New Age Creation

Character Creation


Your character, first and foremost, requires a name and an age. Write these down at the top of your sheet as 'Personal Details'.


==Personal Details==
Name: William Redspring
Age: 21

Characteristic and Skill Generation

There are nine characteristics in the game: Weapon Skill (WS), Ballistic Skill (BS), Strength (S), Toughness (T), Agility (A), Intelligence (Int), Perception (P), Willpower (WP) and Fellowship (Fel).

All characteristics begin at a base of 20. Record these on your sheet as 'Characteristics'. Write them in three columns: One for the characteristic name, one for the characteristic value, and a third for the level of training you have received in that characteristic. At the start of the game, all characteristics are untrained.


==Personal Details==
Name: William Redspring
Age: 21

Cha. Va. Training
WS   20
BS   20
S    20
T    20
A    20
Int  20
P    20
WP   20
Fel  20

Now that we have recorded the starting characteristics, we now proceed to generate their final values as well as skills. This is done through a series of character-generating questions that aim to not only provide you with your character's final abilities and starting skills, but also determine their livelihood and background.

There are # of these questions, each of them in a different field; however, each field is likely to be related to each other. For some questions, you choose one answer; for others you choose more than one. Follow the instructions for each field for more details.

Field One: Country of Origin

This field determines where your character spend their formative years- their first four or five years of their life. It need not be where they were strictly -born-, but it should be where they were raised.

Please select one entry.

Number Country of Origin Description Mechanic effects
1 Frankia Your character was raised in Frankia, a fertile, wealthy land in Western Europe, divided into four main powers; the Kingdom of France in the north, the Kingdom of Aquitaine in the west, the Kingdom of Burgundy to the east and the Duchy of Provence in the south. Gain skills: Speak Language (Frankish), Peer: Frankish
2 Italy Your character was raised in Italy, a divided, but rich and advanced land in Southern Europe. The home of universities, philosophies, banks and trading powers, Italy is a land of knowledge and sophistication, set amongst the backdrop of continual strife and struggle. Italy is divided into two main powers; the allied states of the Florentine League, which controls the north; and the Holy League, which is made up of the Pope's personal territories and his vassals. The Holy League controls Central Italy and the south. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Italian), Peer: Italian
3 Germany Your character was raised in Germany. One of the largest countries in Europe, it is nevertheless deeply divided due to a weak central authority, self-aggrandizing lords, and growing tensions between church and state. Germany is into the following powers: the Duchy of Austria, the Duchy of Saxony, the Duchy of Brandenburg, the Hanseatic League, the Duchy of Hanover, the Duchy of Bavaria, the Duchy of Swabia, the Duchy of Westphalia, the Rhineland Archbishoprics and the Duchy of Lothringen. Gain skills: Speak Language (German), Peer (German).
4 Switzerland Your character was raised in the Confederacy of Switzerland. A small, but heavily fortified and mountainous region sandwiched between Frankia, Italy and Germany, the Swiss are a fiercely independent and autonomous, divided into cities and territories known as cantons- they have no king, but are led by a council of canton leaders known as the Tagsatzung. Gain one of the following Skills: Speak Language (German), Speak Language (Frankish), Speak Language (Italian). Gain Skill: Peer (Swiss)
5 Low Countries Your character was raised in the Low Countries. A small collection of low-lying states between France, Germany and Burgundy, the Low Countries are a collection of Dutch states that were once part of France and Burgundy. Over time, however, the local lords have been able to strike out on their own and free themselves from the rule of their neighbours. They tend to be less solidly feudal than their neighbours, and the burghers have a strong influence over government. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Dutch), Gain Skill: Peer (Dutch)
6 Bohemia Your character was raised in Bohemia, land of the Czech people. The Kingdom of Bohemia is a relatively small kingdom sitting between Poland, Germany and Hungary. Nominally under the authority of the Holy Roman Emperor, the Bohemians are in reality an autonomous people, and fight fiercely to maintain that quality. Less than a century ago, the Bohemian people rose up in massive rebellion against the very Catholic Church itself, protesting corruption and gross abuse of power- it would not take much to find that same spark of furious passion again. Gain skills: Speak Language (Czech), Peer: (Czech)
7 Christian Iberia Your character was raised in the Christian Kingdoms of Iberia. A warm land populated with rugged people, Iberia has, for the past 800 years, been divided between the Christian Kingdoms of the north and the Muslim Kingdoms of the south. This has given rise to a colourful, diverse and elaborate set of cultures- and intense violence. The three Christian Kingdoms of Iberia are the eastern Kingdom of Aragon, which possesses control over much of the western Mediterranean Sea; the Kingdom of Castile, the largest and most powerful of kingdoms; and the Kingdom of Portugal, whose navigators and sailors have made reputations for themselves, exploring Africa's coasts and traveling as far as distant India. Some Portuguese explorers have even considered answering the question of what lies westward, beyond the great Ocean Sea. Gain skills: Speak Language (Spanish/Portuguese), Peer (Iberian)
8 England Your character was raised in the Kingdom of England. The dominant power in the British Isles, England controls much of the North Sea as well as the coasts of Western Frankia. It is a powerful, wealthy country, ruled by an ambitious king and even more ambitious nobility. England has spent much of the past 300 years trying to stamp its authority upon its neighbours- Scotland and Ireland to the north and west, and France and Aquitaine to the south. In this it has gained limited success; both Scotland and Ireland are slowly falling to its power. However, the foothold and influence England possessed in Frankia, once so strong as to threaten to consume France whole, has long since disappeared due to consecutive mainland defeats. Gain Skills: Speak Language (English), Peer (English)
9 Scotland Your character was raised in the Kingdom of Scotland. A rugged, mountainous land north of England, Scotland is a cold, tough place to live, and it breeds tough people. The Scots are strongly Gaelic in nature, and many of the highland people possess a clan structure that sets them apart from the more urbane, continental Lowland Scots. However, both lowland and highland Scots are threatened by the encroaching English, who have pushed so far north that most of the Lowlands are, in fact, English by his point. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Scottish), Peer (Scottish)
10 Ireland Your character was raised in Ireland. A green island west of Great Britain, Ireland has struggled with its wealthier and more powerful English neighbours for centuries. During the War of the Crown of King Francis- when England invaded and occupied most of France- English authority in Ireland began to decline, leading to a massive Gaelic resurgence where Irish lords began to control most of the island themselves. These gains are once again slowly being reversed. Gaelic Ireland is not controlled by any one force, although England claims control over the entire island. Ireland is divided into four territories; the Lords of Ulster in the north, the Lords of Munster to the southwest, the Lords of Connacht to the west, and finally the Lordship of England, which controls the south and east. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Irish), Peer (Irish)
11 Denmark and Iceland Your character was raised in the Kingdom of Denmark, or its territory of Iceland. Denmark is a small, green country north of Germany- a people of Scandinavian background, the Danish kings have often held ambitious attitudes towards their neighbours, and are locked in a simmering feud with their powerful northern neighbour, Sweden. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Danish), Peer (Danish)
12 Sweden Your character was raised in the Kingdom of Sweden, a powerful country that controls the Baltic Sea, as well as the countries of Norway and Finland. A hotbed of religious dissent, Sweden has used its distance from Rome to cultivate its own set of traditions and authorities, and the Church in Sweden is strongly aligned with the King. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Swedish/Norwegian/Finnish), Peer (Swedish/Norwegian/Finnish)
13 Poland Your character was raised in the Kingdom of Poland. A vast country on Germany's eastern border, Poland used its status as a Christian nation to- with the aid of battle wizards- expand rapidly into the Pagan east, into Lithuania and the Baltic coast. A devoutly Catholic country, Poland and Sweden are locked in a brutal war over the control of the Baltic Sea. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Polish), Peer (Polish)
14 Hungary Your character was raised in the Kingdom of Hungary. A country that sits between Austria and the Eastern Roman Empire, the Hungarians profess to be the descendants of the infamous Huns of legend. Constant struggles with the Eastern Roman Empire have seen the Hungarians grow and expand across the Balkans, and they now control many regions, including Croatia, Serbia and Romania. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Hungarian/Croatian/Serbian/Romanian), Peer (Hungarian/Croatian/Serbian/Romanian)
15 Eastern Roman Empire Your character was raised in the Eastern Roman Empire. A vestigial remnant of the once mighty Roman Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire is a predominantly Orthodox Greek state, one that is threatened both by its Catholic neighbours to the west and by the Abbasid Caliphate to the east. Nevertheless, it continues to present a formidable challenge to invaders, as the control of the Orthodox Church by the Emperor supplements the Empire's relatively weak military with a strong corps of battle wizards. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Greek), Peer (Greek)
16 Russia Your character was raised in the unimaginably vast land of the Russian people. A beautiful, but dangerous and unforgiving land, the Russians are spread over a wide and divided area ranging from the Ural Mountains to the east to the borders of Poland in the west. Their country is typified by harsh winters and mild summers. The three major powers of Russia are the Republic of Novgorod in the north, the Grand Duchy of Moscow which dominates the Russian heartland, and the Principality of Kiev. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Russian), Peer (Russian)
17 The Kipchak Khanate Your character was raised amidst the crumbling vestigial empire of the Kipchak Khanate. A large empire east of Russia, the Kipchak Khanate is the successor state of the Golden Horde, one of the great Mongolian warhosts that swept into Europe in the 13th century. For a century, the Khans of the Golden Horde dominated Russia and the eastern steppes, demanding tribute and allegiance. Over time, however, the empire began to crumble due to intense internal strife- a brief resurgence in the late 1300s was destroyed by the Central Asian warlord Timur. These days, the only centre of strength left in the Empire is centered around the great city of Sarai, on the Volga River- most other territories are ruled by petty khans and other lords. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Kipchak), Peer (Kipchak)
18 Al-Andalus Your character was raised in the Muslim south of Iberia, the land of Al-Andalus. A centre of culture and wealth, and home to the Nasrid Caliphate, a powerful Muslim state centered on the rich city of Grenada. Despite being locked in near-perpetual war with its Christian neighbours, most of Al-Andalus is relatively peaceful, although its people are ever trained to be ready for war. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Arabic), Gain Skills: Peer (Andalusians)
19 Morocco Your character was raised in the land of Morocco, under the rule of the Nasrid Caliphs. An ancient land that was once played host to the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Carthaginians and the Vandals, for the past 800 years it has been controlled by the Arabian Muslims. All of this has made Morocco a diverse, colourful and cosmopolitan land. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Arabic), Peer (Moroccan)
20 Ifriqiya Your character was raised in Ifriqiya, along the north African coast. Ifriqiya makes up all the territory of Libya, Tunisia and Algeria- a sparsely populated land, but one home to a thriving economy and steadfast people. The Ifriqiyan ports host the infamous Barbary Corsairs- Muslim privateers who harass and terrorize Christian shipping in the west. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Arabic), Peer (Ifriqiyan)
21 Egypt Your character was raised in Egypt. An ancient land that once played host to the legendary Egyptian Civilization, Egypt- the people, and the fertile land around the Nile River- have influenced cultures the world over. A whole branch of Roman Magic does, in fact, stem from ancient Egypt. Today, Egypt is an extremely populous and wealthy part of the Abbasid Caliphate. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Arabic), Peer (Egyptian)
22 Palestine Your character was raised in Palestine. This holy land is home to Jerusalem, the holiest city in the Christian and Jewish traditions, and a holy city in its own right to the Muslims. It is the traditional homeland of the Israelites, and was the target of the Christian Crusades throughout the 12th and 13th centuries. Although these crusades met with some early success, they were eventually repulsed by the Abbasid Caliphs. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Arabic), Peer (Palestinian)
23 Syria Your character was raised in Syria. An important economic and military province in the Abbasid Caliphate, Syria- and its provincial capital, Damascus- were once the seat of power for the Umayyad Caliphs. Indeed, Damascus is often considered to be the oldest city in the world, and the are has given rise to many cultures and people- the Phoenicians originated in Syria, and it is from here that they spread Phoenician Magic across the Mediterranean. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Arabic), Peer (Syrian)
24 Iraq Your character was raised in Iraq, the capital region of the mighty Abbasid Caliphate. A rich land lying between the Tigris and the Euphrates, Iraq is home to Baghdad, possibly the greatest city in the known world- home to a million people, standing at the crossroads of the wealthiest trade routes in history. It is a centre of learning and culture, and the stronghold of the Abbasid Caliph. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Arabic), Peer (Iraqi)
25 The Arabian Peninsula Your character was raised in Arabia. Home to the Arab people and the Muslim faith, the Arabs launched their massive conquest from this desert land- a conquest that destroyed the Sassanid Empire and nearly broke the back of the Roman Empire. It is home to Mecca and Medina, the two holiest cities in Islam, and has an old reputation for breeding stoic and hardy warriors as well as crafty traders. The peninsula is dominated by the Abbasid Caliphate; however, the small vassal states of the Sultanate of Oman and Yemen cling to the southern coast. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Arabic), Peer (Arabian)
26 Anatolia Your character was raised in Anatolia. Forming the border region between the Roman Empire and the Abbasid Caliphate, it is an area rich in history and culture; the Greeks, Persians, Romans, Arabs and others have all possessed the region at one point. It is a rugged, mountainous region, home to both cities and scattered hill tribes. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Arabic or Greek), Peer (Anatolian)
27 Armenia Your character was raised in Armenia. A region to the east of Anatolia, Armenia is a tragically war-torn place, a refuge of stubbornly Christian people in the face of a millennia of foreign invaders. It is divided between the Timurid Empire and the Abbasids, and many armies have fought here, leaving devastation in their wake. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Arabic or Armenian), Peer (Armenian)
28 The Timurid Empire Your character was raised in the massive empire of the Timurids. Created by the warlord Timur, a descendant of the Mongolian Great Khan, the Timurid Empire is centered on the Persian plateau, from which its far-flung empire once dominated Central Asia. However, it is an empire far past its prime, and its official borders do not represent the inner turmoil between tribes, lords, royal heirs, nor do they represent the sheer danger posed from foreign invaders, such as the Uzbeks. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Persian), Peer (Persian)
29 The Songhai Empire Your character was raised in distant Songhai. An empire in west Africa, most Europeans do not know of it; to the Arabian people, it is a land of wealth of nearly mythical proportions. Its great cities of Timbuktu and Gao are legendary to those who know of them. Songhai represents the extreme distant west terminus of many trade routes, many of them accessible only via dangerous routes across the Sahara Desert. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Songhai), Peer (Songhai)
30 Ethiopia Your character was raised in the legendary land of Ethiopia. An Orthodox Christian state surrounded by Muslim states, Ethiopia has survived and thrived for millennia with little interruption from foreign foes. However, as its neighbours become more aggressive and expansionist, its survival looks ever more desperate. Gain Skills: Speak Language (Ethiopian), Peer (Ethiopian)
31 Jewish Your character was raised as part of one of the many scattered Jewish communities that dot the known world. These communities are close-knit, often keeping to themselves. Unfortunately, they often suffer great persecution throughout Europe and other areas. Over time, the Jews have been herded into a collection of roles that society deems distasteful; bankers, moneylenders and the like. Nevertheless, the Jewish communities of the world are tough and fiercely independent, and each one safeguards an ancient literary and magical tradition that serves them well. gain Skills: Speak Language (Native country), Speak Language (Hebrew)

Field Two: First Few Years…

When you were of a certain age- 10 or 11- you began to learn a trade, as was typical. It's highly likely that this was taught to you by your father or mother, passing on the family trade; other relatives would also do. However, there was always the possibility that someone might take a shine to you whose profession differed greatly to that of your parents…

Please choose one of the following below.

Number Trade Description Mechanic effects
1 Farming You were taught from an early age how to work the land, to grow crops and tend to plants. Farming is honest labour; however, it is also often unhealthy and dangerous- in wartime, it is the peasant farmers who are drafted into the armies- similarly, peasant farms are often the first to be targeted by enemy armies. Peasant farmers exist on the bottom rung of society, and have few rights- they are tied to the land upon which they are born, and few ever leave it. +5 Toughness, Gain Skill: Trade (Farmer)
2 Craftsman You were taught from an early age how to create particular items. Your father may have been a blacksmith, or your mother a seamstress. Such work is important, especially in small communities; blacksmiths are often the lynchpin of whole settlements, due to their ability to create tools. Functional clothes are also deeply useful. Whatever the labour, it is both hard and rewarding work. +5 Strength, Gain Skill: Trade (One of the following: Armorer, Tailor, Smith, Tanner)
3 Hunter You were taught from an early age how to put food on the table with a bow and arrow. In some cultures, this was the main source of food- archery was a standard for every child, especially in nomadic, mounted societies. In some, it was a crime, especially if due to a landed peasant killing a deer that belonged to his lord- a crime known as poaching. +5 BS, Gain Talent: Basic Weapons Training (Simple)
4 Urchin You were raised in a situation of poverty, relying on theft or scavenging to survive. You've become adept at moving quickly and taking what you need without being noticed- or skilled at finding good places to hide. +5 AG, Gain Skill: Sleight of Hand or Concealment
5 Schooled You were raised by a man of learning, or else educated in a church school. You grew up with a solid education above and beyond what most could lay claim to in your era. +5 Intelligence, Gain Skills: Literacy, Common Lore (Any)
6 Squire You were raised by a warrior to be a warrior. In the western states of Europe, dedicated soldiers are rare and mostly relegated to knights, who take and train squires to become knights themselves one day. In other cultures, especially ones with a small urban base or particularly strife-ridden areas, it is not uncommon to see whole villages of boys be trained as warriors from the moment they can hold a sword. +5 WS, Gain Talent: Melee Weapons Training (Simple)
7 Artisan You were raised by someone dedicated to a particular art. Although true dedicated artists are not nearly as common as soldiers or farmers, they're nevertheless fairly widespread- artwork can fetch high prices and bring prestige to a community. This includes pottery makers, carpet makers, silk-spinners and the like. +5 Perception, Gain Skills: Literacy, Trade (Artist), Trade (Machinist).
8 Servant You were raised as a servant to a local lord. It's hard, tiring work with long hours and little pay, and the work environment can range from tolerable to hellish. Servants endure, nevertheless. +5 WP, Gain Skills: Trade (Valet), Trade (Cook)
9 Nobility You were born into a noble family- a count, perhaps, or a chieftain's son or a sheikh's family. Unlike most people in your era, your life is generally far healthier and more comfortable. Nevertheless, there are certain duties you must tend to- you're noble born, but all noble families have agendas, and children are always expected to play their part. +5 Fellowship, Gain Skills: Literacy, Charm, Command
10 Merchant You were raised by a merchant. Merchants operate within the sphere of commerce, buying goods in one place and selling in another. In countries where merchants are organised, enfranchised, supported and protected, immense wealth is sure to follow, making those countries incredibly powerful and the envy of its neighbours. Nevertheless, in some places merchants are seen as distasteful- their roles as traders mean that they risk being seen as either predators, or as parasites who produce nothing of their own. +5 Fellowship, Gain Skills: Barter, Appraise

Field Three: The Events of Youth

When you were young, something happened to you that had a profound impact on how you would end up developing- from a cataclysmic war to being given your first horse.

Please choose one of the following below.

Number Event Description Mechanic Effect
1 Guardian Dies Your guardian- a parent, a teacher, the knight who sponsored you- died when you were young. Suddenly, life became that much harder as you found yourself without guidance before you were fully prepared. Nevertheless, you managed to survive and endure, with thee memory of that guardian keeping you strong. +5 WP, Gain Talent: Resistance (Fear).
2 Your Own Horse You were given a horse of your own! In some countries, this is rare and a real privilege, as horses are a sign of nobility. In others, almost everyone is expected to ride and even hunt from horseback. +5 Agility, Gain Skill: Wrangling, Gain Item: Riding Horse
3 Caught up in a War A war tore its way through your homeland. And even though it caused considerable destruction, you managed to survive during this hardest of times- you rebuilt, or you moved on. +5 Strength, Gain Talent: Melee Weapons Training (Simple)
4 Natural Disaster In your youth, you witnessed a great calamity that deeply affected your home. A flood, or a famine, or even something worse like an earthquake. Many helpless people died, but you were not one of them. You pulled through and survived. +5 Toughness, Gain Talent: Hardy
5 Befriended a Veteran A soldier recently released from a war or from a mercenary company settled down near where you lived. He could've been a local who'd been gone for years, or a relative, or just a stranger who wanted to settle down. Either way, a skilled soldier was welcome, and you and he got along. He taught you a lot about fighting up close and dirty. +5 WS, Gain Talent: Melee Weapons Training (Simple), Gain Skill: Dodge
6 Chosen for Archery Training You were chosen to be trained in archery, either as part of a peasant militia or as a freeman. In some societies- such as England, for example- boys are trained to use the bow from a young age, producing highly experienced fighters. +5 BS, Gain Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Simple), Basic Weapons Training (Bow)
7 Employed by the Town Watch The Town Watch chose you as a rookie Watchman. In respect to your young age, you weren't trained to use weapons- instead they used you as a runner and to keep an eye out for thieves and criminals. +5 Perception, Gain skills: Awareness, Scrutiny
8 Page to a Local Statesman You were chosen to assist a local statesman- either a lord, or a mayor, or a council member- in running the day to day affairs of governance. This mostly consisted of reading messages and acting as a scribe. Despite that, it was a prestigious assignment and you learned a lot during that year. +5 Intelligence, Gain Skills: Literacy, Common Lore (Government)
9 Traveled You traveled as a youth, either with a group of nomads, a band of wanderers, or because your family had to move and you moved with them. Such travel had an impact on you as you met new people and saw new places. +5 Fellowship, Gain Skills: Speak Language (Any), Common Lore (Any)
10 Trouble with the Authorities As a youth, your behaviour was such- either you were a thief, or just a pain- that it saw you taken in by the local town watch or chased by enforcers. You managed to escape, however, and it was quick thinking and acting on your behalf that brought about that lucky event. +5 Agility, Gain Skills: Silent Move or Contortionist

Field Four: Last Years of Youth

Now in your teens- 14 to 18- you had a little more freedom, a little more leeway in choosing what you spend your time on. No longer (completely) restrained by patriarchal tradition, a guardian's wishes, or your own failings. What would you pursue?

Please choose one of the following below.

Number Decision Description Mechanic effects
1 Skilled Laborer Strong enough and mature enough to work for yourself, you started earning your keep by putting your arms to good use. Cutting down trees, putting up buildings, digging out metals, or being apprenticed to a carpenter- hard work, but rewarding too. +5 Strength, Gain Skills: Trade (Two of the following: Mason, Wright, Miner, Carpenter)
2 Sailor You joined a ship's crew for much of this time- either a small fishing vessel or something more, like a trader or even a warship. Sailing is hard, unrelenting work, with lacklustre food, poor living conditions and awful discipline. It makes men out of boys and… Well, men out of girls, too. Either way, you're honestly lucky to have lived this long. +5 Toughness, Gain Skills: Carouse, Trade (Seamanship), Swim
3 Ranger Rangers are men and women who have been trained in traversing rough terrain with aplomb. A natural outgrowth of landed hunters, Rangers are useful for peasantry and lord alike due to their skill. You've become resourceful and adaptable, at home in the forests and the mountains, quite capable of living off the land and tracking prey- animal and human alike. +5 Agility, Gain Skills: Survival, Tracking, Climb
4 Professional Soldier: Close Combat You dedicated your time to fighting, up close and personal. There are many reasons for this- if you're a knight or a squire, skill at arms is your duty. You might also have been a mercenary who sold their talents to the highest bidder- and there were plenty of bidders. What matters is that you're not a drafted peasant soldier- you're a professional. Fighting is your bread and butter. +5 WS, Gain Talents: Melee Weapons Training (Simple), one of the following: Melee Weapons Training (Sword) or Melee Weapons Training (Polearms). Gain Skill: Dodge.
5 Professional Soldier: Distance Fighter You dedicated your time to the art of killing from a distance, usually with a bow or crossbow or, if you were fortunate, a gunpowder weapon. As the momentum of conventional warfare shifts from armored knights to firearms, more and more armies are being trained in focusing on these weapons. +5 BS, Gain Talents: Basic Weapons Training (Simple), One of the following: Basic Weapons Training (Bow), Heavy Weapons Training (Cannons). Gain Skill: Dodge.
6 Began a Learned Vocation You had enough money or the right connections to be permitted to study a learned vocation, such as the natural sciences, law, banking, medicine, theology or a myriad other professions. Such positions can bring prestigious work and influence. +5 Intelligence, Gain Skills: Literacy, Speak Language (Latin or Arabic), One of the following: Scholastic Lore (Any), Medicae
7 Church Education You chose a path of education in the hands of the Church- most likely the Catholic Church or one of the Schools of Islam. Often the path of noble sons, those vouched for by the priesthood, or those who are intending to become priests themselves, a Church education often grants a person an excellent knowledge base and is often the first step down the path of wizardry. +5 Intelligence, Gain Skills: Literacy, Speak Language (Latin or Arabic), One of the following: Scholastic Lore (Any)
8 Mercantile Training You were apprenticed to a merchant or a banker who taught you how to keep books, evaluate the worth of something, and discern the best trading opportunities. +5 Intelligence, Gain Skills: Literacy, Logic, Evaluate, Scholastic Lore (Economics)
9 Thief Your career ultimately turned out to be stealing from others. Stealth and cunning rule the day, as well as skill with your hands- picking locks, filching purses. There's a certain art to theft all of its own. +5 Agility, Gain Skills: Security, Sleight of Hand
10 Investigator Your vocation is one of uncovering secrets. Either for the forces of law as a watchman, for criminals, or for a lord's espionage. You're perceptive in ways that commonly unnerve those whom have things to hide. +5 Perception, Gain Talent: Paranoia, Gain Skills: Scrutiny, Inquiry, Search
11 Dedicated Artist You dedicated yourself to the mastery of a particular art that appealed to you. The desire for art is flourishing in this period- in Italy, sculpture and architecture lead the way in imposing the lessons of the Renaissance on the world, turning cities such as Florence, Venice and Rome into cities of marble and art. In other places, too, art flourishes- for example, in much of the Islamic World. It is also a time where art and science merge, creating true Renaissance men who turn their genius to machines. +5 Perception, Gain Talent: Peer (Artists), Heightened Senses. Gain Skills: Literacy, Trade (Artist), Trade (Machinist), Tech Use
12 Entertainer You became an entertainer, which is a career that is always in demand, although not necessarily always seen as prestigious. Actors, bards, minstrels, jugglers and jesters, and a few less wholesome crafts- all are appreciated in their own way, and provide a person with some unique abilities. +5 Fellowship, Gain Skills: Three of the following: Charm, Blather, Perform, Trade (Valet), Acrobatics, Disguise. Gain Item: One of the following: Musical Instrument (Average quality), Actor's Vestments, Silly Costume.
13 Leader You're a budding leader, either of a community, household or a company of soldiers. The expectations thrust upon you may vary from charge to charge, but at the end of the day, convincing those you lead to see your wisdom is essentially the core goal. +5 Fellowship, Gain Talent: Master Orator, Gain Skills: Command, Charm, Intimidate
14 Enforcer You're an enforcer. Whether one who enforces the law, the faith or one who enforces a particular set of personal ideals, you're defined by your willingness to act and fearlessness in upholding what you see as the right path. +5 WP, Gain Talent: Resistance (Fear), Gain Skills: Intimidate, Common Lore (Any), Scrutiny
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