Other Characters

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This is a list of the various other characters or major NPCs that the party has met or are well-known enough in Argentum.

The Characters of the Inquisition

Inquisitor Hephaestus Arken

Inquisitorial Agent and Rogue Trader Daniel Jaymin

The Characters of Argentum Virgo Secundus

Governor Nathaniel de Marne-Godwyn

PDF General Cornelia de Marne-Godwyn

Cardinal Waldemar Kurzman

Admiral Pavel Lachance

Grand Marshal of the Courts Alexander Meir

Hektor Maradelles, High Chairman of the Argentum Virgo Secundus Guild of Commerce

Sophia de Marne-Marius, Matriarch of House de Marne-Marius

Aristotle de Marne-Heron, Patriarch of House de Marne-Heron

Gaius de Marne-Quentin, Patriarch of House de Marne-Quentin

Laurence de Marne-Ronson, Patriarch of House de Marne-Ronson

Jean Armadellos, Master Praetor of the Marne’s Landing Urban Regulation Precinct

The Characters of Argentum Virgo Primus

Governor Clement Rufus

Captain Galen Atma of the Angels of Deliverance 4th Company

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