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[13:31] <Sachiko> Sachiko had gotten used to the brief burst of relief she felt when she entered the courtyard of the dorm. It was quiet and blessedly empty (Not unlike the dorm proper in that respect) and for a few seconds she didn't have to worry about how she was carrying herself.-
[13:31] <Sachiko> Both her hands were full, one holding her school bag carelessly over her shoulder, the other carrying a sweet milk tea she'd found at the convenience store down the road. This led to a little bit of juggling as she tried to fish out her key, but eventually she shouldered the door open and stepped into the common area.
[13:35] <Ai> A step into it that ended up intercepting… well. Not quite literally bumping into her, but… Ai was there, seeming to have only come in a minute ago or less, holding what looked like a… …burrito? Mexican was a bit hard to get, but she somehow found a way. Still, on seeing Sachiko, the girl seemed to briefly stop cold, as if suddenly nervous.
[13:42] <Sachiko> In fairness to Ai, Sachiko seemed a little surprised as well. Bumping into other people at Soejima was a rare and mystical occurance.-
[13:42] <Sachiko> "Hi, Yoshino," she said, raising her tea in a makeshift wave.
[13:44] * Ai …slowly waved back, almost looking like a salute with her burrito. "S… so just getting some tea, or?"
[13:48] <Sachiko> "Eh, just picked it up on my way passed," she said with a shrug. "It's not bad."-
[13:48] <Sachiko> A nod towards the burrito. "Where'd you find that…?"
[13:50] <Ai> "Apparently…" She took a bite. "An international student that used to go to Sophia opened a Mexican place? …I dunno how authentic it is but…" A brief lip-lick. "…I like the sauces."
[13:53] <Sachiko> "Huh. Nice."-
[13:53] <Sachiko> Silence stretched out. "… I'm gonna go put my things down."
[13:55] * Ai slowly nodded. "A-alright."
[14:20] * Sachiko gave a quick smile and stepped around, but a few steps after she stalled again and glanced back over her shoulder.-
[14:20] <Sachiko> "… A bit of a shot in the dark, but have you got any experience with libraries?"
[14:24] * Ai tilted her head suddenly. "I… w-went to the major one last week? And I used to use them a lot before more books and stuff got online copies. …Why?"
[14:25] * Sachiko turned to face her properly. "I'm trying to fix the one upstairs."
[14:27] * Ai suddenly twitched, or maybe perked, in surprise! "O… oh! That… …I'd… I'd be honored to help!" She suddenly seemed to lose some of her nerves. "W… we need to know what they discovered and what happened, and why it all did. There's… there's so many unanswered questions, I don't even know where to begin.. Well." She… then frowned. "Well, I know one."
[14:29] <Sachiko> "Yeah?" she asked, taking a sip of tea.
[14:32] <Ai> "The reforming question. The one that everyone's mad about." …She honestly sounded like she was about ready to snap just saying it, too. Like, inherent tension, fear… regret?
[14:34] <Sachiko> Sachiko just took another sip and nodded. "Yeah, that's what I'm trying to solve."
[14:45] * Ai nodded. "…Thanks. R… really. It … " She paused, but shook her head, dispelling… something she was thinking of.
[14:58] <Sachiko> Sachiko watched her carefully, then shrugged. "… Don't worry about it."-
[14:58] <Sachiko> "Come on, I'll show you what we're working with."
[15:02] <Sachiko> […]
[15:17] <Sachiko> After a quick stop where Sachiko ditched her book bag by opening her room door and hurling it carelessly inside, her and Ai moved up to the fifth floor's library.-
[15:17] <Sachiko> Those who went in expecting something on the scale of a dorm room would be surprised. The library was easily two or three times as large, with a huge bank of bookcases haphazardly packed with books that looked hand-bound. In the centre of the room stood two (mismatched) desks sat together to form one workspace, with a pair of computers set atop them that could've been older than Ai
[15:17] <Sachiko> was.-
[15:17] <Sachiko> There were other items sat on shelves and benches around the room, although most had the appearance of random junk. Only one of these seemed to serve an actual purpose: A large globe of the world, constantly spinning, with something that looked like a geiger counter strapped to the top. As the geiger counter let out regular clicks, a small computer terminal nearby seemed to record
[15:17] <Sachiko> whatever data it was picking up.-
[15:17] <Sachiko> And all of this was clearly there before Sachiko had gotten involved. Newer items were scattered around the room: The desks in the centre had both Sachiko's own, far more modern laptop, along with a cheap but functional-looking label maker and a notepad folded open and covered with notes and scribbles.-
[15:18] <Sachiko> There were neat stacks of books over by one of the curio shelves, a piece of scrap paper under each one listing what appeared to be their core topics, and a printed label recording the book's name attached to each spine. Even so, Sachiko had clearly barely made a dent in the library as a whole.-
[15:18] <Sachiko> "So. This is it," Sachiko said, with a vague, expansive gesture. She walked over to the centre desks, set down her tea and logged on to her laptop.
[15:20] * Ai actually gawked at some of the stuff in there, at first. "Whoa… this is kinda surprising? B… but, ah. Right. So… Actually maybe I should consider bringing my own computer up, maybe. …Still. So, you need to like…" She shook her head. "Sort this? Or even document stuff in it?" -
[15:20] <Ai> …Ai was inching closer and closer to the globe, staring at that geiger counter device. With a… surprisingly critical eye.
[15:24] * Sachiko had her back to Ai for the moment, so this would go unobserved. "All of this is pretty much useless until we do," she said.-
[15:24] <Sachiko> "The books were shelved in whatever order their author wrote them, and then got scrambled even further as people used them," she said. "There's not even an index of what books we have."
[15:27] <Ai> "Wow." Ai said, even as she gingerly prodded at the clicky thing. "…So I guess I'll have to snag the labelmaker something fierce. …" But now she squinted, turning to Sachiko. "Do you know anything about this thing? …It looks like a geiger counter, and clicks like one, but. …It's not tracking rads, I don't really see a dial either." She scratched her chin. "…Is this our… what's it… Sea incursion detector? I. I wanna
[15:27] <Ai> figure out how it works so maybe we could refine it with modern tech."
[15:28] * Sachiko glanced over her shoulder. "Oh, that. You know how Roy said they have something to measure Miasma levels? That's it."
[15:28] <Sachiko> [we have*]
[15:29] <Ai> "…Then maybe he knows." She said, scratching her chin even more. "…Just… I can almost feel I get it, yet. …Th… this is working on some basis of physics I don't even know about yet, probably…" Okay, she was starting to sound uh. …A lot more professorial than she might ought to be for her age. -
[15:30] <Ai> "Hmmu. I should leave it until I get more data, though. Books first, right?" She was starting to reach for the labelmaker, and after that, would start peeking at the various subject matter notes.
[15:39] <Sachiko> The general subjects were fairly broad. "Personas", "Metaverse", "Miasma" and "Shadows" were some of the more populated ones, with up to a dozen books stacked under each.-
[15:39] <Sachiko> "I had to skim them to really get anywhere, so the groupings are a bit imprecise," Sachiko said. "But it gives us somewhere to start."-
[15:39] <Sachiko> She finally finished what she'd been fiddling with on her laptop. She'd pulled up a large, still fairly unpopulated database with fields for book titles, major subjects and other notes. "The goal is to get people to update the entries as they research, so we build up a detailed, searchable index. It'll make finding things a lot faster."
[15:49] * Ai nodded firmly during that, starting to look through it a bit, carefully. "…Hm. I wonder who or which of them wrote it anyway? Or, them? Maybe multiple authors, notebooks, or…" Still, she was starting to rummage through to see if there were unsorted ones… to start paging through to figure out the topics of!
[15:58] <Sachiko> "Pretty sure the books were by the same person," she said. "I've found mission reports in different handwriting, though."
[15:59] <PersonaGM> [There were a few books unsorted. 'Incursions'. 'The Ethics of Personas in The Waking World'. 'On Enlightening The Unenlightened'. 'On Trading'.]
[16:01] <Ai> Soon, Ai was dutifully shuffling them around… Incursions in… Well, let's go with … Miasma maybe? Persona one goes in Persona. …Then she squinted at the third. "…Mm…" And then actually decided to scribble a new category - Waking World - and shove all three in! …Before. Before she then examined the 'On Trading' in more detail. The hell does that mean here…? -
[16:02] <Ai> Still, she turned to Sachiko. "Right… So, how much have you read about the archetype reformation thing, anyway? …I admit there's some questions as to how it works, why it works, and… yeah, any hope for a third option."
[16:06] <PersonaGM> [('On Trading' seemed to be a small book detailing how one trades with Shadows. Like all commerce, it is a matter of finding what Shadows want, but unlike most human commerce, what Shadows crave is real experience.)]
[16:18] * Sachiko appeared with another stack of books, the label maker balanced precariously on top. "I haven't found a good resource on it yet. That's why I wanted help."
[16:22] <Ai> "Right. …How much have you gone through the books in Shadows section, anyway?" She did, though, take a moment to make sure books were labeled on the spine… and if not? Would start doing so! "…That might be a better focus than just sorting…." She said, though she had found herself briefly absorbed in the one about trading with shadows. Before… Realizing something, actually. "There's a book on Persona-Use ethics I'm shoving
[16:22] <Ai> into this new section. I doubt it has anything about this issue, but… Maybe it might? Secondary priority." -
[16:23] <Ai> Beat. "…Oh, specifically, how much have you read about any about archetypes, for that matter? I could just chew right through that one in hopes we get more answers."
[16:28] <Sachiko> "I've given everything in Shadows a complete skim, at least," she said. "Nothing on reformation so far, scattered information on Archetypes. I didn't really have the time to read every book in full, though. Still, if you think you have something go ahead."
[16:31] * Ai slowly nodded… "Yeah, no, not yet. You'd think the most extreme thing would at least have a central notebook on it." She sort of complained, before starting to pore over the Shadows section in detail, to see what books were even in there. "… …We might have to do our own research, too. I… uh. I don't know how your navigator thing works or why you have it and nobody else does (Same thing, Adrien's Wild Card), but…
[16:31] * Ai I'm willing to do what I can to help, really. Take notes if I have to. Or…" She took out her phone - her, of course, Persona-phone - and started looking at it significantly.
[16:41] <PersonaGM> [('Troupers'), 'Amnelids', 'Basic Tactics: Archetypes', 'On the Domains', 'Shadows: Theory', 'A Detailed Transcript of a Talk With A 'Megami'')]
[12:41] <Sachiko> A significant look Sachiko missed while she was busy taking notes on the new stack of books. "Or…?"
[12:47] * Ai was actually beginning to tap through it. "How much do you know about the uh. Tome side of these things? Like when they turn into books and whatnot."
[12:57] <Sachiko> "Not all that much," she admitted.
[14:10] * Ai thought about that. "…I was wondering if it had some… recording feature? Or something…"
[14:12] <Sachiko> "Yeah? For recording what?"
[14:13] <Ai> "… What we see? Does it still have a camera? Is it… psychic?" Ai said, waving her hands briefly. "I… I wanna be useful. And take notes."
[14:24] <Sachiko> "Then you should do it," she said simply.
[14:25] <Ai> "…Yeah but I figured as a navigator you knew the features better?" …She pouted slightly, as if sorta nonplussed by the… flat tone? "I'll check on it."
[14:32] <Sachiko> "Yeah, I don't think that's what the Navigator is for," she said. She didn't seem annoyed, it must be noted, but she was clearly multitasking. "We definitely get some instinctual understanding with the whole… Persona package, and mine is maybe a bit more complete, but instinct is all it is."-
[14:32] <Sachiko> "I have guesses about why I can do what I can do, but they're just guesses."
[14:33] <Ai> "…Hmmm. I see." So in that case, she started tapping to get to the 'Tome' app…
[14:43] <Sachiko> "All of this is my best guess at how I can move us forward. If you think you have your own guess… I mean, you know better than I do where your strengths lie."
[14:44] <Ai> "…Right, I just wanted to know how to do it… Well, I'm looking it up now.."
[14:45] * Sachiko nodded. "Tell me if you find anything."-
[14:46] <Sachiko> The label machine started humming as it began its grim, endless work.
[14:52] <PersonaGM> [Now that the tome actually worked, Ai would find- outside of the single tile reserved for Ambriel- a subfolder titled 'logs'.]
[14:52] <Ai> "…Hm!" She started to nod, before actually opening that part of the app! "Lesse here…"
[14:53] <PersonaGM> [It was logs of every word Ai had said and heard since she'd awakened.]
[14:55] * Ai actually looked rather wide-eyed at it, even. "…It. It… it records… everything." She slowly turned to Sachiko. "EVERYTHING."
[14:59] <Sachiko> The label maker was quickly forgotten as Sachiko came over to look over Ai's shoulder.-
[14:59] <Sachiko> "… oh," she said. Ai hadn't really seen her on the back-foot before, but here it was. "Ok, wow. That's a little creepy."
[14:59] <PersonaGM> [It kind of was, huh?]
[14:59] <PersonaGM> [Especially as Sachiko's words saying that it was creepy appeared on the phone with barely a milisecond of delay.]
[15:00] <Sachiko> "…"
[15:00] * Ai nodded, actually, and was… scrolling fast enough that Sachiko couldn't read all of it, but. …That sure was the conversation they were having now. "See? When I talk it… it writes…" Yep. "S… so I could just dictate to myself. C… cool…?" She sounded doubtful. It WAS creepy.
[15:00] <PersonaGM> [Did Ai and Sachiko want to know what was creepier?-
[15:01] <PersonaGM> [After Ai spoke and Sachiko fell silent, the words "Sachiko fell silent" appeared, as though written by a prose author.]
[15:01] <Sachiko> "… ok, and it cheats."
[15:01] <Ai> "…Aaaaa…" Ai flailed…!
[15:03] <PersonaGM> [It didn't seem, however, to record visual description. Only what was being heard. At least on Ai's tome.]
[15:03] <Ai> "BUT YES SO THAT…" She breathed. "That makes it work. I'll dictate our notes as we go. In quiet…" She pondered. (If I think out loud with the intent to log it…?)
[15:04] <PersonaGM> [The words, 'If I think out loud with the intent to log it? Thought Ai' appeared.]
[15:05] * Sachiko looked actively aghast at that one.-
[15:05] <Ai> …"Well, at least I don't have to mutter annoyingly during missions. Cool…?" Again, so dubious.
[15:05] <Sachiko> "… wait," she muttered, frown creasing her brow. She fished her own tome out of her back pocket (Thank you, pants) and started searching for a similar folder on her own phone. "Idea."-
[15:05] <Ai> "Tome app." Ai said quickly.
[15:06] <PersonaGM> [(Sachiko's log folder had a visual one.)]
[15:06] <PersonaGM> [(On top of the text one!)]
[15:06] <Sachiko> "… huuuuuh," she said. One thing at a time, though.-
[15:07] <Sachiko> She opened the text log and proceeded to either scroll a lot, or use a search function if one was available. She was looking for their encounter with the masked figure just before being hurled into the Library.
[15:08] <PersonaGM> [Unfortunately, the log started with the spiel Faust had whispered to her as she awakened.]
[15:09] <Sachiko> … a thing she chose to scroll away from quickly. "Disappointing."
[15:09] * Ai wasn't looking, actually, at Sachiko's phone, when she started scrolling through. "…Hm."
[15:10] <PersonaGM> [The logs came with a search function, idly, but the function seemed to react to consciously looking for something as much as manual manipulation.]
[15:10] <Sachiko> Sachiko instead moved to check what the visual log looked like.
[15:12] <PersonaGM> [It looked essentially like high-def phone recordings. Just… Dating back over, what, a week and a half of time? Everything she'd seen, recorded.]
[15:14] * Ai is now looking, actually. "Whoooa, yours does that."
[15:15] <Sachiko> "Yeah…" she said, frowning. "No idea whether this is related to my Navigator status. We'd have to check the others' tomes to be sure."
[15:16] * Ai nodded. "… Okay. Anyway this uh. Is… creeping you out way more than it is me? But, I can brain dictate and you can provide images later, 'kay?"
[15:17] <PersonaGM> [(Ai's log also definitely recorded the thoughts she'd picked up from the people she'd telepathed, too.)]
[15:19] * Ai …had eventually noticed that, too. "…Oh. …O… oh well."
[15:25] <Sachiko> "It's not creeping me out," she said. She was looking at Ai's phone, but didn't seem particularly interested in any particular item. "I'm going to have to be a lot more protective of this thing, that's all."
[15:27] <Ai> "…Oh." Ai shook her head, "You just seem… really alarmed at anythiing that gets in someone's head, I've noticed." But then a sigh and look away. "…I don't know if people can even read it, though. Shizeng… kinda seemed to not really see it when I was trying to access tome on the first day of school…"
[15:32] <Sachiko> "Hm." She locked her phone, then handed it to Ai. "Try opening this."
[15:33] * Ai nodded, putting her own down on the table to try! "Pon~" And did so! Tap goes the finger.
[15:35] <PersonaGM> [The smartphone didn't react to Ai at all. It remained locked.]
[15:36] <Sachiko> "Ok. Trade?" she asked, holding out a hand to try unlocking Ai's.
[15:36] * Ai …didn't force it too hard - it was Sachiko's - and then gave it back. "…Okay, so that seems to be a thing. Now, we could look over our shoulders, but. I guess maybe it…" Then she heard that, and passed over hers.
[15:37] * Sachiko gave Ai's a go.
[15:37] <PersonaGM> [Nothing.]
[15:38] * Sachiko handed Ai's back. "Ok, so… pretty safe. Good."
[15:42] * Ai nodded her head! "Good, good. So… that helps a ton. Anyhow yes so, we can consciously log things. I can focus on thinking about my theory craft and get going on it, yanno? Sorry to distract from the filing for that, but… it's useful, right?"
[15:48] <Sachiko> "It is," she nodded. "Can't hurt to know our resources."
[15:51] * Ai slowly nodded. "Yeah. But … but, yeah. I'm trying to look stuff up. Oh. …OH speaking of resources. …I actually kinda have a lot of …special powers that are useful for things."
[16:07] <Sachiko> "… you do mean Persona powers, right?" Sachiko asked carefully.
[16:08] <Ai> "…Yes. What did you… think I meant?"
[16:11] <Sachiko> "If you were gonna tell me about your Reading Steiner I wanted to be prepared."
[16:13] * Ai …tilted her head. "My… what?"
[16:14] * Sachiko seemed to have amused herself, at least. "Don't worry about it. Tell me about your powers."
[16:18] <Ai> "…Telepathy and … …seeing… seeing bonds?" She tried to explain. "I can see whether someone feels good or bad about someone, and how intensely. …In fact I can kinda track someone that another person has… a bond with? Like, we were able to track down Asaka because I looked at my own bonds and just followed the strongest negative feeling's line."
[16:31] <Sachiko> "Huh. That's pretty cool," she said with a small nod.-
[16:31] <Sachiko> "… how long's the range on that bonds thing?"
[16:33] <Ai> "…Infinite…? A few kilometers? …But it doesn't precisely locate until in 10 meters or so. Still, I can follow the direction, but I can't tell who it belongs to without, well. 'this is the person I most deeply fear.'… Yanno."
[16:34] * Sachiko nodded slowly.-
[16:35] <Sachiko> "… he's really the person you're most afraid of?"
[16:35] <Ai> "…Especially at the time."
[16:36] <Sachiko> "Why?"
[16:41] * Ai tilted her head a bit… "Ah? Y… well. I guess it's not clear, huh." She said, looking almost ashamed. "…Because he abuses power. And… treats girls like… …terrible. Doesn't think we're worth anything. And… and thinks having power in and of itself is great and that it's his right to hurt anyone for just, not giving him his respect and authority. And that he's so /proud/ of hating people… It. …It makes me
[16:41] * Ai wonder if he's … done …" Ai was starting to get that look that… maybe Sachiko could recognize by now? Eyes distant and faded, starting to hyperventilate. "Uhm. That kind of thing. He already gives out detentions that wouldn't be out of place in a North Korean prison…"
[16:50] <Sachiko> "Hey," she said, tone still firm but… a little quieter than it had been. "Slow down, alright?"
[17:02] * Ai breathed a little, nodding. "… Sorry. Do… do you want me to … pick one thing to focus on, or…?"
[17:08] <Sachiko> "Don't apologise," she said, pulling out a chair from the centre desk and carefully lowering herself into it.-
[17:08] <Sachiko> "… I don't know, if you want to talk about it we can, but I'm not trying to give you a panic attack."
[17:09] <Ai> At which point Ai nodded her head slowly, before… Staring right into Sachiko's eyes. "…I'm worried I'd be annoying or upsetting, too. Not just… scared on my own. So lemme just ask." She breathed in. "Can I just use whatever words and refer to whatever things I want? Even if they're horrible things?"
[17:23] * Sachiko met Ai's stare without wavering. "For right now? Sure."
[17:31] * Ai swallowed air, before nodding. "Thank you." But then she began to try to explain… "So. …He… makes me think he's like. …At least thought of raping someone before. …I dunno if he … has. Or if he would. But like, he… wants power, and hates women, and hates women having power, and…" She shivered a bit still, even if she was trying to hold steady. Hmm.
[17:31] <Ai> -
[17:32] <Ai> "…If he's thought of it, I… Don't wanna be the girl in the room when he's mad enough to do it for real, is… s-some of it. A-and just the abuse of power… it's." She almost whispered the last part. "Familiar."
[17:56] * Sachiko nodded slowly. "Yeah, it is."
[17:57] <Ai> Wide eyes, again. Not out of fear, but shock. "…O… oh." And then just… sort of silently turning her head to the side and down for… maybe too long, shifting in her seat. "…I'm sorry if anything I did to escalate it made you all the more reminded…"
[18:04] <Sachiko> "You didn't," she shrugged. "It's… I don't know, it's common stuff. That's why I can't see Asaka as any great monster - He's a played out trope."-
[18:04] <Sachiko> There was a slightly longer pause, Sachiko seeming to weigh up something.-
[18:04] <Sachiko> "And my mum's Korean," she added finally, "So that's not new either."
[18:07] * Ai paused for a while, honestly. "…It's not that he's more monstrous anyway. It's that he's a personal threat." Ai explained. "…And I. …I can't be like you, at least not yet, and just… shrug my shoulders and go 'eh, it's been done too much'. …I'm… younger I guess? There's… there's something." She sighed. "I don't really understand other people well, a-and… you and Dinah seem. Moreso. Angry, serious… dark?
[18:07] * Ai Something." Beat. "…Not that Hideki makes a ton of sense either but I know why he doesn't."
[18:19] * Sachiko blinked, and… there was a definite moment where a more cutting comment seemed imminent, but it was swallowed quickly. She'd promised.-
[18:19] * Sachiko sighed. "Ok, look… saying he's not a unique evil is not necessarily the same thing as saying he's not evil," she said, carefully calm. "If that's the term you want to use for it, I guess. And I'm… just really not sure where you've got the idea that I'm shrugging my shoulders. I've done as much work as any of you on the extracurricular side, and I stood up to him directly
[18:19] * Sachiko the first chance I got."
[18:21] * Ai shook her head. "N… no! You got the wrong meaning. I meant… W… when the fear came, you just knew it was overplayed and could ignore… the fear." She was almost panicking, but kept seeming to pause, hold her tongue (at one point, literally bite it) to not go too fast, too much. "…I just mean you set it up like… I guess, others were treating him as the worst ever? I… I agree that he isn't the worst ever. He's
[18:21] * Ai just. An evil that's in my homeroom, every day. That's actually attacking my friends."
[18:24] <Sachiko> A pause, before she nodded. "Alright. Sorry for misunderstanding."
[18:28] <Ai> "Okay, thank you." She said. "…I'm still… scared of you, anyway. …But you can see I'm trying. I… if you're gonna ask why, I can explain. If… you want to. But. I just wanna help." She said, clenching her fists to her chest. "Like. Everything. …I. I have my own desires too, b-but I really almost need to help. T… to be useful."
[18:43] <Sachiko> "… yeah, I can see that," she said.-
[18:43] <Sachiko> "No, I'm not going to ask why you're scared of me," she sighed. "Which sounds callous, but I'm pretty sure I couldn't talk you down from it if you did."
[19:24] * Ai sighed a bit. "…It's a lot about just not understanding yet, anyway. …I wanna know, too. About … well. Everything, too. But, whatever, uhm." She sighed. "As much as it's kinda important that we work well together, I feel like I'm wasting your time now…"
[19:36] <Sachiko> There was a slight pause. "… ok, I'll ask as well, then. Can I use the words I need to for a moment?"
[19:37] * Ai paused for a bit. "…Yes. I… I'll try to bear it if it'll be mostly bad at me, because… …I should. Go ahead."
[19:37] <Sachiko> "This conversation isn't wasting my time," she said. "If it was, I'd tell you. Needing to keep convincing you you're not wasting my time is wasting my time."
[19:39] <Ai> "…Oh." Ai said. As if she had been bracing for the verbal equivalent of being smacked across the room, and then it didn't come. "Er. I know. I'm working on it, really. Just assuming I'm safe is hard for me, is all. But. Right…!" She got a bit more courage back, though, almost looking… determined? "We'll find out the truth together. About us, about the world, about what's right and wrong to do here."
[19:43] <PersonaGM> [ Thou art I; I art thou.-
[19:43] <PersonaGM> [ Thou hast glimpsed a new path of thine heart, with which to rewrite your story.-
[19:43] <PersonaGM> [ With the first meeting of the Devil Arcana and the Justice Arcana, the beginning of your transformation and that of the world begins.-
[19:43] <PersonaGM> [And as the two girls heard these words, the logs dutifully recorded them.-
[19:43] <PersonaGM> [… And then when they forgot them almost immediately, the words faded into nothingness.]
[20:03] * Sachiko "… Yeah, I guess that works," she said, with a small nod. "A bit grandiose, but you're not wrong."
[20:03] <Sachiko> She stood. "I think I'm going to find some food. Don't feel obliged to keep working, but if you hang around just record any work you do in the notepad or the laptop."-
[20:03] <Sachiko> "… oh right," she made a sharp gesture towards the door, where a notepad inscribed with "LOANS" in thick black marker had been hung. "If you borrow anything, record it in there. Ok?"
[20:07] <Ai> "Sure!" Ai said firmly. …and actually started to pull out more Shadows section books to start reading more thoroughly…!
[20:14] <Sachiko> Sachiko nodded, recovered her now thoroughly warm milk tea and then departed, shutting the door gently behind her.

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