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[11:25] <Sachiko> The books from the dorm's library tended to be dense and confusing. As far as Sachiko could tell they were written by only one or two authors, and many of them assumed a degree of knowledge or referenced information contained in some other book, many of which she hadn't been able to locate yet. Frustrating, but not unexpected.-
[11:26] <Sachiko> All in all it made for slow going, but the dorm's common room was quiet enough to be a good space to read. She was curled into the corner of the faded old couch, a book labelled "Incursions" propped open on her chest at roughly the halfway point.
[11:35] <Mogatron> The rapid clappings of footsteps down the stairs weren't exactly conducive to reading but all the same, that was what Sachiko was subjected to as Dinah made her way down, looking a slight more peppy than usual which was almost nothing and strange all at the same time. Dressed in a pair of ripped jeans, a long t-shirt and one of her usual hoodies, she seemed ready to be heading out.-
[11:36] <Mogatron> Stopping at the bottom, she just glanced over to the common area, almost doing a double-take as she saw Sachiko there, frowning for just a fraction of a second as she glanced away. Hesitating on that next step, which would've taken her closer to the main doors and out of there, she almost let out something of an annoyed sigh - with herself, of course - and turned back to the girl.
[11:36] <Mogatron> "Hey."
[11:38] * Mogatron is now known as Dinah
[11:41] <Sachiko> "Oh. Hey," she said, looking up. She snapped the book closed and placed it on the coffee table. "What's up?"
[11:43] <Dinah> "Not, uh….not much. I was just…gonna go to the Mall. Wander around a bit. Get outtta my room for once."
[11:53] <Sachiko> "Seems like a good idea," she said, digging her fingers into one shoulder to try and work out a knot that'd formed. "Been meaning to get out of here myself."
[11:59] <Dinah> For a moment, she was silent to that answer. She did nod to herself after a moment, however, snapping her fingers and then pointing a thumb to the stairs. "Go get ready, then. Let's go."
[12:05] * Sachiko laughed gently and she swung her feet off the couch. "That works," she said lightly, heading to collect her shoes.
[12:40] <Dinah> Crossing her arms at the doorway, Dinah waited for Sachiko to join her, nodding to the girl whenever she arrived. Just a quick bus trip later and they were exactly where they wanted to be.-
[12:43] <Dinah> In the waning light of evening, the Mall was a bustle of activity as the lights and lamps just started to turn on, readying the facade for the crowd of people that would be showing up. Just past the main entrance, the chatter of people could be heard immediately, a mass of voices saying nothing discernable and yet everything at once. People laughing, people grumbling at one another,
[12:43] <Dinah> all manner of expressions were almost immediately visible. And Dinah didn't pay much mind to any of it. Instead, she glanced at the shops that were right at the start, moving further in when she didn't really see anything interesting.-
[12:44] <Dinah> "I dunno about you, but I'm just window shoppin' tonight. Can't think of anything I need. You lookin' for anything?"
[12:57] <Sachiko> "Nothing fun," she said. Unlike Dinah, she seemed to take a decent passing interest in the crowds themselves. "I need some stationary for school, but that's about it."
[13:03] <Dinah> "Well, you're not wrong." She was fidgeting with her hands, an obvious tell that she was craving a cigarette, though that wasn't about to fly in here. "Kinda annoyed that I got cut off from home, in terms of cash. I want a game console for my room or something. Though I guess maybe I've got a solution for that, too."
[13:09] <Sachiko> "Oh yeah?"
[13:13] <Dinah> "Yeah, Wally." She sniffed, stuffing her hands in the pockets of her jacket. "He's really into repairing stuff. Gave me a good deal on a Video Player he got, wants me to send business his way. Already told a few kids in class to go to him with their broken phones." The last part was said with a little crook of her lips, her eyes still dancing around, looking at the various shops.
[13:21] <Sachiko> "Very kind of you to drum up business for a friend," Sachiko said.
[13:27] <Dinah> "Hey. The more business I get him, the better off I am. Win-win."
[13:40] <Sachiko> "You realise this sounds a lot like racketeering, right?"
[13:43] <Dinah> She shrugged, suddenly turning toward one of the shops to look through the window. Inside was a blend of various types of clothing, some more on the chic and trendy side, while the other seemed far more casual. "Only if someone reports it. Besides, I send him legit work. He works on his skills either way."
[13:51] * Sachiko walked a little further in silence.-
[13:51] <Sachiko> "Did you beat someone up with a chair?" she asked suddenly.
[13:54] <Dinah> "Recently?"
[13:55] * Sachiko snorted. "Last year."
[13:57] <Dinah> Tapping her chin, she thought about it for a minute, walking back alongside her. "Yeah. Two people, I think."
[13:59] * Sachiko gave her a long, sideways look. "Any reason?"
[14:02] <Dinah> Her shoulders lifted and dropped, hands out in the shrug. "Probably just pissed me off."
[14:15] <Sachiko> "Hm."-
[14:15] <Sachiko> "How do you keep the school off your back, then?"
[14:20] <Dinah> "Beats me. My parents probably make 'donations' to the school or something. Figured I'd've been expelled a couple times by now." Once again, she gravitated to a store, if just to look through the window at their movie selection. "Why are you so curious?"
[14:23] <Sachiko> "I'm interested in what you get out of it," she said. She nodded towards the movies. "Want to go have a look?"
[14:36] <Dinah> "Sure." She moved to head into the store then, going to the shelf she was trying to look at through the window and scanning across the various cases. "What I get out of it? People piss me off, they get beat, they stop pissing me off. I'm a problem solver."
[14:44] <Sachiko> "Doesn't that ignore the part where people keep pissing you off?"
[14:46] <Dinah> "Doesn't ignore it. You'd figure other people would take the lesson, right?" She picked up one of the cases and flipped it over, reading something on the back and then putting it back. "They don't."
[14:47] <Sachiko> "Another problem to solve, I guess."
[14:51] <Dinah> "Pretty much." Sighing, she picked up another movie and smiled. "Man, I gotta grab this eventually."
[14:53] <Sachiko> "What is it?" she asked, abandoning the movie she'd been scanning to look at Dinah's.
[14:55] <Dinah> She handed it over for her to look at it. "Detective comedy. Y'know the guy playing the superhero in the armor in those new movies? He was in it. Great movie. My dad loved it."
[15:04] * Sachiko gave the synopsis a look. "I think I've heard the name, but that's it…"-
[15:04] <Sachiko> "Huh. Seems good, though," she said, looking up. "How about I buy it and you let me borrow that video player of yours?"
[15:11] <Dinah> Trading away her video player, or well, loaning it out wasn't really an inviting prospect for Dianh. Though it was for a noble cause if she wanted to watch that movie. It might just be one of her own favorite movies as well. "Yeah, that works. It's a pretty easy hookup, so handing it back and forth ain't a problem."
[11:16] <Sachiko> "Great." She nodded towards the shelves. "Got any other favourites…?"
[11:19] <Dinah> "Hm…Let me see." Scanning through a few of the movies, she stopped on one - literally - and for a moment it looked like she'd seen a ghost. But she worked off of it and shook her head, looking down the others. "No, nothing else here." Her tone was notably more sour than it had been to begin with, leaving her to take a step back from the shelf with a frown.
[11:28] <Sachiko> "Alright," While her tone was light, Sachiko had obviously tried to follow the girl's line of sight and match it to an item on the shelf. She held up the DVD. "I'll go pay for this, then we can go?"
[11:44] <Dinah> The movie that she'd stopped on, if Sachiko looked it up or even just snuck a peek at the back of it, would instantly make it clear why she'd reacted as she had. The lead actor of that particular movie was Daniel Schreier, Dinah's father, in the role that he was filming a sequel to when he got injured and had to step away from the industry completely.-
[11:45] <Dinah> She'd started moving more and more away from the shelf, subtly, even as Sachiko mentioned buying the movie she had already, nodding to that. "Sure. I'll wait for you by the door." And with that, she was out of the place entirely, leaning against the wall outside of the shop while the purchase was being made.
[11:53] * Sachiko tapped the toe of her boot against the floor as Dinah departed. She gave the offending movie another pensive look, then headed for the counter.-
[11:53] <Sachiko> It wouldn't be long before she exited the shop, absently jamming a receipt into one of her pants pockets. "Want to head back? I'm getting tired, and I'm not exactly committed to the stationary plan."
[11:57] <Dinah> When Sachiko left, Dinah looked like she'd cooled down some, pushing herself off the wall and nodding. Already, she'd slid a cigarette behind her ear for the trip back, figuring they wouldn't be here much longer.-
[11:58] <Dinah> "Sure. Besides, Box Lady probably has some around the dorm that she'd give you. Or she'll send someone out to get some for you. Or someone will deliver it. Someone has to deliver things, right?" How else would they get groceries and meals every day? It wasn't like she was going out and buying them, since she didn't let herself be seen by anyone at the dorm.
[12:04] <Sachiko> "You'd think so, but I've never seen anyone do it. Have you?"
[12:07] <Dinah> "No. But it's not like JC can go out and get stuff. I haven't really watched for deliveries or anything but at the same time…you'd think we would notice, with how quiet the dorm is." She frowned, crossing her arms as they walked. "That's gonna bug the shit out of me."
[12:09] <Sachiko> "I've never seen her cook either, but the meals keep coming," she said. "The whole thing's weird."
[12:24] <Dinah> "Maybe she gets deliveries while we're at school? But that doesn't explain the weekends. Unless she just doesn't get deliveries on the weekends."
[12:26] <Sachiko> "It seems like a lot of work, you know? Maybe she is a ghost."
[12:33] <Dinah> "With everything we know these days, I wouldn't be surprised by anything."
[12:37] <Sachiko> Sachiko didn't respond for a moment, seeming to wrestle with something.-
[12:37] <Sachiko> "… nah, I think I'd still be pretty surprised if we were living with a ghost," she said finally.
[12:49] <Dinah> "Well….yeah, I guess." She shrugged, slipping her cigarette between her lips as they got closer to the exit of the mall. "But we're living with a talking cat and someone who may or may not be a ghost. So the leap wouldn't be too much, I think."
[13:09] <Sachiko> "I guess not," she muttered. "So many goddamned problems to solve."
[13:16] <Dinah> Shrugging, as soon as they were outside, the cigarette in her mouth lit up, leaving her to take a good inhale and breathe out a puff of smoke. "Yeah. Better to not think about it, really. When we get back, gimme a hand unhooking the player?"
[13:29] * Sachiko edged away once Dinah lit up, frowning slightly. "Sounds good," she said. "Thanks for the excuse to get out for a bit."
[13:42] <Dinah> "No problem." Taking the cigarette from her lips, she tapped off some of the smoke and rolled her shoulders. "Figure we can't avoid each other that much, living together like we do. And I get bored being just in my room all the time."
[13:59] <Sachiko> "Yeah, that makes sense," she said. "On the upside, if you're not there smoking Asahina might start feeding you again."
[14:09] <Minaplo> [ Thou art I; I art thou.-
[14:09] <Minaplo> [ Thou hast glimpsed a new path of thine heart, with which to rewrite your story.-
[14:09] <Minaplo> [ With the first meeting of the Devil Arcana and the Magician Arcana, the beginning of your transformation and that of the world begins.]
[14:13] <Dinah> "She already did, actually. But I ain't gonna push my luck." Finishing the last puff of her smoke, she dropped it to the ground and stomped it out. "Lemme know what you think of the movie, alright?"
[14:24] <Sachiko> "Definitely," she said, giving Dinah a quick smile. From there it was a short hop to the bus, and from there it was straight on back to the dorm. A movie awaited!

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