Characteristics (Normal)

WS BS Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship Synch Ratio
20 60 60 40 00 10 50 30 10 110

Body Parts

Name Hit Chance AP Wounds
Body 1-100 8 50




Ranged Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Crack Shot - +2 critical damage from ranged attacks.
Deadeye Shot - Reduce penalty to called shots by -10.
Mighty Shot - Add half of BSB to ranged weapon damage
Precision Heavy Well-Placed Single attacks only: roll Ballistic Skill twice, take the better roll.

Seraphim Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Automatic Response - May React to attacks by firing its Positron Beam.

AT Field Powers

AT Funnel, Barrier Field, Positron Beam

Weapons and Natural Attacks

Ranged Attacks

One of the following:

Name Class Range RoF Base Damage Real Damage Special
Disruption Tumor Basic 10km S/-/- - - - 18 Blast (4), hit AT Fields are unspread

Ophanim Swarm

Unit Power: 20

Operational Movement Speed: 30 Operational Attack Range: 25 Armor Points: 10
Strategic Movement Speed: 5 Strategic Attack Range: 2 Strategic Vision: 3
Traits: E-Scale, Regenerative, Tough
Mob Power Damage Penetration Shock Tactic
1 1d10+10 Rending 4 3 Spirit Predators, Seek and Destroy
3 1d10+10 Rending 4 3 -
6 1d10+10 Rending 4 3 -
9 1d10+10 Rending 4 3 -
12 1d10+10 Rending 4 3 Pin Down
15 1d10+10 Rending 4 3 Render Field
Name Action Type Effect
Spirit Predators Passive Ophanim Swarm ignore AT Fields for the purposes of Deflection.
Seek and Destroy Passive Ophanim Swarm will automatically attack targets of its parents' Positron Beam, including itself or the parent.
Pin Down Attack Action The Ophanim Swarm targets a single enemy unit and sacrifices 5 UP. The enemy unit must test Agility or be treated as Grappled for one round.
Render Field Attack Action Target one enemy unit. The Ophanim Swarm unit is completely expended. The enemy's ATS is reduced by 2d5 for 3 turns. If this reduces the ATS to 0, the unit takes 1d5 damage which ignores AP and TB to the body. If the target does not have an AT Field, this damage is 3d10 instead; all potential plug breach rolls automatically succeed and the pilot takes an extra 1d50 damage.
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