Character Creation

Character Creation

The first step to participating in New Worlds is to generate a character. The rules below will guide you through creation, from characteristic generation, to origins, to final career and experience choices.

Each character in New Worlds is an officer on board a Federation starship; specifically, one of the ship's command staff. Each will be expected to do their part in the ship's running and operation; to them is given the duty to lead and protect the ship's crew, execute the ship's objectives and fulfill the mandate of Starfleet.

Characteristics Generation

The first step of Character Creation is to generate your character's characteristics. There are nine characteristics, as listed in the Rogue Trader rulebook. Generation occurs in mostly the same way, with a few special rules:
1) If the mean result for the rolls is below 10, they must be rerolled.
2) Rolls are made without being associated with any specific characteristic; the results can be assigned to any characteristic as desired.

Your base characteristic line has been generated. This amount will, nevertheless, change throughout this process due to origin paths or species selection.

At this time you also roll Fate Points. On a roll of 1-5, you start with 2 fate points; on a roll of 6-10 you start with 3.

Species Selection

Below are presented five species templates for PCs. Each PC must choose a species- an important decision, as the decision you make informs the basic look of your character and plays a huge part in their psychological development and personal history. Mechanically, the species you choose can add bonuses to your characteristics, decide some starting skills and talents and even add special traits. Each species also has other bonuses in specific areas of the Origin path (see below).

All templates have the following fields.
Recommended Careers: This lists careers in which the character's species tend to excel. By no means restrictive.
Characteristic Modifiers: This lists all the characteristic modifiers this particular species possesses. Add the listed amount to the specified characteristic. This represents the inherent biological or deeply ingrained cultural qualities of the species that give it an edge- or a weakness in particular areas.
Bonus Dice: This lists a number of 'bonus dice'. Bonus dice can be added to a characteristic, at which point the characteristic increases by 1d10. You cannot assign more than one bonus dice to the same characteristic. This represents how one's environment can shape a person's abilities regardless of their culture or biology; it also represents experience and dedicated focus.
Starting Skills: This lists the skills that characters of this species have trained at character creation. This represents the influence that growing up within that species and culture has on an individual's skill set. These will most typically include cultural lores or the like. Note: if in any case you gain the same skill twice during character creation, treat that skill as having gained an additional mastery.
Starting Talents: This lists the talents the characters of this species possess at character creation. Like skills, this represents the influence that growing up within that species or culture has on an individual's abilities.
Starting Traits: This lists the traits the characters of this species possess at character creation. Unlike talents, traits represent unusual abilities such as telepathy or regeneration.
Starting Wounds: This lists the starting wounds the characters of this species possess at character creation. This represents that some species are naturally tougher than others.
Species Profile: This links to the corresponding species profile on the species profiles page. The profile lists usual physical appearance, cultural roots, psychological traits and a summarized history.


Recommended Careers: Any. Humans are capable of occupying and flourishing in any position.
Characteristic Bonuses: Humans are considered 'average' biologically and do not receive any bonuses or penalties.
Bonus Dice: 3 Bonus Dice. Humans are known for their adaptability and diversity.
Starting Skills: Common Lore: Federation, Common Lore: Federation History, Common Lore: Human History, Language (Federation), one free skill
Starting Talents:

Origin Paths


Assets and Drawbacks

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