Ai Yoshino

Personal Details

Name: Ai Yoshino
Date of Birth/Age: June 18 2004, 15
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese
Residence: 5 Soejima Road, Room 3-E (Originally Setagaya Ward, Tokyo, Japan)
Homeroom Class: H-1C
Chosen Classes: Technology (1), Advanced Mathematics (2)

Physical Details

Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Height: 4'10"
Build: Small
Handedness: Right
Reference Art: - Overall look inspired by the almost-eponymous Amemiya Sekira, by Sekira Ame.


Main Theme: Voice of No Return, NieR Automata
Sad/Memory Theme: Kuroi Uta (Music Box Arrange), Drakengard 3
Battle Theme: Credens Justitiam, Madoka Magica
Heroic/Battle Interrupt Theme: One For All, Madoka Magica Rebellion Story
Backstory: A surprisingly normal Japanese student, a local, even. She seems chipper, if a bit of a nerdy type. Not quite a shut-in, though, which is a relief. Seems to have a lot of talent with technology (and will talk your ear off about video games and the like if you'll let her), but also practices kyudo fairly regularly and almost seems to have an interest in religion.

Character Sheet

Main Details


Primary Arcana Justice
Secondary Arcana 1 Hermit
Secondary Arcana 2 Priestess
Aptitudes Ballistic, Perception, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Knowledge, Intelligence, Agility
Experience Spent 3800/3800
Evoker Rank 1
Major Persona Mami Tomoe (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
Magic Score Intelligence

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Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Melee 25 2 -
Ballistic 51 5 +6 Training, Simple
Strength 25 2 -
Toughness 25 2 -
Agility 40 4 -
Intelligence 55 5 +10 Hermit/Priestess, Simple
Perception 52 4 +10 Justice +2 Training, Simple
Willpower 30 3 -
Fellowship 25 2 -
Realisation 33 3 -

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Light Wounds 2
Heavy Wounds 1
Deadly Wounds 1
Fate Points 3
Spirit 5
Exertion 4
Stress 0

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Trait Subname Effect
- -
- -
- -
- -

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Exemplary Base Effect Rank 4 Improvement Rank 7 Improvement Rank 10 Improvement
Divine Sight Your Major Persona gains an extra Knack slot, which may only be filled with a Divining Knack. Usual Suspects: At the start of each week, you may select a number of individuals equal to half your Perception Bonus. Once per week per individual, you can make a Scrutiny test with a -20 penalty. On a success, you gain some limited information about what they might plausibly be doing at the moment. On a success with 3 DoS or higher, you gain a rough insight into where that individual might be right at this moment. Your Major Persona gains an extra Knack slot, which always has the Perceive Illusion knack. When using the Perceive Illusion knack, not only do you see the listed Knacks, you also dispel them. Usual Suspects is empowered: you now pick Perception Bonus targets, and suffer no penalty to the test. Once per week, so long as no one is aware of your current location and has not been for at least an hour, you can spend 20 Realisation to appear within 100m of anyone of a Usual Suspect.

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Please, Believe - Ai is a hopeful person, who is curious, analytical, but in an energetic and cheerful way. She tries to seek the truth, understand what can be, and then lead others to it. Even if her motivations aren't always so altruistic, helping people genuinely makes the girl feel happy and fulfilled. However, she can end up simmering with desperation at this task, and can overstep lines to do so as well. When her advice isn't wanted, her help not considered helpful, or god forbid she just makes everything worse by trying, it will cause Ai some trouble.
Class S - Ai is a lesbian, she just, is. Unfortunately, some incidents in her past have made it a bigger part of her life than usual, and it ends up weighing on her mind. So on one hand, love (…or lust) for girls fills her with DETERMINATION inspires her and will drive her forward, as will hopes of stabilizing her identity or even working on LGBT-style causes. But, at the same time, being meguka lesbian is suffering - the aspect name comes from the Japanese concept of a 'romantic-seeming two-girl friendship', often seen as an immature phase to grow out of, for one - and this means that bullying, mockery, fear, sexual harassment, or even just the stress of rejection by straight girls, all could cause Issues.
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  • Description

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Injury Effect Cause Incident

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Skill Name Score Focus One (level 1) Focus Two (level 2) Focus Three (level 3) Focus Four (from talent) Focus Five (from talent) Temporary+Extra Focus
Melee Skill Melee
Ballistic Skill Ballistic Basic Heavy
Athletics Strength
Endurance Toughness
Acrobatics Agility Dodge
Operation Agility
Subterfuge Agility Stealth
Academics Intelligence Japanese Culture Strategy
Logic Intelligence Reasoning Reasoning 2
Medicine Intelligence
Technology Intelligence Hacking
Awareness Perception Detective Anticipate
Survival Perception
Fortitude Willpower
Authority Fellowship
Inquiry Fellowship
Linguist Fellowship Japanese English
Manipulation Fellowship
Trade You Decide!

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Ai currently has Rapid Reload 1, Hawkeye, Bulletmaster, Read Foe, Sharpshooter, and Just As Planned.

Tome Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Tome Inventory 1 Unlocks the Tome Inventory ability, which stores up to X*2 items within the Tome itself that can be retrieved as you would any other item from a pocket. Stored consumables can be used without being withdrawn. You begin with one purchase in this talent.
Tier Two

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Metaweapons (Melee)

Name Class Range Hits Dam. Pen. Qualities
Wand of Purity One-Handed 1m WSB-2 1d10 0 Projection (2, Bless Only)

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Metaweapons (Ranged)

Name Class Range Hits Clip Reload Damage Penetration Qualities
Sealing Bow Basic 100m 2 12 Full 1d10+4 1 Precise

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Meta Armour

Name AP Body AP Legs AP Arms AP Head Qualities
Pretty Miko Lily Costume 2 2 2 1 Lightweight

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Small Cash Medium Cash Big Cash

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Soul Drop*1

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Major Persona

Name Mami Tomoe
Knacks See Bonds Telepathy
Traits Peer (Adolescent Girls, 1) Unnatural Int (1) Auto-Stabilised
Spells Kou Dia Ghost Hand Frei
Arts Lead Target Howitzer Sleek Flip

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Minor Personas

Minor Persona 1

  • Name: Ramiel Archangelos
  • Arcana: Justice
  • Grade: 2
  • Status: Alive

Minor Persona 2

  • Name: Väinämöinen
  • Arcana: Hermit
  • Grade: 2
  • Status: Alive

Minor Persona 3

  • Name: Aino
  • Arcana: Priestess
  • Grade: 2
  • Status: Alive

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Social Links

Name Arcana
Rank Time Available
Confidant Ability
Name Arcana
Rank Time Available
Confidant Ability
Name Arcana
Rank Time Available
Confidant Ability
Name Arcana
Rank Time Available
Confidant Ability
Name Arcana
Rank Time Available
Confidant Ability
Name Arcana
Rank Time Available
Confidant Ability
Name Arcana
Rank Time Available
Confidant Ability
Name Arcana
Rank Time Available
Confidant Ability

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Experience Log

Week Income Expenditure Reason Remaining Total Expenditure
0 1000 Starting 1000 0
0 200 Rapid Reload 1 800 200
0 450 Hawkeye 350 650
0 200 Logic (Reasoning) Lv1 150 850
0 600 Week 0 750 850
0 200 Subterfuge (Stealth) Lv1 550 1050
0 200 Awareness (Detective) Lv1 350 1250
0 300 Academics (Strategy) Lv2 50 1550
3 400 Week 3 450 1550
3 300 Logic (Reasoning 2) Lv2 150 1850
4 600 Week 4 750 1850
4 300 Just As Planned 450 2150
5 1200 Week 5 1650 2150
5 100 Simple Int 1350 2250
5 100 Simple Per 1250 2350
5 100 Simple Ba 1150 2450
5 450 Bulletmaster 700 2900
5 300 Awareness (Anticipate) Lv2 400 3200
5 200 Sharpshooter 200 3400
5 200 Read Foe 200 3600

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Training Logs

Characteristic Scores
Characteristic Added
Weapon Skill
Ballistic Skill +4 (Weeks 1-3), +2 (Week 4)
Perception +2 (Week 4)

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