Operation Castor Debriefing



Turning Point Outcome

Turning Points Outcome
Destroy the Defense Clusters. Achieved
Defeat or Rout the Paris-2 Defense Force. Achieved
Defeat or Drive Off one Dysangelion. Achieved
Defeat or Drive Off two Dysangelions. Achieved
Defeat or Drive Off three Dysangelions. Achieved
Protect at least one deployed Evangelion. Achieved
Protect at least three deployed Evangelions. Achieved

Allocated Forces


Supreme Commander
Alphonse3.png?dl=0 Alphonse Wellesley
Status Fine

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Commander Eagle Squadron
Misato3.png?dl=0 Katsuragi Misato
Status Fine

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Evangelions Deployed

EVA-01.png?dl=0 EVA-01 EVA-04.png?dl=0 EVA-04 EVA-05a.png?dl=0 EVA-05 MP%20Evatrans.png?dl=0 EVA-09-D
Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status Undamaged
Sera.png?dl=0 Sera de Pteres Yan1.png?dl=0 Zhang Yanmei Isaiah%204.png?dl=0 Isaiah Gabriel-Wei Rei2.png?dl=0 Ayanami Rei
Class Pointman Class Dervish Skirmisher Class Berserker/AT Tactician Class Pointman
Status Fine Status Heavily Injured Status Trauma (-10 Fel, 16h) Status Fine

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Superheavy Units Deployed

Eagle Squadron

Titan2.png?dl=0 "Charlemagne" Titan2.png?dl=0 "Roland" Titan2.png?dl=0 "Ogier" Titan2.png?dl=0 "Olivier" Titan2.png?dl=0 "Fierabras"
Status Light Damage Status Moderate Damage Status Moderate Damage Status Destroyed Status Undamaged
Alexandre2.png?dl=0 Alexandre Fontaine Edgar3.png?dl=0 Edgar Chevalier Evangeline2.png?dl=0 Eva Marchand Pham2.png?dl=0 Pham Thi Tien Nataniel2.png?dl=0 Nataniel Santiago y Martin
Class Support Class Pointman Class Sniper Class Skirmisher Class Sniper
Status Fine Status Fine Status Fine Status Lightly Injured Status Fine

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Armies Deployed

No Armies Deployed.

Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances
Ode to Collateral. You gained 4 RP from Ode to Collateral (10 RP start, with 6 AoE attacks reducing it to 4).

Victory Effects

Victory Effects
Superheavy Squadrons Fox and Wolf are added to the Resource Pool.
Letter-Type Equipment is now available for manufacture.
11 RP Gained due to Turning Points and Special Circumstances.
1 RP Gained due to Alphonse's 'Logistics' Talent.


Combat Advice and Tactical Data

Advisor Advice
Alphonse3.png?dl=0 "My plan was a success! As expected, in battles like this, an early and decisive takedown of even a single Dysangelion is enough to turn the tide in our favour. Once Agatha went down, we didn't really have any trouble."
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "Our Superheavy units performed splendidly. Pham and Edgar were great at drawing enemy fire. Our snipers really helped take down those Dysangelions, and our Support pilots such as Alexandre or Remy really helped- it's amazing what a difference their Tech abilities can make, not to mention the effect smoke grenades have when it comes to ruining the aim of our enemies' massed forces."
Misato3.png?dl=0 "Well, I am pretty awesome~♥ But it's worth noting that outside of the defense clusters and the Dysangelions, our enemies seemed to have major problem even hurting our Evangelions. We should keep in mind that for all their value, our Superheavy units are still going to be basically worthless up against a Dysangelion without Eva support."
Alphonse3.png?dl=0 "True. That Time Field has the ability to freeze entire armies. We absolutely need to keep an eye out for that next time. If we had fewer Evas around, then there would've been nothing stopping Scholastica from turning our Eagles into slag."
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "Speaking of which, we really need to keep an eye out on Scholastica next time. We saw three different ranged attacks from her Crozier, and MAGI data says there's a sniper-based fourth type. When it comes to pure damage, of the three we've seen, Scholastica pretty much is king. In future battles, I suspect she'll spend more time hanging back, augmenting her Hyper Cannon and Shell Bolt Cannon. Remember, outside of Bunker Fields we have basically no defense against the Bolt Cannon if she's augmented it."
Marianne2.png?dl=0 "I'm also concerned about Augustine. He didn't do much in this battle, but it's obvious that in different circumstances he could be a major problem. He was seen augmenting those E-Destroyer wings, making them harder to hit; with the right preparation and better units, he could make battles into a major nightmare for us in the future."
Liu%20Lin.png?dl=0 "Speaking of preparation, it seems I wasn't far off the mark when it came to Gadhavi. As we saw, he liked focusing his fire, hitting weak spots, and it was thanks to his preparation that those defense clusters did so much damage to EVA-04 and made it berserk. That Time Field attack was also very Narendra as well, although outside of that there was only informal coordination amongst the Dysangelions- no sign of complicated maneuvers or formations."
Alphonse3.png?dl=0 "We also have to note that in the future, if we want to deal with a Dysangelion quickly, especially Agatha, then grapples are the way to go."
Misato3.png?dl=0 "That works both ways. 01 is one of our toughest units, but Augustine kept Sera pinned down with his AT Field shackles for far too long. If that had kept up much longer, Scholastica would've had 01 turned into a puddle of molten metal."
Alphonse3.png?dl=0 "Quite. Still, I must congratulate our forces on their victory otherwise. We did well and suffered few losses. I'd also especially like to commend Pilot Ayanami for pinning Agatha down, allowing our decisive alpha strike to turn the tide."
Rei2.png?dl=0 "Al… ♥"
Alphonse3.png?dl=0 "♥"
Marianne2.png?dl=0 "Ugh…"

Resource Summary

Advisor Advice
Hannelore2.png?dl=0 "We gained 12 RP from this battle. The damage we sustained was pretty light, though. Multiple Eagle Squadron units took moderate damage, which will set us back 1 RP, and Pham Thi Tien's unit was torn apart, which will cost us another 1 RP to repair by itself. So all up, we incurred 2 RP worth of costs from this battle in damage. It's also a shame we couldn't prevent collateral damage- we really could've used some of those resources, but 4 RP is still pretty great."

Upgrade Advice

Advisor Advice
Surov2.png?dl=0 "EVA-04's defenses are a joke. Despite its enhanced regenerative abilities, it was suffering from blows that other units shrugged off. It is in desperate need of an upgrade to its armour. Our other Evas performed acceptably."
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "A major priority for our Superheavy Units is to give them greater access to weapons. So far they're relying almost exclusively on positron weaponry, which can do the job, but we should be taking advantage of the fact that we have Evas to neutralize the Dysangelions' AT Fields. With that fact considered, the best weapon in our arsenal for putting down stubborn, tough Dysangelions are fusion guns, especially for our Support units who are good shots but lack the specialised training that lets, say, Nataniel wreak so much havoc with a Positron Rifle."

Pilot Status

Advisor Advice
Tenma2.png?dl=0 "By and large our pilots made it through this battle well. There are some areas of concern. Yanmei's sporting heavy injuries and some mental trauma from the strain EVA-04's actions placed on her body, and Pham took some light injuries when Scholastica breached her AC Suit. Furthermore, Isaiah hasn't reacted well to Augustine's psychic barrage, and it looks like he may be sporting some long term traumatic reactions to the event."
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