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[13:00] <PersonaGM> [Tuesday, the 10th of April.-
[13:06] <PersonaGM> [The Wushu Clubhouse was built into a larger martial arts building on the eastern edge of Lion Hall, next to kendo and naginatado. It was, relative to those clubs, more spartan and open, with most of it relegated to an open space with some basic equipment kept in a small sideroom.-
[13:08] <PersonaGM> [A girl sat at the front door to the clubhouse, a sign-in sheet in front of her. She was around 5'5", with long, light brown hair, some of which had been curled into small 'dumplings' on the side of her head. She was fit, decently curvy, and wore a pair of half-rim glasses.-
[13:08] <PersonaGM> [There was a decent uptake to the club, apparently, and the girl was quickly processing people through.]
[13:22] <Dinah> Dinah sniffed lightly as she headed for the Wushu clubhouse, which she actually was looking forward to in some way. Even if she hadn't smoked since that morning, she wasn't really feeling the jitters because she was focusing on getting there and seeing what it would be like. It had been a little while since she'd been in a similar setting and she was probably a little more eager to get back into it than she wanted to admit, given she didn't like to be eager about most things.-
[13:23] <Dinah> At the front, her eyes glanced to the girl that was there, lingering for a moment until her gaze moved up to her glasses and she cleared her throat. "Hey. I'm Dinah Sarah Schreier. I signed up earlier."
[13:34] <PersonaGM> ["Hey, so you did." Said the girl, pushing the form toward Dinah to sign. "I'm Jiang Chang, the club leader. Just sign, go in and I'll be with you in a moment."]
[13:43] <Dinah> Nodding, Dinah took the pen offered and wrote her name on the form with her usual flourish. Pushing it back to her, she moved into the Clubroom proper, slipping out of her jacket along the way.
[13:56] <PersonaGM> [It took a few minutes for Jiang to process the rest.-
[14:00] <PersonaGM> [Eventually Jiang emerged and took up position at the front of the class. "Good evening, everyone, and welcome to Wushu Club."-
[14:05] <PersonaGM> ["This club is intended to teach practical skills around Chinese martial arts and self defense, whilst also engaging people in physical activity and a social event." Said Jiang. "With that in mind… Who here has done martial arts or combat training before?"]
[14:12] <Dinah> Dinah shifted in her stance as she looked around at the others that were there, sizing them up without being too intimidating about it for once. This was not a place where she was going to be her usual self for the most part. That was probably a good thing for the others in the class, though it wasn't as if they knew that. As Jiang showed herself again and asked her questions, she glanced around before lifting her hand up. "Yeah, I have."
[14:17] <PersonaGM> ["Great. Dinah, right? Do you mind being my demonstration partner for today?"]
[14:19] <Dinah> "Sure, I guess." She shrugged and made her approach then. "What do you need me to do?"
[14:21] <PersonaGM> ["I'm going to demonstrate the basic Wushu stances, and then have you copy them. Then I'll see how well you do, offer advice on improving them, and get the ball rolling on us identifying common mistakes and techniques to better them. Sound good?"]
[14:32] <Dinah> "Yeah." Once again, she rolled her shoulders, though noticed just how many eyes were on her. Frowning, her first instinct was to give them all a glare, though she fought back against that and instead nodded to Jiang. "Ready."
[14:37] <PersonaGM> [And so Jiang set to teaching Dinah and the club the basic stances.-
[14:38] <PersonaGM> [It wasn't just demonstrating how to do them, but why. Jiang went through the strengths and weaknesses of each stance, highlighting the best situation one should be in to use it, as well as examining common errors and mistakes.-
[14:39] <PersonaGM> [After forty minutes of relentless training and demonstration, Jiang clapped her hands together. "Alright, everyone. Take a ten minute break. There's water and juice off to the side if anyone needs it."]
[14:44] <Dinah> She had to admit that, with her last class back home being a bit more hands-on, Dinah was a little out of place here. But it was still enjoyable and she could still think about how some of these techniques might be viable in battle. Which, they had actual battles to fight now, which felt a little weird. Regardless, as they broke up, she made her way over to the table and took some water for a drink, once again looking around and sizing everyone up.
[14:47] <PersonaGM> [Mmm water.-
[14:47] <PersonaGM> [There were all kinds at Wushu Club. A decent mix of boy and girl, some short, some tall, across all three grades.-
[14:48] <PersonaGM> [There was a girl who vaguely reminded Dinah of Yoshino… Maybe she'd seen the two hanging out somewhere.-
[14:48] <PersonaGM> [And there w-
[14:48] <PersonaGM> [A weird sound caught Dinah's ear.-
[14:49] <PersonaGM> [Up against the wall, just past the table, was a sturdy cardboard box with fly netting over the opening.-
[14:49] <PersonaGM> [There was something shuffling around in it. Something making little moan noises.]
[14:54] <Dinah> Dinah's gaze went over them all, appraising them in a few different ways, yet not looking for anything in particular. This was just a place where she wasn't outright looking for a fight, which was slightly ironic.-
[14:55] <Dinah> As she sipped at her water, her brow perked at the sound and she followed it until she saw the box. Glancing around, as if wondering if anyone else heard it or saw it, she made her way over toward it to find out just what in the world was inside.
[14:57] <PersonaGM> [It was a baby.-
[14:57] <PersonaGM> [A baby in a white blanket, lying on light blue blankets, with a little pillow and a plush monkey toy.]
[15:01] <Dinah> "Huh." She almost seemed relieved when she saw what it was, despite not expecting that in the least. Whose baby was this?
[15:05] <PersonaGM> [It didn't have a nametag.]
[15:14] <Dinah> She only glanced at the baby for a few moments before stepping away from it, not really feeling the need to stare at it. Nor did she feel a particular pull toward it just because it was a baby. Instead, she took another drink of water and headed back toward the main floor, ready to continue.
[15:15] <PersonaGM> ["Oh hey, Dinah." Said Adrien's voice, quite suddenly, to her right.]
[15:28] <Dinah> The presence next to her was like a dark cloud swooping in to rain all over her parade. Even if she wasn't really celebrating right now. Raising a hand to her forehead, she sighed, rubbing lightly and suddenly craving that cigarette. "Hi, Adrien. Don't sneak up on me. I will punch you next time."
[15:30] <PersonaGM> ["Eh, you'll try. Enjoying Wushu?"]
[15:34] <Dinah> "Did I stutter? I said I will punch you. Just try me." She was practically growling with the last words but she restrained herself when she reminded herself where she was. Letting out a sigh, she shrugged and gestured to the main area and the others. "It's fine, I guess."
[15:35] <PersonaGM> ["That's nice. I did it last year. It was okay." Said Adrien. "Jiang treating you right?"]
[15:44] <Dinah> "Alright enough, I guess. We basically just did some stance practicing so far. She didn't get on my nerves when she was pointing stuff out." Crossing her arms, she frowned over at him. "What are you doing here?"
[15:47] <PersonaGM> ["We're having break next door, so I figured I'd peek in and say hi." Said Adrien. "I'm also looking for something…"]
[15:48] <Dinah> "Do I want to ask what you're looking for?"
[15:50] <PersonaGM> ["You sure do." Said Adrien. "I seem to have misplaced a- book of mine somewhere. I don't think it'd be around here, but you never know. If you find anything of mine lying around, do return it."]
[15:51] <Dinah> "Return it, set it on fire. Sure, I'll keep an eye out." Smirking wickedly, she only kept that expression for a moment before returning to her scowl, not wanting to give him the idea that she was being friendly. "What kinda book?"
[15:52] <PersonaGM> [Adrien scowled. "It's a book I've handmade."]
[16:04] <Dinah> That made her frown in confusion, her head canting to the side slightly. "A handmade book, huh? Why?"
[16:32] <PersonaGM> ["I keep notes in it."]
[16:43] <Dinah> "Notes. Of course. It's a notebook, then." He wasn't really giving her a whole lot and that was probably by choice. Were he someone more….not Adrien, she might feel a little bit more helpful. Though instead, she just shrugged. "Okay. Well, if I see it."
[16:44] <PersonaGM> ["Cool. Thanks. I'll let you get back to your fisticuffs."-
[16:45] <PersonaGM> [Adrien departed as quietly as he'd arrived.-
[16:46] <PersonaGM> ["Five minutes, everyone!" Said Jiang as she approached Dinah. "Was that Delacour? What'd he want?"]
[17:06] <Dinah> Dinah ran a hand along her arm as she rotated it, getting ready to get back into it when Jiang drew close. Once again, she found herself looking at the girl before addressing her, though probably wasn't as obvious about it as she felt. Frowning at the topic, she shook her head. "To annoy me." A moment passed and she sighed, moving to her other arm. "And to ask me to keep a look
[17:06] <Dinah> out for his note book."
[17:16] <PersonaGM> ["Why would his notebook be h- nevermind."-
[17:16] <PersonaGM> ["Can you do me a favour real quick and cover for me if anyone asks? I need to handle something."]
[17:20] <Dinah> She quirked her head to the side in confusion, looking out over the others present. "Uh…sure? Do you want me to start them in more stances or something? Or are you gonna be back before then?"
[17:22] <PersonaGM> ["I'll hopefully be back before then, but if not, um. Do your best. Thanks!"-
[17:29] <PersonaGM> [With that, Jiang hurried over to the makeshift cradle, snuck the baby out, and quickly left.]
[17:41] <Dinah> "Do my best. Right. Great." Clearing her throat, she put a hand on her hip while she watched Jiang go, seeing her head over to the baby. It made sense. She knew there was a little…something about her figure. And it made the most sense for the baby to be here if it was hers, less so the other students here.-
[17:42] <Dinah> While she left, Dinah made her way to the front of the room where Jiang had been, simply waiting the girl out for now, checking her watch every now and again to see if she'd have to end up taking over.
[17:51] <PersonaGM> [A few students eyed her. One of them looked like he was about to make a crack before Jiang returned.-
[17:51] <PersonaGM> [Baby put away!-
[17:51] <PersonaGM> [Back out front!_
[17:51] <PersonaGM> ["Alright, everyone. Let's get into some basic attack styles based off the horse stance…"-
[17:51] <PersonaGM> […-
[17:54] <PersonaGM> [More intense wushu action passed, leaving most of the members feeling well worn out, in a satisfying, cathartic way.-
[17:55] <PersonaGM> ["So." Said Jiang, catching Dinah before she could duck out. "How was your first day at Wushu Club?"]
[18:01] <Dinah> She was more than able to teach the class if she had to, which was probably not something the others would have expected, though whether or not they learned actual Wushu was…up in the air. Her techniques incorporated some of it into them, though it wasn't as if she was aware of that.-
[18:02] <Dinah> Thankfully, it didn't come to that. When the lessons came back, she was more than able to keep up, though once it was over, she did feel a little strain from it all, admittedly. Picking up her jacket, she was making for the door when Jiang stopped her, leaving her to turn around and face the girl with a shrug. "It wasn't bad."
[18:11] <PersonaGM> ["You're not bad." Said Jiang. "You've got a real talent for this."]
[18:14] <Dinah> "Thanks. I had some practice back home." She gestured around, shifting some in her stance. "Not quite like this. A…friend of mine, he owns a dojo. Me and a bunch of people I worked with, we used to train there. Bonding exercise, he called it."
[18:15] <PersonaGM> ["Ooh, I see. So you've got training in other traditions."]
[18:18] <Dinah> "If you can call it that. He kinda taught us some throws, some stances and then just let us beat the crap out of each other for an hour at a time." Chuckling a little, she actually smiled for once, though it was only fleeting before she glanced away and shrugged some. "It was fun."
[18:25] <PersonaGM> [Jiang chuckled. "It's been awhile since I've just beaten the crap out of someone."]
[18:32] <Dinah> "Well, I can loan you Adrien whenever you want to next time. He won't stop hanging around me and a classmate of mine."
[18:36] <PersonaGM> [Jiang laughed. "Perfect."-
[18:38] <PersonaGM> ["I'm glad you came, though." Said Jiang. She headed over to the baby and gently picked up his cradle. "I've been looking for someone like you to join the club for awhile- someone who knows what they're talking about and can do the movements. And I kinda get the feeling you're looking for a way to get better at this, too."]
[18:48] <Dinah> "Yeah. You're not wrong." It was…weird, being pleasant with someone again. Someone that only walked on two legs anyway. Crossing her arms over her chest again, she tried her best not to start fidgeting. The need for a smoke was coming in now. "I get the feeling you need a break every now and then."
[18:52] <PersonaGM> ["Haha. Is it that obvious?"-
[18:54] <PersonaGM> ["Still, that doesn't mean I'm gonna shirk on my work here." Said Jiang. "You guys want to learn, then damnit if I'm gonna leave it all to someone else."-
[18:55] <PersonaGM> ["Y'all deserve better than that."-
[18:55] <PersonaGM> [ Thou art I; I art thou.-
[18:55] <PersonaGM> [ Thou hast glimpsed a new path of thine heart, with which to rewrite your story.-
[18:55] <PersonaGM> [ The first draft of the Empress Arcana has been written; its refinement will bring you new power in the world to come.]
[19:04] <Dinah> "A little, yeah." Offering a slight bit of a smirk, he nodded a bit and rubbed an arm lightly. "Well, if you ever need me to take over, let me know. Just don't be surprised if you come back and everyone's flipping and slamming everyone else."
[19:17] <PersonaGM> ["I'll keep that in mind." Said Jiang, grinning. "See you later, Dinah."]

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