The Nineteen Arcana

Each character is different- in appearance, personality, habit, upbringing, memories; a person, when viewed as the sum of a whole, might appear to be part of a large archetype, but their natures are made up of a million intricate parts, and no two natures are identical.

To reflect this, at character creation, each character chooses three different Arcana. Each Arcana grants three different effects: a Characteristic Bonus, Character Aptitudes, and an Exemplary. These will be explained below.

Once all three of your Arcana have been chosen, designate one to be your Primary Arcana. This is the Arcana that best represents your PC's greatest attributes, although by no means does it represent all of your PC's personality. Your Primary Arcana should reflect your PC's personality, especially as viewed from an external source as first glance. Your PC should avoid reflecting the Arcana instead. Your other two Arcana are Secondary Arcana.

Mechanically, there are three major differences between a Primary Arcana and Secondary Arcana.
1. The Primary Arcana your PC chooses makes them a valid Social Link for said Arcana. If you pick the Magician Arcana as your Primary, for example, then other PCs may treat you as a Social Link of the Magician Arcana with all that entails.
2. The Primary Arcana gives you more Characteristic Bonuses.
3. Every Arcana has an Exemplary. You gain the Exemplary of your Primary Arcana.
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Arcana Qualities

Characteristic Bonuses

Characteristic Bonuses are simple. Upon selecting a specific Arcana, you automatically gain the listed amount to your base Characteristic Bonuses.

Primary Arcana selections give you all the Characteristic Bonuses listed; Secondary Arcana give you half. If you have a choice of two +5s, you choose one; if you have a choice of a +10, it becomes a +5 instead.

Example: William Redspring chooses Lovers as his Primary Arcana, boosting his Fellowship Score to 35. As his Secondaries he selects Justice and Fortune. From Justice he has a choice of either +5 Perception or +5 Intelligence; he chooses the +5 Intelligence, raising his Intelligence Score to 30. That leaves Fortune. Ordinarily, Fortune would allow him to add +10 to any Characteristic, but as it's a Secondary, he is only permitted to add +5 to any Characteristic instead. He puts it into Agility, granting him an Agility score of 30
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Character Aptitudes

Every Arcana has three Aptitudes, which determines the cost of talents, skills and advancements. Your Primary Arcana grants you all three Aptitudes. Your Secondary Arcanae grant you two of the three, your choice.
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Magic Characteristic

Every Arcana has a Magic Characteristic, which is used to calculate the strength of spells. Your Magic Characteristic is the one listed in your Primary Arcana.
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Arcana Exemplaries

Every Arcana has an 'Exemplary'. Exemplaries are special abilities unique to that Arcana. When creating a character, you gain the Exemplary of your Primary Arcana. As your Evoker Rank increases, your Exemplary powers up.


Every Arcana has an associated list of minor Persona, each list numbering ten Personae. Each Persona entry has information about its elemental weaknesses and strengths, its preset talents, its Bonuses and its Wound Pool.

Persona List

Every Arcana has an associated list of Persona; ten Persona per Arcana, one for each grade. All are listed below for each Arcana, organised into the Persona List. Each entry in the Persona List lists that Persona's Grade, name, their relationship with the elements, and their Traits, Knacks and Powers.

Each Arcana uses a different Characteristic to calculate its Magic effectiveness; this will be listed at the top of the Persona List.

The Arcanae

I. Magician

II. Priestess

III. Empress

IV. Emperor

V. Hierophant

VI. Lovers

VII. Chariot

VIII. Justice

IX. Hermit

X. Fortune

XI. Strength

XII. Hanged Man

XIII. Death

XIV. Temperance

XV. Devil

XVI. Tower

XVII. Star


XIX. Sun


The following are summaries for ease of use.

Arcana Aptitude Summaries

Arcana Aptitude 1 Aptitude 2 Aptitude 3 Score Bonuses Magic Score
Fool Any Four +5 All Your Choice
Magician Agility Intelligence Offense +5 Agility, Intelligence Intelligence
Priestess Intelligence Fellowship Fieldcraft +5 Fellowship, Intelligence Fellowship
Empress Willpower Fellowship Finesse +5 Fellowship, Willpower Willpower
Emperor Melee Willpower Resolution +5 Melee, Willpower Willpower
Hierophant Intelligence Knowledge Fieldcraft +10 Intelligence Intelligence
Lovers Perception Fellowship Social +10 Fellowship Fellowship
Chariot Melee Strength Offense +10 Strength Willpower
Justice Ballistic Perception Fieldcraft +10 Perception Intelligence
Hermit Finesse Knowledge Fieldcraft +5 Intelligence, Willpower Intelligence
Fortune Ballistic Agility Finesse +10 Agility Willpower
Strength Toughness Defense Resolution +5 Toughness, Willpower Willpower
Hanged Man Toughness Willpower Defense +10 Toughness Willpower
Death Intelligence Willpower Resolution +10 Willpower Willpower
Temperance Agility Knowledge Resolution +5 Intelligence, Willpower Willpower
Devil Toughness Perception Social +5 Fellowship, Perception Fellowship
Tower Ballistic Offense Finesse +10 Ballistic Willpower
Star Strength Fellowship Defense +5 Strength, Fellowship Fellowship
Moon Agility Perception Social +5 Perception, Fellowship Fellowship
Sun Melee Strength Social +5 Melee, Fellowship Fellowship

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Arcana Exemplary Summaries

Arcana Exemplary Base Effect Rank 4 Improvement Rank 7 Improvement Rank 10 Improvement
Fool Wild Card You have no Major Persona, but instead have 6 Minor Persona slots, and can use all of the equipped Persona's abilities and traits. Furthermore, you gain access to all of your Social Link's aptitudes at rank 10. You may also make three free Withdraw Persona actions each week. Shadow Whisper: You may sacrifice a Persona to permanently add one of its Powers, Traits or Knacks to yourself. You may only have a total of two such effects, and if you wish to add more you must overwrite old ones. Shadow Whispers are always in play, even if miasma is too low to support Personas. You may now stock 8 Personas. You may now stock 10 Personas. You can inherit up to four effects from Shadow Whisper. You may now stock 12 Personas.
Magician Bright Potential Once per day, you may use a power belonging to an equipped Minor Persona. Bright Potential may now be used once per encounter. The Power is Yours: Your Confidants may take a single aptitude they know and permanently change it to one of the aptitudes you possess. You may do the same, but swapping one of your aptitudes for one belonging to a Confidant with an S-Link rank of 7 or higher. This swap does not need to happen the second you hit Evoker Rank 7- it may be done at any time. Bright Potential may now be used twice per encounter.
Priestess Priestess's Counsel You unlock the Priestess's Counsel Action for all Confidants. Confidants who use Priestess' Counsel lose 5 stress and can count one of your Fellowship or Intelligence skill focuses as being their own for the duration of the week. For every Confidant who uses the action, you add an Advantage to all Fellowship tests for the duration of the week. Spirit Guide: You may, as a Free Action, transfer Spirit to an ally, at a rate of 1:1. Priestess's Counsel now allows Confidants to add two Focuses; you in turn gain a reroll as well as an Advantage to Fellowship tests per Confidant who uses the action. Spirit Guide now allows you to spend Spirit to restore Spirit to all allies within 10m. For every 2 Spirit you spend, your allies gain 1 Spirit each.
Empress Magnanimous Presence You may, at any time, spend a Fate Point to allow any Confidant you can communicate with to activate a Fate action for free. Empress' Court. You unlock the Empress' Court Personal Action for all Confidants. Confidants who use Empress' Court remove 5 Stress and count as being assisted by you on all Willpower tests for the duration of the week. For every Confidant who uses Empress' Court, you gain Unnatural Willpower (+1) for the duration of the week. Once per day, you may, as a free action, permit yourself and all allies to activate any Fate action for free. You may now spend points of Unnatural Willpower in place of Fate Points when using Magnanimous Presence. Furthermore, Empress' Court now relieves 10 stress to those who use it.
Emperor Imperial Will Whenever you lead an All Out Attack that ends a battle, or you and your allies subdue a Conductor, you gain 1 point of Unnatural Willpower that lasts for the rest of the Dream Theatre or until spent. Overawe: You gain an Advantage in all tests against targets whose Willpower Bonus is weaker than your own. You may spend a point of Unnatural Willpower to gain the Fear (+1) or Fearless (+1) Traits. When defeating Trouper Shadows who qualify as triggering Overawe, they must pass a Fear test against you opposed by your Willpower; on a failure, they regain all wounds and permanently join your side.
Hierophant Mind over Matter Your Major Persona gains an extra Knack slot, which may only be filled with a Magical Knack. Hierophant's Circle. You unlock the Hierophant's Circle Personal Action for all Confidants. Confidants who use Hierophant's Circle remove 5 Stress and may select one of your Spells; they count as knowing it for the duration of the week. For every Confidant who uses Hierophant's Circle, you gain Unnatural Intelligence (+1) for the duration of the week. Magical Knacks are now a Free Action for you, and you double their range and duration. You may spend a point of Unnatural Intelligence to add DoS to a test equal to the Unnatural Intelligence value you possessed before spending the point.
Lovers Butterfly's Grace Your Major Persona gains an extra Knack slot, which may only be filled with a Social Knack. Eager Heart: Whenever you participate in a Group Action, one participant may reroll their action; furthermore, the declarer may only suffer a max of 5 Stress. If this Group Action is an All Out Attack that defeats all enemy Shadows, you gain Unnatural Fellowship (+1) until the end of the week. Shadow Seduction: Once per day, after taking part in an All Out Attack that defeats all Shadows, you may demand a special benefit from them: select one of the defeated Shadows. Any other Shadows you encounter of that type can have their personality permanently swapped to Smitten with a successful Entice test on them. They are, of course, smitten with you. Eager Heart is powered up: all participants in group actions may reroll their test and take the preferred result.
Chariot Unstoppable Force Whenever you deal a Heavy Wound or Stagger an enemy with a Physical attack or art, until the end of your next turn your Arts and Physical Attacks gain High Crit (+10). Challenge Accepted: You may spend 5 Stress to improve any Development action's effect to Double effect. So long as you are benefitting from Unstoppable Force, you and any Confidants with an S-Link of 5 or higher with you may reroll one missed Physical attack or Art per round. So long as you are benefitting from Unstoppable Force, your attacks gain High Crit (+20). You may also disable Unstoppable Force for the rest of the encounter; in exchange, you act twice this turn, and you deal +1 wound off every hit for the rest of the encounter.
Justice Divine Sight Your Major Persona gains an extra Knack slot, which may only be filled with a Divining Knack. Usual Suspects: At the start of each week, you may select a number of individuals equal to half your Perception Bonus. Once per week per individual, you can make an Awareness or Detective test with a -20 penalty. On a success, you gain some limited information about what they might plausibly be doing at the moment. On a success with 3 DoS or higher, you gain a rough insight into where that individual might be right at this moment. Your Major Persona gains an extra Knack slot, which always has the Perceive Illusion knack. When using the Perceive Illusion knack, not only do you see the listed Knacks, you also dispel them. Usual Suspects is empowered: you now pick Perception Bonus targets, and suffer no penalty to the test. Once per week, so long as no one is aware of your current location and has not been for at least an hour, you can spend a Fate Point to appear within 100m of anyone of a Usual Suspect.
Hermit Master's Lessons Your Assists add one more advantage than usual. Furthermore, you count Baton Passes as an Assist action. Hermit's Wisdom. You unlock the Hermit's Wisdom Personal Action for all Confidants. Confidants who use Hermit's Wisdom remove 5 Stress and may reroll any test that you are assisting them on. For every Confidant who uses Hermit's Wisdom, you gain Unnatural Intelligence (+1) for the duration of the week. You can spend Unnatural Intelligence to assist confidants who used Hermit's Wisdom; this takes no actions from you and can be used wherever you are. Confidants who fail or lose a test you assisted with a point of Unnatural Intelligence sees that point refunded. Whenever you gain a One More, you may make a free Baton Pass without expending that One More.
Fortune Weight the Dice You gain two slots. At the start of each week, you roll a 1d100 for each slot and record the result. At any time as a free action, you can swap your roll with one of the slotted rolls. Premonition: At one point during the rest of the week, after you perform an action, and all the immediate effects of that action have been determined (eg. Damage, reactions) you can choose to undo the action and perform a different action instead; this action may be the same attack action but target a different enemy for example, or no attack at all. You gain full awareness of what would've happened if you had gone through with the action, but otherwise the effects are completely negated, including any spent resources or Fate. Weight the Dice gains a third slot, and once per round, you can swap someone else's roll (including enemies) with one of the slotted rolls. You may expend Premonition to reverse a Confidant's action instead so long as they are S-Link rank 5 or higher; they and you both gain full awareness. Furthermore, you may use Premonition's effects twice per week.
Strength Banner of Resistance You project an aura around yourself with a radius of WPB metres. All allies within this aura gain +2 AP. You also gain this benefit so long as there is at least one ally within the aura. Perseverance: The first time per day that one of your Personas is defeated, it remains alive and the attack is negated completely instead, dealing no damage. Furthermore, you double the amount of Wounds you heal due to Personal Time actions. Augment spells cast on allies costs 1 less Spirit per ally in your Aura, to a minimum of 1. If the cost would be zero or below without the minimum rule, the spell gains an extra Surge bonus regardless of being cast at Surge strength or not. If you have an ally within your aura who has taken Heavy Damage, have a defeated Persona or are out of Fate Points, all allies, including yourself, gain +4 AP instead of +2, and Restoration spells cast on allies cost 1 Spirit less per ally in your aura, to a minimum of 1. If the cost would be zero or below without the minimum rule, the spell gains an extra Surge bonus regardless of being cast at Surge strength or not.
Hanged Man Noble Sacrifice You start with the Guardian talent. Each time you take a Wound or more whilst actively protecting another person (such as through the Guardian or Taunt talents, or jumping in front of an attack), you gain +1 AP to all areas for the rest of the day, which stacks to a maximum of +4. You may only gain a single bonus per action (ie. you can't gain more than +1 AP per Guardian etc). Light in Dark Places: Once per day, you may spend a Fate Point; your Confidants ignore the effects of fatigue and injuries for a number of rounds each equal to your S-Link Rank with them. You reroll Evasion tests when protecting allies with Guardian, Taunt or other self-sacrificing actions. Light in Dark Places now provides an Advantage to all of your tests for every Confidant with an injury or a dead Persona, to a max of +30. Furthermore, spending activating Light in Dark Places grants all allies a 'spare' wound which they can choose to lose in place of any other wound they would ordinarily suffer.
Death Metamorphosis Whenever you sacrifice a Persona, you gain a single Possibility Shard of the Fool Arcana. Katabasis: Wounds to your Persona only ever generate 1 stress each. Furthermore, the first time each day that your Persona is defeated, you instantly gain Regeneration, Spirit Regeneration and Exertion Regeneration, all at 2, for a number of rounds equal to the defeated Persona's Grade. Sacrificing a Persona grants you an extra surge on all Spells for the rest of the day. After taking part in an All Out Attack that defeats all Shadows, you may select one of the defeated Shadows; you gain a Persona of the same Arcana as the Shadow, at a Rank equal to your Evoker Rank. If you can equip this Persona, you can equip it immediately. When Katabasis triggers, you gain the Superior Action (Attacks) trait for the duration.
Temperance Equivalent Exchange Once per encounter as a free action, you may select one enemy benefitting from an augment; you now gain it as well, and persists for as long as it does on them, to a minimum of the start of your next turn. If the target has multiple augments, you may only choose one. Struggle makes Strength: Once per encounter or Investigation round, you may spend a Fate Point on a single test; all penalties on that test now become bonuses, stacking with any existing bonuses. When using Equivalent Exchange, you may now transfer an ailment or a hex to your opponent in exchange for a an augment. Furthermore, you may now, when using Equivalent Exchange, transfer the taken augment to a Confidant within line of sight. This transfer ignores resistances against ailment or hexes, but the targeted enemy must possess an augment for you to trade. Once per day, Equivalent Exchange allows you to trade all of your ailments and hexes for all of the augments of a single enemy.
Devil The Flesh is Weak Whenever you successfully inflict an ailment on an enemy, and the DoS on your casting is greater than their Toughness Bonus (physical) or Willpower Bonus (mental/spiritual), the target is also Staggered, granting you a One More. Devil's Advocate: You unlock the Devil's Advocate Personal Action for all Confidants. Confidants who use Devil's Advocate gain 10 stress, but remove two gross Disadvantages to any single Score for the rest of the week. For every Confidant who uses Devil's Advocate, you gain Unnatural Fellowship (+1) for the duration of the week. Whenever the Flesh is Weak triggers a One More, any spells you cast off that One More are free and gain an extra Surge bonus. Confidants who use Devil's Advocate reduce the amount of Stress they take by an amount equal to your Confidant rank with them. You may now spend points of Unnatural Fellowship to remove all disadvantages from a Fellowship test.
Tower Reclaim the Toil Whenever you spend Fate on a test either as a reroll or to gain advantage, and the result is either worse than the original result or an outright failure, you may choose to reclaim your spent Fate; for a reroll you take the initial result. Unseen Downfall: Ballistic Attacks against Surprised enemies, or enemies with initiatives lower than yours in the first round of combat, deal +BSB/2 damage and gain the High Crit (20) quality. Whenever you expend an item to assist a test which fails, or to attack an enemy which evades the attack, you reclaim that item. You now add your BSB/2 to initiative tests, and whenever you strike an enemy that benefits from Unseen Downfall, your attack also has the Paralysing Quality.
Star Celestial Inspiration You may expend a One More or a received Baton Pass; in exchange, all allies within the battle ignore the effects of ailments or hexes for a full turn each. Star's Alignment: At the start of each week you may designate a single type of action (for example, 'attack', or a specific skill). All Confidants count as Assisted by you when performing that action, even if you're not present. Whenever you Baton Pass to an ally, you can cast an Augment or Restoration spell on them as a Free Action, costing no Spirit. Characters theyBaton Pass to receive the same benefit from that character. When a character benefitting from Star's Alignment gains One More, you also gain a One More, which can be spent on an augment or restoration spell, or an Action Art.
Moon Occultation Your Major Persona gains an extra Knack slot, which always has the Illusion knack. Furthermore, after taking part in an All Out Attack that defeats all Shadows, you gain a special benefit: select one of the defeated Shadows. Your form, through illusion, changes to match: other Shadows perceive you as being in that form, and will treat you accordingly. The illusion is broken if other Shadows see you use an ability the Shadow did not possess or other character-breaking incidents. Ebb and Flow: Whenever you gain a One More (either naturally or through a Baton Pass), you may bank it. You may activate this One More at any other time you wish within this week. You may bank up to two One Mores. So long as you possess a Shadow's form, you gain one of their Elemental resistances. On gaining an Occultation, you may, once per day, disguise a Confidant you can see with an S-Link Rank of 5 or higher. Ebb and Flow lets you store up to three One Mores. You may spend a Fate Point once per day to take on a Shadow form which you have taken on in the past.
Sun Eucatastrophe You may add Miasma Bonus (ie the tens column of Miasma) to the damage of a single hit you make per encounter. Sun's Rise: You unlock the "Sun's Rise" Personal Action for yourself and all Confidants. Confidants who use Sun's Rise remove 5 stress and reduce the miasma level by 1. For every confidant who uses Sun's Rise, you gain Unnatural Fellowship (+1) for the rest of the week. Once per day, you may, by spending a Fate Point or point of Unnatural Fellowship, spread Eucatastrophe to all Confidants of Rank 5 or higher for a single Round. Renewal now reduces Miasma by 2 per attendant.

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