Nigel Shardlake
Name: Nigel Shardlake
Position: British Representative of the Human Instrumentality Committee
Sex: Male
Age: 87 (Born 1930)
Nationality: British
Place of Residence: London

Physical Details
Hair colour: Grey
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 5'9" (176.1cm)
Build: Rakish

Personal Details
"Poor results in chemistry. Poor results in physics. Average in mathematics. Explain this."

Born in 1930 to the wealthy and powerful Shardlake family, from a young age Nigel was exposed to the intricacies of running a corporation. His father, Anthony Shardlake, owned and influenced a great deal of British military factories and arsenals- in fact, the Shardlake family had been closely tied up in the British military-industrial complex since the 1860s. Their wealth only grew during the First and Second World Wars, and it was into this climate that Nigel was born- and raised. Nigel and his father were close, although neither had many friends, and Anthony deeply influenced his son; Anthony was a very critical, analytical person who loathed laziness and wasted talent, and it was these traits that saw his assets flourish; Nigel inherited many of these traits as well.

As a young man, Nigel Shardlake excelled in academia, gaining near-perfect scores in his schoolwork. He was athletically active as well, participating in his school's rowing and sprinting teams. He married at the age of 36, and had two children- Nigel Shardlake, Jr. and Matilda Shardlake. Nigel Jr. has, like his father, become a successful industrialist, whilst Matilda became a scientist. Both have their own families and children who in turn have their own, making Nigel Shardlake Sr. a great-grandfather.

At the age of 41, Shardlake inherited his father's businesses, continuing to lead them with the same precision and exacting leadership that his father had done. When the Human Instrumentality Committee was first convened, it was Shardlake who was chosen to represent Great Britain- a position he has retained to this day.

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