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Chapter One: The Panther, The Worm And The War Criminal

Intro One: Welcome Home to 5 Soejima Road! Monday, 30th March

Hideki Intro One: Hideki Nakajima is back and better than ever!
Sachiko Intro One: Home Sweet Home, of a sorts
Ai Intro One: This New Home is Just Weird
Dinah Intro One: A Dump is Better than a Palace filled with Paparazzi

Intro Two: First day of school! Make friends and do your best at Sophia Academy! Monday, 2nd April

Hideki and Ai Intro Two: Let Hidekkin-Senpai show you around <3
Sachiko and Dinah Intro Two: Look Out Prez, You're Being Flanked By an Asshole!

Intro Three: Thou art I! I art thou! Decadence! Rage! Rebellion! Light! Persona! Friday, 6th of April

Thou art I! I art thou! Decadence! Rage! Rebellion! Light! Persona!

Week One

1.1 - What Kind of Person Has Problems with Brainwashing People, Anyway?
1.2 - 'Nationalistic War Stories' is a very depressing theatrical theme to have, Asaka

Week Two

2.1 - In Our First Foray Into Asaka's Culture War, We Mugged Some Shapeshifters And Dropped a Howitzer On a Village, But In a Good Way

Week Three

3.1 - Hi! I'm Pixie, and I'm taking over the log section for a little while! Boy, it sure is real drab here, huh? Black text on white? That's not fashionable! Let me try... BRIGHT!

3.2 - Oh my gosh! They just went to the Shadow Market! EEK! Oh my! Hideki and Adrien and Ai are taking nudie photographs! But everyone gets to meet the prettiest boy ever... KRISHNA!
3.3 - Did someone call this Igor goof an elf? He doesn't look anything like an elf! He looks awful and ugly and old! Eurgh!

Week Four

4.1 - Eek! A terrifying guy just tried to kill Hideki's girlfriend! And since Hideki's my boyfriend, his girlfriend is also my girlfriend, which means... THIS HAT GUY IS GOING AFTER MY GIRL!?

4.2 - They kicked those stupid Onis' asses! I'm so happy for 'em! It's safe to come back, right? Not that I'm gonna come back. Or maybe I will!

Week Five

5.1 –I, William, will take over the log page from the annoying pixie girl. In this entry, we see Asaka’s calling card. Sachiko is angry because she has to do her damn job. B. Rated 'E' for 'Evokers complain about everything'.

5.2 – This team… They don’t have a name yet… Fight Asaka. They win. And drive their Wild Card off. Amazing. Simply amazing. Even when they win, they lose. C. Rated V for ‘Vendetta’. (ALL: Fool 2, Fortune 2)

5.3 – So not everyone forgot about the Asaka drama. How terrible. Here are some teenagers sitting around being grumpy about the secrets their traumatised cat kept. C. Rated S for ‘Sad’.

5.4 – This is the famous scene where Dinah goes on a rampage to the Mothman homeland and tries to set it all on fire and can’t even manage that. A+. Rated ‘M’ for ‘Meeting the worst sort of expectations’. (D: Death 1)

Chapter Two: The Curious Case of the Schoolboy in Space

Week Six

Showcase #01 – Okuninushi settles into a peaceful life. A+. Rated ‘G’ for ‘Good and wholesome and not at all ominous’.

6.1 – This is a good one. Everyone’s sharing information, then Sachiko gets all Sachiko-like and upsets Ji-hu immensely. A+. Rated ‘F’ for ‘Faust deserves a better Evoker’. (ALL: +1 To All Team Links)

Showcase #02 – New people. These ones are journalists, speaking to some tattletales from the school. One of them knows too much. B. Rated ‘J’ for ‘Journalism’.

Week Seven

HELL YEAH! ADRIEN’S ON THE LOGS, BABY! This one’s a snippet of stuff happening around Katashiba! Introducing Akari the Living Treasure and the Date Girls!

Showcase #03 – Why are there so many fuckin’ narcs at this stupid-ass school?
7.1A – WHOOPS. So Hideki accidentally turned his brother Karo into an Archetype. … Oh man, there’s gonna be a lotta Hideki juice in this one, folks.
7.1B – Ai Yoshino has good friends. She also has good bananas. I mean the fruit. Bananas aren’t weird or sexual. Stop that.
7.2 – Oh my god. Karo’s a giant nerd! His theatre’s gonna be MECHA, BAYBEEEE!

Showcase #04 – Your elf homeboy Idraceyl picks a fight that not even his bullshit can win.
7.3 – The Sailor Scouts break into a hotel to speak to some journalists and are given intelligence out of fuckin’ pity.
7.4 – THE FRATERNAL CENTURY. That’s the name of Karo’s Theatre! And it has fuckin’ MECHA HIDEKI and SPACE WARS and KANJI IN REAL LIFE. THIS RULES!

Week Eight

Happenings around Katashiba! Sachiko has dumb friends, Dinah has a dumb restaurant and Hideki witnesses… A lot of committing to the bit.
Showcase #05 -… Oooh. Okay. Karo’s gone. Into the Sea. That’s… Bad. Time for ADRIEN to save the day!

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