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[16:03] <PersonaGM> [Tony, of Tony's Tune Emporium, craned his head to the side, perking an ear out toward the front.-
[16:05] <PersonaGM> ["A second ago I coulda sworn you were mucking around with a bunch of brass, but whatever scrap of sound that was weren't no brass. What you got there?"]
[16:31] <Sachiko> Sachiko was not what you'd call a model employee, at least as far as her time at Tony's was concerned. She moved things around dutifully enough - though she'd expressed some uncertainty as to the value of such, given the state of the store - but she seemed easily distracted by the new treasure troves of stock she'd unearth on a regular basis, and sometimes by Tony himself once she got started talking.-
[16:31] <Sachiko> Tony would receive no response for a moment, but the sound repeated and this time it could be more clearly identified as guitar strings being strummed. Sachiko's head popped up over a small hill of brass instruments, looking rather delighted.-
[16:31] <Sachiko> "I found a vintage Firebird sticking out of a tuba, Tony. Your store is ridiculous."
[16:44] <PersonaGM> ["A Firebird? Where would I find a Firebird?" Said Tony, shaking his head sadly. "Are you sure it's a Firebird?"]
[16:53] <Sachiko> "I mean it's either that or a pretty high-quality imitation," she said, coming back around into the open with the guitar held in one hand. "None of the usual signs of that, though."-
[16:53] <Sachiko> "Besides, you wouldn't sell a fake for-" She paused to check the price tag and coughed. "Ok, you'd better hope it's not a fake."
[17:00] <PersonaGM> ["Do you want it?"]
[17:01] * Sachiko laughed as she leant against the counter. "Can't afford it."
[17:02] <PersonaGM> ["Yeah, yeah, Tony don't pay a lot." He grumbled. "But I mean… Do you want it?"]
[17:10] <Sachiko> "Wasn't complaining about your rates," she said, setting the guitar down between them. It did indeed look like a vintage model, with dark-stained wood shifting to black as it neared the edges of the body. She was smiling a little as she looked at it.-
[17:10] <Sachiko> "I mean… yeah, I guess so. It's gorgeous, right?"
[17:17] <PersonaGM> [Tony ran his hands over the Firebird and grinned.-
[17:19] <PersonaGM> ["I'm sure a young lady like you has more responsible things to use her money on, but there might be a way to make this old bird yours."]
[17:23] <Sachiko> … silence. Sachiko fixed him with a very dubious look.
[17:25] <PersonaGM> ["Lemme tell you a story."]
[17:25] <Sachiko> "Ok."
[17:34] <PersonaGM> ["This city of ours has a lot of stories. Used to be a big military base once, then the Tokugawa took over the country and its biggest claim to fame was being all about the arts. Especially the performance arts. You can see that all around, but especially in the old city. Katashiba used to be a highlight of the ukiyo. In fact, I hear back in the day it used to have one of the more 'famous' mizu shobai districts in the region… It's a little tamer now, though, heh."-
[17:35] <PersonaGM> ["One of the few things from that time that still function is the old geisha school down between the city centre and Little Lisbon."]
[18:04] <Sachiko> "… I don't like the guitar that much, Tony."
[18:09] <PersonaGM> ["You aren't cut out to be a geisha. It's years of work and you're too old to be an apprentice." Said Tony, shaking his head slowly. "That's not the point of my story. It used to be that the great houses of art in the city held friendly competitions to prove who could produce the best apprentices and understudies. But over the centuries, the number of such houses have dwindled until only a handful are left."-
[18:09] * Sachiko did crack a smile at that dismissal, it must be said.
[18:13] <PersonaGM> ["But about forty years ago, the geisha school revived- kinda- the tradition. With help from the Academy, because nothing happens without the Academy in this city. Every year, the geisha school helps organise a contest of performances open to youths who are interested in the performance arts. However, not just anyone can join. To participate in the contest, you need to be sponsored by a participating business or group… And of course Tony's one of those, because my fingers are on the pulse of this city, and art flows through its veins, oh yes."-
[18:14] <PersonaGM> ["The winner gets recognition, but also a sum of money, and often a special prize related to their art." Tony tapped his fingers on the Firebird.]
[18:31] * Sachiko followed the motion, chewing on her lip. "… So what, just a single performance of my choice?"
[18:33] <PersonaGM> ["Mmhmm."]
[18:46] <Sachiko> "And you're offering me a spot?"
[18:47] <PersonaGM> ["That's how it is."]
[18:47] * Sachiko gave him a long look. "Why? You've barely even heard me play."
[18:48] <PersonaGM> ["I mean I will need, y'know, an audition." Said Tony.-
[18:51] <PersonaGM> ["But I'll cut you in: I haven't sent anyone off to the contest in years. Most of the kids who work here aren't really interested in music, at least not in a way that interests me. But you've got a musical culture in what you say. Music's important to you, and that's obvious enough that even Tony can tell."]
[19:07] * Sachiko looked a little awkward for once, but she nodded. "Yeah, it is."
[19:09] <PersonaGM> [Tony didn't say anything else. He leaned back in his seat, a little smug, and began chewing on a stick of jerky.]
[19:14] * Sachiko leant against the counter and watched the store for a little bit, ignoring the sounds of Tony chewing in an otherwise quiet store.-
[19:14] <Sachiko> "… so when is it?"
[19:15] <PersonaGM> ["October."]
[19:17] <Sachiko> "Ok. Cool."
[19:20] <PersonaGM> ["'Til then, I'll give you a space to jam, and give you pointers and whatnot. You're also welcome to practice with whatever instruments we've got, so long as they don't leave the store."]
[19:36] * Sachiko bounced on her heels. "Yessssss."
[19:54] <PersonaGM> [ Thou art I; I art thou.-
[19:54] <PersonaGM> [ Thou hast glimpsed a new path of thine heart, with which to rewrite your story.-
[19:54] <PersonaGM> [ The first draft of the Hermit Arcana has been written; its refinement will bring you new power in the world to come.-
[19:56] <PersonaGM> [Tony chuckled to himself. "Now this doesn't mean you get to slack off! … But I guess I can be treating your practice as a form of 'work'. It's like advertising. Eventually."]
[20:00] * Sachiko laughed. "I'll keep doing my bit. Even though it feels a bit like rearranging deckchairs sometimes."-
[20:02] <Sachiko> "Tell me honestly, do you go back and undo whatever progress we make after you close up for the day? That's the only thing that makes sense."
[20:03] <Sachiko> "… I wouldn't even be mad! That would be very funny!"
[20:03] <PersonaGM> [Tony laughed. "The truth is funnier."]
[20:03] <Sachiko> "Yeah?"
[20:07] <PersonaGM> ["Customers come in and browse, and yes, I can misplace both old and new instruments from time to time, but the kicker is… There's a lot of junk here, too much to all organise in one shift." Tony laughed and patted his stomach. "And I never tell my employees how it should be organised, so you all just improv it! What you see as chaos is someone else's unfinished attempt to fix everything up. And tomorrow, some other poor asshole's gonna come in and be like, 'What happened here? Who did this? Time to fix it up!"]
[20:13] * Sachiko bent over double, laughing uproariously.-
[20:14] <Sachiko> "How do you have enough money for the installation art version of a brick joke, Tony?"
[20:15] <PersonaGM> ["Tony ain't tellin'!"]

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