slaughter becomes an end in itself.

Mini 1, Session 46: THY various works, imperial queen, we see, How bright their forms!
Mini 2, Session 46: As from the house your mother sees, You playing round the garden trees
Mini 3, Session 46: Over a cup of coffee or sitting on a park bench or walking the dog, he would recall some incident...
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Session 47: Cannon to right of them, Cannon to left of them, Cannon in front of them

Session 47, Addendum A: The final moments of Miss Viviane Fournier

Session 47, Addendum B: The bridge of the Independence once again

Mini 1, Session 47: Enjoy it while you can, they said of Happiness, Think first, they said of Talk.
Mini 2, Session 47: And children's faces looking up, Holding wonder like a cup.
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Session 48: But all the while I sit and think, of times there were before

Session 48 Team LN

Session 48 Team Raffy

Mini 1, Session 48: "Earthly bodies must often separate for earthly purpose, And must live apart impelled by worldly intent.
Mini 2, Session 48: You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still, like air, I'll rise.
Mini 3, Session 48: Names are forgotten, Codes alone come to mind, In nuclear setups
Mini 4, Session 48: No, they whisper. You own nothing. You were a visitor, time after time
Mini 5, Session 48: Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?
Mini 6, Session 48: O’ th’ sudden up they rise and dance, Then sit again and sigh, and glance, Then dance again and kiss.
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Session 49: They took my wings; they took me apart, made me human; I was the fallen Angel.

Session 49, Part 2 In the Synfront

Mini 1, Session 49: I drempt last night I, Thought I was in hell. Woke up and looked around me...
Mini 2, Session 49: You were born, you had body, you died. It is just that you never giggled or planned or cried.
Mini 3, Session 49: And yet I am! and live with shadows tost
Mini 4, Session 49: Beyond this place of wrath and tears Looms but the Horror of the shade
Mini 5, Session 49: Always be drunk. That's it!
Mini 6, Session 49: you forget me do not look for me
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Session 50, Season Finale: God's in his heaven, all's (not) right in the world.

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Mini 1, Session 50: Aline's Stirring
Mini 2, Session 50: Empire's Bleak Revelation
Mini 3, Session 50: Isidor's Lesson
Mini 4, Session 50: Eevi's Dinner
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Session 51: Yanmei's Baptism of Fire

Session 51a: Sera's Adventures

Session 51b: Aline's Misadventures

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Session 52: Rei's Holiday

Mini 1, Session 52: Rivals' Lunch
Mini 2, Session 52: Tsubaki's reunion
Mini 3, Session 52: Raphael's Paternal Instinct
Mini 4, Session 52: Misato's Bath
Mini 5, Session 52: Asuka's Meeting with Raphael
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Session 53: Natasha's Affections of Violence

Mini 1, Session 53: Misato's Victory
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Session 54: Lin's Lovely Brigade

Mini 1, Session 54: Yanmei's Greeting
Mini 2, Session 54: Mana's Reprimand
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Session 55: Lovers' Brawl

Mini 1, Session 55: William's Introductions
Mini 2, Session 55: Yanmei's Family
Mini 3, Session 55: Sera's Special Place
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Session 56: Soryu's Sword

Mini 1, Session 56: Eevi's Reunion
Mini 2, Session 56: William's Lunch
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Session 57: Katsuragi's Showdown

Session 57a: Paris' Bridge

Mini 1, Session 57: Isabelle's Demise
Mini 2, Session 57: William's Room
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Session 58: William's First Day

Session 58a: Sera's Search

Session 58b: Aline's Search

Mini 1, Session 58: James' Drink
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Session 59: Her Opening Gambit

Mini 1, Session 59: Yanmei's Wounds
Mini 2, Session 59: Pilots' Musings
Mini 3, Session 59: NERV's nature
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Session 60: Their Future Questions

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Session 61: Uriel's Judgement

Mini 1, Session 61: Yanmei's Bedside
Mini 2, Session 61: William's Bedside
Mini 3, Session 61: Aline Reborn
Mini 4, Session 61: Rei's Troubles
Mini 5, Session 61: Aline's New World
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Session 62: Reborn's Discussion

Mini 1, Session 62: Raphael's Worry
Mini 2, Session 62: Suspect's Abscondment
Mini 3, Session 62: Suspect's Interrogation
Mini 4, Session 62: Childhood's Promise
Mini 5, Session 62: Gendo's Meeting
Mini 6, Session 62: Mingzhu's Wakeup Call
Mini 7, Session 62: Elena's Quest
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Session 63: Warp's Supremacy

Session 63b: The Chengdu Infiltration

Mini 1, Session 63: Yanmei's New World
Mini 2, Session 63: Mazarin's Stalker
Mini 3, Session 63: Yui Confronted
Mini 4, Session 63: Aline Awakens
Mini 5, Session 63: Pilots' Aftermath
Mini 6, Session 63: Isaiah Returns
Mini 7, Session 63: Sera's Quandary
Mini 8, Session 63: Yanmei's Caring
Mini 9, Session 63: Aline's Concerns
Mini 10, Session 63: Henriette's Babysitter
Mini 11, Session 63: Mr. Blue's Freedom
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Session 64: Brotherhood's Realisation

Session 64b: Aline Captured

Mini 1, Session 64: Marianne's Decision
Mini 2, Session 64: SEELE's Fury
Mini 3, Session 64: Yanmei's Plan
Mini 4, Session 64: Aline's Compact
Mini 5, Session 64: Mingzhu's Tears
Mini 6, Session 64: Simonides' Arrival
Mini 7, Session 64: Shinji's Pain
Mini 8, Session 64: Yanmei's Responsibility
Mini 9, Session 64: Raphael's Reunion
Mini 10, Session 64: Ghosthunter's Scrutiny
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Session 65: Aline's Resistance (a)

Session 65b: Aline's Resistance (b)

Session 65c: Aline's Resistance (c)

Session 65d: Excalibur's Glory

Mini 1, Session 65: Yanmei's Horror
Mini 2, Session 65: Rei's Spirit
Mini 3, Session 65: Battleship's Treasures
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Session 66: Angel of Mastery, Angel of Reunification

Session 66a: Voriel's Vengeance

Mini 1, Session 66: Lin's Request
Mini 2, Session 66: Pilots' Gathering
Mini 3, Session 66: Henri's Date
Mini 4, Session 66: Yanmei's Friends
Mini 5, Session 66: The All-Master Plots
Mini 6, Session 66: Allies' Break
Mini 7, Session 66: Asuka's Ennui
Mini 8, Session 66: Cornelia's Lunchbreak
Mini 9, Session 66: Aline's Revelation
Mini 10, Session 66: Raphael's Neighbor
Mini 11, Session 66: James's New Arm
Mini 12, Session 66: Raphael's Dark Travels
Mini 13, Session 66: Spectre's Scrutiny
Mini 14, Session 66: Henri's Room
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Session 67: Angel of Mastery, Immortals of power

Mini 1, Session 67: Yanmei's Nighttime Tryst
Mini 2, Session 67: Yanmei's Denied Favour
Mini 3, Session 67: Medea's Request
Mini 4, Session 67: Lizzie's First Parade
Mini 5, Session 67: Aline's Makeover
Mini 6, Session 67: Natasha's Dancing
Mini 7, Session 67: Raphael's Holiday
Mini 8, Session 67: Yanmei's Follower
Mini 9, Session 67: Yanmei's Fears
Mini 10, Session 67: Sera's Exercise
Mini 11, Session 67: Aline's Questions
Mini 12, Session 67: Hohenzollern's Introduction
Mini 13, Session 67: Blue's Schmooze
Mini 14, Session 67: Yanmei's Return Home
Mini 15, Session 67: Raphael in Kyoto
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Session 68: Hohenzollern's Speech

Session 68a: Yanmei's New Friend

Mini 1, Session 68: Raphael's Greeting
Mini 2, Session 68: Yanmei's Gifts
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Session 69: God Sleeps Fitfully in His Nightmares

The Conqueror
The Paladin
The Tyrant

Mini 1, Session 69: Raphael's Promotion
Mini 2, Session 69: Yanmei's Promotion
Mini 3, Session 69: Surovs' State
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Session 70: The Emptiness of Sera de Pteres

Mini 1, Session 70: de Orleans's Visit
Mini 2, Session 70: Sera's Matchmaking
Mini 3, Session 70: Raphael's Gear
Mini 4, Session 70: Yanmei's Conspiracy
Mini 5, Session 70: William Confounded
Mini 6, Session 70: Aline's Extraction
Mini 7, Session 70: Pilots' Alternatives
Mini 8, Session 70: Wolf's Contest
Mini 9, Session 70: Dirac's Mysteries
Mini 10, Session 70: The Princess of Wales's Request
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Session 71: Isabelle's Fate

Session 71a: Sera's Desperate Search

Session 71b: Allies' Obscurity

Mini 1, Session 71: Sisters' Cheer
Mini 2, Session 71: Pilots' Paranoia
Mini 3, Session 71: James' Pizza
Mini 4, Session 71: Blue's Clue
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Session 72: The Grounds of the Celestial Scorpion

Mini 1, Session 72: Hannelore's Invitation
Mini 2, Session 72: Sera's Transgression
Mini 3, Session 72: Raphael's Dinner
Mini 4, Session 72: Blue's Rue
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Session 73: Mary's Terrifying Aura

Aline's Interrogation
Yanmei's Investigation

Mini 1, Session 73: Emma's Search
Mini 2, Session 73: Joao's Assistance
Mini 3, Session 73: Yanmei's Debriefing
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Session 74: Mary's Shadow

Mini 1, Session 74: Vassa's Secrets
Mini 2, Session 74: Misato in Reims
Mini 3, Session 74: Karkata Revealed
Mini 4, Session 74: Yanmei's Reunion
Mini 5, Session 74: Old Friends' Outing
Mini 6, Session 74: The Fires of Karkata
Mini 7, Session 74: Joshua's Work
Mini 8, Session 74: Rei's Cheer
Mini 9, Session 74: Goddamnit Mary
Mini 10, Session 74: Watcher's Conquests
Mini 11, Session 74: Asuka's Entry
Mini 12, Session 74: Simon's Threat
Mini 13, Session 74: Sera's Solution
Mini 14, Session 74: Caliburn Gleaming
Mini 15, Session 74: Minerva's Hunting Safari
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Session 75: Mina Unleashed

Session 75a: Mina Seen

Session 75b: Sera Exploring

Session 75c: The Battle of the Geofront

Session 75c.i Yanmei and Isaiah's tender moment

Mini 1, Session 75: Yanmei's Captaincy
Mini 2, Session 75: Raphael's Fatherhood
Mini 3, Session 75: Vercingetorix meets W
Mini 4, Session 75: Blue's Fuse
Mini 5, Session 75: Misato's Lullaby
Mini 6, Session 75: Yanmei's Underling
Mini 7, Session 75: Ginevre's Egress
Mini 8, Session 75: Minerva's Resolve
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Session 76: Silver Gleaming in the Dark

Mini 1, Session 76: Mary's Trap
Mini 2, Session 76: Aline's Despair
Mini 3, Session 76: Sera's Anguish
Mini 4, Session 76: Vercingetorix Begins
Mini 5, Session 76: Rei in pain
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Session 77: Shinji Undone

Session 77a: Lover's Hope

Mini 1, Session 77: Isaiah's Progress
Mini 2, Session 77: Asuka's Frustration
Mini 3, Session 77: Isabelle's Proclamation
Mini 4, Session 77: Aline's Doom
Mini 5, Session 77: Spectre's Introduction
Mini 6, Session 77: Shinji's Touch
Mini 7, Session 77: Yanmei's(?) Anger
Mini 8, Session 77: Mazarin's Ultimatum
Mini 9, Session 77: Isha's Gifts
Mini 10, Session 77: Yanmei's Checkup
Mini 11, Session 77: Elijah's Remorse
Mini 12, Session 77: Liyi's Decision
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Session 78: Aline's Riches

Session 78a: Tsubaki's Drive

Session 78b: Isaiah's Reckoning

Mini 1, Session 78: Melbourne's Aftermath
Mini 2, Session 78: Melbourne's Aftermath Pt. 2
Mini-Mini 2, Session 78: Melbourne's Aftermath Pt. 3
Mini 3, Session 78: Sera's Choices
Mini 4, Session 78: Aline's Day Out
Mini 5, Session 78: Eevi's Grief
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Session 79: Conspiracy

Session 79a: Vassa's Protection

Mini 1, Session 79: Sera's Syncreticism
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Session 80: Weaver's Colleagues

Session 80a: Ezekiel's Mission

Mini 1, Session 80: Raphael's ~Identity~
Mini 2, Session 80: Makoto's Dilemma
Mini 3, Session 80: Sera's Cherished Dream
Mini 4, Session 80: Raphael's Titan
Mini 5, Session 80: Alphonse's Plan
-- Back to Top --

Session 81: Aline's Lone Stand

Mini 1, Session 81: Raphael at the Surprise Party
Mini 1A, Session 81: Alphonse's Escape
Mini 2, Session 81: Freya's Dinner
Mini 3, Session 81: Chiisana's Arms
-- Back to Top --

Session 82: Vercingetorix Unmasked

Session 82a: Aline's Conflict

Mini 1, Session 82: Isaiah's Home
Mini 2, Session 82: Yanmei's Intervention
Mini 3, Session 82: 04's Partnership
Mini 4, Session 82: Sandwich-kun's End
Mini 5, Session 82: Zhangs Reunited
Mini 6, Session 82: Yanmei's Storytime
Mini 7, Session 82: Aline's Plan
Mini 8, Session 82: Fontaine's Dinner
Mini 9, Session 82: Sera's Plan
Mini 10, Session 82: Marianne's Call
Mini 11, Session 82: Oni's Colors
Mini 12, Session 82: Kaji's Story
Mini 13, Session 82: Sera's Call
Mini 14, Session 82: Tsubaki's Game
Mini 15, Session 82: Aline's Call
Mini 16, Session 82: Indian Hill's Secrets
Mini 17, Session 82: Goddess's Call
Mini 18, Session 82: Misato Relaxes
Mini 19, Session 82: Yanmei's Frustrations
Mini 20, Session 82: Doctor Clement Awakens
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Session 83: The Splendour of the Mighty One

Mini 1, Session 83: Sera's Dilemma
Mini 2, Session 83: Shinji's Daze
Mini 3, Session 83: Raphael's Reward
Mini 4, Session 83: Augustine's Trial
Mini 5, Session 83: Battleship's Welcome
Mini 6, Session 83: Asgard's Secrets
Mini 7, Session 83: Stork's Agenda
Mini 8, Session 83: Annie's Guardian
Mini 9, Session 83: Thanatos Calls
Mini 10, Session 83: Asuka's Tournament
Mini 11, Session 83: Navah's Worries
Mini 12, Session 83: Yanmei and Ezekiel
Mini 13, Session 83: Yanmei and Aline's chess game
Mini 14, Session 83: Isaiah and Sera
Mini 15, Session 83: Yanmei and Zeruel
Mini 16, Session 83: Washington's Requiem
Mini 17, Session 83: Marianne's Breakfast
Mini 18, Session 83: Aline's Unintentional Incest
Mini 19, Session 83: Isaiah's Unwanted Call
Mini 20, Session 83: Suzanne's Surgery
-- Back to Top --

Session 84: Boston's Stand

Mini 1, Session 84: Rei's Qualms
Mini 2, Session 84: Rei's Assessment
Mini 3, Session 84: Ritsuko's Defection
Mini 4, Session 84: Yanmei's Counsel
Mini 5, Session 84: Yanmei's Preparations
Mini 6, Session 84: Trial's Roster
Mini 7, Session 84: Matthias's Explanation
Mini 8, Session 84: Hyuga's Place and Beer
Mini 9, Session 84: Kenzo's Cooperation
Mini 10, Session 84: Yui's Seal
Mini 11, Session 84: Raphael's Displeasure
Mini 12, Session 84: Raphael's Encouragement
Mini 13, Session 84: Rei's Trial
Mini 14, Session 84: Taghba Base
Mini 15, Session 84: Von Brandt's Appointment
Mini 16, Session 84: Ginevre's Curry
Mini 17, Session 84: Mazarin's Dinner
Mini 18, Session 84: Clement's Family Life
Mini 19, Session 84: Mazarin's Aftermath
Mini 20, Session 84: Pilots' Deck
Mini 21, Session 84: Viceroy's Court
Mini 22, Session 84: Augustine's Parley
Mini 23, Session 84: Sera and the Emissary
Mini 24, Session 84: Yanmei's Plea
-- Back to Top --

Session 85: He Who Arises in Might

Session 85a: Warmaster's Sadness

Mini 1, Session 85: Mingzhu's Return
Mini 2, Session 85: Mingzhu's Family
Mini 3, Session 85: Blue's Ruse
-- Back to Top --

Session 86: Imperatrix Zhang

Mini 1, Session 86: Lupe gets a Walk
Mini 2, Session 86: Ezekiel's Ruminations
Mini 3, Session 86: Gangers' Voyage
Mini 4, Session 86: Holmstrom's Student
Mini 5, Session 86: Knight Life
Mini 6, Session 86: Raphael on the Liberty Bell
Mini 7, Session 86: Aksel's Downfall
Mini 8, Session 86: Raphael's Scars

Session 87: The Bloody Empress

Session 87a Breaching Task Force

Session 87b Diversion Task Force

Mini 1, Session 87: Wizard's Everyday
Mini 2, Session 87: Marianne's Room
Mini 3, Session 87: Von Brandt's Terms
-- Back to Top --

Session 88: The Fallen Lord

Mini 1, Session 88: Old Man's Folly
Mini 2, Session 88: The Princess's Breakfast in Bed
Mini 3, Session 88: Viviane's Grilling
Mini 4, Session 88: Isabelle's Grilling
Mini 5, Session 88: De Orleans' Friendship
Mini 6, Session 88: Rei's Companion
Mini 7, Session 88: Matthias' Family
-- Back to Top --

Session 89: Adam's Dark Shadow

Session 89a Adam's Emergence

Mini 1, Session 89: William's Integrity
Mini 2, Session 89: Lovers' Transformation
Mini 3, Session 89: Felix's Spirits
Mini 4, Session 89: Rei's Wisdom
Mini 5, Session 89: Alexandre's Crew
Mini 6, Session 89: Guys' Night Out
Mini 7, Session 89: Blue's Bruise
Mini 8, Session 89: Asuka's Swim
Mini 9, Session 89: Aline's Reunion
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For the Love of Life 1.1

For the Love of Life 1.1.1 (Paris pilots, storeroom; William, fire)
For the Love of Life 1.1.2 (Yanmei and Primes, prisons)
For the Love of Life 1.1.3 (Raphael and Chiisana and an identity crisis)
For the Love of Life 1.1.4 (Yanmei, Ginevre, Presidents and Politics)
For the Love of Life 1.1.5 (Yanmei, Raskova, Lilly, prisons)
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For the Love of Life 1.2

For the Love of Life 1.2a (Killing the bird)

For the Love of Life 1.2b (Persuading the bird)

For the Love of Life 1.2c (Waiting the bird out)

For the Love of Life 1.2c2 (Aline and Scholastica: The Pillar Puzzle)

For the Love of Life 1.2a2 (Sera and Joan: The Suffocating Maze)

For the Love of Life 1.2b2 (Yanmei and Mary: Spiderbots!)

For the Love of Life 1.2.1 (Yanmei, UEF Officers, and a ghost)
For the Love of Life 1.2.2 (Agatha, Sera)
For the Love of Life 1.2.3 (Yanmei, Rei, Security Team)
For the Love of Life 1.2.4 (Sera, Misato, Ritsuko)
For the Love of Life 1.2.5 (Yanmei, Henriette)
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For the Love of Life 1.3

For the Love of Life 1.3a (Mindlink)

For the Love of Life 1.3.1 (Sera, Armin seeing each other)
For the Love of Life 1.3.2 (Sera, Armin and Fatima)
For the Love of Life 1.3.3 (Yanmei, Marianne and Fatima)
For the Love of Life 1.3.4 (Yanmei, Marianne, Go, Ezekiel)
-- Back to Top --

For the Love of Life 1.4

For the Love of Life 1.4a (Sera, Armin, Isabelle)

For the Love of Life 1.4.1 (Sera, Armin, Asuka, Alex and Tsubaki)
For the Love of Life 1.4.2 (Yanmei and Blue)
For the Love of Life 1.4.3 (Sarasvati, Eve and Mary Caine showcase)
For the Love of Life 1.4.4 (Raphael, Misato, Rei and Suzanne)
For the Love of Life 1.4.5 (Raphael, Archibald and Fatima)
For the Love of Life 1.4.6 (Yanmei and Fatima)
For the Love of Life 1.4.7 (Mr. Blue, Brofessor, Waitress)
For the Love of Life 1.4.8 (Raphael, Go, Roku)
For the Love of Life 1.4.9 (Yanmei, Misato, Roku)
For the Love of Life 1.4.10 (Raphael, Marianne, Castillo, Roku)
For the Love of Life 1.4.11 (Suzanne, Julien, Robert Langley, G-Defiant Peacecraft)
For the Love of Life 1.4.12 (Sera, Armin, Ginevre, Anselme)
For the Love of Life 1.4.13 (Aline and Ephraim)
-- Back to Top --

For the Love of Life 1.5

For the Love of Life 1.5a (Raffy, Blue, Raffy's Crew)

For the Love of Life 1.5b (Team Aline)

For the Love of Life 1.5c (Team Sera)

For the Love of Life 1.5d (The Lance of Longinus)

For the Love of Life 1.5e (Everywhere Else)

For the Love of Life 1.5f (Aftermath)

For the Love of Life 1.5.1 (Sera, Armin, Longinus)
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Komm Susser Tod 2.1

Komm Susser Tod 2.1a (Sera, Longinus)

Komm Susser Tod 2.1b (Aline, Fun)

Komm Susser Tod 2.1.1 (Yanmei, Asuka, Rei)
Komm Susser Tod 2.1.2 (Sera, Armin)
Komm Susser Tod 2.1.3 (Raphael, Suzie, Vercingetorix)

Komm Susser Tod 2.2

Komm Susser Tod 2.2a (Yanmei, Raphael, Surov)

Komm Susser Tod 2.2.1 (Raphael, Sarasvati)
Komm Susser Tod 2.2.2 (Yanmei, Sarasvati, Surov)
Komm Susser Tod 2.2.3 (Raphael, Mana)
Komm Susser Tod 2.2.4 (Yanmei, James, Vimes, Remy, Asuka, Whale-kun)
Komm Susser Tod 2.2.5 (Raphael, Sera, Blue, Rei, a boat)
Komm Susser Tod 2.2.6 (Raphael, Suzanne, Sarasvati, Navah, Peaceknight)
Komm Susser Tod 2.2.7 (Raphael, Misato)
Komm Susser Tod 2.2.8 (Yanmei, Chiisana)
Komm Susser Tod 2.2.9 (Raphael, Sarasvati, Surov, Yui)

Komm Susser Tod 2.3

Komm Susser Tod 2.3a (Singapore: Sera, Raphael, Blue, Rei, Armin)

Komm Susser Tod 2.3b (The Forca Cavaleiro Brasileiro)

Komm Susser Tod 2.3.1 (Singapore: Rei, Raphael, fiscal irresponsibility)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.2 (Singapore: Sera, Blue, Nadiacadenza, the first day)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.3 (SHOWCASE: Liu Lin)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.4 (Yanmei, Hauptmann, Alphonse)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.5 (Singapore: Rei, Raphael, Investigations)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.6 (FCB: Vera, Eufemia, Rosamund, some Kader, Well-Oiled Gabriel)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.7 (Yanmei, Ezekiel, Sophia)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.8 (FCB: Kidnapping?!)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.8a (FCB: Felipe the Decorator, Robed Figure, Eufemia)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.9 (Yanmei, Mazarin, Linden, Tenma, Fontaine)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.10 (Yanmei, Alexandrina, Matthias)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.11 (Dreamscape: Sera, Nadiacadenza, Archivist)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.12 (Yanmei, Hyuga)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.13 (Yanmei, Lizzie, Mingzhu)
Komm Susser Tod 2.3.14 (Yanmei, Surov, Sarasvati, Prankster Guard)

Komm Susser Tod 2.4

Komm Susser Tod 2.4.1 (FCB: Vera, Gabriel)
Komm Susser Tod 2.4.2 (Sera, Armin, Sarasvati)
Komm Susser Tod 2.4.3 (Sera, Armin, Ezekiel, Minerva)
Komm Susser Tod 2.4.4 (Yanmei, Sad Marianne)
Komm Susser Tod 2.4.5 (Yanmei, Honor Guard)
Komm Susser Tod 2.4.6 (Yanmei, Fontaine, Bitter old men, Ezekiel)
Komm Susser Tod 2.4.7 (Yanmei, Fontaine, John Brown, Ezekiel)
Komm Susser Tod 2.4.8 (Yanmei, Liu Lin's posse)

Komm Susser Tod 2.5

Komm Susser Tod 2.5a (Sera, Armin and the wedding)

Komm Susser Tod 2.5b (Isaiah and his entourage)

Komm Susser Tod 2.5c (Ceremony)

Komm Susser Tod 2.5.c.a (Sera at the Reception)

Komm Susser Tod 2.5.1 (Sera, Yanmei)
Komm Susser Tod 2.5.2 (Fatima Showcase)
Komm Susser Tod 2.5.3 (Raphael, Heavy Medic Guy, Misato, Suzie)
Komm Susser Tod 2.5.4 (Raphael, Chiisana, The Fuckingest Apostle)
Komm Susser Tod 2.5.5 (Raphael, Alexandrina, Asuka)

This Too Shall Pass 3.1

This Too Shall Pass 3.1.1 (Yanmei, Joan)
This Too Shall Pass 3.1.2 (Sera, Armin, Surov)
This Too Shall Pass 3.1.3 (Yanmei and Isaiah tour Paris)
This Too Shall Pass 3.1.4 (Sera, Spirits, In Which Everything Is Fine)
This Too Shall pass 3.1.5 (Alexandrina, Matthias, ♥The Rolls-Royce Phantom Eight♥)
This Too Shall pass 3.1.6 (Sera, Armin, Yanmei prisons)
This Too Shall pass 3.1.7 (Yanmei, Raphael)
This Too Shall pass 3.1.8 (FCB: Vera and Adler)
This Too Shall pass 3.1.9 (Yanmei, Medea, William)
This Too Shall Pass 3.1.10 (Ezra Caine, Eli Reid, The Caines of the Synfront, Sarah Holt-Caine, Eliphas Meir, Frederick Ackerman)
This Too Shall Pass 3.1.11 (Yanmei, Mirrors, Euphemia One)
This Too Shall Pass 3.1.12 (Sera, Little Aline, Foxes)
This Too Shall Pass 3.1.13 (Yanmei, Mazarin)
This Too Shall Pass 3.1.14 (Yanmei, Raphael, Punishment Without A Crime)
This Too Shall Pass 3.1.15 (Sera, Ginevre, Shardlake, Romanov)
This Too Shall Pass 3.1.16 (Aksel, Ezra, Eve)

This Too Shall Pass 3.2

This Too Shall Pass 3.2a (Raffy, Chiisana, Sera in the hotel)

This Too Shall Pass 3.2.1 (Yanmei, Ezra, Sarah)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.2 (Raphael, Monica Messina)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.3 (Raphael, Ezra, Sarah)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.4 (SHOWCASE: Eve, Von Brandt, Mary Caine)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.5 (Raphael, Vera, Rosamund)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.6 (SHOWCASE: Ezra, Sarah, Joan, Augustine, Eli, Eli, Fred, Agatha, Sophia, Scholastica, Tokuro)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.7 (Sera, Ezra, Sarah)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.8 (Raphael, Chiisana)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.9 (FCB: Vera, Gabriel, Kader, Rosamund)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.10 (Confronting Villeneuve: Yanmei and France)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.11 (Yanmei and Vera)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.12 (Yanmei, Asuka, Henriette)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.13 (Weaver, Talker, Durandi, Yanmei, Poor Vercy)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.14 (Yanmei, Sera, Blue)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.15 (Yanmei, Remy, Albus, pets)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.16 (Sera, Armin, Liline, Viviane, Maya, Ritsuko, Tsubaki)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.17 (Sera, Ni, Blue)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.18 (Raphael, Lilly, Isha, Matthias)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.19 (Yanmei, Marianne, Asuka, Ni, Shinji, Harken)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.20 (Sera, Fred)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.21 (Sera, Not Viviane, Shinji)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.22 (Raphael, Vercingetorix, Ni)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.23 (Sera, Yui)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.24 (Raphael, Henri, Duker, Pretty Much Everyone Else In SOS, Menshikov)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.25 (Yanmei, Mingzhu, Isaiah, Lizzie, Daji, Uncle Baiyu and his family)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.26 (Raphael and Yui's Sexy Date)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.27 (TEAM UN: Eli Reid, Liliya Lytvynenko)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.28 (Raphael, Misato, Marianne, Americans)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.29 (Yanmei, Asuka)
This Too Shall Pass 3.2.30 (Raphael, Hikari, Blaise, Keita, Isidor)

This Too Shall Pass 3.3

This Too Shall Pass 3.3.1 (Yanmei, William, The Damn Pope)
This Too Shall Pass 3.3.2 (Raphael, Blue, Medea, Some John Brown for flavour)
This Too Shall Pass 3.3.3 (Yanmei, Sera, William-Michael, W, Fontaine, some rude old men)
This Too Shall Pass 3.3.4 (FCB: Vera, Gabriel, Silva, Kader, Rosamund, Pereira)
This Too Shall Pass 3.3.5 (Raphael, Surov, Sarasvati, Old Friends)

This Too Shall Pass 3.4

This Too Shall Pass 3.4a (Sera, Dorian, A Flight Of Stairs)

This Too Shall Pass 3.4.1 (Yanmei, Rei, Marianne, Makeups)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.2 (Raphael, Yanmei, Sera, Surov, Ginnie, Misato, Ritsuko, Sera, Tsubaki. A Talk about Caitlin.)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.3 (Raphael, Lucas, Misato, Emma, Sleepy Caitlin)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.4 (Yanmei, Dorian, Statler and Waldorf)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.5 (Raphael, Ezekiel, Surov, Rei, Chiisana, Our Old Friend Body Horror)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.6 (Sera, Keita, Hikari, Toji, Yamagishi, Kensuke, Musashi)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.7 (Raphael, Suzie, Caitlin, Lucas, Medical Staff)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.8 (Yanmei, Ariadne, Francois Cartier, Peace March and Flying Vegetables)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.9 (Yanmei, Remy, Albus, the Derpilator)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.10 (Raphael, Yanmei, Suzie, Caitlin)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.11 (Yanmei, Liu Lin)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.12 (Sera, Alexandre, Remy)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.13 (Raphael, Roku (No really, we're sure this time))
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.14 (Yanmei, Ritsuko, Tsubaki)
This Too Shall pass 3.4.15 (Tsubaki Vignette Showcase)
This Too Shall pass 3.4.16 (Surov, Yanmei, Iruel)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.17 (Yanmei, Marianne, Archibald, Frederic, Zhengsheng, Ariadne, Isaiah)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.18 (Sera | Michael, Groupies | Jeanne | Élodie | Surov, Luna)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.19 (Yanmei, Asuka, Lexie, Matthias)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.20 (FCB: Vera, UEF team)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.21 (FCB: Vera, UN team)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.22 (Yanmei, Lizzie, Daji, Isabelle)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.23 (Sera, Maya, Robert, Ginevre)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.24 (SHOWCASE: Shire)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.25 (Raphael, Caitlin, Tenma)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.26 (Iruel and Surov)
This Too Shall Pass 3.4.27 (Vera and Sarah)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1a (Yanmei, Minnie, Politicking)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1b (Sera, Vera, Eufemia, Not Euphemia)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1c (Raphael, Misato, Alex the Social OD, Roku, Aksel, Entirely Sane Gadhavi)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.1 (ENTHRONEMENT: (Sera, Kuzmin, Agatha, Canadian PM))
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.2 (ENTHRONEMENT: (Raphael, Juno))
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.3 (ENTHRONEMENT: Raphael, Kuz-HAW HAW HAW))
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.4 (ENTHRONEMENT: Yanmei, Fatima, Ezra, Sarah, Juno and Lorenz)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.5 (POST-ENTHRONEMENT: Sera, Agatha)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.6 (POST-DATE: Sera, Ritsuko)
Cherry Blossom procession 4.1.7 (Yanmei, Go, Asuka, Hachi and Isaiah seek the Simurgh)
Cherry Blossom procession 4.1.8 (Sera, Maya and Ritsuko lose their goddamn minds)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.10 (Yanmei, Minerva, Mazarin, Liu Lin vs Catherine and Sidney White)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.11 (XCaine! It's Raphael, Liu Lin, Surov, Jeanne, Vercy, Ezekiel and Dollbaki)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.12 (Sera, Rei, Alphonse)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.13 (Yanmei, James)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.14 (Sera, Armin, Casey)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.15 (Yanmei, Raphael, Ezekiel, Marianne, Surov, Chii-B)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.16 (Yanmei, Asuka, Rei, Scandal)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.17 (Yanmei, Kourosh, Raphael, Sera, OFFICERS)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.18 (Yanmei, Raphael, Chii-B Debrief)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.19 (Raphael, San, Shinji, The Hunt For Yutada: Day 1)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.20 (Yanmei, Sera, Maya)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.21 (Sera, Kourosh)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.22 (Raphael, San, Shinji, Fuyutsuki, Surov, Yutada, Chisato, The Hunt For Yutada Some Solomons and A Few Brothers And Some Shipping Crates and Did You Say They have an Angelified Eva?: Day 2)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.23 (Yanmei, Sera, Hyuga)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.24 (Yanmei, Sera, Chii-B)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.25 (Yanmei, Marianne, Juno)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.26 (Sera's family, Isabelle)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.27 (Yanmei, Pope-Kid)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.28 (Raphael, Misato, Marianne, Kourosh)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.29 (Raphael, Yanmei, Surov, Dr. Ikari Yutada, Fuyutsuki)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.30 (Raphael, Misato, Rei, Caitlin, Suzie, Japanese Candy, Raphael's Swiss Ex Naomi)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.31 (Yanmei, Pope-Dad)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.32 (SHOWCASE: The Battle of Panama - Gadhavi, Choi, JB, Iron Guards, Moe Phantom)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.33 (Yanmei, Marianne, Kourosh, Citizen's Fair)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.34 (SHOWCASE: Vercy Plays At Being Zero - Japan Reacts)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.35 (Raphael, San, Jeanne)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.36 (Raphael, Chii-B, Surov, Sarasvati, Ezekiel, A Mystery Smash-Cut Guest)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.37 (Yanmei welcomes Libby!)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.38 (SHOWCASE: The Melancholy Of Empress Chiisana - Chii-B, Ezekiel, Michael)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.1.39 (ENTHRONEMENT: Raphael, Ezra, Mana and Sarah)
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Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2 (Watching an election within Blue's Bar)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.A (Side A: Yanmei, Sera, Armin, Isaiah, Alex, Asuka)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.B (Side B: Raphael and Chiisana)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.1 (Yanmei and Lexie)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.2 (Sera, Michael, Assorted Ayanamis)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.3 (Yanmei and Zhengsheng)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.4 (SHOWCASE: The Battle of Panama Pt.2 - Misato, Kourosh, A Crushing Gravitational Field Of Awkward)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.5a (SHOWCASE PART 1: Inspector Subaru Hirano of the Public Security Bureau)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.5b (SHOWCASE PART 2: Inspector-Captain Subaru Hirano of ERAD)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.6 (Sera, Michael, Freya, Malachi, Everyone You Thought Haplo Forgot)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.7 (Yanmei, Sera, Marianne, Freya)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.8 (Yanmei, Juno, Marianne)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.9 (Yanmei, Sera, Fina)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.10 (Yanmei, Isaiah, Asuka, Alex and Ginevre)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.11 (Sera, Freya and Serafreya Fina)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.12 (Sera, Tsubaki)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.13 (De Orleans Explains Things!)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.14 (Ezra and Aline)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.15 (Showcase: Casey, Kenzo and Elodie)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.16 (Yanmei and Lucille)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.17 (TEAM UN: Eli Reid, Phillipe)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.18 (Yanmei and Sarasvati)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.19 (TEAM UN: Aline, Sarah)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.20 (Raphael, Sera, The Doctors Ikari, Surov, Fuyutsuki)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.21 (Yanmei, Romanov, Shardlake, Cattiness, Surprisingly Effective Octogenarian Fistfights)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.22 (Raphael, Caitlin, Euphemia)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.23 (Raphael, Blue, Maya TATARI, Shadow SEELE, Delgado, Raphael's Very Bad No-Good Unhappy Talking Day)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.24 (Yanmei, Delgado)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.25 (Raphael, Maya, Misato)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.26 (Yanmei, Kourosh, The UEF's Best Political Officer)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.27 (Tsubaki, Sera, An Extended Fellowship Critfail)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.28 (Sera, Freya, The Living Manifestation Of The Curb Your Enthusiasm Theme Song)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.29 (Raphael, Aherne)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.30 (Go, Misato, Mini-Misato, Lewdness)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.31 (Raphael, Kourosh, One Thing After Another)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.32 (Raphael, Yanmei, Raphael's Ongoing Struggle To Avoid Strangling Major UEF Personnel)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.33 (Yanmei, Sera)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.34 (Raphael, Mana, Sleepy Tsubaki, Awkward Hugs, A Ghost)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.35 (Yanmei, Freya, Serafina, de Orleans, An Incredibly Frosty Dining Experience)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.36 (Raphael, Misato, Rei, Alphonse, A Second Ikari Dinner, A Universe Devoured By Time Ghosts)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.37 (Raphael, Ritsuko, Lexie, San, The Gendo Ikari, A Truly Professional Culture)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.38 (Raphael, Mazarin)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.39 (Raphael, Empress Chii-B, Sara, Suzie)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.40 (SHOWCASE: Baths - Kourosh, Go)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.41 (Yanmei, Sera, Armin, Fusion Dances)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.42 (Yanmei, Henriette, A Caitlin-Shaped Buffer)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.43 (Sera, Aherne)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.44 (Yanmei, Julie, Retribution)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.45 (Yanmei, Aherne, Stonewalling (Inevitably))
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.46 (SHOWCASE: Battle Over Shanghai Epilogue - Liu Lin)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.47 (SHOWCASE: Meanwhile In Soviet Russia)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.48 (Yanmei and Gamelin)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.49 (Yanmei and Kou)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.50 (Sera, Scholastica)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.51 (Yanmei's family and blowups)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.52 (Yanmei and 04-Elisha)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.2.53 (Yanmei and Eufemia)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.3 (A Soviet Cult)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.3.a (The Co-Prosperity Sphere)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.3.b (The One Who Bares Fangs at Mary Caine)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.4 (Yanmei, Sera, Raphael, Aline, The Remains Of The UEF)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.4.1 (Aline, Yanmei, Reunion)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.4.2 (Raphael, Alphonse, Eevi, Fractured Families)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.4.3 (Yanmei, Aline, Sera, The Spectre Of The Empress, The Return Of The Rooftop Chat)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.4.4 (Raphael, SOS, Iron Guards)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.5 (Yanmei, Sera, Raphael, Aline, A Lot Of Meatshields, Planning To Retake The Dorian)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.5.1 (Gadhavi Showcase)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.5.2 (Aline and Sera and Liline and Armin)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.5.3 (Yanmei and Simon)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.6 (Retaking the Dorian; Space Theatre)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.6b (Aline and Raphael breach the Dorian)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.6c (Sera and Tsubaki)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.6d (Yanmei's Soultrap)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.6e (Monica)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7 (The Aftermath)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.1 (Asuka, Yanmei, Alex)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.2 (Yanmei and Kou)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.3 (Raphael and Augustine)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.4 (Aline and Augustine)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.5 (Blue)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.6 (Yanmei and Aline and Sera)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.7 (Sera, Maya)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.8 (Yanmei, Feng, Empress Chii)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.9 (Sera, Keita)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.10 (Yanmei, Isaiah, Lexie)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.11 (Sera, Ezra)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.12 (Sera, Eufemia)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.13 (Michael's song)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.14 (Raphael, Rei, Chii, San)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.15 (Raphael, The Three-Day Sunset)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.16 (Raphael, Sera, A Message In A Bottle)
Cherry Blossom Procession 4.7.17 (Raphael, Misato, Schrodinger)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.8 (The Battle Of The Eternity Drive - The Trinity)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.8.a (The Battle Of The Eternity Drive - On the Battlefield)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.8.b (The Battle Of The Eternity Drive - Caine)

Cherry Blossom Procession 4.8.c (The Battle Of The Eternity Drive - The Damocles)

The Gestalt Talks

Suzanne, Warmaster, Emissary
Aline and Sera
Yanmei and Liu Lin
Yanmei and Xiang Huan
Yanmei, Aline, Metatron and Azrael
Alexandre and the Exarch
Sera and the Exarch and Freya

The Epilogue

Epilogue Roll

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