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[01:25] <Sachiko> In the end there'd been a vote on what to do with the Egg. Storing it in the Navigator's tome, inaccessible to all but Sachiko, had won with minimal argument. More complex decisions would be saved for a day when any of them felt much like talking.-
[01:25] <Sachiko> The return to the dorm hadn't done much to improve the group's mood, though, Sachiko maybe least of all. Her reaction to finding the library ransacked had been explosive.-
[01:25] <Sachiko> But she'd stayed once the others had drifted away to handle their own affairs, trying to restore the order Adrien had disturbed in his hurry, and working to cross-reference what books were missing against her carefully maintained (And thankfully unmolested) index. Even as midnight drew closer, she showed no sign of slowing down.
[01:44] <Dinah> Time had passed in different ways for everyone, though it was likely not only Sachiko that found the later hours restless, despite the exertion the previous hours had taken on them. The proof of that was when a figure walked into the Library, showing a particularly haggard looking Dinah. She looked like she'd tried to sleep for quite a bit and had no success with it. With a sniff and a tired husk in her tone, she nodded to the other girl and mumbled a 'Hey' before crossing her arms and looking around. "Egg still accounted for?"
[02:00] <Sachiko> "Yep," she said. Her back was turned, as she scribbled down notes on a legal pad. "That's about all we have going for us, but hey, magic egg."
[02:20] <Dinah> "Good." For a minute, it could easily be assumed that she was going to turn around and leave, though she stuck around, looking decidedly uncomfortable for more than one reason. "So…figured out the mess he left by now?"
[02:44] <Sachiko> "Oh, I think we're gonna keep discovering new messes for a while," Sachiko said. She dropped the pen by her notes and turned to face Dinah properly. "Ji-Hu was working on best-guess theories on how to trigger new Evokers, for a start. Gone."
[02:58] <Dinah> "Why were we thinking about how to make new Evokers in the first place?"
[03:04] <Sachiko> "Ji-Hu got curious. I don't think there was any intention to turn theory into practice - Not by her, at least."
[03:11] <Dinah> She made a little 'hm' noise but rolled her shoulders a bit. "So…are we thinking he's gonna just be in hiding now or something? School's gonna wonder where he went. Especially since they're on our scent."
[03:23] <Sachiko> "If they forget like Roy promised, we might be in the clear," she said, rubbing her eyes. "Big if, of course."-
[03:23] <Sachiko> "As for Adrien, he's got enough resources to disappear without anyone at school blinking, and with the chaos decent lies won't be hard to come by. Beyond that? Maybe he just goes to ground in the Sea. It's what I'd do."
[03:28] <Dinah> "I guess." With a sigh, she moved to sit down in one of the chairs, leaning back in it to get a little comfortable, yet showing just how tired she looked. "We'll need to start keeping tabs on everything, I guess. Maybe the Market guy can help with that."
[03:46] <Sachiko> "Yeah, maybe," she agreed. She hopped up on the edge of the table and gave Dinah a thoughtful look.-
[03:46] <Sachiko> "You're a lot smarter than people give you credit for. The Egg - you knew about it from what Krishna said, right?"
[03:51] <Dinah> The compliment, as it were, did little but make her frown like it was an insult, with a slightly thoughtful look following it. She shook her head after a moment of thought, crossing her arms again. "No. Remember how Ai and I got that call before the Black Hat thing? The warning? The voice told me that we'd get an egg after beating Asaka. And that we couldn't let our Wild Card get it."
[04:16] <Sachiko> The surprise was clear on her face for a moment, but it was quickly replaced by something darker. She'd grown suddenly still. "Why keep that to yourself?"
[04:19] <Dinah> Dianh just looked at her as if the answer was obvious, like she was letting it sink in before just coming right out and saying it. "A mysterious voice told me that there would be an egg after we beat Asaka that Adrien would want. Let's just pretend I told everyone. How do you think that fight would've gone? We pretend it couldn't have gone worse but it could've. I didn't trust him. You all knew I didn't trust him. That's…the point. I was allowed to not trust him. You guys weren't."
[04:31] <Sachiko> She stared at Dinah for a while, picking at the cuticle of her thumbnail. Eventually she took a deep breath and nodded. "You're right."-
[04:31] <Sachiko> She raised her hands to her temples and pressed hard. "I'm just pissed. I knew. I knew there was something wrong with him and his motives, but I misjudged the scale."
[04:33] <Dinah> "We all did." Sniffing, she shrugged her shoulders again, tilting her chair back a little more. "I thought he was harmless. I guess I just didn't realize how much about this stuff he knew already."
[04:52] <Sachiko> "I always suspected he had history with it," Sachiko said. "Before all this. The way he pledged his life to the cause in that first meeting, for one thing…"
[05:18] <Dinah> "I guess there is that. Y'know what they say about hindsight and all of that." Dropping her chair back to all four legs to punctuate herself, she turned her gaze back to Sachiko then, frowning somewhat. "Not the only one that knows more about this than they're letting on, too."
[11:14] <Sachiko> Sachiko sighed. "You mean Roy."
[11:54] <Dinah> "Yeah." There was a sigh in her voice as she said it, like she didn't want to, though it was plain to see. She'd just be lying to herself if she said otherwise. "It's pretty obvious that working without knowing everything we can is just going to end bad. That means the weirdos in the chair place, too."
[01:29] <Sachiko> She let out an annoyed huff. "At least I know how to grill Roy, not even sure where I'd start with those two. Have you seen them again since that first time?"
[01:55] <Dinah> "I don't think so. But I'm not sure that means much. They don't really seem to work on the normal rules."
[02:06] <Sachiko> "I didn't get the feeling that we could force them to tell us much of anything. The kid didn't say a word, and Igor seems to treat being cryptic like it's his job."
[02:11] <Dinah> "Can't force them, no. But maybe now that we're down a member, they'll treat our situation differently." She shrugged, letting out a yawn then. "Best chance we've got, I think."
[02:31] <Sachiko> She stifled a sympathetic yawn. Slowing down to talk seemed to've given the day an opportunity to catch up with her.-
[02:31] <Sachiko> "Fair enough. Guess we've gotta play what cards we've have." There was a dearth of enthusiasm to the statement.
[02:46] <Dinah> "Please tell me you didn't do that one on purpose." Letting out a groan and another yawn, she moved to stand and walk around, knowing that if she didn't, she'd end up falling asleep. If she wasn't in a library, she would go for another cigarette but, well, that was possibly the worst idea right now. Still, the fidgeting was there in her fingers, playing along her arms, still crossed. "Anything else important missing that we should be worried about?"
[03:39] <Sachiko> Sachiko smiled for the first time in hours. "No, not intentional. Guess my brain's just fried."-
[03:39] <Sachiko> "And there's plenty to be worried about," she rolled her shoulders and stood. "But I don't think there's anything likely to kill us between now and whenever Roy wakes up, and we can't make decent plans until we find out what he knows and what the damage is at school now that the Archetype's down."
[04:00] <Dinah> "I've probably still got a little in the tank if anything tries." Cracking her neck saw her form slack somewhat, the mere act looking like it was tiring in of itself, which didn't lend much credence to her words. But as Sachiko basically said, the most they could do right now was some baseless worrying. It was clear that there was still something weighing on her mind, however. "I don't wanna be a bitch about this Egg thing but…." She frowned, not knowing what to say for a few moments. "We find out what Roy and his group did with them. And we don't do that."
[04:58] <Sachiko> "No argument here. I've got no intention of following their path," she said flatly.-
[04:58] <Sachiko> "But I guess that's the one bit of good news: The next time Roy tells us we don't have a choice in what we have to do, we don't have to take him at his word. Because what we did today with Asaka? Roy's group failed at it. That's why he assumed it was impossible."-
[04:58] <Sachiko> "I think we have a lot more choice in this than he's let on."
[05:02] <Dinah> "Sounds like a plan to me. We already know our group is different than his. Now we just gotta see what that gets us." Finally, she yawned again, rather loudly this time, shaking her head and pulling out her pack of smokes. Pulling one out, she waved with it in her hand as she headed to the door. "Alright, that's enough for one night. Think I'm 'bout ready to drop finally. Gonna take this and hit the sack. You headin' off too?"
[05:07] <Sachiko> She looked back at the mess behind her, but after a second she leaned over and shut her laptop and followed Dinah to the door. "Yeah, I guess I should be smart. This mess will keep," she sighed.
[05:11] <Sachiko> … but she dithered on the threshold, then hurried back to collect the laptop. It was staying with her for a while.

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