Paris Alexander Macquarie

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Name: Paris-Alexander Macquarie
Position: Air Commodore, UEF Air Forces, Adeptus Colonel
Sex: Male
Age: 19 (Born 1999)
Nationality: Canadian
Place of Residence: Boston, United States of America

Physical Details
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Build: Average

Personal Details
"I'll always be available if you need it. Alright? It's sort of like my job to make sure you're happy- not that I don't want to make you happy myself! Ha ha ha…"

Paris-Alexander Macquarie (or Mac to his friends) is a UEF Air Commodore and Alphonse Wellesley's XO. He helps Alphonse coordinate and command his forces on the battlefield. He's also a pretty deft negotiator, easily likeable and accommodating- a role that he has only grown more skilled with over time due to Alphonse often sending him to formal functions or meetings in Alphonse's place. Macquarie also serves as something of a morale officer, making sure that Alphonse's Eva Pilots are happy, healthy and unburdened of problems.

Macquarie, like Alphonse, was a Companion produced by the NeoAlexander Program. His parents were officers in the Canadian military, which seems to have influenced the decision to place Macquarie into the NeoAlexander Program. Within the Program he proved to be a decent, if unexceptional candidate. He shared a dormitory with Alphonse, which helped foster their relationship. Indeed, Alphonse would often use Macquarie as a staff officer during the mock battles that were routine in the later years of the Program; Macquarie's by-the-book approach to warfare, coupled with his useful ability to soothe out interpersonal drama and turn a mob of jealous, surly adolescents into a workable team were both considered valuable assets by Alphonse.

Despite his rather low-key, unassuming demeanor, Macquarie's more than he seems. According to Alphonse, from the time Macquarie was a child he's responded to danger and challenge in a baffling, unusually consistent way: he talks about the threat, discusses how much it unsettles him (typically with a tremor in his voice), then proceeds to demonstrate an utter lack of regard for anything he's just said. He's been known to describe, his voice shaking with fear, the military strength of an incoming force, even though he doesn't so much as tremble for the entire encounter. Indeed, despite everything Macquarie is something of a thrill seeker, and is known for enjoying fast cars (and other velocity-inclined vehicles, such as AC Suits) and speed races.

Starting in mid-2016, Macquarie began to take a special interest in Ayanami San. It started with him merely noticing that she seemed to be under a greater level of duress than other pilots, often becoming violently ill after battles and reacting poorly both physically and mentally to the constant defeats she suffered. San appreciated his attention, and the two struck up a friendship. For Macquarie this friendship has turned into romantic interest, and he currently sports something of a crush on San. The two have been seen going on dates here and there. That said, Macquarie is unfortunate enough to have a romantic rival- Soren Burnie, Alphonse's Logistics Officer and a fellow Companion, who has shown quite a lot of interest in San himself.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
30 30 30 30 50 50 50 50 50
Awareness, Charm+10(ST), Command, Deceive, Dodge, Inquiry, Intimidate, Literacy, Scrutiny+10
Operate (Land Civilian(ST), Land Military(ST), Superheavy (ST)), Scholastic Lore (Tactics+10), Speak Language (English, French)
Characteristic Boost (Intelligence, Agility, Perception, Willpower, Fellowship), Tactician, Touched by the Fates (1+1)
Tactician/Air Marshal (+10 BS, +1 Damage. Air units gain +10 Agility and Fire Drill (1).)
Melee (General), Pistol (General), Basic (General), Heavy (General)
Specialist (Charm), Specialist (Operate), Support Training (Operate), Talented (Charm)
Fearless, Resistance (Fear)
Air of Authority, Eloquent, Iron Discipline, Peer (UEF), Radiant Presence
Adept Maneuvering, Reduce Profile
Coordinate Volleys, Shoot the Big Ones
Defensive Formation
Example to Others, Get Moving, Tactician's Foundation
11 76 Fed. Light Power Armour, Railgun, Railpistol, Assault Wolf AC Suit

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