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[13:05] <PersonaGM> [Wednesday, the 25th of April.-
[13:07] <PersonaGM> ["Greet, my wingmoe." Said Camille, at the end of pop club.-
[13:09] <PersonaGM> [It had run early today, namely because Camille had set the club 'homework' in the form of going out and trying to find their most favourite pop culture thing, with which they were to recruit new members.-
[13:10] <PersonaGM> [And as it had been last time, Ai and Camille had been left to clean up, although there wasn't that much to clean up. Now he had approached Ai to talk.]
[13:17] * Ai had … honestly not minded cleaning, though she did find it odd that it was so TYPICAL for her to be left to do it with Camille. "…So… what's up?"
[13:21] <PersonaGM> ["As you may have surmised, cunning as you are, I have an ulterior motive for clearing the club early today…"]
[13:24] <Ai> "…Camille." Ai said in a tone that suggested she was now on guard for him saying something particularly insane. "…Wh… what is it."
[13:27] <PersonaGM> ["It is time for us to advance my goals. Of course."-
[13:27] <PersonaGM> [He threw his off-hand out into a gun-hand and tapped his forehead. "Good grades!"-
[13:27] <PersonaGM> [He threw his hand across his face. "A prime reputation!"-
[13:28] <PersonaGM> [He ran his hand through his hair. "To look pretty!"-
[13:29] <PersonaGM> [And finally he jabbed his hand into his heart and pulled the trigger. "A wonderful girlfriend!"-
[13:29] <PersonaGM> ["These four things, together, define the arc of my year… A holy quest, to which you pledged your undying loyalty."]
[13:30] <Ai> "…Are we sure it was undying." Ai said… after having listened to… to all of this. "ANYWAY. …W… were you set on.. .a-ad…vancing one of these today in… particular…?"
[13:30] * Ai also refused to comment on the vaguely suicidal imagery he used that yet reminded her of … gaining a persona.
[13:30] * Ai for reasons other than the opsec one.
[13:35] <PersonaGM> ["Option one and three are going to be hard work." Said Camille. "I don't want you to waste your budding youth on watching me study or work out at the gym."]
[13:46] * Ai paused for a minute. "Thankfully yes." She… was. Less than comforted by the budding youth line. "So a girlfriend and a reputation. …I. I might. Hm. ….Honestly some of this might be unusually hard for me in particular? …And y… hm." No. Not the time for fashion advice or exercise aims. Hers would be bad advice.
[13:54] <PersonaGM> ["Hard for you?"]
[14:08] * Ai shidted on her feet a bit. "I'm… not uh, entirely sure… how to put it, but I'm a bit of a nerd and I don't know what you look for in girls."
[14:10] <PersonaGM> ["A-ha. So you want me to describe unto you the ideal girl."]
[14:11] <Ai> "YOUR ideal girl." She corrected EXTREMELY swiftly. Too swiftly, even.
[14:15] <PersonaGM> ["Well of course. I would not want anyone to think that there is only one type of ideal girl." Said Camille sagely. "Beauty is, as the idiom goes, in the eye of the beholder. Or indeed, the Eye Tyrant."-
[14:15] <PersonaGM> ["Well first we must start… What is the most important thing about a girl, wingmoe?"]
[14:15] * Ai briefly stepped back, as if surprised he's asking… Yet, nodded. "Personality, especially a compassionate, accepting nature!"
[14:21] <PersonaGM> ["Indeed. But how do we discover such a nature?"]
[14:30] <Ai> "T…alking to them?" She said with a soft whine. "Or hearing rumors or … the like."
[14:34] <PersonaGM> ["Genius." Said Camille. "Come along, then!"]
[14:35] <Ai> "WH-wh-wha ALREADY?!" She complained, but was soon following him!
[14:50] <PersonaGM> […-
[14:51] <PersonaGM> ["As you can see, breaking up early means that the other clubs are still in. Perfect." Said Camille happily. They were standing outside of a small club house.-
[14:52] <PersonaGM> ["Behold… The social justice club. The perfect place to find compassionate, accepting natures. Bet you weren't expecting that stroke of genius."]
[14:54] <Ai> At which point Ai… Ai jumped up and grabbed at his ear, starting to tug at him. "You flipping shambling incorrigible absolute monkey-spewing IDIOT you get away from that clubroom THIS INSTANT."
[14:54] <PersonaGM> ["Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww-"-
[14:54] <PersonaGM> ["What what what?"]
[14:57] * Ai - once they were at all clear enough to be out of earshot. "Social Justice club is going to have people who are agitating for positive change, yes. But what you don't get is looming right outside of their club waiting to meet them is going to look creepy as heck! A-and that's honestly probably something that th-th-they have had trouble with, someone who'd go there! A-and you don't just ambush clubs looking for… what were you going to do, just
[14:57] * Ai go 'hiiiiii ladiesssss'?! D-do you know nothing?! A-a-are all boys this incompetent aobut seduction and knowing how to please a woman's soul do I have to do this myself do I have to show you the lessons from the very very beginning fdo doodod fddrgerrgeARRGBLE." -
[14:57] * Ai …was having an absolute fit. Was she frustrated about something /other than him/?
[14:58] <PersonaGM> [Camille looked shell-shocked. He was sweating lightly.-
[14:59] <PersonaGM> ["W-W-Well I mean I'm not necessarily going to stand outside the clubhouse acting like a creep. I, I, I'm not unaware of the stereotypes." He coughed and rubbed his ear gently.-
[15:00] <PersonaGM> ["… Do you have lessons about pleasing a woman's soul, though? Because I mean… That would be cool."]
[15:02] * Ai …pouted, and for a second a light tint of red crossed her cheeks. But she relented from FULL TIRADE. "…Sort of. …Also, honestly, even if you're doing intel-gathering - which, creepy as it sounds is sorta what… you need to do? A little? …I'd w-want to go over the full plan and engage in subtlety… When I said finding them I meant like. Hearsay, listening in, asking mostly harmless people about who you're into, or even just… Talking
[15:02] * Ai to a mostly harmless looking girl on her own. That's… uh. S-sorry. that's the first part. You were barging in a lot so I got panicky." -
[15:04] * Ai then took in a deep breath. "… …Anyway. Some of it is… empathy and understanding, and just accepting having Friends That Are Girls… rather than only girlfriends? I mean I. … I know what it feels like to have that dilemma and it's really frustrating to hold it in s-sometimes, but. uh…" She snapped her fingers. "Mnemonic, mnemonic, what can I…" Pondering a bit longer. -
[15:06] <Ai> "…Feelings first, belay thirst?" She shook her head. "Uhm. …Don't be tricked by your dicked? …Wait that adds the…" She was blushing and starting to just halt. He had a chance to actually talk.
[15:06] <PersonaGM> [Camille had grown increasingly red as Ai had talked, and this peaked as she began exploring the rich realm of 'mnemonics'.-
[15:07] <PersonaGM> ["Why you talking about dicks"]
[15:10] <Ai> "Symbolic of your lusts!" She said, ALSO bright red! "… …" Then she slumped over. "S-sorry it's… always been rough. …I'm. Starting to get frustrated about something uh, sorta related myself." A nervous glance. "…Musta taken it out on you, sorry…" But she slumped against a wall. "Basically, what you need actually are probably people with common interests, who are also girls? And go beyond pop culture fandoms, even just something like a dumb
[15:10] <Ai> hobby, o-or liking the wind in your hair I dunno. The point is, just make friends, allow some of them to be girls, act like it's… normal. Love is h… hard to… force." -
[15:10] <Ai> She sure did look like she had a lot on her mind.
[15:12] <PersonaGM> ["Okay. You know what? I'm going to call a squad broken on this venture today. It's time we fell back and regrouped."-
[15:12] <PersonaGM> ["Want something to eat? I can shout you a meal."]
[15:14] * Ai nodded. "I w… wouldn't mind. Honestly maybe we could go somewhere with people around and it m-might not be fully squad broken. Subtle." But… "What you know around here, f-foodwise? There's the Duck if you're willing to take the calories… but . … …" She seemed hesitant to mention the other Big Student Hotspot.
[15:16] <PersonaGM> ["Well, my place isn't too far away. I could make you something."]
[15:25] <Ai> "S'pose. Maybe I can see what you got around your dorm or house or whatever…" She said, nodding slowly.
[15:25] <PersonaGM> […-
[15:27] <PersonaGM> [Camille's dorm was clean, bright, security box-free and orderly. It was well-decorated and bore around it the signs of personalisation- the rows of shoes at the door, books left around the tables, a load of washing left in a furtive corner. But the common room was empty except for Camille and Ai.-
[15:27] <PersonaGM> [Camille headed into the kitchen. "Take a seat, I'll be back soon."-
[15:30] <PersonaGM> [Camille's vanishing into the kitchen would soon result in a blend of delicious scents wafting out, warm, spicy and tantalising. When he finally returned 20 minutes later, he held a pizza in his hands. On it were slices of spiced chicken breast, patches of pepperoni, wedges of melting soft camembert cheese and a drizzle of hollandaise sauce, atop mozzarella and a firm, yet yielding dough base.-
[15:30] <PersonaGM> ["Take as much as you like."]
[15:32] <Ai> "…Did you … design the whole recipe for this? I c-can tell you prepped it but…" She stared at the thing, trying to piece together where to even start with thinking about it.
[15:32] <PersonaGM> ["I did. I used to work in the family restaurant back home. Still do on holidays." Said Camille happily.]
[12:59] * Ai basically stared at him as if suddenly his self-humiliating behavior and her weird irritation with it… vanished into the aether. "W… wow. This. …Camille, why… didn't you just lead with this."
[13:00] <PersonaGM> ["Hm? Have you identified some kind of charm point that I've neglected?"]
[13:08] * Ai …stared up at him, looking him in the eyes. "You're thinking of it wrong, again. …Remember what I said about trying to be friends? …Th-that's more than just avoiding looks and… lewd stuff. Like…" She breathed in, focusing on wording. "This is impressive, but it's sort of, natural? It's not a special 'charm point' like if you were going down a list of 'okay, blonde hair, check, likes to giggle at dumb puns,
[13:08] * Ai check'. It's. Just, something cool, or neat, or amazing. And… you sort of just … and it … works? Uhm. I think I can go on but I wanna make sure you're following."
[13:11] <PersonaGM> ["So it's a cool thing… And it's something natural to me… And that's why it works?"]
[13:15] <Ai> "A natural-feeling trait, but close!" Ai said, nodding. "A pizza like this, most kids here wouldn't have a clue how to make one, and definitely wouldn't use all these exotic ingredients. A-and it smells like they go together nicely? It's… if you still want to think of charm points, remember that it goes for everything, and what'd be 'charmy' for anyone?" -
[13:16] * Ai had this sort of, mild warmth to her smile now, it was radiating… "Is gonna have a chance of working on a future girlfriend, a boyfriend. And it won't seem all about the lovelove stuff so it'll just be nice. You get to know people by being interesting, n-not just attractive or alluring!"
[13:18] <PersonaGM> ["I had no idea you were so good at this."]
[13:49] * Ai actually just blankstared, managing to retain the warmth but having to do a brief silent beat. "C-Camille… I just. It's… people. And love. I. I mean I." She bit her lip softly, flushing… and looking away. Something wrong, yet not wrong? This wasn't only proud embarrassment.
[13:54] <PersonaGM> ["Hmm, yes. You did want to talk about something, no?"]
[13:58] <Ai> "Wait, when was that again?" Ai asked.
[14:03] <PersonaGM> ["Well, you didn't say as much, but you did say something was frustrating you…"]
[14:04] * Ai started to… darken a bit more from the warm smile, becoming fitful and nervous. "Oh. … …I've loved before…" She started simply, uncertainly.
[14:23] <PersonaGM> ["Ah. Maybe not something you want to talk about then."]
[14:27] * Ai nodded. "It gave me experience b-but it's a weird… topic… And uhm. I don't know, it… h-hurts."
[14:27] * Ai had a nervous look, obviously, and was almost looking as if she was debating …whether to actually stop there?
[14:28] <PersonaGM> ["Let's leave it for now. Sorry for prying!"]
[14:29] <Ai> "Okay!" She said in a burst of, maybe, relief! "Sorry about getting weird."
[14:31] <PersonaGM> ["That's alright."-
[14:32] <PersonaGM> [He cut the pizza up. "I value your advice, regardless. Clearly, I'm great at picking people."]
[14:34] <Ai> "You're great at picking me. Jury's out on anyone else y… you know." Still a bit off, but she gladly decided to dig into pizze. It is good pizze.
[14:36] <PersonaGM> ["Yes, well."-
[14:36] <PersonaGM> ["Take as much as you like, by the way. Do you need to be home soon?"]
[14:38] * Ai thought. "I think we have a curfew at 10, at Soejima." But she sighed. "So I should probably be gone by 8 maybe? Or 9?"
[14:43] <PersonaGM> ["Aha. What are your plans? Want to hang out until then?"]
[14:53] <Ai> "Yeah, I've been meaning to like… I dunno, talk about geeky stuff. Li… like, aah." She pulled out her phone, flicking at it quickly. Camille couldn't see it, but she browsed to a playlist that read "Fight Songs! (‘_`)/~✿" … and hit play. "I’ve recently been watching this one, I know it's a classic manga but… Something about this schoolyear got me more pumped about it!" -
[14:54] <Ai> …After a short while, Ai realized her headphones were plugged in. She unplugged them, only for the powerful voice of Lotus Juice to blast out of her surprisingly-crisp phone speakers. ["COMIN' THROUGH COMIN' THROUGH COMIN' THROUGH COMIN' THROUGH NOW-"] -
[14:54] <Ai> Soon the night would be filled with pizza. And anime. And horrid opsec.
[14:55] <Ai> ("Actually not that horrid, don't kill me Roy!")

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