Operation Pollux Debriefing



Turning Point Outcome

Turning Point Outcome
Destroy or Rout the NERV Defense Brigade Achieved
Protect Our Forces Achieved
Control the Operations Battlezone Achieved
Hunt Narendra Gadhavi Failed
Secure Operations Achieved
Control Technical Achieved
Secure the MAGI Core with a character who possesses the Scholastic Lore (MAGI) skill. Achieved
Control the Hangar Achieved
Secure the NERV Air and Facility Control HQ. Achieved

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Commanders Deployed

Supreme Commander
Marianne2.png?dl=0 Marianne Amatore-DeForest
Les%20Grognards%20Pog.png?dl=0 Les Grognards
Tyrannosaur%20Pog.png?dl=0 Tyrannosaur Tank
Spec%20Ops%20Fed%20Pog.png?dl=0 Fed. Special Forces
Marine%20Pog.png?dl=0 Starfleet Marines x3

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Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 Minerva Linden Liu%20Lin.png?dl=0 Liu Lin Sarasvati2.png?dl=0 Sarasvati Leon%20pog.png?dl=0 Leon Thomas
Forces Forces Forces Forces
Presidential%20Rangers%20Pog.png?dl=0 Presidential Heavy Rangers Mk1%20Campaign.png?dl=0 Assault Wolf x3 Isha%20Misra%20Pog.png?dl=0 Isha Misra Marine%20Pog.png?dl=0 Starfleet Marines x4
Mk1%20Campaign.png?dl=0 Assault Wolf Gun%20Bear%20Campaign.png?dl=0 Gun Bear Matthias%20Pog.png?dl=0 Matthias Holmstrom Mk1%20Campaign.png?dl=0 Assault Wolf
Marine%20Pog.png?dl=0 Starfleet Marines x3 - - Lilly%20Pog.png?dl=0 Lilly Norling - -

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Wizard Army Assets

Albus Mortens
Ardashir Charmshi and Zhang Jiang
Francis Unit
Christopher Unit
Helen Unit
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Independent Characters

Chiisana Himesama
Ayanami Kyuu
Ayanami Go
Ayanami Hachi
Ayanami Ni
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Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances
Momentum is on our side!. Enemy begins with -2 Morale. Bonus Circumstance due to Perfect Castor Victory.
Powerful Enemy. There is a high chance that we will encounter at least three Solomon Primes during this battle.

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Victory Effects

Victory Effects
1 T-RIDEN-T Mark 3 has been equipped to Sarasvati.
Solomon Joan has been captured. Her Dysangelion will not participate in future missions unless she is freed.
8 RP Gained due to Turning Points.
400 XP Granted to all characters.
All Followers deployed gain +3 Characteristic Points to be spent as they like.
Albert St. Francis Gains an extra +3 Characteristic Points. He may trade 5 of them in for 1 Skill or Talent.
Kaiden Peters Gains an extra +3 Characteristic Points. He may trade 5 of them in for 1 Skill or Talent.
Lieutenant Helen Gains an extra +3 Characteristic Points. She may trade 5 of them in for 1 Skill or Talent.
Wizard Army Gains two Restricted Items: Battle Honour: Pollux; Positron Sword: Sidhe's Torment
3 RP Gained due to Marianne'ss 'Logistics' Talent.

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Combat Advice and Tactical Data

Advisor Advice
Marianne2.png?dl=0 "We've done it! The Geofront is ours! I don't believe it…"
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "That was a stressful battle, but in the end we actually seemed to have done very well. Casualties are lower than expected…"
Sarasvati2.png?dl=0 "We've captured key facilities with only superficial damage… This is a huge advantage."
Liu%20Lin.png?dl=0 "And we've even captured a Solomon Prime. This is a massive relief- in this one battle, we've gained massive momentum. Furthermore, we need to consider that we destroyed two Dysangelions in Castor. So that means that for at least a few weeks, the only Dysangelion we'll be facing is Augustine, and he can't be everywhere at once. With this, we can reverse the war within weeks…"
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "Onward to Berlin, huh? Bratwurst and pilsener by Midsummer?"
Liu%20Lin.png?dl=0 "Don't worry, I'm not getting carried away. Even with this victory, we've only earned ourselves a temporary reprieve, and the UN still has plenty of dangerous forces that it can throw at us. One wrong move can still crush our hopes like autumn leaves under iron boots."
Tenma2.png?dl=0 "Furthermore, I've some grave news. Ayanami Kyuu's been grievously wounded- she may not survive the night. We might have to start looking at transferring her to a new body."
Surov2.png?dl=0 "Nevermind that, consider how difficult it will be to keep Joan restrained! We'll need a specialised cell for her, every counter-AT strategy we can devise…"
Albus%20Mortens%20Campaign.png?dl=0 "Far be it for me to normalise the behaviour tendency to interject uninvited into a investigative intelligent exchange, but I do have a reasoned argument as to why your current topic of discussion is in fact within my most specialised, narrow, certainly rarefied sphere of expertise."
Liu%20Lin.png?dl=0 "Holy shit."
Marianne2.png?dl=0 "By all means, Sir Mortens, if you have ideas on how to help us with this predicament, then I invite your participation."
Albus%20Mortens%20Campaign.png?dl=0 "I see the vagarious murmured rumours as to your munifcent perspicacity have not been uncorroborated. Truly I promise to put the full fruit of my ample endeavours at your disposal."
Marianne2.png?dl=0 "You're welcome."
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "Well, that's a relief. Now that our forces are consolidating our grip on the Geofront and making prisoners out of the ragtag survivors of our enemies, there's something I need to do. Major General Peters?"
Peters2.png?dl=0 "Yes, Madame President?"
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "I commend you on your performance during the battle. Without you, we might've suffered a rout or a massacre in the Hangar, but your stoic defense carried the day. For this, I hereby grant you a battlefield promotion to Lieutenant General in the Army of the United States."
Peters2.png?dl=0 "What."
Marianne2.png?dl=0 "Congratulations, Lieutenant General."
Peters2.png?dl=0 "What."

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Resource Summary

Advisor Advice
Hannelore2.png?dl=0 "We gained 11 CP from this battle. With our gains from Castor, that means we've gained a total of 23 CP. With that, we can repair three Evangelions! … But we'll probably only repair two so we have enough to restore function to the Dorian."

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Injury Status

Advisor Advice
Tenma2.png?dl=0 "These battles are always grisly affairs. This battle was probably one of the most decisive victories we've had, yet we still saw an Ayanami nearly torn apart, Lilly Norling narrowly avoiding burning to death, and Isha Misra avoiding being incinerated by leaping out of his AC Suit in the nick of time."

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A Father's Memento

Actor Dialogue
- The central door leading to Ops' 3rd Defense Line was blown open, shredded by the constant force of anti-tank weaponry. Albus surged forward, moving through the cloud of dust and smoke. Beyond, he found…
Solomon%20Elemiah%20Campaign.png?dl=0 Solomon Augustine stood in the corridor, alone. Standing about 5'6", wearing his bone-white armour, soft, silky fabric interwoven with lustrous plates of some sort of glassy material. A large sword is held in his hands. But over his shoulders is a cloak of finest damaskite, the light shimmering beautifully off its surface, causing a constant rippling shimmer to travel across its surface.
Albus%20Mortens%20Campaign.png?dl=0 "…!"
Solomon%20Elemiah%20Campaign.png?dl=0 "Ah, it's you."
Albus%20Mortens%20Campaign.png?dl=0 "That cloak…"
Solomon%20Elemiah%20Campaign.png?dl=0 "You noticed, of course."
Albus%20Mortens%20Campaign.png?dl=0 "That was made for my father."
Solomon%20Elemiah%20Campaign.png?dl=0 "Quite right. It is very fine. My gratitude."
Albus%20Mortens%20Campaign.png?dl=0 "I'll reclaim it from your corpse tonight, Solomon."
Solomon%20Elemiah%20Campaign.png?dl=0 "I highly doubt that, but you're welcome to try, Last Son of Azariah."

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Rip and Tear!

Actor Dialogue
- The battle in Technical was still young, the confusion of its opening salvos throwing the battle lines into disorder. The UN forces were well-entrenched, and would slaughter the line infantry easily… But there was more than line infantry in Technical.
Stormtrooper%20Campaign.png?dl=0 "Sarge! Defense Line, Section A1 is reporting, it's already been hit by the enemy!"
Veterans%20campaign.png?dl=0 "Tell me more! What're we facing? Infantry?"
- Ninety or so Stormtroopers had rushed down the corridor to A1. But ninety seemed conservative when they were facing…
Helen%20Squad%202.png?dl=0 "BONES AND BLOOD!"
Veterans%20campaign.png?dl=0 "Mother of God!"
- Within a minute, the ninety troopers at the front had been torn to pieces by chainswords so large it would take a normal man two hands to wield them. But more than that they had been bashed, stamped on, heads torn off shoulders by black gauntleted hands, shield bashes caving in chests. The brutality of the assault was as much a weapon as their actual weapons.
Stormtrooper%20Campaign.png?dl=0 *Retching sounds*
Veterans%20campaign.png?dl=0 "There's no way we can stop them- the Prime, where's the bloody Prime?!"
Helen%202.png?dl=0 "CHARGE! BONES AND BLOOD!"
- The Guard took to the air, the bulky jump packs on their backs bursting to life. Noisy turbines propelled them through the air, towards another company of Stormtroopers taking cover behind a wall. The Guards landed in their midst, the impact enough to break a normal man's spine. As it was, the sheer force of their landing dashed dozens of Stormtroopers against the ground, to be stomped to death by Guard boots, or crushed beneath a stampede as the surviving Troopers fled.

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Wailing Doom

Actor Dialogue
Kyuu%20Ayanami.png?dl=0 It had all happened so fast. Kyuu, armoured head to toe, her custom-made progressive sword grasped in her right hand, was alone. Around her lay the bodies of a hundred Starfleet Marines, killed, maimed or wounded. The air hung thick with their groans and screams. They'd been scythed down by the Phantoms…
Dread%20Banshees%20Campaign.png?dl=0 All of them slender, their feminine forms wrapped in body-hugging white silken armour, in some places forming into almost shell-like plates. Their helmet masks echoed ancient portrayals of Death- wide, empty eyes and a gaping mouth- and as they moved, infrasonic generators filled the air with a frisson of panic-inducing signals. In their hands they held long, curved swords, coldly beautiful, blades emanating a sterile bright white energy field. They flipped and pirouetted amongst the Marine ranks, faster than their clumsy bolters could track. A single flick of a sword could behead a man, slash off a limb or disembowel them. Now they turned as one towards…
Kyuu%20Ayanami.png?dl=0 One chance. Only one chance to make it out of here. Kyuu raised her sword, and…
Solomon%20Joan%20Campaign.png?dl=0 Solomon Joan stood only a little taller than her children, but stood out- her silken robes were blood-red, hemmed with gold; her helmet too was golden, and elaborate crests rose from its curved surfaces, so she could be seen by her children at all times. In her hand she was holding a long scythe, as long as Joan was tall; its cruel-looking, impossibly sharp blade was shining with the same energy field that her childrens' blades emitted. Joan's arms were out in a cross-like stance, and she wasn't looking at Kyuu…
Kyuu%20Ayanami.png?dl=0 The sword struck home. The blade, bright with the frictional glow of its progressive vibration, tore through her silken armour. It cut into flesh and then into bone. Kyuu didn't feel any resistance- as she pulled the blade away, Joan's hand came with it, the scythe dropping to the floor. But it hadn't been a killing blow…
Solomon%20Joan%20Campaign.png?dl=0 Joan looked down at her stump- almost in shock. Then the air around her seemed to catch aflame. A horrid sound began to build up in the space around Joan, so powerful that it set the ground ashudder. A second later, it burst outwards- a nightmare sound, a wailing doom.
Kyuu%20Ayanami.png?dl=0 It scoured the rational thoughts from Kyuu's mind. A million spikes of fear penetrated her mind, just as she knew those swords would. She turned, turned to flee, to scramble under and away from the murder-women and the AC Suit and from the angel of death…
Dread%20Banshees%20Campaign.png?dl=0 But the Banshees rushed forward, as though they'd been waiting for it. Their mother's cry promised death, and their swords were the satisfaction of that promise. They leapt after Kyuu, one of them lightly kicking into Kyuu's back- sending her sprawling- before leaping away. Before Kyuu could stand, their blades fell on her, impaling her ten, twenty times… All in the space of a second.
Kyuu%20Ayanami.png?dl=0 Her muscles and tendons cut, her body stabbed and slashed… The pain was overwhelming at first, then it dulled as her consciousness began to give out. She tried to reach out feebly for her sword, but her right arm… Was gone. The ground was slick with her blood… Everything was darkening.
Kyuu%20Ayanami.png?dl=0 "Zaizai…"
Solomon%20Joan%20Campaign.png?dl=0 A second later, the tumours around Joan's stump exploded, a fully-formed hand replacing them. The silken armour spun itself around it… With a single gesture, the scythe leapt back into Joan's hand. She raised her left hand to her helmet, and began to focus.

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Actor Dialogue
- It has been some hours since the fall of the Geofront. Federation soldiers had secured Ops, and had carted away the surrendered soldiers left behind in Augustine's egress…
Ginevre2.png?dl=0 "And so we return."
Leon%20pog.png?dl=0 "Mm."
Ginevre2.png?dl=0 "The Geofront's Commander and Vice-Commander, back again in their rightful space, albeit both quite changed."
Leon%20pog.png?dl=0 "Operations is in good condition. We can put it to good use immediately."
Ginevre2.png?dl=0 "Do you ever miss it, Thomas?"
Leon%20pog.png?dl=0 "Miss what?"
Ginevre2.png?dl=0 "The old days, I suppose. Commander and Vice-Commander, NERV, fighting Angels. Simple and clean."
Leon%20pog.png?dl=0 "Is that what you remember? I remember it being dirty from the outset. Us arguing, disagreeing, hating each other. Getting young children to fight a war that should've been left to grown men. I don't miss it for a second."
Ginevre2.png?dl=0 "I suppose you wouldn't. You never enjoyed being VC, did you? You always did belong on the battlefield."
Leon%20pog.png?dl=0 "In case you've forgotten, I was foisted on you specifically to make your life harder. War is cleaner than politics."
Ginevre2.png?dl=0 "Well. I'll overlook your lack of sentimentality. But this is a homecoming that is doubly sweet for me."
- They walked over to one of the rear elevators, taking them up onto the Commander's Deck. It had been untouched, Narendra seemingly preferring the standard OD station. They walked off the elevator and looked down, seeing Ops spread out before them, soldiers and technicians busy at work. Ginevre looked over towards the Commander's Station…
Ginevre2.png?dl=0 "… Ahaha. Ahahahahahaha."
Leon%20pog.png?dl=0 "Something funny?"
Ginevre2.png?dl=0 "Look, Thomas. What do you see?"
Leon%20pog.png?dl=0 "I don't… Oh."
Ginevre2.png?dl=0 "The chair, Thomas. She took my chair!"

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In The Glass Enclave

Actor Dialogue
- The Wizard Army's primary base of operations — the Atelier. From a central point, it extends underground like a mandala, its barracks, laboratories and hangars laid out in spirals and even clusters. An environment designed to hammer home a simple message: only those at the beating heart of the installation will ever see the big picture. And with the base on full alert for Operation Pollux for several hours now, the picture is getting particularly clear for them.
Wizard_port_50.jpg "Hostile force regroup in all three locations, unlikely. Points of contention: Likelihood of hostile reinforcements, chances to infiltrate MAGI systems, is Solomon Joan a trap?"
- The core of the Atelier is an unfurnished octagonal room of dimmed glass, under normal circumstances giving the impression of being under construction. Or out of use. But now, inhabited by the base's masters, sorting through the messes of holographic information feeds displayed on the walls — Blueprints and estimations of the Geofront overlaid with tactical data, Iron Guard helmet video feeds, biotelemetry, notes on hostile weaponry…
Trooper_port_50.jpg "Reinforcements, highly improbable. The Evangelions hold the field. Caesar seems to have fled Alesia."
Worker_port_50.jpg "Mm. MAGI… is under the Sarasvati's control, yes. It isn't likely to not notice intrusions to systems, and should be considered an extension, rather than a client, user, of the systems at this point. Perhaps Apostle Zhang could have tampered undetected, unseen, if the Federation would've had to rely on us, us rather than it to seize MAGI, but the circumstances are. Not so."
Talker_port_50.jpg "And Solomon Joan legitimately lost her shit. Any possibility of external help for her disappeared with Augustine picking their OD over her. She isn't expecting help, either. Plain as day."
- The inhabitants of that semi-transparent heart are the four Markov's Adepts, young men who live and die as one for a common goal, addressing each other only with the simplified titles they grew up with — Trooper and Talker, Worker and Weaver. Each with their own areas of expertise coalescing seamlessly under stress, adding up to something more than their sum, and nothing less than world domination.
Wizard_port_50.jpg "Very well. I'm declaring Operation Pollux, Phase Four over. Comm's free."
All four *raucous laughter, high fives and hugs*
Worker_port_50.jpg "Did you -see- Murder tearing through their forces?! We need more of them can we have more materials — though there's value in singularity — A-And the banshee mask Lieutenant Helen recovered… That was a proper battle, right? You won't have to put up with raiding supply convoys anymore, Trooper?"
Trooper_port_50.jpg "Definitely, that was fantastic! But you should ask the same of those Inquisitors — They were a little off-target if Normandy was what they wanted!"
Wizard_port_50.jpg "Hah! It was decided when the Federation units decided to take all the fire for us — we barely suffered any losses at all."
Talker_port_50.jpg "Yeah, yeah, that was pretty good, Weaver. I think I got something useful out of this, too. Albus's resisted my attempts to poke around inside his heart so far, but everyone's got their tastes. This Augustine thing will be a clue to his."
Wizard_port_50.jpg "Very good. I propose we move to Phase Five, cleanup. Do I have a second?"
Talker_port_50.jpg "Let's get our Apostles back so Worker can take a look at his new toy. Seconded."
Worker_port_50.jpg "Eee, banshee tech…"

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Actor Dialogue
- Most of the hospital space on the Dorian had been cleared in preparation for the influx of casualties that was soon to engulf the ship. Many of the long-term patients had long since been put aside, placed into their own rooms…
WillCamp.png?dl=0 One of them lay in bed, the machines around him beeping softly, rhythmically. His eyes were closed, as they had been for weeks. Much of his body and head were swaddled in bandages…
- The hours passed, then a day… The hospital wing filled up with the dying and injured, a constant neverending hubbub of mechanical whirs, barked orders and pained cries, punctuated by the few short hours of restless, tempest-tossed silence of sleep…
WillCamp.png?dl=0 "Ugh…"
WillCamp.png?dl=0 He began to feel, as sudden as the shock of ice water. His eyes opened. An unfamiliar ceiling, his vision dark, his mind swimming with confused, twisted memories…
WillCamp.png?dl=0 "Ah… Ahh…!"
WillCamp.png?dl=0 "Ahhhh!"

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