Peacecraft "Julien"



Detail Category Entry
Designation: PTX-001 SOS-CO "Julien"
Class: PTX-001 G-Defiant Peacecraft
Pilot: Suzanne Sartre (In Raphael's care)

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Peacecraft Characteristics
Name Value Bonus Upgrade
Weapon Skill 55 5 -
Ballistic Skill 80 8 Sniper-T (+10)
Strength 60 6 Strength 2 (+20)
Toughness 50 5 -
Agility 70 7 Agility 4 (+20), Athena-Pattern (-10)
Perception 60 8 T-Sat (Unnat. 2)

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Body Parts

Body Parts
Body Part Hit Locations AP Wounds
Head 1 – 10 16 26
Right Arm 11 – 20 16 26
Left Arm 21 – 30 16 26
Body 31 – 50 18 32
Right Leg 71 – 85 16 26
Left Leg 86 – 100 16 26

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Trait Subtitle Effect
Ablative Shell - The unit possesses an Ablative (5) Quality on the Body Location.
Peaceknight Cockpit AC Suit, Core Block, Durable, Peaceknight, Peace Suite The unit is designed to use a highly advanced AC Suit as a Cockpit. This has multiple effects, detailed below. It is only killed if the body is destroyed. If the head is destroyed, then it is rendered blind; on the pilot's turn they may test Awareness as a Free Action to remove blindness penalties against targets within 30dm/3km.
- AC Suit The unit takes a +40 bonus to ejection tests. Once ejected, the pilot counts as having AB3 for the purposes of movement.
- Core Block The unit is only killed if the body is destroyed; removing the head merely blinds it. In this situation, on their turn the pilot may test Awareness as a Free Action to remove blindness penalties against targets within 30dm/3km.
- Durable Damage to the pilot from Cockpit breaches are halved.
- Peaceknight The unit has a unique AI. This AI counts as a Follower, but does not cost XP or count toward the Follower limit. The AI uses this template for all actions. The pilot and AI share a fate pool.
- Peace Suite The unit counts as always possessing every advancement in the 'AC Suit Mods' category.
Booster Module - The unit possesses the Flight (AB) and Hoverer (AB) Traits.
Machine - This unit is a Machine. It does not suffer from the effects of a vacuum or extreme cold, does not need to breathe, and is unaffected by mind-influencing mental attacks, and its AP counts towards fire damage.
Multirole - This unit can be designed to fulfill various roles in combat. Before each battle, choose one of the roles below.
- Command So long as you are Squad Leader, your Commander gains an extra Formation Slot, and you may, once per mission, activate a Formation using Commander action costs instead of Squad Leader costs.
- Recon You gain an extra Sensor Module Slot and reduce all DTV by 2. Furthermore, you always count as Assisting the rest of your Squad for the purpose of Awareness tests.
- Support You double the capacity of any Wing Dock loadouts- Storage docks can now hold twice as much and any expendables now have one extra use. Furthermore, you double the range of Technician talents.
Prometheus Mode - Prometheus Mode is the Peacecraft's anti-Evangelion system. Whenever you are in the presence of a hostile enemy possessing an active AT Field, you may activate Prometheus Mode as a Free Action. Until the end of the next three turns, the Peacecraft gains Unnatural Strength, Toughness and Agility (+2) and the Stuff of Nightmares trait. It gains an extra half action, which may be traded into an extra reaction. For the duration of Prometheus Mode, so long as both are active, the pilot and AI use the collective best characteristic between them for tests and may share Talents, although if they have multiple versions of the same talent (eg. Peer) they do not stack but take the highest. Finally, the Peacecraft may use its equipped Prometheus Weapon as outlined in that weapons' profile. However, all of this places huge strain on the system. At the start of the turn after Prometheus Mode ends, Prometheus Mode shuts down. On this turn, the Prometheus may only take half actions. For the rest of the battle, you reduce Agility and Strength by 20 and take a -10 penalty to all tests. Finally, after using Prometheus Mode, regardless of the status of the Peacecraft, it counts as damaged for the purposes of Campaign Turn repairs.
Prometheus Weapons - The Peacecraft may be equipped with Prometheus Weapons, which change how its Prometheus Mode behaves, either through passive effects or by allowing it to use a special attack during this time. The Peacecraft may never have more than one Prometheus Weapon equipped.
Suzanium Construct - Suzanium Alloy has been extensively used to build this unit. It always possesses the Suzanium Alloy esoteric upgrade, but this does not take up its Esoteric Alloy slot.
Third Generation - This unit is a cutting edge 'Modular Fighter', and is made of components that will take years to enter mass production. It contains multiple unique weapons, detailed in the 'Unique Weapons' list. It also can equip special Frames, which can drastically change how it behaves.
Weapon Loadout Peaceknight - This unit may equip any type of weapon except for Mounted Weapons.

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Prometheus Weapons

The Peacecraft may be equipped with Prometheus Weapons, which change how its Prometheus Mode behaves, either through passive effects or by allowing it to use a special attack during this time. The Peacecraft may never have more than one Prometheus Weapon equipped.

Chrysanthemum Crest Pierce Mode

Location Effect
Head The horn array on the Peacecraft's head splits open into a ten-pronged array, which generates an AT-baffling quark field around it. So long as you are in Prometheus Mode, you may each turn, as a Free Action, reduce the deflection of all AT Fields within Close Range (30dm/3km) by 40%. Alternatively you may focus the effects, reducing the deflection of a single AT Field within Close Range by 80%. As a Half Action, once per battle, you may focus the energies of the array into a single powerful beam attack, with a range of Very Long (150dm/15km), dealing 1d10+10 Energy damage with Pen 10 and possessing the Positron, Disruption (10) and Tearing qualities. Using this attack disables the Chrysanthemum Crest.

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Advancement Level
Agility 2
Durability 2
Strength 2
AC Mods All

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Component Slot Component
Sensor Package 1 T-Sat Network

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Component Slot Component
Tertiary Weapons Flash Cannon
Conventional Defense Superheavy Plating
Esoteric Defense Point Defense Grid
Pilot Computer Sniper-T System
AI Prometheus

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Component Slot Component (Left Arm) Component (Right Arm)
Actuators Blitz Actuators
Shoulders B Dock B Dock
Arms Arm Dock Arm Dock
Hands Recoil Supressor

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Component Slot Component
Actuators Nimbus Actuators
Legs Enhanced Latency Facilitators

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Name Effect
Agility 4 +20 Agility.
Durability 5 +5 AP and +5 Wounds to all areas.
Strength 2 +10 Strength.
T-Sat Network You gain +10 to Awareness and Unnatural Perception (2) (expands vision radius).
Flash Cannon You gain a special one-use array which emits an Assault (1km) range cone flash as a half action. All enemies with the Machine trait or comparable reliance on electronics must test Toughness; on a failure they are blinded and deafened for 1d5 rounds.
Superheavy Plating You gain +2 AP and Wounds to all areas; the body gains +4 wounds instead. However, you reduce your Agility by 10.
Point-Defense Grid At the end of every round, you make a single BS test, and record the DoS. Every ranged attack aimed at you that comes from more than Assault (1km) range away compares its own DoS to the DoS of the Grid test; if the Grid is higher, the attack is neutralised, and the Grid's DoS is reduced by one. Otherwise, the attack prevails. If the attack's DoS is higher than the Grid's by 3 or more, the Grid shorts out instantly and requires a full round to reboot. The Point Defense Grid may not neutralise Blast or Cone attacks; attacks from Heavy Weapons with more than 1 d10; and treats its DoS as being 3 lower against Positron attacks.
Sniper-T System Gain +10 BS.
Prometheus AI See here.
Blitz Actuators You increase the Degrees of Success of all melee attacks by 1. You also increase the maximum number of attacks dealt with Swift and Lightning Attack by 1.
B Dock B Docks hold one Basic or One-Handed Melee Weapon, or up to two clips of ammo.
Arm Dock Holds 1 Compact weapon or ammo clip.
Recoil Supressor Allows Superheavy to fire basic weapons one-handed without penalty.
Nimbus Actuators Twice per battle, in response to an enemy attacking you, you may use Nimbus Actuators to grant yourself a free Dodge attempt against the attack.
Enhanced Latency Facilitators Enemies no longer gain bonuses to hit you due to size, and you reduce Difficult Terrain Values by 2. On any turn where you charged or ran, enemy BS tests to hit you take a -10 penalty, which stacks with any other penalty caused by you charging or running.
AC Suit mods Care Mod, Command Mod, Defense Locker, Enviroseal, OTIS II, Safe Port, Survival Mods
Care Mod (1-2) The first X times your OD uses the Remote Care talent on you per battle, it becomes a Free Action instead.
Command Mod You gain a free Half Action per round which may be used only to activate Formations, Tactics or issue orders (eg. The command skill).
Defense Locker You gain a locker containing up to 6 RP worth of P-Scale Equipment. It is only large enough to accommodate one suit of unmodified armour, two unmodified weapons, 4 ammo clips and 2-3 other items.
Enviroseal You gain an emergency secondary seal that deploys in the case of a cockpit breach in space or underwater.
OTIS II (1-2) The first X times your OD uses the Precision Targeting talent on you per battle, it becomes a Free Action instead.
Reference Mod You gain a comprehensive computer database that may be accessed through the AC Suit's systems. So long you're in the Suit, you're treated as being trained in all Common and Scholastic Lores, but using Lores that you're not trained in naturally takes one hour per use, minus 5 minutes per Degree of Success. If you are trained in the skill, then as normal but you gain a +10 bonus instead.
Safe Port You gain a small, heavily reinforced compartment within your AC Suit, in which you may store one item no less than a metre long and wide. Items in this port are almost guaranteed to survive any damage to the Suit, and are useful for storing mementos or items to which you are highly attached.
Survival Mods Your AC Suit is outfitted with an emergency supplies intended to keep you alive. It includes a two-week food and water ration, a portable solar generator, an emergency beacon, a UN Survival Kit, and a medikit with a single shot of biogel. Furthermore, assuming it is not damaged, your AC Suit systems can now sustain breathable atmosphere indefinitely.

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Favoured Weapon Loadouts

Favoured Melee Weapons

Name Class Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Special Upgrades WUP Cost
Beam Saber Positron 2d10+4 2d10+5 4 10 Balanced, Best, Compact, Energized, Fast, Positron, Power Field, Thrown Damage, Pen 2 (Free without Upgrades)
ESV Unit General 1d5+0I 1d5+5I 0 0 Ablative (3), Defensive, Shield (3) - 0

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Favoured Ranged Weapons

Name Class Range Rate of Fire Base Damage Real Damage Base Pen Real Pen Clip Reload Special Upgrades WUP Cost
Beam Rifle Custom Basic 270dm S/2/4 1d10+6E 1d10+11E 6 9 60 1Half Accurate, Burst, Positron, G-Maximal, RDLS (() RDLS, Super Sol.) Damage, Pen, Range, Clip 4

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Favoured Special Ammo

G-Maximal The Beam Rifle has the G-Maximal quality, which allows the gun to be fired in one of several modes as shown below. The character chooses which mode to use at the start of their turn. Modes may modify weapon qualities, or increase the amount of ammo each shot uses; details are listed in the setting profile.
Name Effect Ammo Used Per Shot Quality Effect
Beam Strike Mode Weapon gains +2 Dam, +2 Pen, loses Full Auto quality, but gains the Line quality instead. 4 Ammo -
Beam Shower Mode Weapon gains Blast (4), Devastating (6). 4 Ammo '-
Mega Beam Mode Weapon gains +2d10 damage, +2 Dam, +4 Pen, +500m range. Loses Accurate and Semi/Full Auto quality. 10 Ammo Recharge, Overheat

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Common Maptools Codes

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