Caolan Choi

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Full Name: Caolán Choi
Position: Student, H3-B; Student Council President
Gender: Male
Nationality: Hong Kong
Date of Birth/Age: ??/??/??, 18
Place of Residence: Dorms near Sophia Academy

Hair: Black, straight, kept short and neat
Eyes: Dark brown
Height: 6'0
Build: Fit
Handedness: Right

Relationship Status: Presumed Single
School Club: Student Council (President)
Electives: Commerce, Chemistry
Best Subject: ??
Worst Subject: ??
Likes: ??
Dislikes: ??
Favourite Weather: ??
Favourite Spots: ??

Notes from Roy
Student Council President and clean-as-a-whistle boy all around. Won the election so hard no one even remembers his competition. Fine with petting stray cats.

Despite being from Hong Kong, his given name is actually Irish Gaelic and not Chinese. It's pronounced 'Qwale-lan'.

Notes from Dinah

Notes from Hideki

Notes from Sachiko

Notes from Ai
He made a nice speech and believes in good things! …It makes me wonder if there's gonna be some dark horrible thing hiding in there because of pain and suffering and stuff. :< This all has been eye-opening in a bad way, you know… But I hope not! o-o!

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