New Evangelion Features

Evangelion Soul Features

Name Effect
Angelic Something about this Eva is unnatural, and it sets other Evangelions off. This Eva gains the 'Angel' trait when it Berserks. However, all Berserk Evas treat it as a valid target, and every round in which it is berserked, it deals 1d10 Ego damage to the pilot.
Calm This Eva's slumber is deep, and even when disturbed it prefers to submit to the pilot. This Eva ignores the first successful Berserk roll of the battle, but when it does Berserk, the pilot remains in control and also gains +20 SR.
Destroyer This Eva is a destroyer, a figure of terror for all. When Berserk, this Eva may add its WS Bonus to its DoS on a melee attack. However, it also gains the Fear (4) quality, which all allies and enemies must test against.
Invasive This Eva is constantly pushing into its pilot, which is felt as a sort of 'presence' or even a voice. The pilot halves all Ego and Insanity gained in the Plug, but every Synch Disruption is positive. Even worse, the pilot now gains Synch Disruption whenever they suffer Feedback.
Protective This Eva is a protective spirit, both towards itself and to others. When Berserk, it may add its AB to its DoS on a parry or dodge test, and its AT Field may be used to deflect attacks aimed at adjacent allies, just like the Guardian talent. However, it lacks some of the ferocity one might expect of a berserk Eva; it gains 10 less Strength on a Berserk.
Master Model This Eva's soul is one of the twelve Disciples of Lilith, divided and dormant. The pilot gains +5 SR, but the Eva may never berserk, unless the pilot is reduced to LCL within the plug.
Maternal Bond This Eva is closely bonded with its pilot. The pilot gains +5 SR, and any Breach damage sustained is halved. However, the Eva refuses to work for other pilots, and the close bond makes the pilot susceptible to Feedback. They take a -10 penalty on all Feedback tests, and whenever Ego damage is sustained they take +1 extra.

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Evangelion Mutation Features

Name Effect
Adaptive This Eva's biology Is unusually adaptable, and even complex changes to it are relatively easy. All Biological Upgrades reduce their cost by 1. However, the constantly shifting form does much to frustrate more mechanical changes that might otherwise be easy; increase the cost of all Structural Upgrades that cost 1 SUP to 2 SUP.
Danger Sense This Eva has an unnatural ability to sense danger, and react to it. It gains +20 to Awareness, and an extra reaction per round that my be expended to dodge. Whenever this extra dodge is used, however, it deals 1d10 Impact damage to the pilot's body that ignores TB/AP due to the stresses involved.
Extreme Redundancy This Eva is unusually tough, even by the standards of an Evangelion unit, with features such as having four or five hearts not being unusual. It gains +2 wounds to all areas, the Regeneration (1) trait, and reduces the cost of Toughness upgrades by 1 BUP, to a minimum of 1. Unfortunately, since it's so -dense-, it can become extremely messy when damaged. Whenever this unit takes Critical Damage, it generates 1d5dm of blood around it, which turns into Difficult Terrain (-10). Critical effects that already cause this have their range doubled. Finally, the pain from this is overwhelming, and the pilot takes -10 to Feedback tests.
Lithe Frame This Eva is lithe, small and evasive. It gains +10 Agility, and all attacks against it take a -10 penalty. However, it's not particularly durable, and so takes a -5 penalty to Toughness.
Mighty Form This Eva's body is a powerful form, stockier and thicker than the others, but its organs are designed to be potent, but also slower than usual. It gains +10 Strength and Toughness, but takes a -10 penalty to Agility.
Multiple Eyes This Eva has a sophisticated set of eyes, which grant it excellent long-range vision. It gains +5 BS and Unnatural Perception (+4). However, the sensation is not always natural to pilots, and so the unit gains a -5 WS penalty.
Predator This Eva has evolved into a natural predator, and it shows. It gains +5 WS, +5 Strength and gains a number of Natural Weapons/upgrades equal to 4 BUP. However, its form is obviously focused towards close combat at the cost of other traits, and so it gains -5 BS.

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Evangelion Construction Features

Name Effect
Carrier This Eva's frame has been modified to maximise its carrying space. It gains the 'Arm Remodelling' upgrade for free, and the cost of all Wing Loadouts are reduced by 1, to a minimum of 0. However, this makes the Eva easier to grab; Grapple tests vs. this Eva take a +10 bonus.
Heavy Armour This Eva is heavily armoured, turning it into a walking juggernaut. It gains +2 AP, and reduces the cost of Armor Upgrades, including Armor Enhancement, by 1 SUP (to a minimum of 1). However, the extra weight reduces its Agility by -5.
Lightweight Chassis This Eva is lightly armoured, its form instead augmented with specialised sensors that allow it to evade attacks easily. It gains an extra reaction which may be expended to dodge. However, the lightly armoured form makes the Eva more vulnerable to concussive shock; it takes -2 AP, and whenever the Eva is stunned or knocked prone, it is both stunned and knocked prone.
Combat Modulators This Eva is designed with many small modules that act to reduce the feedback felt by the Pilot and maintain their combat efficiency. The Pilot does not suffer penalties from fatigue until they have 4 or more levels of Fatigue. However, despite their best efforts this causes a disruption between Pilot and Eva. The pilot reduces their SR by 5.
Leg Enhancements This Eva has been the subject of someone's bizarre leg fetish, giving it structurally enhanced legs that allow it incredible mobility. It gains the Unnatural Agility (+2) trait, +20 to Acrobatics and, when it tests to Disengage, may disengage as a Free if the DoS on the Acrobatics test is above 4 or more. Unfortunately, the improvements actually get in the way of the pilot's natural reactions when bracing themselves, and so it takes a -20 test to resist Grapples and being knocked prone.
Auto-Stabilisers Sophisticated stabilisers built into the leg turn it into a natural gun tower. It gains the Auto-Stabilised trait, which allows it to fire semi or Full auto as a half action, and furthermore the unit always counts as having Higher Ground. However, the enhancements make it steady, not swift, and the Eva takes a -10 penalty to Dodge.
Weapon Mounts This Eva's arm-fins have been remodelled into weapon hardpoints. It gains, for free, two Integrated Weapon docks which may be placed on its arms, leaving the shoulder wings free. However, this unit may no longer take the Arm Remodelling upgrade, and whenever the arm takes Energy or Explosive critical damage to that arm, there is a 25% chance that the weapon may explode, dealing a regular attack to the arm in question and rendering it useless.

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Evangelion History Features

Name Effect
Concept Model This Eva was designed to showcase some of the newest and powerful tech about, and it shows. It gains a second random Construction Feature, but the new designs only reluctantly tolerate the Eva's militant deviancy, and the cost of all Natural Weapons (but not their upgrades) is increased by 1 WUP.
Engineering Cooperative This Eva was created in a country with a powerful engineering base, or perhaps it was made in a time when efficient use of resources was key. The result is a unit that is pleasantly easy to modify and upgrade with technology. This unit reduces the cost of all SUP upgrades by 1, to a minimum of 1. However, all of these mods and changes require extra work on the part of Armaments to adapt their weaponry. The cost of all weapons is increased by 1 WUP.
Flagship This Eva is considered the flagship unit for a particular country, and was unveilled with pride. It bears that country's insignia on it prominently. The pilot gains a conditional fate point to spend as they like… Unless they perform an act considered to be unheroic or inappropriate, in which case they gain a single Curse Point for the duration of the encounter. This includes, for example, attacking clearly helpless foes (including fleeing Hordes), particularly brutal or AoE attacks in, on or around urban centres, or refusing to assist allied Hordes in danger.
Heroic Icon This Eva has a reputation as a heroic symbol of the age. Allies are bolstered by its presence, but galvanises its foes. So long as the Eva is functional, all allies gain a +10 to WP so long as they can see the Eva, and the pilot gains a +10 to Command tests. However, all Horde attacks against the Eva gain +20 BS and deal +2 damage.
Nemesis This Eva's design has some curious features and systems- such as an exhaustive amount of data on Superheavy units. These systems, disturbingly, make it much more efficient at fighting other Evas and Superheavies than fighting Angels. The unit gains the Favoured Enemy (Evangelions, Mecha) talents, but when it berserks will consider these to be valid targets as well, including conventional forces.
Master Model This Eva is a Master Model, and, demonstrating the mastery of NERV over Eva tech at this point, has extra capabilities. It may gain a single extra Mutation or Construction of the user's choice. However, its early creation is shrouded in lies and secrecy, and no one knows everything about what they're capable of doing…
Prototype This Eva was an early prototype model, designed for testing, not combat. To this end, it gains a second random Mutation Feature, but reduces all of its AP by -1.

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