Operation Rurik Debriefing



Turning Point Outcome

Turning Points Outcome
Destroy or Rout the Enemy Forces. Achieved.
Protect Allied Forces. Achieved.
Secure Moscow. Achieved.
Secure Leningrad-2. Achieved.
Secure Vitebsk. Achieved.

Allocated Forces


Supreme Commander
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 Minerva Linden
Status Fine

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Commander: Wizard Army
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 Minerva Linden
Status Fine

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Evangelions Deployed

eva-05%20card%20pog.png?dl=0 EVA-05 Ayanami%20Eva%20Tiny%20Pog.png?dl=0 EVA-17
Status Undamaged Status Undamaged
Isaiah%204.png?dl=0 Isaiah Gabriel-Wei Ayanami%20Hachi.png?dl=0 Ayanami Hachi
Class Berserker/AT Tactician Class Sniper
Status Fine Status Fine

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Superheavy Units Deployed

SOS Squadron

Peacecraft%20page%20pog.png?dl=0 "Peacecraft" Titan2.png?dl=0 "Svarog" Titan2.png?dl=0 "Amatsumara" Titan2.png?dl=0 "Kotar" Titan2.png?dl=0 "Creidhne" Titan2.png?dl=0 "Ilmarinen"
Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status Undamaged
Raffy%20Kun%20Pog.png?dl=0 Raphael Guillory Hugues%20Page%20Pog.png?dl=0 Hugues Monette Mana%20Page%20Pog.png?dl=0 Mana Kirishima blaise%20Page%20Pog.png?dl=0 Blaise Herriot Marie%20face%20pog.png?dl=0 Marie Favager - -
Class Sniper/OD Class Pointman Class Sniper Class Skirmisher Class Sniper Class -
Status Fine Status Fine Status Fine Status Fine Status Fine Status -

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Wolf Squadron

- "Double Grendel" Shooty%20Desu%20Pog.png?dl=0 "Saladin" Shooty%20Desu%20Pog.png?dl=0 "Honey Badger" Shooty%20Desu%20Pog.png?dl=0 "Timber Wolf"
Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status Undamaged
Sarasvati2.png?dl=0 Sarasvati Isha%20Misra%20Pog.png?dl=0 Isha Misra Lilly%20Pog.png?dl=0 Lilly Norling Matthias%20Pog.png?dl=0 Matthias Holmstrom
Class Operations Director Class Skirmisher Dervish Class Skirmisher Dervish Class Skirmisher Sniper
Status Fine Status Fine Status Heavily Injured (1 turn) Status Fine

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Armies Deployed

Liberty Bell Battlegroup

Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances
Distrust of Authority: You may not deploy any ODs to take command of Local Allies. Every round, the Supreme Commander must test Command -30 as a free action. On a failure, all Local Allies become uncontrollable and will revert to their own patterns of action.
Limited Data: Circumstances mean that the map is shrouded in fog of war. Units may only see a number of KM equal to their Perception Bonus, but have shared vision.
Powerful Enemy: False Alarm!

Victory Effects

Victory Effects
1. Verhtjazelye Sovetskaya Gvardija added to the Resource Pool.
5 CP Gained due to Turning Points.
3 CP Gained due to Minerva's 'Logistics' Talent.


Combat Advice and Tactical Data

Advisor Advice
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "Looks like the rubber band's snapped back. With Leningrad-2 secure, we've reclaimed Eva facilities. The Northern Front can launch counter-attacks through Estonia and Latvia whilst the Central Front takes up position in eastern Belarus."
Mikhail.png?dl=0 "Yes, we have your precious Eva base back. Ever so important considering Russian men and Russian arms were winning back our country whilst one of your Evas was busy tearing up the country side in a rage."
Raffy%20Kun%20Pog.png?dl=0 "And a lot more Russian men and women would be dead were they not supported by our Superheavies and the Bell, Commander. Nevermind the Guardsmen that managed to clear the route to Vitsyebsk."
Mikhail.png?dl=0 "I see. I'll try to avoid passing onto the soldiery just how little our Western allies think of their ability to fight."
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "Gentlemen, this is isn't the time. What I want from you both right now are predictions on what we'll face in the future based on your experience and ability."
Raffy%20Kun%20Pog.png?dl=0 "They're likely to try to defeat us through attrition. The Soviet advance is a daunting one for the UN, but we do not have the resources they possess. Digging in and making us pay dearly for every inch would be the most efficient plan."
Mikhail.png?dl=0 "Furthermore, once we start rolling into the Baltics, Belarus and beyond, the forests give way to very flat, very open land with little cover. It's terrain perfect for tank maneuvers, and it's terrain perfect for UN hover-vehicles like Sleipnirs and Gungnirs. Our best counter to those are AC Suits in close combat."
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "I see. So we'll need to combine a style of attack that doesn't let them form defensive lines without exposing ourselves to dangerous counter-attacks."
Mikhail.png?dl=0 "Perhaps we should just throw the French Superheavies at them and see how they fight without support."
Raffy%20Kun%20Pog.png?dl=0 "…"
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "Dismissed, Commander Mikhail."
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "… It'd be a real tragedy if he were to fall down some stairs and his chest accidentally exploded, I swear."
Raffy%20Kun%20Pog.png?dl=0 "The spite from Russian Command is going to cost soldiers their lives if we don't change things quickly."
Minerva%20Linden.png?dl=0 "The leadership of the USSR is very highly strung right now. They've tried to hush it up, but you've probably heard the reports? Finnish guerillas helping the Germans into Leningrad. Partisans in Ukraine and Belarus attacking Soviet logistics lines, helping the UN… They've become paranoid from trying to grasp onto everything for eighteen years. They don't trust us not to meddle, you see. They're afraid that we'll support the independence movements, and that makes them afraid to rely on us."
Raffy%20Kun%20Pog.png?dl=0 "They may be right on that score."

Resource Summary

Advisor Advice
Hannelore2.png?dl=0 "We gained 8 CP from this battle. And the best news is that the Soviet Union doesn't expect us to pay for any of the damages! Well. Except for the Verty… Vejjt… Verhtjadey- the Dreadnoughts. We need 1 CP to repair the Dreadnoughts, which are now ours. Otherwise we're up a whole 7 CP!"

Upgrade Advice

Pilot Status

Advisor Advice
Tenma2.png?dl=0 "No problems this time around. Isaiah's been retrieved from his berserk unit a little shell-shocked but none the worse for wear."


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