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[12:04] <Hideki> It was a lazy Sunday morning at the Soejima Road dorm. Most of its residents were either out and about, or sleeping in. Hideki was somewhere in the middle of that. -
[12:07] <Hideki> Dressed in his usual jogging clothes, with a slice of buttered toast dangling from his mouth, he leaned into some pre-workout stretches in the middle of the dorm's lobby. The TV had been turned on to the daily weather report, but it was muted and he was barely paying attention.
[12:11] <PersonaGM> [There was a short knock at the door.]
[12:17] <Hideki> "Mmph!" Hideki called out, breaking away from his stretches. It was just a few meters to the front door. On his journey there, he had the foresight to use one of his hands to hold what remained of his breakfast, so that the could converse like a human being. He used his other hand to fling open the door when he reached it. -
[12:18] <Hideki> "Welcome And Good Morning~!" He crowed cheerfully.
[12:22] <PersonaGM> [Standing at the bottom of the step was the hoodie-clad, BEAM-cap wearing Karo. He was holding a brown paper package in his arm. "You look like a suburban dad."]
[12:27] <Hideki> "Nah. I'm missing a rolled up newsapaper. And a pipe," he added thoughtfully. Would Dinah have one? She smoked, so it seemed likely. He would have to sneak into he room and check one of these days. -
[12:29] <Hideki> "Anyway, come in, young man." He kicked the door open wider. "Let's have some tea or whatever."
[12:30] <PersonaGM> [Karo slunked inside.-
[12:30] <PersonaGM> ["What's up with this look?" He muttered. "Is that a security box?"]
[12:35] <Hideki> "Uh, yeah. Don't worry about it too much. Have a seat in there." He jerked a thumb towards the lobby with its mismatched chairs, and closed the front door. -
[12:35] <Hideki> "So what's the deal? You're visiting me, and you're not even wearing a disguise to hide your identity."
[12:37] <PersonaGM> ["This is yours." Said Karo, handing Hideki the parcel.]
[12:38] <Hideki> "Thanks. From Mom or Dad?"
[12:43] <PersonaGM> ["Yep. They sent it to me by accident."]
[12:47] <Hideki> Curiously, he tore open the package to see what was inside.
[12:55] <PersonaGM> [It was a parcel of goodies! Sweets, good-quality instant meals, a movie, a book…]
[12:58] <Hideki> "Nice. Give me a minute." He vanished into the kitchen, leaving Karo to his own devices for a few minutes. When he re-emerged, he was carrying two cans of chilled tea and some of the chocolate from the care package. His toast was mysteriously gone. "Catch." He tossed a can to Karo.
[13:03] <PersonaGM> [Karo fumbled the catch for a few seconds, only snatching it up a second before it almost hit the ground.-
[13:03] <PersonaGM> ["Your dorm's pretty quiet."]
[13:05] <Hideki> "It's pretty empty. There are like five of us living here. I bet your kiddy dorm's filled to max capacity. Did they stick you with a roommate this year?"
[13:14] <PersonaGM> ["Yep. He's a real drag."]
[13:15] <Hideki> "What's he like? Boring?"
[13:17] <PersonaGM> ["Yeah. He's a lot like you. Always trying to talk about girls."]
[13:18] * Hideki scoffed. "I don't always talk about girls."
[13:18] <PersonaGM> ["But you always want to."]
[13:26] <Hideki> "Look. Girls are like baseball. They're exciting, universally loved and action-packed. The stuff you talk about all the time - those action figures? - they're like golf. Niche and difficult to get into."
[13:28] <PersonaGM> ["Oh yeah, girls are like baseball. Everyone talks a whole lot about watching people run around in circles whilst occasionally grabbing a ball."]
[13:33] <Hideki> "Hehe. Ball…" Hideki struggled through a decidedly immature moment with a cough. "Don't say that stuff to your roommate. Or any of the girls living here. You'd probably get punched." He glanced warily toward the hallway where the main staircase was, but didn't spot any danger.
[13:42] <PersonaGM> [Karo rolled his eyes and slouched into one of the big armchairs.-
[13:44] <PersonaGM> ["You're wrong, though. Baseball may be popular, but not everyone loves it the same way or at the same level." Said Karo. "I don't dislike baseball. I like it when the home team wins. I'll even watch a game, but that's about it. You're a total fanatic, though, you live and breathe it. Your baseball otakuness is niche and difficult to get into, same as my gunpla."]
[13:52] <Hideki> "Now that is straight-up nonsense, and I'll prove it to you." He pulled out his phone and began texting someone. "Ji-Hu's pretty honest about these things. We'll see what an impartial 3rd party says about it."
[13:56] <Hideki> After a moment, his phone let out a soft chime. Hideki stared at the screen. "Um. I think she's still asleep. Let's try someone else."
[13:58] <PersonaGM> [Karo sighed. "This isn't really my point. The point is, it's not like I'm not into girls, but having to dorm with a guy obsessed with girls is hard work."]
[14:02] <Hideki> "Ok. I can sympathize. You guys aren't connecting, but it's not like you can pack up and leave either."
[14:03] <PersonaGM> ["No. And he's tainting me by association, again, kinda like you."]
[14:04] <Hideki> "So, what, the girls in your class think you're a pervert or something?"
[14:06] <PersonaGM> ["It's a busy dorm and he's always drawing attention to himself by chatting them up or spying on them, and for some reason they think I'm the same just because I was put in the same room as him.']
[14:10] <Hideki> "You need better cover," said Hideki thoughtfully. "Like a girlfriend. Or announcing you're gonna to be a priest or a monk after graduation. That would make people think twice about it."
[14:10] <PersonaGM> ["Don't be dumb. A girlfriend? Get real…"]
[14:15] <Hideki> "Then that leaves you with the second option, Venerable Nakajima."
[14:16] <PersonaGM> ["Lots of monks marry anyway. We literally have a girl in our class who's the daughter of a priest."-
[14:16] <PersonaGM> [He sighed. "Oh well. Are there a lot of girls here, then?"]
[14:17] <Hideki> "They're all girls! Except for me. And the cat."
[14:19] <PersonaGM> ["Oh. All girls? And Ji-Hu's okay with this?"]
[14:20] <Hideki> "She's met them all. Heck, she was living here too for a week or so. She seemed cool about it then."
[14:25] <PersonaGM> ["And you believe her…?"]
[14:27] <Hideki> "Well, she might change her mind later on, but for now everything's all sunshine and roses."
[14:28] <PersonaGM> ["She's more gullible than she looks."]
[14:29] <Hideki> "Nah, she's sharp as a tack. They're nice girls, but…"
[14:32] <PersonaGM> ["But?"]
[14:35] <Hideki> "Well… ok. It's kind of like living with a biker gang sometimes. There's punching, yelling, nervous breakdowns, and one of them might be invisible."
[14:36] <PersonaGM> ["A-Are they…" Karo muttered the phrase like a curse. "Girls gone wild…?"]
[14:41] <Hideki> "Yes," said Hideki solemnly. "But not the fun sexy way you're imagining. They are wild with rage and various social maladjustments. That said, I still like hanging out with them."
[14:42] <PersonaGM> [Karo shuddered. "Why?"]
[14:44] <Hideki> "Hmm." Hideki folded his arms and briefly closed his eyes as if sinking into deep thought. "I dunno. I just do!"
[14:44] <PersonaGM> ["And what if one of them tried to seduce you?"]
[14:52] * Hideki chuckled. "Nah, that's just not gonna happen. No chemistry."
[14:53] <PersonaGM> ["So they're not good looking."]
[14:54] <Hideki> "Sure they are. But it's not all about looks. They're like little sisters. Off limits."
[14:55] <PersonaGM> ["Not necessarily."]
[14:58] <Hideki> "Dude. Weird. Quit watching anime."
[14:58] <PersonaGM> ["It's not incest if you shout 'no chromo'."]
[15:00] <Hideki> "Goddamnit. Eat this and stop talking." Hideki shoved some chocolate at him.
[15:00] <PersonaGM> ["Nice."-
[15:01] <PersonaGM> ["Besides, there's no way you could go from strangers to little sisters in three weeks."]
[15:05] <Hideki> "Maybe not, but I don't have a better name for it. Doing that stuff with them would feel weird, no matter how you classify our relationship."
[15:11] <PersonaGM> ["What if a new girl moved in? A cute one, who was into you."]
[15:15] <Hideki> "Well that would be… Remember Ji-Hu? I'm in a committed relationship, remember?"
[15:21] <PersonaGM> ["Okay."]
[15:22] <Hideki> "Y'know, for all of your prying, you haven't mentioned any girls you're interested in. I could give you some useful romantic advice."
[15:23] <PersonaGM> ["Fine. There is this one girl."]
[15:24] <Hideki> "Yeah…?"
[15:25] <PersonaGM> ["Unfortunately, she's taken."]
[15:26] <Hideki> "Damn. Is it a solid relationship? You could wait until they break up."
[15:27] <PersonaGM> ["Maybe. She's pretty loyal, but he's kind of a playboy."]
[15:28] <Hideki> "Is he bigger than you?"
[15:28] <PersonaGM> ["Yeah…"]
[15:30] * Hideki sighed. "It sucks, but it's better to stay away from them. Especially if the guy could mess you up pretty bad."
[15:31] <PersonaGM> ["That simple, huh?"]
[15:31] <Hideki> "That simple."
[15:32] <PersonaGM> ["Nice. Finally, an excuse to not talk to you."]
[15:32] <Hideki> "What? Wait…"
[15:33] <PersonaGM> [Karo actually laughed a little. "Idiot."]
[15:36] <Hideki> Now it was Hideki's turn to look sullen for a change… of course, it only lasted a second or two. "You're the idiot," he muttered. "Don't mess with your poor suburban dad-bro like that."
[15:41] <PersonaGM> ["Sometimes you need to be messed with." Said Karo. "Ji-Hu's not really my type, and she has bad taste in dudes, but she's nice and even I know she deserves to be treated good. Don't hurt her."]
[15:42] <Hideki> "Bad taste in dudes," Hideki muttered. "You can relax. I'm not about to hurt her in any way."
[15:48] <PersonaGM> ["C'mon. Baseball's not sexy."]
[15:50] <Hideki> "I can't believe you would say something so untrue. You're on a roll today with all these lies."
[15:51] <PersonaGM> ["Baseball's the maths of sports."]
[15:53] <Hideki> "Pfft. Clearly you've never been bowling before. I'll take you one of these days so you can see what true nerdom is. In the meantime… let's go jogging!"
[15:56] <PersonaGM> ["Why?"]
[15:58] <Hideki> "Because it's fun! And it's a good way to wake up in the morning."
[15:59] <PersonaGM> ["Pass."]
[16:02] <Hideki> "Booo. Your loss."
[16:06] <PersonaGM> ["Gimme all of your goodies and I'll think about it."]
[16:12] <Hideki> "Jogging is its own reward! Besides, you probably got your own stuff. Don't blame me if you use it all up right away."
[16:17] <PersonaGM> ["Uh… No. I didn't."]
[16:18] <Hideki> "Uh huh."
[16:22] <PersonaGM> ["I really didn't…"]
[16:32] <Hideki> "This was a fun hangout. Next time, I'll drop by your dorm!"
[16:32] <PersonaGM> ["Great."]
[16:33] * Hideki made a move to ruffle Karo's hair, but the hoodie was firmly in place. Instead, he patted him lightly on the head.

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