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[03:15] <Minaplo> Sachiko would be on her day to debate practice when she would be unceremoniously ambushed by Rio Sakuma. "Sachikoooo~" She said, appearing seemingly behind a pillar, or a bush, or somewhere that wasn't Sachiko's line of sight. "Turnabout that tush, we're not going to the club house today!"
[03:15] <Minaplo> In the distance, Sachiko would see Andreas jogging towards them, his expression utterly gargoylian.
[03:44] <Sachiko> Her jump was only very slight. She'd grown somewhat accustomed to Sakuma's ways, and in the grand scheme of school disturbances right then that one was fairly minor.-
[03:44] <Sachiko> "Well we probably should. It's the house for the club," she said, glancing over and pointing at their third member. "Look, Andreas agrees."
[03:46] <Minaplo> "Andreas is boring." Said Rio. She fished a trio of tickets out of her purse. "Take a look at these bad boys!"
[03:46] <Minaplo> "ᴺᵒᵒᵒ ˢᵃᶜʰᶦᵏᵒ ᵈᵒⁿ'ᵗ ˡᶦˢᵗᵉⁿ ᵗᵒ ʰᵉʳʳʳʳʳ" Shouted Andreas distantly.
[03:49] <Sachiko> In a move unsurprising to anyone who knew her Persona, Sachiko promptly failed to ignore the devil: She gave the tickets a curious once-over.
[03:51] <Minaplo> They were bus tickets.
[03:51] <Minaplo> "Saint Catherine's debate team is having practices, and they've made the tactical error of doing them in public places." Rio smirked. "We face them next week, remember? Let's go scope 'em out! Know your enemy, know yourself, and you'll be victorious in the centre lane every time!"
[03:53] <Sachiko> "I seem to recall being told that they were giant pushovers. Do we need recon?"
[04:11] <Minaplo> "Just because you think you have the advantage, doesn't mean you do. And it's just sloppy to not seek extra advantages. That's how, uhhh, Benchu… Lost… At Guam?"
[04:11] <Minaplo> "aughhhh" Andreas shouted.
[04:14] <Sachiko> "Mm, I guess you're-… Andreas, we're standing still, you can walk it!"-
[04:14] <Sachiko> "Anyway, I guess you're right."
[04:22] <Minaplo> "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." Andreas came to a stop shortly after. "I wasn't trying to outrun your feet, I was trying to outrun Rio's bull- you already said yes, why am I bothering?" He sighed. "Let's go spy on some Cathies."
[04:22] <Minaplo> "Is that short for Catherine, or Catholics?"
[04:22] <Minaplo> "Por que no los dos?" -
[04:22] <Minaplo> Rio shook her head. "Here are our snacks." She took out a container of fruit mince pies.
[04:22] <Minaplo> Andreas groaned.
[04:22] <Minaplo> -
[04:22] <Minaplo> The 'public place' happened to be a leafy park down near the city centre, alongside the river. It was cool and breezy here, thanks to the generosity of the river and the many large, broad trees that dotted the park. Many school children had retreated here after a long, hot day to dip their toes into the water and cool off.
[04:22] <Minaplo> "At least we'll be out in nature for a change." Said Andreas. "I hate to admit it, but the club house often feels stuffy to me."
[04:58] <Sachiko> "Given how few of us there are the room's pretty generous," Sachiko said as she worked to keep pace with the other two. She glanced around. "Still, this is nice."
[05:54] <Minaplo> "Fair point." Said Andreas. "And another reminder as to the brittle nature of our team. But I enjoy the outdoors."
[05:54] <Minaplo> "You have any of your little fwends here, Andreas?" Asked Rio.
[05:54] <Minaplo> Andreas scowled. "Let's just hurry up and find the Cathies."
[05:54] <Minaplo> It wouldn't take long for Rio to spot their prey. "Yeah, that's the St. Cathy's uniform, over there." She said, pointing at a posse of about ten girls wearing white uniforms with knee-length blue and green tartan skirts. They were clustered around a handful of tables, chatting and posturing, a collection of books on each table. "Let's infiltrate!"
[05:54] <Minaplo> "What does-"
[05:54] <Minaplo> A moment later, Rio was buried beneath a hedge, peeking through the leaves out at the girls. She patted the ground next to her without looking back at Sachiko.
[05:54] <Minaplo> "Ah. Grand. I always wanted to get arrested for being a pervert." Muttered Andreas.
[09:51] <Sachiko> "Ok, this just seems like subterfuge for subterfuge's sake," Sachiko said, still very much outside the hedge.
[11:47] <Minaplo> "You're so fussy!" Said Rio. "Come on! Who cares if it's self-indulgent? Let's have some fun for a change!"
[11:47] <Minaplo> Andreas shook his head and turned to leave. But he spared one last glance back at the gathering- and froze. "Wait… Who's she?"
[11:47] <Minaplo> A new girl had joined the group. A tall, fair-skinned Japanese girl with straight, deep brown hair that fell below her shoulder blades, cut straight in the hime style. The girl's face was smooth and diamond-shaped, with bright, large eyes, high cheeks and an enthusiastic, sweet smiling mouth. At her arrival, the other girls turned and eagerly greeted her. The girl sat beneath a parasol and chatted away, laughing and giggling; she folded one leg over the other and toyed idly with the pantyhose on her knee.
[11:47] <Minaplo> Andreas stared, transfixed.
[12:08] <Sachiko> And then a portentous voice right by his ear: "Thou mustn't let God catch thee staring at a Catholic!"
[12:17] <Minaplo> Andreas startled most dramatically; he literally leapt off the ground and yelped loudly.
[12:17] <Minaplo> Loudly enough for the Cathy girls to hear. They all turned to stare at Andreas and Sachiko- Rio, of course, being prudently hidden away.
[12:17] <Minaplo> The beautiful girl at the centre of it all stood up and walked toward them.
[12:17] <Minaplo> "You two are from Sophia? You must be tired after such a long day at such a busy place." She said; her voice was clean, musical even. "If what you see is to your liking, we'd be delighted to have you join us."
[12:48] <Sachiko> Sachiko seemed thoroughly unstartled, though this might be something like a perspective trick given she was standing next to Andreas. She gave their surprise host a lopsided smile.-
[12:48] <Sachiko> "That'd be great, thank you," she said as she bowed. "Wouldn't that be great, Andreas?"
[12:53] <Minaplo> "Er."
[12:54] <Minaplo> As the girl focused her eyes on Andreas, he reddened magnificently. Beads of sweat formed on his brow.
[12:54] <Minaplo> "… I have to go." He said. Without any further ado, he turned on his heel and bolted.
[01:10] <Sachiko> They both watched him run until he swerved (Entirely unnecessarily) around a tree and out of sight.-
[01:10] <Sachiko> "Club business, you know how it is," Sachiko confided, turning back to her new friend. "Seems like it's just me, if the offer's still good. I'm Sachiko Kurata."
[01:29] <Minaplo> "Wonderful to meet you. My name's Kimiko Miyamoto." She bowed. "I'm looking forward to seeing your museum someday."
[01:29] <Minaplo> "Fraternizer!" hissed Rio under her breath.
[01:38] <Sachiko> Sachiko blinked, then chuckled despite herself. "Oh, you do puns. I should probably follow Andreas' lead."
[01:44] <Minaplo> The look on the faces of some of Kimiko's friends suggested that this was a known quality. A few of them had groaned.
[01:44] <Minaplo> Kimiko laughed in satisfaction. "You could, but you did laugh. I think you trust me to maintain the quality and quantity of my puns appropriately, that is, witty and rare."
[01:44] <Minaplo> Kimiko began walking back towards the group. "Besides, Andreas won't be going anywhere. It's better for you to hedge your bets, isn't it?"
[02:04] <Sachiko> She shot the outraged Rio shrub a smile on the way past.-
[02:04] <Sachiko> "I wouldn't want to hedge when we're having such a polite conversation," she said, hands in her pockets as she followed Kimiko to the tables.
[02:15] <Minaplo> Rio was now trapped. She couldn't go help Andreas without breaking cover. She was forced to watch.
[02:15] <Minaplo> Kimiko sat back down and lightly patted the bench next to her. "That makes me happy." She said, beaming. "Tell us about yourself! It's been so long since I've had an honest conversation with someone from Lion Hall."
[03:07] <Sachiko> "Have you been avoiding us, or have we been avoiding you?" Sachiko asked, slipping into the offered spot.
[03:09] <Minaplo> "Oh, I don't avoid people." Said Kimiko cheerfully. "I run into students from Sophia plenty."
[03:34] <Sachiko> "Aha. Well, allow me to apologize for my school only sending you our most untalkative, dishonest students," she said with a smile.
[03:49] <Minaplo> "Oh no, no." Kimiko shook her head. "You spend a lot more time with them than I do. And it sounds like right now, those dishonest Lions are being especially raw in their abrasiveness. I wouldn't blame you if you felt a little tired of it."
[03:49] <Minaplo> "Not that every student at St. Catherine's is a saint." Said Kimiko, casting a glance around at her classmates, something that elicited a gaggle of snickers and the odd guilty giggle.
[04:11] <Sachiko> Sachiko chuckled. "Wouldn't' expect any different."-
[04:11] <Sachiko> "So, to tell you about myself. Sachiko Kurata, as I said," She hummed thoughtfully. "Second year, originally from Yokohama. Electives in psychology and music…"
[04:11] <Sachiko> "Hard question to answer without sounding rote, unfortunately."
[04:15] <Minaplo> "That's okay." Said Kimiko. "We can work with it! Actually, how about this? I'll ask you a question, and then you answer, and then you can ask me one. That's a good way to get to know each other."
[04:15] <Minaplo> "Let me see… What's better in Katashiba than in Yokohama?"
[04:50] <Sachiko> "Sophia's library," Sachiko admitted. "They have some great ones back home, but the one here puts them to shame. It's a really beautiful building."
[05:22] <Minaplo> "You know, you're right." Said Kimiko, her eyes wide. "The first time I went there, I got lost, and found myself in an archive room where they keep the really rare books. One of them was a four hundred year old journal by a missionary in Japan."
[05:39] <Sachiko> "Exactly! Too bad a lot of the really rare stuff requires university approval."
[05:42] <Minaplo> "And getting university approval at Sophia is always a strangely neurotic experience, I find." Said Kimiko, shaking her head and shuddering slightly at the memory of some incomprehensible, faceless horror she had witnessed amidst the undergraduates of that locale.
[06:24] <Sachiko> "Hah."-
[06:24] <Sachiko> She laced her fingers together on the tabletop. "That means I get one, right?"
[06:25] <Minaplo> "Of course."
[06:27] <Sachiko> "What's St. Catherine's got that Sophia doesn't?"
[06:27] <Minaplo> "Me."
[06:31] <Sachiko> "Oh come on! That's a dodge," she said, even as she laughed.
[06:40] <Minaplo> Kimiko laughed. "You're absolutely right." She said. "Fair play, fair play, I'll give you a different answer."
[06:40] <Minaplo> "The problem is that Sophia has a lot and St. Catherine's has… Less than that." Said Kimiko. "Here are some other answers, then: weekly Mass, more Naginata trophies, and a peaceful atmosphere. How does that sound?"
[06:40] <Minaplo> "We have a peaceful atmosphere because there aren't any boys." Muttered one of Kimiko's entourage, one who seemed to stare most raptly at Kimiko.
[06:40] <Minaplo> "I wouldn't mind there being more." Said another. "Like Father What-a-Waste."
[06:40] <Minaplo> A collective sigh fell over the group.
[06:49] <Sachiko> "Do I need to answer another question before I ask what that's about…?"
[07:00] <Minaplo> "With this lot, all you really need to do is wait and they'll bring it up eventually. Go on, Yuki." Said Kimiko.
[07:00] <Minaplo> Yuki- the girl who'd talked about Father What-a-Waste- reddened, then took out a phone and showed a picture to Sachiko.
[07:00] <Minaplo> It was clearly a candid picture. It showed a young european man standing in the back of a churchyard, axe in hand, splitting logs. He was…
[07:00] <Minaplo> What was the word? He was a lot to take in and all of it was divine. Wearing nothing but black trousers, his upper body rippled with toned muscles the kind that you usually found on the statues of Olympian gods. The fact that it currently glistened and gleamed only helped. His shoulders were perfectly broad and his back was very straight. He had golden blonde hair that fell to just past his ears, most of it tucked in behind them; his eyes were big, soft and blue.
[07:00] <Minaplo> "His name's Michael. Not actually a priest. Yet." Said Yuki. She sighed.
[07:00] <Minaplo> Kimiko shook her head.
[07:06] <Sachiko> "Ohh," Sachiko said, nodding to herself with dawning understanding. "That sort of waste. Got it."
[07:10] <Minaplo> "I think they assigned him to the school as a kind of temptation exercise." Said Kimiko. "It's embarrassing."
[07:15] <Sachiko> Sachiko considered this. "… I hope you're right. I'd admire that level of needless psyops."
[07:21] <Minaplo> Sachiko's phone buzzed.
[07:21] <Minaplo> "Maybe you'd enjoy St. Catherine's quite a bit, then." Said Kimiko happily.
[07:29] <Sachiko> "I'm sure I'd enjoy parts of it."-
[07:29] <Minaplo> "I'd enjoy parts of him, too." Said Yuki, leading to an outbreak of horrified laughter.
[07:30] <Sachiko> Sachiko laughed, but used the gap to check her phone and type a quick reply.-
[07:32] <Sachiko> When it died down she stood. "Well it was fun meeting you all, but my friend Andreas is lost in the park and I'm needed for the rescue operation."
[07:33] <Minaplo> "I think I spooked him." Said Kimiko, looking a mix of concerned and ashamed. "Tell him I'm sorry, okay?"
[07:35] <Sachiko> "I did too, but I'm ok with you taking the blame."
[07:39] <Minaplo> "I'll take your sins." Said Kimiko seriously- then she giggled and smiled.
[07:39] <Minaplo> "Here, you were fun to talk to. This is my Line." Said Kimiko, handing Sachiko a piece of paper with a code on it.
[07:46] <Sachiko> "Oh, thanks," she said, pocketing it. "And thanks for letting me interrupt your meeting."-
[07:46] <Sachiko> "Alright. I'm gonna head off before he gets eaten by a bear or has his arm trapped under a rock or something…"
[07:50] <Minaplo> Sachiko's phone buzzed.-
[07:51] <Minaplo> A small, extremely dubious looking canister rolled out of the nearby hedge and into the middle of the clearing.
[07:51] <Minaplo> "…" Kimiko stared down at it.
[07:51] <Minaplo> "Wait-"
[07:51] <Minaplo> BOOM. The canister exploded, launching white smoke in every direction. There were screams and shrieks and yells.
[07:52] <Minaplo> "I'M FUCKIN' OUTTA HERE! BYE, SQUARES!" Shouted Rio, scrambling out of the hedge and fleeing.
[07:54] <Sachiko> "HOLY SHIT RI-"-
[07:55] <Sachiko> Sachiko stood in the smoke for as long as it took for her brain to process that options for diplomacy had been drastically curtailed.-
[07:56] <Sachiko> "Sorry!" she shouted, and then ran in the general direction of Rio's voice.
[08:17] <Minaplo> Rio was waiting against a tree, arms folded, about 20 metres away from the smoke cloud.
[08:17] <Minaplo> "Glad you could join us, traitor."
[11:14] <Sachiko> Sachiko was limping by the time she reached Rio. "Why-" She laid her hands on her knees while she tried to catch her breath. "Why do you have a smokebomb, Sakuma?!"
[12:24] <Minaplo> "In case I needed to make a quick getaway, Kurata! I mean, obviously!"
[01:52] <Sachiko> "I would've given you cover! You're just mad because you trapped yourself in a bush!"
[02:22] <Minaplo> "I wouldn't be trapped in a bush if you hadn't teased Evripidis about his boner!"
[02:29] <Sachiko> "How was I supposed to know he has the fight/flight response of a startled deer?"
[02:30] <Minaplo> "What, he doesn't read as neurotic to you? Does he look like the kinda guy who's used to pretty girls' attentions?"
[02:38] <Sachiko> She flapped her hand dismissively. "Whatever. Let's just find him and get out of here."
[02:39] <Minaplo> Rio looked smug at her win.
[02:39] <Minaplo> They would find Evripidis about 5 minutes later, sitting on a park bench. He had a bird in his hand, and he was petting it. His expression was downcast in shame.
[04:52] <Sachiko> "Hey," Sachiko said. She gave the other side of the bench a look of longing, but she didn't seem willing to disturb Evripidis' guest. "Cool bird."
[08:19] <Minaplo> "Yeah, thanks. He'll let you stroke him if I'm here." Said Evripidis.
[08:19] <Minaplo> Then be sighed loudly enough for the bird to ruffle its wings.
[08:19] <Minaplo> "That was… Humiliating." He said glumly. "I was like a small baby. It's not like me to be so concerned b-by appearances, or… the temptations of flesh."
[08:19] <Minaplo> "You don't seem to mind being tempted by my flesh. In fact you're pretty tempted several times a week." Said Rio. Evripidis went deep red.
[08:19] <Minaplo> "Fucking hell, Rio! You can't just blab that out!"
[08:19] <Minaplo> "So we go casual. Big deal."
[08:27] <Sachiko> "Huh," Sachiko bobbed her head from side to side as she processed that. Then she nodded once, sat down and gave the bird a careful pat on the head. "Wouldn't have guessed."
[08:58] <Minaplo> The bird trilled. Evripidis huffed.
[08:58] <Minaplo> "So what was she like?" Asked Evripidis.
[09:06] <Sachiko> "Fun to talk to. She picks her words well," Sachiko said. She left the bird to Evripidis and carefully massaged her leg instead. "Was she on the team the last time you watched St. Catherine's?"
[09:12] <Minaplo> "No. I would've noticed." Said Evripidis fervently.
[09:17] <Sachiko> Sachiko smirked. There was really no stopping it. "Well, if she's part of it they might not be pushovers. Something to think about."-
[09:17] <Sachiko> "… look, I'm sorry I spooked you. I really wasn't trying to. "
[09:36] <Minaplo> "It's okay." Said Evripidis. "You were just trying to have some fun. It's fine. It's not every day I act like that."
[09:43] <Sachiko> "She's cute, I get it."
[09:46] <Minaplo> "She's inhumanly pretty. She's like a nymph."
[09:46] <Minaplo> Rio gagged behind Evripidis' back.
[09:48] <Sachiko> "Look man, I'm giving you cute. Work with me here."
[10:35] <Minaplo> "I think she might be the loveliest girl I've ever seen." Said Evripidis, dead serious.
[10:35] <Minaplo> "She won't look so pretty now, covered in smoke bomb residue." Said Rio smugly.
[10:35] <Minaplo> "A smoke bomb?" Muttered Evripidis. "Rio, no. Again?"
[10:36] <Sachiko> "Again?!"
[10:40] <Minaplo> "It worked perfectly." Said Rio cheerfully.
[10:40] <Minaplo> "Hey, Rio-yo, how about you go for a walk somewhere." Said Evripidis.
[10:40] <Minaplo> "But-"
[10:40] <Minaplo> "Rio-yo." He cleared his throat.
[10:40] <Minaplo> Rio paused. In fact she seemed to momentarily wilt. "Yup yup." She said a moment later. "I'll be right back."
[10:40] <Minaplo> After she was gone, Evripidis turned towards Sachiko. "… Test my hypothesis: that Rio would, on finding herself hiding behind a hedge whilst a team member talked with the spied upon, realise she was trapped, and try to escape by using a smoke bomb."
[10:59] <Sachiko> "Yeah, got it in one." She gave him an approving nod. "Nicely done."
[11:00] <Sachiko> "… I mean it's worrying that you did, but I think we covered that."
[11:06] <Minaplo> "Rio's family and I go way back. I've known her since I before I went to school." Said Evripidis. "I know her pretty well."
[11:06] <Minaplo> "Pop quiz, Kurata. How does a Japanese teenager get their hands on a functioning smoke bomb in Japan?"
[11:11] <Sachiko> "… JSDF connections?" she guessed. "But that thing looked pretty ramshackle, I'll also say yakuza to cover my bases."
[11:14] <Minaplo> "I appreciate you not saying 'ninja ties', but no, all wrong. The answer is that she makes them herself."
[11:27] <Sachiko> "… 'It worked perfectly'," Sachiko repeated, with the hollow-eyed look of dawning horror. "Oh god, there were ones that didn't work perfectly."
[11:28] <Minaplo> "Lots of experimentation. Lots of near-misses. Occasional hit."
[11:35] <Sachiko> "Isn't a hit just a grenade?"
[11:36] <Minaplo> "Yeah. That wasn't such a good day."
[11:37] <Sachiko> Sachiko took a moment to stare at her shoes and reconsider her life choices.
[11:37] <Minaplo> "You wanna know why she makes her own smoke bombs?"
[11:39] <Sachiko> "I feel like I'm owed that, Andreas, yes."
[11:51] <Minaplo> He sighed. "My dad married my stepmother when I was a baby, and she's Japanese, so we have a summer house in the country, near where the Sakumas live. My parents and the Sakumas know each other through shared interests, so that's how I know Rio. And all her life she's been trying to sneak out of home. Her family's really… Strict isn't the right word. Draconian is more like it."
[11:51] <Minaplo> Evripidis stroked the little bird's head. "I think she mentioned before that her family want her to be a nice ladylike girl who can marry off well. Rio hasn't been ladylike a single day in her whole life, not happily at least. So when she was around the age of seven or eight, she began making these weird tools and contraptions so she could bust on out of there. Ropes with hooks so she could abseil out of her window, corner mirrors so she could see around corners, and yeah, smoke bombs, in case she just had to make a run for it. It's a really, really stupid kind of hobby, but it makes her happy."
[11:52] <Minaplo> https://www.dropbox.com/s/t94s3xoc582yn8h/35.%20they%20who%20have%20a%20why%20to%20live...%20%28confidant%20sorrow%20theme%29.mp3?dl=0
[11:12] <Sachiko> "Dangerous maybe, but not stupid. Pretty smart as far as defense mechanisms go," Sachiko said. She flicked some hair out of her eyes and came away with a thin coating of smoke grenade residue on her fingertips.
[11:26] <Minaplo> "Mm. I guess it really is a literal defense mechanism." Said Evripidis. "I think it's stupid that her upbringing led to this hobby, though. It's been a dangerous one, as you say. And as I say, near-misses, the occasional hit."
[11:26] <Minaplo> He sighed. "Can I be honest? I hate debate club. Or, no, I hate debating. I don't feel especially good at it, and the idea of getting up in front of people and talking makes my stomach ache. I feel nervous and clammy and rebuttals make me feel like an idiot. But I do it because it's important to Rio. She hopes it'll be the start of her path towards becoming a lawyer." Evripidis shook his head slowly, as though unconvinced.
[11:26] <Minaplo> "Please, be patient with Rio. I know she's… Kind of a handful, and really just extra, but she admires you." Said Evripidis. "Let her have her fun times before her family wins out."
[11:33] <Sachiko> "Who's to say they will?"
[11:33] <Minaplo> "Who's going to stop them?"
[11:46] <Sachiko> "It'd be fun to say I am, but that would never stick," Sachiko shrugged. "I'm not saying it's an easy thing, but… with a bit of outside support? I think she could do it."
[11:59] <Minaplo> "Well… I'd like to think you're right."
[12:02] <Sachiko> "But you don't."
[12:05] <Minaplo> "Not really."
[12:06] <Sachiko> "Well, you know her better than I do. What am I missing?"
[12:14] <Minaplo> "The Sakuma family is just… Very persistent, and Rio is a pretty brittle person." Said Evripidis. "That's basically it."
[12:35] <Sachiko> She nodded and didn't reply for a while. The bird trilled louder. -
[12:35] <Sachiko> "There are advantages to being brittle. Nobody wants to break, but if you choose to you can rebuild those pieces into a shape you prefer. Something tougher, you know?"
[12:42] <Minaplo> "So… She should break so she can become stronger?"
[12:46] <Sachiko> "Less should than could," she shrugged again. "But broadly, yeah. It works for some people."
[12:52] <Minaplo> "I'll keep it in mind." Said Evripidis. "Does that mean you want to try supporting her, then?"
[12:58] <Sachiko> "Yeah, of course I do. Did you think I wouldn't?"
[12:59] <Minaplo> "I… To be honest, I find you hard to read." Said Evripidis. "I think that's a me problem, not a you problem. But this is a pretty personal thing we're talking about, and it's kind of a commitment from you. And you kind of seem… A little aloof, sometimes."
[01:18] <Sachiko> "I know it's personal, and I try not to give my word lightly," she said seriously. "I like Sakuma, and she deserves to get what she wants out of this."-
[01:18] <Sachiko> "… you do too, but it sounds one problem solves the other."
[01:29] <Minaplo> "Yeah, it seems like it, huh?" Said Evripidis. "Well, thank you. I appreciate it."
[01:34] <Sachiko> "Don't worry about it. I have to keep you both happy or I'll need to find another club." She shot him a grin.
[01:38] <Minaplo> "Hah. Wouldn't want that, would we?" Evripidis chuckled, and threw his hand into the air. The bird flew away.
[01:38] <Minaplo> "Alright. Let's go get Rio and go home, before I run into that girl again. What was her name?"
[01:41] <Sachiko> "Kimiko Miyamoto," Sachiko said, putting a hand to her forehead and swooning dramatically.
[02:04] <Minaplo> "Kimiko." Breathed Evripidis reverently.
[02:06] <Sachiko> She stood, and pulled a slip of paper from her pocket. "If you stuck around you might've gotten her LINE."
[02:27] <Minaplo> "Gah! No way!" Said Evripidis. "I hate Line, but…"
[02:31] <Sachiko> "I'm going to start off by apologizing for Sakuma smoke grenading her and all of her friends."
[02:31] <Minaplo> "Probably wise." Said Evripidis. He sighed. "I know I don't have a chance, but it hurts to have a negative chance."
[02:33] <Sachiko> "… or maybe I should act like I was also in the dark. Draw her in with an air of mystery," Sachiko sounded thoughtful.
[02:36] <Minaplo> "Don't need another Rio in my life." He began walking away. "Come out, monster!"
[02:36] <Sachiko> "I'm just saying, I feel like I could make it work!"
[02:37] <Minaplo> "She's not into girls!"
[02:38] <Sachiko> Laughter.
[02:39] <Minaplo> The Sun Arcana Strengthens…

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