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Chapter One: The Panther, The Worm and the War Criminal

Intro One: Welcome Home to 5 Soejima Road! Friday the 30th of March

Hideki Intro One: Hideki Nakajima is back and better than ever!
Sachiko Intro One: Home Sweet Home, of a sorts
Ai Intro One: This New Home is Just Weird
Dinah Intro One: A Dump is Better than a Palace filled with Paparazzi

Intro Two: First day of school! Make friends and do your best at Sophia Academy! Monday the 2nd of April

Hideki and Ai Intro Two: Let Hidekkin-Senpai show you around <3
Sachiko and Dinah Intro Two: Look Out Prez, You're Being Flanked By an Asshole!

Intro Three: Thou art I! I art thou! Decadence! Rage! Rebellion! Light! Persona! Friday the 6th of April

Thou art I! I art thou! Decadence! Rage! Rebellion! Light! Persona!


Week One: What Kind of Person Has Problems with Brainwashing People, Anyway? Sunday the 8th of April

Monday, 9th of April:
Dream Theatre Expedition, Week One: 'Nationalistic War Stories' is a very depressing theatrical theme to have, Asaka. Investigation and finding the Heed and Theme.

Tuesday, 10th of April:
Teach Me, String Me, Bow Me, Saoirse-Senpai! Ai and Saoirse Mini (S-Link 1!)
Sachiko! You Can't Go Around Hijacking Clubs, Even If The Members Are Just a Sadsack and a Honey Badger?! Sachiko and the Debate Team Mini (S-Link 1!)
My Girlfriend has Tamed Both My Heart and the Strange Box-Clad Caretaker Who Lives In My Dorm. Hideki and Ji-Hu Mini (S-Link 1!)
The First Rule of Wushu Club is that you do not talk to Adrien. Dinah and Jiang Chang Mini (S-Link 1!)

Wednesday, 11th of April:
My School President Is Recruiting Me With a Fast Food Sandwich And a Car Drive?! Sachiko and Caolan Mini (S-Link 1!)
I Thought I was A Hopeless Chuunibyou, Then I Met My Club Leader, and Now I'm Realising I'll Never Be That Incurable... Ai and Camille Mini (S-Link 1!)
Trapped With A Man Who Thinks Art is Literally The Bomb. Dinah and Levi Mini (S-Link 1!)
We Describe Poetry as Literature Because 'Music But We Forgot The Instruments' Makes Poets Sad. Hideki and Parvaneh Mini (S-Link 1!)

Thursday, 12th of April:

Friday, 13th of April:
Walked Home In The Rain By a Guy Who Wants To Protect Me... Is this a Romantic Comedy Or Just A Comedy? Ai and Shizeng Mini (S-Link 1!)

Saturday, 14th of April:
Ai Reacts Poorly to The Introduction Of The GET BEAMED Kid. Ai and Hideki Mini (S-Link 1)
Can't Stop, Won't Stop Showering Cute Hero-wannabe Girls with PDA! Ai and Reiko Mini (S-Link 1)
My Current Hobby Is Researching How Our Predecessors Did a Murder. Good Burger, though! Sachiko and Hideki mini (S-Link 1!)

Sunday, 15th of April:
It's a Shame Roy Is Male, Because if He Were Female I Could Name This Mini 'Dinah Dates A Cougar'. Dinah and Roy Mini (S-Link 1!)
If In This World, Every Time Someone Shouts 'Adrien' A Fight Happens, Does This Mean I'm in The Rocky Series of Motion Pictures? Sachiko looks for some books, and also Adrien but only due to book-proximity.

Week Two

Monday, 16th of April
Wait until Sachiko Learns that the Practical and Stylish Sophia Shirt was Smithson's Council Idea. Sachiko and Smithson Mini (S-Link 1!)
Wallace Graciously Gives Dinah A Video Player In Return for Her Reluctant Shilling. Dinah and Wallace Mini (S-Link 1!)

Thursday, 19th of April
Ai and Sachiko Learn About The Overreach of Tome Logging And Also Each Other. Ai and Sachiko Mini (S-Link 1!)

Friday, 20th of April
I can Barely Restrain My Affection For My Superhero-Loving New Friend! Ai and Reiko mini (S-Link 2!)

Saturday, 21st of April

Dream Theatre Expedition: In Our First Foray Into Asaka's Culture War, We Mugged Some Shapeshifters And Dropped a Howitzer On a Village, But In a Good Way. First Raid into Asaka's Dream Theatre

Adrien and Hideki Proclaim Ultimate Power over the Sailor Senshi!? Adrien and Hideki mini

Sunday 22nd of April
Roy Griffin and the Legend of Bagger Faust. Roy and Sachiko Mini (S-Link 1!)
Good Morning Ma'am, Do You Have Time To Talk About Our Lord and Saviour, Baseball-Sama? Hideki and Dinah Mini (S-Link 1!)
Ji-Hu is Stronger than Duker, Because True Power Comes From The Heart and Not From High Yield Grenades. Hideki and Ji-Hu Mini (S-Link 2!)
My Little Sister (she's not) Can't Be This Clueless About Dating!!! Adrien and Ai mini

Week Three

Monday 23rd of April
The President has Some Good Pipes, In More Ways Than One. Sachiko and Choi mini (S-Link 2!)
Talking Power and Friendship over Video Games is the Millennial equivalent of smoking a cigar on a terrace. Ai and Dinah mini (S-Link 1!) NEW!

Tuesday 24th of April
It was a wet day in downtown Katashiba, the rain falling so hard you could see it wash the slime from the gutters. However, this mini is set in Sophia Academy, not the downtown. So none of that. Ai investigates

Wednesday 25th of April
Place Your Bets on How Long It'll Take for Someone in the Debate Team to Call Sachiko a 'Devil's Advocate'. Sachiko and Debate Club Mini (S-Link 2!)
Justice Arcana MORE LIKE SOCIAL JUSTICE ARCANA Ai and Camille Mini

Thursday 26th of April
Ai's Apprenticeship with the Handsy Senpai Continues. Today's subject: getting nailed. Ai and Saoirse Mini (S-Link 2!)

Friday 27th of April
Hideki Gets All Of His Best Ideas Off of TV Tropes. Hideki and Roy mini (S-Link 1!)

Saturday 28th of April

Dream Theatre Expedition: Hi! I'm Pixie, and I'm taking over the log section for a little while! Boy, it sure is real drab here, huh? Black text on white? That's not fashionable! Let me try... BRIGHT! Second Raid into Asaka's Dream Theatre

Sunday 29th of April
Sachiko just spends all her time in that library putting books away, huh? Seems weird to me to take books out of their homes, turn them around, label them and put them back in. That's like welfare tagging for dead trees! She doesn't even make the books sparkle or stand out, she just puts labels on them. Basic labels! I don't get it! What's the point of a book if it doesn't sparkle?! What if she put the labels on in different colours so it has a nice... RAINBOW?! Adrien and Sachiko mini

Oh my gosh! They just went to the Shadow Market! Oh maaaaan! It's so cool there! There's so many people, and some of them don't even look ugly! Some of them look almost pixie-style good! EEK! Oh my! Hideki and Adrien and Ai are taking nudie photographs! And Sachiko is grabbing Adrien's wallet?!?!?! And Dinah has a run-in with a gang of greasers! But everyone gets to meet the prettiest boy ever... KRISHNA! The Group enters the Shadow Market for the first time

Did someone call this Igor goof an elf? He doesn't look anything like an elf! He looks awful and ugly and old! Eurgh! I'm gonna tell my big cousins and they're gonna hex you for that awful comparison! The Group Re-enters the Velvet Room

Ooo, Sachiko doubled back to do some sneaky investigations! Also she gets to talk about me! D'awwww, I knew she couldn't resist! She should give in and start getting her hair cut like me! And pants? P-shaw! It's all about leotards! They're literally the greatest garment ever made. That's why I wear them! Or are they the greatest garment because I wear them? If I wore a poncho, would it be the greatest garment? Hmm... Sachiko tests a hypothesis


Eek! A terrifying guy just tried to kill Hideki's girlfriend! And since Hideki's my boyfriend, his girlfriend is also my girlfriend, which means... THIS HAT GUY IS GOING AFTER MY GIRL!? The Black Hat attacks Ji-Hu NEW!

They kicked those stupid Onis' asses! I'm so happy for 'em! It's safe to come back, right? Not that I'm gonna come back. Or maybe I will! I don't know, just because the Oni are gone doesn't mean that place is safe for poor cute little Pixie... The Raid on Asaka's Fortress, Fighting the Oni and Breaking the Convention

Hideki and Adrien's ambush
Cracking the Code

Hideki and Sachiko sitting and talking about what makes a Persona cool or not... It's no fair reading these and being stuck on this side! I want to come over and critique too! Hideki and Sachiko mini

Awww, Ai and Ji-Hu are nice together. Look how much Ai trusts Ji-Hu with everything, even her special super-intimate Persona story! I'm jealous! Ai and Ji-Hu Mini NEW!

Oh nooooooo! Hideki has a little brother??? But his little brother isn't handsome or cute at all! He's just a big dork who grumps at people for being adventurous. Where's the fun in that? Hey, Hideki! Get rid of him! I'll be your little sister if you want <3 Hideki and Karo mini

Aw geeeeez! Sachiko is trying so hard to be a good music girl! But it's so painful... I know! She should come back with me to the Fairy Queen, and we can give her elf music, yeah yeah! Sachiko and Tony Mini (S-Link 2) NEW!
Ooh, Sachiko's big sister is so cool and wise... Ghost boyfriends are really convenient! No mess, no fuss! Sachiko and Mari mini NEW!
Sachiko's cute bossboy said her music is like an exorcism... Exorcisms are scary! Angels are always trying to exorcise me with their stupid magic and samey singing and mathematics... I don't want Sachiko to exorcise me with her tunes! I don't! Sachiko and Choi (S-link 3)NEW!
Sachiko better bring Ji-Hu to my home in the fairy land! I wanna meet her! Shadows are cooler than Personas! Sachiko and Ji-Hu mini NEW!

Week Five

Asaka the War Criminal! The Monster with Twenty-One Faces bears its fangs for the first time! May 7th

End of the Road, Start of the Journey Asaka's Center Stage! May 8th

How long will it take to heal from betrayal? The Evokers without a name! May 9th

How many dead Mothmen does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Adventures in the Black Market! May 11th


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