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[11:42] <Minaplo> Persona: A Study in Velvet, Chapter Two: The Curious Case of the Schoolboy in Space. Week Seven, May 25th.-
[11:43] <Minaplo> Getting to a random corridor in a random school building without being detected: no issue.
[11:43] <Minaplo> But getting to the assembly hall without being seen, at a time when it wasn't occupied? Hard.
[11:49] <Minaplo> And so in they went at night, slinking between lights and behind bushes, up to the building… With its locked doors.
[11:49] <Minaplo> "Alright. Hideki, you got those keys?" Said Roy.
[11:53] <Hideki> "Like you need to ask." He fished them out of his pocket and presented them with a jingly flourish. -
[11:54] <Hideki> Then he inserted one of the keys in the lock, and turned it with slightly shaking fingers.
[11:57] <Minaplo> The door slid open, and in they went.-
[11:58] <Minaplo> "This way." Said Roy, leading them toward the centre of the room. As they approached, the light distorted slightly… They were once again seeing a reflection of the hall, stretching away.-
[11:59] <Minaplo> "Alright. Dinah, hold up the Heed for us. Hideki, express the theme in words." Said Roy.
[11:59] <Dinah> Dinah pulled out the tape from her side bag, holding it up for them all to see.
[12:01] <Sachiko> Sachiko stood a couple of steps behind the rest, hands in her pockets as she watched each participant thoughtfully.
[12:05] <Hideki> "Right. Before, we settled on a military rebellion. With mechs and stuff. So, that!"
[12:06] <Minaplo> "Wow. Very scientific." Said Roy, even as the distortion began to crack like a broken mirror. A wave of pinkish light burst out from the cracks and- when it had finished washing over them, they were in a Lounge, wearing their metagear.-
[12:07] <Minaplo> Roy, who'd been tucked inside Sachiko's bag, was now curled on the ground in his armour. "This is as far as I go this time. I'm nowhere near ready for a fight, but y'know… Moral support."-
[12:08] <Minaplo> On the far end of the Lounge was, as expected, a door- this one was a big scary sterile titanium airlock.
[12:12] <Sachiko> Sachiko left the bag (And the open water bottle she'd tucked inside of it) on her chair and gently stretched her hands.-
[12:12] <Sachiko> "Do you want to take point on this one, Nakajima? If you don't or can't that's cool, but I figure you get to have the option."
[12:12] <Dinah> Dinah sniffed, crossing her arms as they arrived in the Lounge. As usual, she seemed to avoid her chair, though she looked to Nakajima as Sachiko addressed him, a similar thought on her mind as well from the looks of it.
[12:15] <Hideki> "I don't know what to expect out there any more than you guys do. But sure." He rolled his shoulders under his velvety cape and strode to the door for an examination. "We're just gonna look around and be back, okay, Roy?"
[12:16] <Minaplo> "Got it."-
[12:17] <Minaplo> The door opened with a lever pull. With a hiss of hydraulics, it slid open…-
[12:17] <Minaplo> clankclankclankpsssshhht-
[12:20] <Minaplo> Suddenly, they would feel floaty- a great weight, physical, lifted off their shoulders.-
[12:21] <Minaplo> Beyond was a space ship, a small one, maybe the size of a minibus. A cockpit with four chairs took up half the space, the dash covered in colourful buttons. The rest was taken up by six seats lining the wall, and a small engine at the back. There was no gravity whatsoever.-
[12:23] <Minaplo> The airlock shut behind them.-
[12:36] <Minaplo> There were three windows- one opposite the chairs, and one for the cockpit. Out the cockpit window they saw…
[12:37] <Minaplo> Earth. A great round blue sphere, edged gently in soft whirls of white cloud, beneath which expanses of green and yellow spread, filling the shapes of the continents below...-
[12:39] <Minaplo> Beyond it were the stars, a billion stars in every direction, running through the everything like a river of diamonds. Other distant galaxies twinkled, vying for showtime with nebulae for every colour of the rainbow.-
[12:40] <Minaplo> In the distance, clusters of asteroids and other shapes sat, floating gently in space…-
[12:40] <Minaplo> But here and there, regular shapes disrupted nature's majesty. Square, blocky, hard-edged… artificial. Space stations. Space ships.-
[12:40] <Minaplo> And space mechs.-
[12:41] <Minaplo> A moment later, dozens of bright laser beams cut through their vision, leaving burning trails across the firmament. The spaceship shuddered slightly, although wasn't directly hit.-
[12:43] <Minaplo> A flotilla of war mechs cut through space, rifles and missile launchers blasting away at a hapless convoy of ships and other mechs. At the very head of this flotilla was a mech that could only be charitably described as 'swole'- a great white devil with four arms, each wielding club-like laser swords, a great velvet cape over its shoulders, and a golden array around its head like a crown.-
[12:44] <Minaplo> "THIS…!" Came a digital voice broadcast across the comms. "Is supreme commander HIDEKI DIAMONDY!"-
[12:50] <Minaplo> As the voice shouted, large Japanese characters flashed across everyone's vision, matching the name exactly: 英樹 ヂアモンヂイ!!!!-
[12:52] <Minaplo> "In war, you win; if you cannot win, defend; if you cannot defend, then flee; if you cannot flee, then you surrender or die. Since the PRINCIPALITY OF SOPHIA has chosen not to surrender, I can only assume it has chosen to die! All forces, open fire on anything with a crew complement of 1 or lower, but preserve the transports, I want Princess Yi alive!"
[12:57] <Hideki> "Yi-?! Wait!!" Hideki had grasped one of the seats, trying to get his bearings amid the alien weightlessness, the flashy lights, and the sheer spectacle. "What the hell is happening?!"
[01:03] <Sachiko> "It sounds like you're trying to conquer Sophia by force," Sachiko said, testing her range of movement in zero gravity.
[01:07] <Dinah> Dinah didn't seem too out of sorts, even in zero gravity, grabbing onto something as Hideki had and adjusting to try and look out some more. "It sounds like your brother's been watching too much anime."
[01:07] <Sachiko> "That too."
[01:10] <Hideki> "At least some of it is kind of stylish." Hideki gestured to the oversized white devil with one arm, trying to keep himself steady with the other. "Needs more gold trim, though."
[01:11] <Sachiko> "The Metaverse seems to think you like capes."
[01:11] <Dinah> "Nothing wrong with capes."
[01:12] <Hideki> "You're darn right there isn't!"
[01:13] <Minaplo> Another voice crackled across the comms, and a little hologram popped into the cockpit. A woman… Tall, beautiful, wearing an elaborate princess gown. She looked like an idealised version of…-
[01:15] <Minaplo> "This is Princess Yi Ji-Hu of the Principality of Sophia, begging for help from anyone available! Please, don't let the UNION OF EARTH REPUBLICS take me!"-
[01:16] <Minaplo> プリンセッス イージフ
[01:17] <Minaplo> "There is no one coming to save you from DIAMOND JUSTICE, Princess!" Shouted Diamondy. "One shot from my HOME RUN STAR GUN will be enough to kill all of you! For the sake of your little people, surrender now!"-
[01:20] <Minaplo> "Not so fast, you bigheaded buffoon!"-
[01:20] <Minaplo> A bright blue beam of light cut across Diamond Justice, barely missing him. "What-!?"-
[01:21] <Minaplo> A new band of mechs zapped in out of nowhere and rushed down to engage the Republican forces, laser swords and laser guns blaring.-
[01:22] <Minaplo> "It's the VOX PORCUPINI!" shouted a Republican mook. "The infamous terrorists responsible for the attack on Nakajima Stadium!"-
[01:23] <Minaplo> ボゥ ポルクピニ
[01:24] <Minaplo> "Terrorists?! All we wanted was independence from Republican tyranny! Freedom for all the Space Colonies! Porcupines, TO BATTLE!"
[01:27] <Hideki> "H-hey," Hideki was coming to a couple of uneasy revelations as he tried to ease his way closer to their tiny ship's control consoles. "It sounds like they're gonna start scrapping any minute. So. Can we move this thing? Or fight back? Or go to where Ji-Hu is?"
[01:29] <Minaplo> "Ho there, sonny." Said a voice from Hideki's ear. A holographic face- that of a dragon- appeared out of nowhere to stare at him. "What's with all this racket, eh, youngster? You want me to move? Well didja consider asking nicely? You know, it's attitudes like that that make me fret for the fate of Japan…"
[01:32] <Dinah> "Is it smart to really get involved in anything right now? We have no real idea where anything is or what anything is."
[01:33] <Hideki> started, almost losing his grip. "Huh?! Uh. Sorry."
[01:34] <Sachiko> "… does Japan own space here?" Sachiko asked quietly.
[01:35] <Minaplo> "You know, young lady, that kinda smartass attitude woulda gotten a caning back in my day." Said the dragonhead.-
[01:37] <Minaplo> The Republicans had shifted to go after the Vox Porcupini, and despite their gusto it was obvious that the Vox were outgunned and outmatched. They were giving the Sophian ships time to escape, but not enough time…
[01:40] <Hideki> "Have we met before? Wait, I think we did. Shadow Market, I think? It was a few weeks back."
[01:42] <Minaplo> "Huh. Huh. Oh right. You're the new whelps what sell their memories. What do they call 'em again? Ah yes. Humans."-
[01:42] <Minaplo> "I'll be frank with you, sonny, I don't know how I got here or why I'm now a space vessel. Last thing I was mindin' my business shuttling some nymphs to the Orpheum when the next thing I know, I'm here and I'm all roomy. Pshaw."-
[01:44] <Minaplo> "Y'can all call me Mr. Tarrasque." Said Mr. Tarrasque. "Now you should help your elder get out of this wacky place, but I guess to do that I need to help you move. So… Just tell me where and I'll handle the driving. Wouldn't trust any knee-highs to a grasshopper to do it anyway…"
[01:55] <Sachiko> "If we're taking votes, I say we try and get the Princess out safely," Sachiko said, pulling herself down to a chair.-
[01:55] <Sachiko> "This cognitive version of Nakajima seems not great, so he's out. And we shouldn't go straight to the Porcupines since they definitely contain the Shadow version of your brother. Saving the Princess might get our foot in the door there."
[01:58] <Hideki> "Plus, it'll make sure she's safe." Hideki nodded in agreement. "Ok, Mr T! Can you get us to where the Princess is?"
[01:59] <Minaplo> "Mr. T?! Listen here, brat, my full name-" But the ship was already moving, even as the Tarrasque got to ranting.-
[02:00] <Minaplo> The SS Tarrasque was pretty fast, and before long it was easily catching up to the Sophian ships. A moment later, the hologram of Princess Yi reappared. "Wh… Who are you?"
[02:04] <Hideki> "Civilian escorts, Your Highness!" Hideki replied. "We got caught up in this mess by chance, but we'll try to help any way we can!"
[02:05] <Minaplo> Princess Yi began to well up slightly. "Thank you… But this isn't your fight to fight… I don't want you to be in any danger…"
[02:06] <Minaplo> "Look out, sonny. Three bogeys coming on on our heinies." Said Mr. Tarrasque. And indeed, three Republican craft were swerving in on their position. Up close, the Evokers would realise that the mechs looked more like statues… Specifically, they reminded them of ancient Japanese sculptures. All stiff and clanky. But still bearing guns and swords.
[02:07] <Dinah> "All due respect but you don't have a lot of goddamn options and we're already in danger so if you could not do the whole selfless thing and just let us rescue you, this'll go a whole lot easier!"
[02:09] <Minaplo> Princess Yi looked shocked. "B-But…"-
[02:10] <Minaplo> "Are you lot ready? I'm gonna open the cargo bay now!" Said Mr. T.
[02:12] <Sachiko> "How's that going to help us? We can't breathe out there!"
[02:12] <Hideki> "Yeah! Don't you have guns somewhere?"
[02:12] <Minaplo> "Three, two, one, go!"-
[02:13] <Minaplo> The cargo bay cracked open, and the three of them were vented into the void.-
[02:13] <Minaplo> It was a terrifying experience, the air around them suddenly vanishing, a strange awful feeling in their lungs…-
[02:14] <Minaplo> ... Then their metagear adapted, changing its form, becoming more //technological//, more mechanical. It spread outwards in every direction, covering them like a suit of armour, kind of like Roy's. Their masks spread fields of hard transparent plastic and other coatings, until the three of them were completely suited up... And able to breathe. Little jets deployed on their elbows and feet.-
[02:15] <Minaplo> "Hah. Classic youngsters, always complainin'…"
[02:35] <Sachiko> She let out a yelp of alarm before they were vented into the void, tumbling end over end until the Metaverse revealed its latest trick.-
[02:35] <Sachiko> The armour around her had taken the form of plates of dark metal, with branches twisting in and out of gaps in the plate, constricting tight enough to bow it in places. In places there were knots of the same blueish sigils as those on Faust's cloak, especially around the transparent bubble that protected Sachiko's face. She made a couple of primitive attempts to stall her motion, still getting her bearings.-
[02:36] <Sachiko> "What-… okay, we have mechs now. Sure."
[02:50] <Hideki> Hideki's suit was wine red, with gold, swirling details on the front of its torso. A white cape fluttered wildly about its shoulders even as his momentum slowed. The top hat he usually wore had somehow gotten lost in the transformation, but he had somehow gained a ruffly white cravat instead. -
[02:50] <Hideki> "Just roll with it! Dorian Gray!" -
[02:55] <Hideki> The ghostly image of a dandy on a chaise lounge manifested, sipped its wine, and raised its glass. The air around the approaching enemies was suddenly shot through with twisting, neon colors that dazed them to a halt. "Now!" Hideki shot forward. "Let's show them how to really play ball!" -
[03:00] <Hideki> Holding his cane like a baseball bat, he slammed it into each one, weaving and turning expertly among them until he had reached the end of the three-mech line - where he twirled his bat triumphantly above his head as they reeled.
[03:06] <Hideki> "Now that's what you call… a triple play."
[03:06] <Minaplo> "-…"-
[03:09] <Minaplo> The three clay-statue mechs exploded in a shower of confetti and cheers, their heads launching off into space to become distant twinkles.-
[03:10] <Minaplo> "Gotta love the great Japanese pastime." Said Mr. T, nodding his holographic head sagely.-
[03:11] <Minaplo> A tiny holographic princess appeared in their helmets. "Thank you! I believe that's bought us enough time to escape!"
[03:12] <Sachiko> "Damn, Nakajima," Sachiko said. She was moving a little more confidently now, but not fast enough to keep up with Hideki. "Nice work."
[03:15] <Hideki> "Thank you." He swung his bat again, a little more slowly, as if winding down a bit. "And you're welcome, Princess. We did say we would help however we could."
[03:17] <Minaplo> Mr. T began turning, allowing them to board him a little easier. "All aboard, youngsters!"-
[03:17] <Dinah> "See how easy it goes when people just do what we say?"
[03:18] <Minaplo> Meanwhile…-
[03:19] <Minaplo> Three Porcupine mech-Shadows bore down on Diamondy, who scoffed. He coiled himself up, then launched outwards, his four blade clubs out like the arms of a windmill. The three mechs exploded; Diamondy did not look back at them.-
[03:20] <Minaplo> The rest of the Vox Porcupini were being crushed. "Let's leave the stragglers. We're after one thing: the princess!"-
[03:20] <Minaplo> At which point a new voice entered the mix. A voice familiar to Hideki most of all, for being the voice of his brother, distorted through both shadow and technology. "Not so fast."-
[03:22] <Minaplo> A streak of light, moving incredibly fast, shot through space, beelining for the Republicans. It was only after a few long, careful seconds of observation that they'd realise it was a mech, sleek, red, edged in gold and silver.-
[03:22] <Minaplo> "It's… It's the red rook!" Shrieked the earlier Republican mech, seconds before being impaled on the mech's beam halberd.-
[03:23] <Minaplo> "You… Terrorist!" Shouted Diamondy. "How could you have bombed that stadium? By dropping another stadium on it, to boot?!"-
[03:34] <Minaplo> "A bloviating old glory hound like you would never understand…" Came the voice of the Red Rook. "A short period of violence is more righteous than a hundred years of smothering peace! And living under you is no peace at all! For the sake of everyone in the Space Colonies, I, KAZUHIRO THE IMMOLATOR, will be your doom!"-
[03:35] <Minaplo> かずひろ ザイーモレイタア!!!!
[03:42] <Hideki> "…" Hideki, still in his mech suit, floundered his way on board the SS Tarrasque. "Immolator, huh?"
[03:44] <Sachiko> "Hopefully it's not literal."
[03:45] <Dinah> "Kinda hard to burn things in space."
[03:47] <Minaplo> The Red Rook was more than a match for the Republicans, but Diamond Justice himself was putting up a good fight, matching him almost one for one, although he was slower than his red foe.-
[03:49] <Minaplo> "The Red Rook! We're saved!" "It's him, the Hero of Nakajima!" "The saviour of Sophia Hall!" "He's going to put Diamondy in the ground once and for all!" "Amazing… So fast!" "No one is better than the Red Rook!" The shouts kept coming from the Sophian comms, a cacophony of praise.
[03:49] <Minaplo> Princess Yi welled up slightly as she watched. "It's him…"-
[03:50] <Minaplo> Before long, the trio were on the SS Tarrasque, and Mr. T was moving them to join the Sophian convoy.-
[03:51] <Minaplo> A few minutes later, they'd long escaped the battlefield- safe from trackers, they fled to a nearby gaggle of asteroids, seemingly hollowed out and connected with large space corridors, elevators and hangar bays.-
[03:53] <Minaplo> ラガラインジ-5:ソフィア flashed in front of them: 'Lagrange-5: Sophia."-
[03:55] <Minaplo> SS Tarrasque was allowed to berth in a hangar bay. The bay was sparse yet a little disorganised- tools and weaponry lay hodgepodge around as though it had been repurposed in a very short amount of time for war. Two Sophian shadow-mechs- in the shape of a statue of an Egyptian baboon- stood at attention.-
[03:56] <Minaplo> They would have a little bit of time to talk amongst themselves before being called to speak to Princess Yi…
[03:59] <Dinah> "So…we're doing this, aren't we?"
[03:59] <Hideki> "You mean talking to her? Yeah."
[04:02] <Sachiko> Sachiko began to agree, but something else caught her attention and she glanced away.-
[04:03] <Sachiko> A small sigh. "… Roy wants us to try and use codenames."
[04:05] <Dinah> "Blue Blaze." She thumbed herself as she said it with a nod.
[04:06] <Sachiko> She glanced at Hideki. "Okay, now you have to one up her by using a full sentence for yours."
[04:09] <Hideki> "The Man on a Mission to do more Kissin'. How's that?"
[04:10] <Sachiko> "Pretty sure we're nailing this codenames thing."
[04:12] <Sachiko> "Roy agrees."
[04:12] <Hideki> "Awesome."
[04:16] <Sachiko> "Well I'm using Marlowe," Sachiko said. "If you two could refine those names down into something we could shout when we're being, say, strangled to death by a shadow, that'd be great."
[04:16] <Dinah> "I mean, you could just call me Blue."
[04:17] <Sachiko> "I guess. If I wanted to signal Nakajima I'd have to shout…" she frowned, "What, 'Kissin'?"
[04:19] <Hideki> "That's kinda awkward, huh?" Hideki rubbed the back of his neck. -
[04:19] <Sachiko> "I blame myself, it's okay."
[04:21] <Hideki> "I'll change mine. How about, uh… 'Spectre'? That's a good superhero name."
[04:24] <Sachiko> "… okay, I'm being told- Hang on, I'll just share it."-
[04:25] <Sachiko> And Roy's voice was telepathically conveyed into their minds: [-Dandy-. Tell him -dandy-. Shout it at his big dumb face.]
[04:26] <Dinah> "I think he thinks your code name should be Dandy."
[04:27] <Sachiko> "That's the sense I'm getting."
[04:29] <Hideki> "What part about me screams 'Dandy'? It's not like I wear a monocle!"
[04:29] <Minaplo> [Youuuuuu motherfucker, are you serious?]
[04:29] <Sachiko> "You wear a top hat and fight with a cane."
[04:31] <Minaplo> [Y'know what I don't see when I look at you? A goddamn ghost! If you walked into my neighbourhood back home I wouldn't be going 'oh shit, someone get the reverend, we got ourselves a haunting', I'd be like 'oh shit, someone get the police because there's gotta be a rich dude running around naked nearby, cuz this motherfucker took his clothes!'. Seriously.]
[04:33] <Hideki> "Man. That is blistering cold." Hideki shook his head. -
[04:33] <Sachiko> Sachiko fought a smile, but stayed quiet.
[04:34] <Hideki> "What about D.S.? Dandy Spectre. Half-lame, half awesome. So it balances out."
[04:36] <Minaplo> "Princess Yi will see you now." Said a nearby ushabti.
[04:36] <Dinah> "I think if we let you pick anything but Dandy, JC is going to try and kill us when we get back. And that just means he'll be jacked up for that much longer."
[04:37] <Hideki> "Too bad, looks like we're out of time! D.S. it is!" said Hideki cheerfully. "Sorry Roy. Let's go greet the Princess."
[04:38] <Dinah> "I'm not taking him to the Vet."
[04:39] <Minaplo> [Motherfucker you're evicted.]-
[04:41] <Minaplo> Lagrange-5: Sophia had seen better days. The design and interiors gave silent witness to a history of elegance, culture, art and history, stored in the beautiful engravings in the marble, rock and metal around them, the statues, the elegant swept-up design of the pillars around them… But it was also rundown, its people tired and hungry looking.-
[04:43] <Minaplo> The ushabti escorted them through these to a private office. Within was Princess Yi, sitting behind her desk. It was very definitely Yi Ji-hu in appearance, although… Moreso. Her hair was silkier and more lustrous, her face fairer and her eyes brighter. The dress she wore was a fine gown of blue silk that hugged her body and fell to about her ankles, sweeping outwards in a wide arc as it fell. Stately, dignified, and regal.-
[04:43] <Minaplo> Immediately, Sachiko would realise that she was also a Shadow of some considerable power. A Conductor for sure.-
[04:44] <Minaplo> "I would like to thank you once again for helping Red Rook save us." Said Princess Yi. "Your gallantry bought us enough time to allow Red Rook to arrive and drive the Republicans off long enough for us to escape." She stood and bowed.-
[04:45] <Minaplo> "I am Princess Yi Ji-Hu, ruler of the Principality of Sophia. May I ask your names?"
[04:49] <Hideki> "My name is D.S., Your Highness," said Hideki.
[04:50] <Minaplo> "D.S…?"
[04:51] <Hideki> "D.S.," he repeated happily. "And, of course, my associates here are Blue and Marlowe."
[04:53] <Sachiko> Sachiko waved, still staring at Hideki, only to awkwardly convert it into a bow when she remembered where she was.
[04:53] <Minaplo> ヂ。エッス。
[04:54] <Minaplo> ブル
[04:54] <Minaplo> マーロウ
[04:55] <Minaplo> "I see. Might I ask your occupations?"
[05:05] <Sachiko> "We're Evokers, though don't think I'd consider it my occupation."
[05:07] <Minaplo> "Evokers… I don't know what that means, but I know that all of you evoke strong emotions from me… A sense of hope, but also doubt. But that is the way of the Fraternal Century…"
[05:09] <Sachiko> "… I guess so, your highness."
[05:18] <Minaplo> "All of us have our hopes and dreams for the future, which are turning to ash in our hands, but tell me… What is it that you want?"
[05:25] <Hideki> "Peace," Hideki said simply. "Or at least an end to battles like the one we just fought in. I don't think that's unusual. But we're at a loss about how to help make that happen."
[05:32] <Sachiko> "We might be able to do that if you can tell us about how and why today's battle happened."
[05:32] <Minaplo> "I see… Yes. It all comes down to ideas. And the wars they start…"-
[05:33] <Minaplo> It… Was a long explanation. Frankly, a lot of information was shared, at length, in a voluminous way that made them all feel a little wrung out by the end of it. But the summary was…-
[05:35] <Minaplo> Three factions. Earth and its Union of Earth Republics, a democratic state that controlled Earth and tried to present itself as fair and benevolent, but was actually tyrannical and overbearing; the Principality of Sophia, the grandest of the Space Colonies that yearned for independence from Earth but were afraid of being crushed; and the Vox Porcupini, idealistic rebels who rose up despite the danger, hoping to win independence from Earth.-
[05:36] <Minaplo> Supreme Commander Diamondy was in charge of the Republics, supposedly merely a high ranking member, he now ran the Republics from the shadows. Princess Yi, of course, ruled Sophia, and tried to navigate it through the danger of war as best she could. Then finally there was the Red Rook…-
[05:37] <Minaplo> The most famous, powerful and daring fighter ace in the system, a bold and innovative statesman and master diplomat. Even his enemies admired him, even as they hated that they would never be him.-
[05:38] <Minaplo> Yet he was not quite the leader of the Vox Porcupini, although many assumed he was. Red Rook left the operation of the Vox to a subordinate named Morokuzu.-
[05:39] <Minaplo> A shadowy figure who organised Vox's resources from the shadows, some claimed that Morokuzu was secretly someone high in the Republic chain of command. Or were they part of the Space Colonies…?-
[05:40] <Minaplo> Red Rook was independent. A free spirit who none could chain down, and one who in his own way was wanted by all three factions. The Republic saw him as a threat who wanted him dead; the Sophians wanted him to restore balance to the system; and the Vox wanted him to stop hiding and take public leadership.-
[05:41] <Minaplo> As it stood, though, the Sophians opposed the Vox for being openly violent despite sharing their goals; the Vox opposed the Republics for being tyrannical; the Republics wished to dominate Sophia for its rich natural resources.-
[05:41] <Minaplo> A three-way struggle in the depths of space…-
[05:42] <Minaplo> That, indeed, was the state of things, in this land where hope led to despair and genius led to death!-
[05:43] <Minaplo> 機動戦士ペルソナダム:フラテルナル世紀
[05:44] <Minaplo>
[05:44] <Minaplo> "'D.S.'" Said Roy, lounging in his chair. "Congratulations. You're now named after a console. Did y'all learn what to do? Time to go home, so I can work on evicting this boy's dumb ass?"
[05:49] <Hideki> "I mean, we still don't have a plan, but we can work on that when we get back. Also, why are you evicting me when you still got your way?"
[05:50] <Minaplo> "I didn't get my way! Your name is -worse- than either alternative!"
[05:54] <Dinah> "He's not wrong."
[05:58] <Hideki> "I stand by my decision! Also, we have bigger things to worry about!"
[05:59] <Minaplo> "Yeah yeah. Let's head on home and we can talk everything out…"-
[05:59] <Minaplo> …-
[06:00] <Minaplo> As Mr. T slumbered in his berth outside the Lounge, he was observed. Some distance away, a robot- looking like a bulbous mushroom covered in glassy robot eyes on top of mechanical tentacles- eyed it, then with a series of clicks, propelled itself away…

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