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Persona Users

The Sailor Scouts 5 Soejima Road Gang

Dinah Sarah Schreier, HELLION

  • The Magician, Contractor of Guy Montag (MOGS)

Karo Nakajima, ACE

  • The Tower, Contractor of Char Aznable (CAKE).

Sachiko Kurata, DOKTOR

  • The Devil, Contractor of Faust (TAO)

Caolán Choi

  • The Emperor, Contractor of Cao Cao. The Student Council President in exile. Would rather betray the world than let the world betray him.

Roy Griffin, KING

  • The Hanged Man, Contractor of Black Panther; the landlord of 5 Soejima, made a lot of mistakes in the past but his heart's in the right place

Yi Ji-hu

  • The Strength, Contractor of Galadriel; an occupant of 5 Soejima who discovered how to make new Evokers, a dedicated revolutionary.

Miss Asahina, AKA Suzanne Smithson

  • Not a Persona user, but the dorm master who seems to live in a sealed booth. Cooks meals. Never seen. Maybe a ghost, or a spider lady, or a ghost spider. It's Suzanne Smithson!

Ai Yoshino

  • The Justice, Contractor of Mami Tomoe (SUZUNE); went home for legal reasons

Hideki Nakajima

  • The Lovers, Contractor of Dorian Gray (CAKE). Permanently injured and out of commission.

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The Monster with 21 Faces (M-21)

Adrien Delacour

  • The Fool, the Wild Card, Contractor of V


  • A mysterious second member of M-21. Contractor of Wonder Woman.


  • A mysterious member of M-21. Contractor of Saber


  • A mysterious member of M-2. Contractor of Hawkman


  • A mysterious member of M-21. Contractor of Iron Man

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Sophia Academy's Aoi Hall (University)


Yua Tsukuda

  • Tall Japanese woman. First year university student. Considered extremely beautiful, some nasty rumours about her. Accused of meddling in the May riots. Active online

Sophia Academy's Lion Hall (Secondary)

Teachers (and former teachers)

Ms. Espinosa (H-3B)

  • Music Teacher, Homeroom Teacher of H-3B. Willowy Spanish woman. Acts like she was born with a dance in her soul but insists she had to learn how to have a dance in her soul like everyone else

Mr. Husayn (H-3C)

  • Science+Biology teacher, Homeroom Teacher of H-3C. Dead sexy Egyptian man. Teaching style insists on teaching science like a mid-90s ad on the dangers of drugs

Ms. Banerjee (H-2A)

  • Cultural Studies teacher, Homeroom Teacher of H-2A. Short, slim Indian woman. Fights powerlessly to rouse interest in early modern Japanese culture amidst a deluge of anime and manga

Ms. Suzanne Smithson (H-2B)

  • Japanese+Religious Studies teacher, Homeroom Teacher of H-2B. Vibrant, red-haired Australian woman. A Cool Teacher who does Cool Teacher things but isn't tragic about it like Mr Bash

Mr. Hinata (H-2C)

  • Medicine Teacher, campus doctor, Homeroom Teacher of H-2C. Tall, Japanese man. Mad cute. Breaks hearts by having girlfriend, who is an Irish astronomer. Actually a doctor keeps his name as Mr because he's a Cool Teacher

Ms. Kongo (H-1A)

  • Mathematics+Advanced Mathematics teacher, Homeroom Teacher of H-1A. Rubenesque Japanese woman. Wants you to believe maths is sexy as much as she wants you to believe she isn't thirsty on main

Ms. Prescott (H-1B)

  • Economics Teacher, Homeroom Teacher of H-1B. Skinny Australian woman. Too competent to be seen on screen

Mr. Gregory Cameron (H-1C)

  • History+Social Studies+Geography teacher, Homeroom Teacher of H-1C. Tall Scottish man. Good-looking, not a racist

Mr. Kobayashi (M-3B)

  • English+Philosophy teacher, Homeroom Teacher of M-3B. Thin Japanese man with bleached hair. Goes by Mr Bash. Looks and acts like the sensation of a Ramones vinyl repurposed to have Levar Burton shouting twitter slang at you

Ms. Elemide (M-3C)

  • Chemistry Teacher, Homeroom Teacher of M-3C. Tall, looming Nigerian woman. Gives off a real Anarchist's Cookbook impression, probably a communist

Mr. Matsudaira (M-2A)

  • Physical Education+Industrial Skills teacher, Homeroom Teacher of M-2A. Tall barrel-chested Japanese man. Rumoured to have been grown in a gym teacher factory. Brought to tears by the masculine ideal

Mr Tachibana (M-1A)

  • Psychology teacher, Homeroom Teacher of M-1A. Built big and mean. Likes to pick on the slackers. In my head he speaks like an 80s action movie cop boss accent. Sentenced Karo to two weeks of summer school because he failed five exam. The Ghost of Reagan Voters Past

Mr. Bazzoli (M-1B)

  • Art Teacher, Homeroom Teacher of M-1B. Portly and cheery-looking Italian man. Rides or dies for still-lifes. Plays warm and friendly, then turns into an ice cold art detective

Ms. Eichel (M-1C)

  • Home Economics+Technology teacher, Homeroom Teacher of M-1C. Statuesque German woman. Loves *the science of the domestic*. Unsettling militant pacifism vibes


  • Former History+Social Studies+Geography teacher. Head of H-1C. Half-American, but hid it. First Dream Theatre Archetype. A sexist nationalist accused of sexual assault. Underwent a change in cognition thanks to the Monster with 21 Faces.


  • Former Principal. Medium-sized elderly Chinese man. Speaks in an inside voice all the time, which is surprisingly creepy. Dismissed in Week 14/15 as corruption and siding-with-Asaka-ness was revealed.

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The Restored Sixty-Eighth Student Council of Lion Hall, Sophia Academy

Caolán Choi

  • Student Council President. Big man on campus. The final boss of 3rd year exams

The Vice-President

  • ??

Shun Yukimura

  • Treasurer. Thin Japanese boy. Smells really nice, all the time. Often seems a little unwell. Doesn't take his job too seriously but does do it very well. Choi's best friend. Has a terminal condition that compromises his immune system.

Yaeko Shiba

  • Secretary. Medium-sized Japanese girl. Very good at taking notes, a little unmotivated at first but unleashes grandiose ambitions the moment she is. Can turn her head a full 180 degrees. Went double-agent on the usurpers like a boss

Jeong Hyun

  • Discipline and Class Liaison. Incredibly tall and brawny Korean boy. Very direct. Freakishly strong. Actually pretty good at speaking to people, and undyingly loyal to Choi

Sachiko Kurata

  • Provisional council member brought on to help handle the Asaka crisis. Not head of countermeasures.

The Sophian Herald Newspaper Committee

Audrey Lee

  • Smol Chinese girl. In charge of the middle school portion of the Herald. Floral writing style. Easily impressed by people taller than her. Now acting Editor-in-Chief after basically everyone above her got dismissed for their shit-stirring

Malachi Mills

  • Swaggering Canadian prick. In charge of the arts part of the newspaper. Asshole who decided to screw with the Drama Club incessantly with scathing reviews then tabloid gossip.


  • Editor-in-Chief of the Sophian Herald. Has turned it into a gang. Smells nice, pretty eyes. Polemic writing style. Dismissed in Week 14/15 for being, basically, a shit

Joshua Kwan (DISMISSED)

  • Writer Editor-in-Chief for the Sophian Herald. Articles are thinly veiled criticisms of 'disharmonious' elements, like pro-liberationist Hong Kongers. Went down with Dexu

Zhang Yufe (DISMISSED)

  • In charge of 'maintenance'. Mostly carries things around. Unofficially in charge of security and the goons. Went down with Dexu

Sergio Pozos (DISMISSED)

  • Not a member of the club but answers to them. Argued once with Joshua over race things, lost the ensuing fight. Went down with Dexu

The Former New Illegitimate Student Council

Liu Dexu

  • Student Council President. Polite and eloquent, untrustworthy son of a bitch, cries a lot

Yaeko Shiba

  • Treasurer. Unfaithful treacherous backstabbing worm. Actually a spy planted by Caolan Choi.

Zhang Yufei

  • Head of Discipline. Good lord.

Megumi Murakami

  • Secretary. Weird, no friends, wanted this position but Choi shot her down because she was too intense.


Science and Tech Club

Maki Mizuno

  • Science and Tech Club Leader. Has her hair in cinnamon buns. Doesn't deal with stress very well. Kind of irritates other girls for reasons she can't explain.

Yaeko Shiba

  • Club member. Loves chemistry. Scheming to take over the club for some reason. Otherwise works very well with Maki. It ain't personal, it's just business

Saoirse Choi

  • Club member and manager. Loves science, especially physics and quantum theory, but the science and tech club is more about robotics and chemistry, which is… fine

Pop Culture Club

Camille Sault

  • Pop Culture Club Leader. Massive chuunibyou, probably can't focus in class because he's overstimulated by being around Japanese schoolgirls 24/7

Ai Yoshino

  • Not as big a chuunibyou as Sault, to the surprise of many

Social Justice Club

Tāne Russell

  • Social Justice Club Leader. Tall Maozi New Zealand boy. The once and future nazi puncher. Noted instigator for the "Burn down Asaka" side of the May middle school riots

Photography Club

Şehrazad Tiryaki

  • Photography Club Leader. Iranian girl who is 5'0 but lives a 6'0 life. Wants to be a cop.

Astronomy Club

Kalyani Joshi

  • Astronomy Club Leader. Indian boy whose height brings him closer to the stars. Love the night sky, hates the zodiac, reacts allergically to tarot cards

Kim Jun

  • Loves him some astronomy. Peppers his speech with astronomical terminology, which clashes violently with his brawny appearance and crude speech

Art Club

Levi Matos

  • Art Club Leader. Medium-height Israeli boy. Swears a lot, has very guerrilla conceptualisations about art

Dinah Sarah Schreier

  • The voice of reason, the only thing standing between Levi and reality, not Jewish

Cooking Club

Gabriel Aalto

  • Cooking Club Leader. Extremely adorable Finnish boy. Everyone assumes he is a middle schooler, except middle schoolers who assume he's in elementary. Hides stray cats in the cooking club

Drama Club, The Honourable Acting and Theatre Troupe of Sophia Academy, Lion Hall Chapter

Kiku Ito

  • Drama Club Leader. Japanese girl, tall like an oak. The middlest Ito sister. A consummate actress but cripplingly unable to not corpse at her own jokes.

Music Club

Rahman Jamshidi

  • Music Club Leader. Saxophone. Average-sized Iranian boy. Is perennially torn between his love of music and his destiny to become a doctor but isn't fucking boring about it

Sakurako Nagisa

  • Middle-sized Japanese girl. Plays a mean flute. Is a mainstay of the music club, and is only not leader because it's too much effort

Lily Xun

  • French-Chinese girl. The Queen of the Dropped Beat. Has a neat punk aesthetic and is well-liked by most of music club

Literature Club

Enitan Abiodun

  • Literature Club Manager. Tall, thin Nigerian boy. Loves books, hates management, but loves books more than he hates management. Is the temporary manager of the Lit Club after the leader seemingly vanished

Parvaneh Rajavi

  • Tiny Iranian girl. Extremely smart, socially isolated, memorised all the Kanji. Could probably answer questions about literature all day

Hideki Nakajima

  • Lover of books and poetry, funnily enough

Shun Yukimura

  • Treasurer of the Council and literature club member. Favourite genre is philosophical novels and cheap erotica

Japanese Culture and Tea Club

Yi Ji-Hu

  • Japanese Culture and Tea Club Manager. Petite Korean girl. Sweet, composed, beautiful exterior hiding the interior of a hardcore socialist. A logistical error left the Culture Club without a leader, and she took over as she was manager

Sumire Fujiwara

  • Middle schooler club member. Flighty and extremely talkative, unable to keep a secret. Excels at pouring tea but ruins the elegance with chatter. The official ‘Friendly Greeter’ of the club, who greets people Ji-hu wants to keep

Mako Watanabe

  • Middle schooler club member. Cool and composed, presents an elegant and refined tea ceremony but not one that is warm or sociable. The official ‘Scary Greeter’ of the club, who greets people Ji-hu wants to repel

Karo Nakajima

  • Noted Go-Home Clubber who was tricked into joining Culture Club through Ji-hu’s scheming and his inability to say no to Sumire

Debate Club, the Pride of Lion Hall

Evripidis Andreas

  • Debate Club Leader. Middle-sized Greek boy. Cerebral, intelligent, a little dry, especially online. Has a gift with birds. Is barely Orthodox but plays it up to mess with Japanese who only know about Catholicism

Rio Sakuma

  • Debate Club's pet wolverine. Small Japanese girl. Hot-headed arguemonger who lives to tear apart other's arguments. Describing her as 'active online' instils chills in others. Makes her own smoke bombs

Sachiko Kurata

  • Debate Club’s ace in the hole. The only survivor of the Kimiko Miyamoto Massacre of 2018. The sane one of the group

Fencing Club

Aberash Sisay

  • Fencing Club Leader. Tall Ethiopian girl. Dreams of finding prince Charming and slaying him in a duel

Naginatado Club, the Steel Scarves

Kumiko Matsushita

  • Naginatado Club Leader. Gracefully tall Japanese girl. Warps the air around her with the aura of a rich girl. Absolutely could kill most people with a naginata, grandmother did

Kendo Club, the Tenjin Blades

Shun Nakahara

  • Kendo Club Leader. Short Japanese boy. The discipline and pageantry of regular kendo are the only thing keeping him from being an absolute monster delinquent. Open, obvious crush on Matsushita which he furiously denies

Archery Club

Song Zhi

  • Archery Club Leader. Middle-sized Chinese girl. The image of professionalism and steady hands, belied only by her absolutely uninhibited rivalry with the Aichi High archery club

Saoirse Choi

  • Tall Hong Kong girl. A school idol in the making, much like her elder brother. Good at her chosen club, much like her elder brother. No one can tell if she's perverted or dense. Starting to sour on the clubmembers who don’t trust her for cheating last year

Yurika Mori

  • Average-sized Japanese girl. Mediocre ability at archery gives way to absolute dedication to archery, which itself is a talent

Emily Wyatt

  • Average-sized American girl. Once shot herself in the foot with a composite longbow, which itself is a pretty remarkable feat

Ai Yoshino

  • A natural born master of the RUNNING SHOOT

Shooting Club

Sovanna Suon

  • Shooting Club Manager. Tall Thai girl. Loves guns only in the sense of admiring an instrument of physics and artisanry. Was pushed into leading the shooting club after the absense of their leader

Zhao Yi

  • Former ace of the Shooting Club whose skills have diminished after losing an eye. Attends shooting club for revolutionary purposes

Karo Nakajima

  • Noted Go-Home clubber tricked into joining Shooting Club for revolutionary purposes

Wushu Club

Jiang Chang

  • Wushu Club Leader. Tall, well-built Chinese girl. Very calm, would only kill someone deliberately. Is a mother of a baby, who sleeps in a box in the corner during club, and stays in the uni nursery during class

Dinah Sarah Schreier

  • Essentially takes over the club when Jiang Chang is busy. Actually a good teacher despite being a massive delinquent

Reiko Hamasaki

  • Absolute cinnamon roll, surprisingly scrappy, doesn't go down easy

Jiang Hongjie

  • Jiang's baby. Absolute unit. Will judo toss before he can walk

Swimming Club

Abby Blackwood

  • Swimming Club Leader. Petite English girl. Loves to swim, tragically uses the exact same 'I'm like a mermaid' flirt line on every boy she's interested in

Baseball Club, the Scholar-Kings

Nazariy Volkov

  • Baseball Club Leader. Tall Russian boy. His love of baseball is absolute, matched only by his love for experimental sushi, managing to diappoint both his Russian dad and his half-Japanese mother

Hideki Nakajima

  • The star player of the Scholar-Kings. Loves baseball a lot. Whether he loves it more than his girlfriend is an open question, which is in itself kind of sad

Figure Skating Club

Juno Winter

  • Figure Skating Club Leader. Tall German girl. Untouchably beautiful ice sculpture. Is definitely cooler than you

Adrien Delacour

  • Figure Skating Club member. Moves with lithe elegance and reckless passion. Is winning fans for his sultry moves on the ice

AFL Club

Terry Savage

  • Australian Football Club Leader. Huge Australian boy. The masculine ideal

Jeong Hyun

  • Huge Korean boy tricked into playing AFL a year ago by Terry. Has huge fun but feels bad about speccies on smaller peoples' backs. Becomes shy when girls watch the game

High School Classes

Third-Years(17 going on 18)

Class H3-A

Zhang Yufei

  • Huge Chinese girl. Terrifying physicality. Confronting mentality. Phallic fascination. Drinking problem. Fan of the Firecrusher

Class H3-B (Caolán's Class)

Ms. Espinosa, Homeroom Teacher of H3-B

Caolán Choi

  • Tall Hong Kong boy. Chemistry and Economics electives. Student Council President and all around school idol. Holder of the coveted Top Scorer position in the Third Years. Has a reputation for being romantically untouchable. Comes from a family of actors and artists

Masaru Katsuki

  • Rotund Japanese boy. Psychology and Technology electives. Facial spots in the shape of Orion. Tipped Kotsuhara and Tsunemori off about the M-21 threats vs Asaka and other things. Investigated the dorm for a paranormal magazine

Kim Jun

  • A tall, muscular Korean boy with a harsh, regrettable undercut. Cultural Studies and Industry electives. Followed Sachiko on the orders of Sergio Pozos in order to make sure she wasn't intimidating students. Was caught and questioned and squealed like an egg in boiling water

Joshua Kwan

  • Tall, powerful Hong Kong boy. Philosophy and Medicine electives. Liu Dexu's right hand man. Loyal to the Mainland. Thinks your body betrays your degeneracy

Yi Ji-Hu

  • Petite Korean girl. Cultural Studies and Psychology electives. Popular member of class H3-B, and class rep, an awkward role considering the class is home to Choi. Has her eyes set on toppling Choi's record for the Top Scorer.

Class H3-C (Hideki's old Class)

Mr. Husayn, Homeroom Teacher of H3-C

Hideki Nakajima

  • Popular all-rounder. Once took his shirt off in Asaka's class for no explicable reason. Or rather the reason he had was that it was 'hot'

Terhi Laakkonen

  • Classmate of Hideki's. Cultural Studies and Art electives. Unthinkingly tried to disrobe when she saw Hideki do it

Liu Dexu

  • Medium-sized Chinese boy. Cultural Studies and Philosophy electives. Leads the School Newspaper. Eternal rival of Choi

Sergio Pozos

  • Tall Mexican boy. Biology and Medicine electives. Hair is short because he cut it, not because he is old. Looks like the dude from the Raid. Set Kotsuhara against the Student Council, Yua Tsukuda and others.

Second Years (16 going on 17)

Class H2-A

Ms. Banerjee, Homeroom Teacher of H2-A

Megumi Murakami

  • Thin Japanese girl. Psychology and Industry Electives. Sachiko is suspicious of her after investigations revealed she was abnormally close- and not emotionally, just geographically- to a lot of the records from victims of abuse. Ran for President, lost, and wanted to be Council Secretary. Choi turned her down because he felt she was too intense

Levi Matos

  • Art and Psychology electives. Entirely pleasant in class, supportive and friendly

Saoirse Choi

  • Chemistry and Biology electives. Most popular student in the class, popular, smart, pretty and helpful. Class rep. Becomes irritated if you remind her how her class tricked her into thinking their cafe was a maid cafe last school festival, leading to her being dressed as a maid in a cafe full of entirely normally dressed people

Lily Xun

  • Petite Chinese-French girl. Music and Technology electives. Legendary for being thrown in detention for two weeks after holding an absolutely kickass after-hours dubstep rave in Sophia Court in 2017

Harry Kirishima

  • Tall American-Japanese boy. Music and Chemistry electives. Spirited, good-looking and sociable. Accidentally brought his cat to school last year and no one can forget about his 'Cat Smuggling'

Junko Kikkawa

  • Portly Japanese girl. Economics and Geography electives. Doesn't have many friends but is generally considered friendly. Unable to speak to Ling Yuying without it turning into a screaming match for some reason

Kang Seoyeon

  • Tall Korean girl. Religious Studies and Medicine electives. Devout christian. Always the first to volunteer to help in class activities, people kind of see her as gullible

Class H2-B (Sachiko and Dinah's class)

Ms. Smithson, Homeroom Teacher of H-2B

Dinah Sarah Schreier

  • Second, now third-top scoring Second year. Unbelievable delinquent vibes ruined by her excellent grades, soon she'll learn French and be hon hon hon je suis bourgeoisie

Sachiko Kurata

  • Top-scoring second-year. Unfortunate habit of wearing clothes of bands and movies she wasn't even born for, extremely hipster bullshit

Terry Savage

  • Industry and Cultural Studies electives. Absolute unit boy who fights for justice around the clock

Wallace McClean

  • Lanky Aboriginal Australian boy. Industry and Technology electives. Wunderkind of Class H2-B and the second years in general. The final boss of any wanting to try and earn the top score at exams. Is pretty chill

Adrien Delacour

  • Gangly Canadian pest. Second-top scoring second year. Psychology and Philosophy electives. Destroyed his relationships with his classmates by being even slimier than usual for rich people is slowly becoming more accepted, gracious and even well-liked

Sif Thorsen

  • Short Danish girl. Chemistry and Geography electives. The Greater Thorsen twin, reprimanded for Asaka for having a black bra during the Sachiko's Pants Incident. Spreads rumours. Has a weakness for salty food that she finds very embarrassing even though no one gives a shit

Viola Thorsen

  • Short Danish girl. Music and Medicine electives. The Lesser Thorsen twin, reprimanded for Asaka for having a black bra during the Sachiko's Pants Incident. Spreads rumours. Infamously slipped down a long flight of stairs in middle school, completely unharmed, then broke her leg by slipping on wet grass a week later

Takumi Mizushima

  • Portly Japanese boy. Technology and Advanced Mathematics electives. Loves fantasy novels but hates isekai. Once had a screaming match in the halls with Camille Sault over whether dragons have four legs or two. Keeps trying to take an interest in Yurika Ito, which she isn’t thrilled with

Salman El-Amin

  • Willowy Saudi Arabian boy. Economics and Geography electives. Records everything in his smartphone diary. Quiet, keeps to himself. Dreads phys ed after the time he put an extra member on the basketball team he was supposed to be coaching

Ren Tanaka

  • Long Japanese boy. Not tall, just long. Industry and Technology electives. Nurtures an open and obvious crush on his teacher, Suzanne Smithson. Joined AFL Club to 'learn the ways of the Australian', eats shit every session. Recently left a secret anonymous love letter/cupcake in Smithson’s office. Everyone knows it was him but tacitly refuses to acknowledge to avoid the awkward conversation

Ling Yuying

  • Long-legged Chinese girl. Biology and Advanced Mathematics electives. Reprimanded by Asaka for having a skirt too short in the infamous Sachiko's Pants incident. Insists her skirt isn't short, she's just long. Every tuesday morning, brings in a cinnamon cake for the class to share without fail

Yurika Ito

  • Petite Japanese girl. The sweet baby sister Ito. Cultural Studies and Art electives. Reprimanded for Asaka for having a skirt too long in the infamous Sachiko's Pants Incident. Reserved and shy, considered pretty in a traditional way, all traits that ensure a horde of creepy admirers. Extreme talent at Japanese and calligraphy do not help. Rumoured to be in a relationship with Mr. Cameron

Class H2-C

Mr. Hinata, Homeroom Teacher for H2-C

Tokuro Saruwatari

  • Thin Japanese boy. Cultural Studies and Art electives. Major fan of Japanese art, practically raises his little sister who is in elementary, everyone in the class thinks they're super adorable together

Anna Reinder

  • Average-sized Belgian girl. Technology and Biology electives. Has an infamously poor relationship with Ms. Eichel after a mistimed comparison in Home Ec spiraled into a full on argument between the two over IVF

Malachi Mills

  • Wiry Canadian boy. Psychology and Advanced Mathematics electives. The grapepicker of the Lion Hall rumour grapevine. Once outed a student as being an idol in training, leading to a small near-riot during lunch

Henry Bellamy

  • Fit New Zealand boy. Economics and Medicine electives. A very good boy who is helpful and cheerful. Thinks his very affectionate relationship with H1-A's Isabelle Brook is secret, but everyone knows about it

Sakurako Nagisa

  • Slightly tall Japanese girl. Music and Philosophy electives. Old friend of Sachiko but didn't contact Sachiko after her accident, now there's awkward blood between them. A little less outgoing than she used to be.

Evripidis Andreas

  • Short Greek boy. Philosophy and Religious Studies electives. Known as being intelligent but a little grumpy by his classmates

Rio Sakuma

  • Average-built Japanese girl. Cultural Studies and Philosophy electives. Fighty but not personal about it, once got reprimanded by Asaka for wearing Andreas' tie to class by mistake

First Years (15 going on 16)

Class H1-C

Mr. Cameron, Homeroom Teacher of H1-C

Ai Yoshino

  • Shrinking violent who somehow avoided Asaka's wrath despite being in his homeroom

Reiko Hamasaki

  • Scrappy, smol Japanese girl. A beacon of cheer who brought chocolates in on the first day. Her hatred of Asaka was matched only by his completely blind affection for her

Wu Shizeng

  • Tall, imposing Chinese boy. Has Opinions about reunification. Serious, calm, considerate, got in a fight with Asaka

Yurika Mori

  • Average-sized Japanese girl. Thought Joan of Arc was the origin story of French Fries, which is just kind of regrettable

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Middle School

Third Years (14 going on 15)

Class M3-A

Amrit Narang

  • Thin Indian boy. Power exam monster. Seems to enjoy studying for its own sake like some kind of pervert. Was asked to spread rumours by Hideki, did so with paraphernalia

Audrey Lee

  • Smol Chinese girl. In charge of the Sophian Herald's middle school section. Strong grades, absolute teacher's pet

Han Ling

  • Weedy Chinese boy. Super greasy. Rat-faced. Kind of an asshole, bad opinions on sexual relationships, regrettably competent at schoolwork

Class M3-B

Kotone Oda

  • Willowy Japanese girl. Tall for her age, seems to have grown up all at once in the course of a summer. Local rich girl, everyone knows it, pretty standoffish. More friendly with the local stray cats than she is her classmates

Second Years (13 going on 14)

Class M2-B

Sumire Fujiwara

  • Slightly-below-average-in-height Japanese girl. Had a huge growth spurt over the holidays. Innocent, impressionable. Teachers hate calling on her because she'll combo an answer into a story. Enlisted by Hideki to spread a rumour, did so with innocent talking, helped spark an all out gang war

Apollo Boyland

  • Willowy American boy. Not embarrassed about his weird name, but should be. Permanent bedroom eyes. Is either innocently flirty, or merely pretends to be innocent and is a giant flirt

Paris Macquarie

  • Average Canadian boy. Has a reputation as a badass daredevil who does wild things that no one else would ever dream of

Katsuo Izumi

  • Tall Japanese boy. Popular kid. Little bit of an asshole, but he has a good spirit. Tries to leave donations without getting caught. Gets super embarrassed if people expose his secret good deeds

First Years (12 going on 13)

Class M1-A

Mr. Tachibana, Homeroom Teacher of M1-A

Kazuhiro "Karo" Nakajima

  • Quiet nerd, keeps to himself. Known only as the brother of Hideki Nakajima. Was aggressively unimportant until he pulled the trigger on the May Riots, and became the second Archetype

Hikaru Kamiya

  • Tallish Japanese boy. Karo's dormmate. Obsessed with girls. Will be a virgin until his forties if he doesn't change his entire goddamn tune

Barry Thames

  • Broad English boy. Spreads rumours to impress girls. Kamiya's best friend

Umeko Saitou

  • Graceful Japanese girl. Granddaughter of the head priest on Mount Hongo. Often absent

Hikari Akiyama

  • Short Japanese girl. Tries to take care of other peoples' wellbeing. Some people abuse this and forget to bring in pencils because they know she'll have them.

Other Schools

Saint Catherine's Girls Catholic High School

Kimiko Miyamoto

  • Petite Japanese girl. An extremely pretty and high achieving school idol at St. Catherine's who heads the debate team. Crushed the Pride of Lion Hall in Week Eight. Her big sister Maiko is a gravure idol. Andreas cannot handle her at all

Hoshiko Matsudaira

  • Slim Japanese girl with light brown wavy hair, cut to her ears, and large round glasses. Kimiko’s best friend, calls her ‘Kimi’. Teaching Kimiko how to cook. Pretty good at science, too

Akari Yoshioka

  • Tall, plump Japanese woman. Kimiko’s teacher. Shrewd, clever and considerate, is a trusted confidant and friend of Kimiko’s. Has a girlfriend

Aichi High School

Asari Mochizuki

  • Graceful, tall Japanese girl posing as a boy. Loves baseball and swordplay, and poses as a boy to avoid her traditional family's ban on her participating in these. A fierce rival to Hideki but also had a crush on him after something he said to her. Is now friends with Karo, so she can maintain the tradition of dunking on a Nakajima

Sakura Sakamoto

  • Medium-sized Japanese girl. The leader of the Aichi High School debate team. Considered a 'genius' by Choi due to her debating skills

Katashiba and the Aichi region

The Government

Goro Matsudaira

  • Portly, short Japanese man. The Mayor of Katashiba. Does long-winded speeches. Descends from the Matsudaira family, a powerful and old family of locals that are related to the Tokugawa clan

The Police

Hayato Oda

  • Superintendent of the Katashiba Police Department. Member of the Oda family, traditional landowners who hold great power in Katashiba. A little young for his position, probably got it from nepotism. Lives with his parents in the Oda Estate
    • Noted for his involvements in the investigation into the infamous Black Stabber Murders of 2012, where he blamed them on a dog, and for an earlier case where he mishandled some missing firearms made by his family

Subaru Hirano

  • Mid-twenties Japanese man, a little overweight, or rather gone to seed. Detective in the KPD. Nicknamed ‘Cocaine Fairyland’ by his companions in the PD for his alleged use of alcohol and illicit substances. Seems a little weird. Remembers things that he shouldn’t. Frankly, forgets things that he shouldn’t as well. The older brother of Hardboiled Student

The Media

Akira Kotsuhara

  • Reporter for the Aichi Times. All Business. Held against the sandpaper edge of journalistic reality much to her resentment. Long-suffering, deserves better

Kishou Tsunemori

  • Akira's professional partner, cameraman. Has the soul of a paranormal investigator and the business sense of one as well, which is a self-fulfilling curse

Mount Honga

Yoshirou Saitou, Kannushi of the Honga Tenman-gū Shrine

  • Super tall Japanese man. Old but built like a truck beneath all those robes. Basically unknown by anyone under the age of 18, but a figure of great influence in local affairs

Aiko Ishikawa

  • Old Japanese lady. A helper and housekeeper at the shrine

The Hanamachi/Art Scene

Madame Tomoko Suzuki

  • Tall Japanese woman. The Mother of the Tomoko Okiya, the greatest (and last) geisha house in Katashiba. All Mothers of the Okiya change their name to Tomoko on inheriting the title- name used to be Sakurako Suzuki. Beautiful and smart, exceptionally successful businesswoman like most geisha Mothers are

Michael Bureau

  • Tall, beautiful American man. Attached to the local church as a student priest. Helps out at the Tomoko Okiya a lot. Alfred dislikes him. Babysits Kimiko and sweats on her- is suspected by Sachiko to be Michael Messier

Antonio 'Tony' Paredes Guerra

  • Middle-sized Portuguese man. Runs Tony's Tune Emporium, a seemingly shabby music store. Has great influence in the Art Scene due to his longevity and storied history

Alfred Alvin

  • Gangly western boy. Showed up in Tony's, okay with the piano, heavenly with stringed instruments. Plays music for money, needs money to eat, has no phone and no address. Has a flip phone now. Struggles to read English, but reads Japanese just fine

Kimiko Miyamoto

  • Petite Japanese girl. Apprentice to Tomoko Suzuki, the idol of St. Catherine's Catholic Girls' School. Possesses sharp intellect, unmatched beauty and charm. Reports of being a sorceress or a vampire are unconfirmed

Finn Blue-Holmstrom

  • Tall American-Swedish man. Runs the Blue Fin, a bar/music lounge/tailor shop. Extremely cool, his name is prosperous and powerful

Spuuki Tanuki

  • An aggressively mediocre band of amateur university musicians who play at the Blue Finn a lot, whose defining feature is being perceivable despite being university students. Just as incomprehensible is their desire to insert a grudge against Caolán Choi into half of their songs

The Oda Family

Nobutaka Oda

  • 96 year old Japanese man. The official head of the Oda family, but chronically ill and bedridden. Served in the IJN during World War Two.

Nobuhara Oda

  • 70 years old, son of Nobutaka. The unofficial head of the family. Collectively the power behind the ‘Oda Family Holdings’, including Katashiba Heavy Industries (KHI), Oda Entertainment including Relax World, various Aichi media groups and the Dreadnought chain of family restaurants

Kenichi Oda

  • 48 years old. The oldest son of Nobuhara Oda, the father of Kenya, Kazuko and Noburu. Runs Katashiba Heavy Industries, and supports right-wing politicians and lobby groups to get military spending funneled into Katashiba and the pacifist clause of the Constitution amended.
  • Kenya Oda
    • 23 years old, son of Kenichi Oda. A business/economics student at Sophia Academy. Represents Japan in shooting competitions on a national scale, including the 2016 Olympics. Also holds national achievements in mixed martial arts. Is said that his dedication to martial arts is matched only by his arrogance. Used to bully Caolan Choi and Liu Dexu when they were in elementary school
  • Kazuko Oda
    • 20 years old, daughter of Kenichi Oda.A law+political science student at Sophia Academy. Part of the Sophian tennis team, rumoured to be the girlfriend of a female idol, although she and her family strenuously deny this. Dabbled in streaming video games, was reasonably popular. Used to bully Caolan Choi and Liu Dexu when they were in middle school
  • Noburu Oda
    • 19 years old, son of Kenichi Oda. A medical student at Sophia Academy. Daddy’s little boy. Dated a movie star for awhile, broke up acrimoniously, rumored that he had an affair. Seems to have a thing for Asari. Used to bully Caolan Choi and Liu Dexu when they were in high school

Nobumitsu Oda

  • Died in 2017 at the age of 44 during summer break. Second son of Nobuhara Oda. Rumoured to have the ‘Oda Sickness’ manifesting as a weakness for foreign girls. Died of suicide in 2017, although some say he was murdered by his jealous siblings who were also ashamed of his philandering
  • Kotone Oda
    • 14 years old, daughter of Nobumitsu Oda. Rumoured to be illegitimate. Student at Sophia Academy in Class M3-B.

Hayato Oda

  • 39 years old, youngest son. Commissioner in the Katashiba PD. Not daddy’s favourite, is suspected to know that something ‘eldritch’ is going on
  • Hayama Oda
    • 18 year old male student at Sophia Academy, studying science. Said to have burned down the science lab in Lion Hall according to Maki Mizuno. Stopped bullying Caolan Choi and Liu Dexu after Joshua Kwan punched him into a locker

Others of Katashiba

Shinji Morinaga

  • Man in his fifties. Used to run a small toy shop back in the 80s, but his daughter Yukiko died in 1988 and his relationship with his wife fell apart. Sachiko returned his memorial teddy bear, which had been lost in the Sea, and helped him heal.

Jiang Hongjie

  • One year old Chinese-French baby. A mighty boy

Andre Laurent Jean Geraux

  • AKA ‘Bebe’. Adorable French Japanophile man who lives in Katashiba. Fashion designer and killer chef. Married to Meiko Yamamoto

Meiko Yamamoto

  • Late-twenties Japanese woman. Extremely optimistic and cheerful Japanese Francophile woman who lives in Katashiba. Fashion model, hobby chef and refugee advocate. Currently pregnant

Buchiko and Josephine

  • Meiko and Bebe’s dogs. Buchiko is a big Pyrenean mountain dog, whilst Josephine is a shiba inu. <3 Dinah

The Kurata Family

Takashi Kurata

  • Late middle-aged Japanese man, tall, with a hard, aquiline aspect to his face. Has dark brown hair with a bit of a wavy curve. Wears glasses. Is a bit of a Serious Dad, sometimes Comically Serious, but is absolutely utterly in love with his wife and it radiates from his body like a heat wave

Jung-hwa Kurata

  • Late middle-aged Korean woman, petite, with a a strong resemblance to her daughter Mari. Patient and cheerful, but highly shrewd and attentive beneath that cheer. Extremely in love with her husband, with starry eyes whenever she sees him

Mari Kurata

  • Sachiko’s Cool Onee-Sama. Clearly very close to her sister. Accentuates her good looks with a killer dress style. Extremely socially competent and often does work for her family. Used to work at Super Mario’s Pizza as Princess Peach

The Schreier Family (and Friends)

Daniel Schreier

  • American man in his late thirties. Dinah's father. Dark brown hair, dull blue eyes and an overall defeated demeanor. Once a world-famous actor, an accident on set left him almost paralyzed and ended his career. Wife divorced him and took Dinah and a majority of their income, forcing him to live under his means. Managed to find love again with his live-in Nurse, Rada Nikitia. Good parent but too soft.

Lucia Broussard

  • American woman in her late thirties. Dinah's mother. Bright blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, still looks like she's in her 20s. World-Famous Actor and Model. Divorced her husband after his career-ending injury and quickly re-married her Manager, Rhett Broussard. Had a son suspiciously soon after. Has been more of an influence on Dinah than either wants to admit. Smokes, even while telling Dinah to quit. Not the best parent in the world.

Jason Broussard

  • Nine-year-old american boy. Dinah's half-brother. Idolizes his big sister despite her hating him. Very smart and quiet. Nicknamed "Gremlin" by his mean older sister.

Rhett Broussard

  • American man in his late thirties. Not bad looking but nothing special. Lucia Broussard's Manager before and after beoming her new husband, also a well-renowned lawyer. Isn't a terrible person but Dinah hates him anyway.

Rada Nikitia

  • Late twenties American born daughter of Russian immigrants. New wife of Daniel Schreier, also his live-in Nurse. Genuinely nice, affectionate woman described as 'too nice' by Dinah.

Bernadette Alessi

  • Mid-thirties American woman. Not a Schreier but has been a live-in Nanny for Dinah long enough to be her second mother, though considers herself more of an older sister figure. Incredibly sweet and decent. Feels great shame when lying.

Annette Teague

  • Seventeen-year-old girl. Former schoolmate of Dinah. Not a Schreier, much to her chagrin. Was 100% a mean girl until Dinah put her in the hospital for saying a very wrong thing at a very wrong time.

Jerome Melville

  • Mid-thirties African American. Big teddy bear. Owns a grocery store in California that does good business thanks to his smart management strategies. Served as Dinah's mentor during the last long break, tried to be a positive influence. Mostly succeeded.

The Metaverse

The Velvet Room


  • The master of the Velvet Room. A bizarre elfin-looking fellow, but a benevolent one nonetheless. Fuses personas


  • An Attendant of Power in the Velvet Room. Short white boy. Attends to Sachiko and Dinah. A little mouthy


  • An Attendant of Power in the Velvet Room. Stocky brown-skinned girl. Attends to Hideki and Ai. Supportive and professional

A Blue Butterfly

  • Shows up for no discernible reason, bringing drama wherever it goes

The Shadow Market

Lord Krishna

  • The Master of the Shadow Market. An incarnation of Vishnu. Dresses real nice, plays a flute, will answer any question or provide you a boon that you ask for, in exchange for a precious memory

Lord Garuda

  • Krishna's general. Leads the Shadow Market's guards in defending it against threats

Lady Gdon

  • Krishna's doorkeeper. A surly tigress that is always on fire. Rumours that she 'has a thing' for Roy are a little gross


  • A Conductor Shadow created from Asaka's Archetype. Modelled on the father of the ancient Japanese estate. A healer, grower and protector who hates violence and loves peace. Has a nice little farm, does not talk to the Angels


  • A dragon-turtle monster, based on a creature in Occitan mythology. A grumpy old man, pretty sexist, thinks Japan is going to the dogs. Somehow ended up in the Fraternal Century to help the Sailor Scouts the 5 Soejima gang


  • A Shadow based on the infamous Mobile Armour from Mobile Suit Gundam. Kindly old grandfather, a pretty okay mech but an absolutely giant communist

The Goodfather Saint Anthony

  • An old man-shaped Shadow living in a church in the Shadow Market. Appears to be a Shadow modelled after Saint Anthony, patron saint of lost things. People ask his help in finding lost things and people


  • AKA Kit. Owns an izakaya. Makes Karo go doki-doki with her beauty. Knows Roy. Is a Kitsune, obviously. Keeping an eye out for Morokuzu


  • A mighty hero who helped Karo defeat an asshole Titan


The Fairy Queen

  • Protector of Avalon, Mother of the Qualinesti, Paramount Queen of the Eledhel, Everqueen of Ulthuan, Lady of Lorien, the Dream of Midsummer, Empress of the Summerset Isles, and Lady of the Courts of Seelie and Unseelie. A big deal, one of the most feared entities in the Sea of Chaos

Prince Idraceyl

  • Flowerlord, Bearer of the Black Staff. An extremely powerful Shadow modelled as a fantasy High Elf who serves as the Fairy Queen's favoured councillor, general and ambassador. Considered a match for the Persona users of old. Kind of a manipulative asshole


  • A big star dragon, Prince Idraceyl's mount. Pretty cool but definitely a top tier threat


  • Dark-haired Elven swordswoman. Curious about Sachiko. Curious about humans.


  • A fucking narc fae rescued from the Culture War, who told the Fairies about the Evokers. Has evolved into High Pixie. Calls Sachiko 'mummy'.

The Lost Playground

Indrid Cold

  • Baron of the Lost Playground. Knows a lot. His domain is based on American mythology, cryptozoology, urban legend and conspiracy theory

Special Agent Vulpes Crane

  • One of Indrid's agents outside of the Lost Playground. A thorough, paranoid paranormal investigator



The Mothman gang

  • A group of greaser mothmen who talk shit and get hit in that order

Bloody Mary

  • The bathroom urban legend. As the grandmother of all bathroom urban legends, is actually a grandmother. Too kindly to be scary


  • The toilet urban legend. How did a Japanese legend end up in an American domain? The greatest American urban legend of all: the American Dream

Abe Lincoln’s Ghost

  • A White House urban legend. It is said that the ghost of the Sixteenth President of the United States of America stalks the halls of the White House still. Due to his legendary oratory abilities, he is able to understand and touch the hearts of any living thing. Dinah made him sad

The Unexplained

Black Hat

  • A shadowy, threatening Persona user who originally pushed the Gang into the Sea of Chaos by dumping them into the abyssal Library of Endlings. Has tried to kill Yi Ji-Hu twice. His Personas seem to be twisted versions of the Gang's own.

Darth Vader

  • An unimaginably powerful Shadow that emerged in the Fraternal Century and nearly killed Sachiko. Slaughtered an Avalonian garrison in Thule. Modelled on the infamous villain from the Star Wars franchise.


  • An extremely powerful ‘Incarnate’ Shadow that emerged in Hong Kong 1938 to harass Karo and the others. Appears to be modeled on a villain from Naruto

The Culture War

Shadow Asaka "The Generalissimo"

  • The Archetype form of Asaka which manifested as an Imperial Japanese general. Cold, harsh ultranationalist. Tranformed into a giant robot based on Japanese warships

Puer Aeterna Asaka

  • The Inner Child form of Asaka- a young hopeful boy who was full of optimism and love for those around him. One gets the impression that if he had been told honestly about his heritage from the start, he would've been happy about it

The Fraternal Century

Shadow Karo "The Red Rook"

  • The Archetype form of Karo, which manifests as a real robot mecha ace pilot. A cool, daring rebel admired by all, even his enemies

Princess Yi

  • The Princess of the Principality of Sophia. Extremely melodramatic, acts helpless. Is based on Yi Ji-Hu, but is nowhere near hard socialist enough to be that

Hideki Diamondy

  • The general in charge of the Union of Earth Republics. A powerful, arrogant but talented figure who shines too brightly for people to see the sin within. Based on Hideki Nakajima


  • An enigmatic figure in charge of the Vox Porcupini, the greatest rebel movement in space. An individual named Morokuzu apparently lured Karo into the Sea of Chaos. Hideki and Parvaneh researched that Morokuzu might be a psuedonym for Shokatsu Ryou, a Chinese statesman and general of the 3rd century, known in his homeland as Zhuge Liang

Hong Kong, 1938

Shadow Liu Dexu "Liu Bei"

  • The archetype form of Dexu, manifesting as a triad version of legendary ancient Chinese folk hero Liu Bei. Liu Bei has a rep for virtuousness and good character despite acts that are considered barbaric and treacherous

Guan Yu

  • A Conductor modeled after Joshua Kwan manifesting as the first of Liu Bei's sworn brothers, the Chinese God of Brotherhood and Commerce. Considered bold, highly skilled but deeply arrogant.

Zhang Fei

  • A Conductor modeled after Zhang Yufei, manifesting as the second of Liu Bei's sworn brothers. Incredibly powerful in raw strength, unstoppable, but has a major drinking problem and cruel behaviour undermines relationship with underlings.

Zhuge Liang

  • A Conductor. Inspired by Zhuge Liang, the famous advisor and strategist to Liu Bei. Reknowned for his supernatural intellect and ability to predict others. This one is female.

Red Hare

  • The extremely fast horse of Guan Yu, now manifesting as a very fast red car. Stolen by Karo. Temperamental, hates bring controlled by the unworthy


  • The beautiful Inner Child of Liu Dexu- a freedom-loving woman who he swore himself to. A memoir of happier times and simpler promises. Tried to save her instead of empowering her. Loves fun, joy, a little reckless and excitable. Appeared different to everyone

The Past

The Fiend wth 22 Faces (F-22)

9 Evokers who defended Katashiba in 1988, all of whom officially disappeared.

Olivie Durand, CHANSON

  • The Fool, the Wild Card, contractor of ???. 18 Years old. French-African. Student Council President of the 38th Lion Hall Council. Intelligent, beautiful, amazing singer. Wanted to seal the Sea shut

Rowan Campbell, BEOWULF

  • The Fool, the Wild Card, contractor of ???. 17 year old. Scottish. In charge of F-22's finances. Fierce, wild, but extremely clever and good with numbers. Wanted to exploit the sea to benefit humanity

?? ??, HARKER

  • Unknown Arcana, contractor of ???.


  • Unknown Arcana, contractor of ???.

?? ??, JUDGE

  • Unknown Arcana, contractor of ???.

Keiko Abe, CONSULT

  • Unkown Arcana, contractor of Sherlock Holmes, Navigator


  • Unknown Arcana, contractor of ???

?? ?? ROGUE

  • Unknown Arcana, contractor of ???

Roy Griffin, YOUNG KING

  • The Hanged Man, Contractor of Black Panther; 16 years old. A scrawny African-American boy torn between his love for Olivie and his admiration of Rowan. Nerdy, cowardly yet also strangely reckless. Turned into a cat and even worse, a landlord

Keiko Abe

  • Short Japanese girl. 17 Years old. Suspected to be Consult.

Jirou Kita

  • Japanese-Ainu/Emishi boy. 16 years old. Suspected to be Barbarian.

Michael Messier

  • 17 year old American boy.

Nanami Mori

  • 16 year old Japanese girl.

Rin Murakami

  • 18 year old Japanese girl.

Masashi Yamaguchi

  • 21 year old Japanese man. University student.

Social Links

Adrien Delacour, Fortune (All)

  • A former member of the Sailor Scouts 5 Soejima Gang who left after a disagreement over Asaka's egg. Nonetheless, as the only true Wild Card, his destiny is bound to that of the Evokers, for good or ill.

Saoirse Choi, Temperance (Ai)
Camille Sault, Strength (Ai)
Wu Shizeng, Chariot (Ai)
Reiko Hamasaki, Sun (Ai)
Prince Idraceyl, Star (Ai)

Ms. Suzanne Smithson, Empress (Sachiko)

  • Sachiko's homeroom teacher. A Cool Teacher who gave Sachiko the address to a neat club. Often appears to give Sachiko advice. She seems really tired a lot of the time. Secretly Miss Asahina, the dorm mother of 5 Soejima. She explained how she accidentally was assigned to the dorm in her high school years and how she met Roy

Caolán Choi, Emperor (Sachiko)

  • Sachiko's friend and Student Council President. Together, they work to accumulate enough power for the Council to reform Sophia's unsettled society. Recently they have begun investigating rival groups. After being ousted by Liu Dexu, Choi confronted him at the parade and awoke to his Persona, Cao Cao. He was forced to confess that he worried about Sachiko, who was upset by this, but they’ve since made up

Mari Kurata, Justice (Sachiko)

  • Sachiko’s big sister. Cool onee-sama. Has recently stated she’s going to stay in Katashiba to really get to the bottom of the police corruption in the city, much to Sachiko’s dismay

Antonio "Tony" Paredes Guerra, Hermit (Sachiko)

  • Sachiko's musical mentor and sponsor. A cool old man who is learning the yatsuhashi koto. Has a serious grudge against Tomoko Suzuki, and recently crossed a line when she entered his store

Kimiko Miyamoto, Temperance (Sachiko)

  • Sachiko's musical and debate rival. A beautiful, sincere young woman who defeated her in debate. Had a fun day out with Sachiko, is a big movie buff, sister's a gravure idol, and also she investigated Alfred. Is starting to fall for Alfred

Prince Idraceyl, Star (Sachiko)

  • Chosen champion of the High Elves and Avalon. Is sharing strategic information with Sachiko. Asked her to return lost items as a favour to him. Gave her a bear to return to Shinji Morinaga, and in turn revealed that he was the lover of Consult, and that he still feels sad about her death

Alfred Alvin, Moon (Sachiko)

  • A homeless boy Sachiko befriended. She helped take his guitar back from the Elves. Used the guitar to apparently speak to the city, which creeped Sachiko out. Is taken with Kimiko, but has recently told Sachiko that Kimiko is in a bad situation at the behest of the Okiya.

Evripidis Andreas and Rio Sakuma, Sun (Sachiko)

  • Sachiko's club, a threadbare, brittle and untested debate team on the brink of collapse. Their first showing against Saint Catherine's was a disaster

Yi Ji-Hu, Star (Hideki)

  • Hideki's long-term girlfriend (at least by high school standards). Recent events have made the two very close and supportive to one another, with Ji-Hu supporting Hideki's Evokerdom by doing research and support. Told her about cheating on her in week 9, causing immense heartbreak and stress

Asari Mochizuki, Death (Hideki)

  • Hideki's baseball rival and secret admirer. This year, Hideki has consistently failed to defeat Asari, who has been coaching Hideki on how to maintain focus.

Parvaneh Rajavi, Priestess (Hideki)

  • Hideki's Lit Club partner. Reserved and timid, she came to life and impressed him and Roy by sourcing a great deal of info out during his investigation into Morokuzu.

Jiang Chang, Empress (Dinah)

  • Dinah's Wushu senpai. A calm woman and a mother of an one year old boy named Hongjie, who provided Dinah with anchorage when Dinah had been taunted into a flying rage by Adrien. Helped calm her down after Hideki's injury. Expressed worry about the actions of Liu Dexu and Joshua Kwan. Revealed that her family doesn't know about her son, whose father was a French student who ditched her. Revealed that her gossipy uncle is coming to Katashiba soon and will definitely rat out Hongjie; Dinah volunteered to take the baby for a few weeks. Has recently introduced them to the Gerard-Yamamoto family, which went terribly well

Levi Matos, Moon (Dinah)

  • Dinah's Art Club senpai. He has started showing interest in Dinah's biological art (ie. people getting their asses kicked). In an interesting role reversal, she has to apologise for his behaviour to others. Taught her how to trick people into not fighting, or fighting other people

Wallace McClean, Temperance (Dinah)

  • Dinah's classmate. In exchange for her advertising his shop, he provides her with cheap or free gadgets he's made. He's recently been asked to help repair a non-functional IBM-5100 for a customer. He has revealed that he knows how to repair it but has to get the chip off a shady dude.

Indrid Cold, Death (Dinah)

  • The Baron of the domain that Dinah tried to crush in her anti-Mothman rage. Intends to teach her some fucking manners. Led her to investigate Maki Mizuno, which led to Dinah learning about the true culprit behind the Lion Hall science lab fire- Hayama Oda!

Wu Shizeng, Chariot (Dinah)

  • Dinah's random friend. Bonded over shared experience in being shaken down by Zhang Yufei whilst eating. Thinks Dinah is funny

Bebe and Meiko Yamamoto, Sun (Dinah)

  • Friends of Dinah’s mother Lucia, who suggested Dinah go see them to learn French.


Umeko Saitou, Priestess (Karo)

  • Shrine Maiden of the Tenjin shrine. Long black hair. Karo first met her when she was trying to throw herself off a cliff. Invited him inside to watch some anime and had to sneak him out when her uncle came home unexpected.

Asari Mochizuki, Emperor (Karo)

  • Hideki's baseball rival and secret admirer. Was shaken deeply by Hideki's injury. Offered to help Karo as best he could. Recently went to the arcade with Karo, where he dunked on Karo brutally, before giving Karo a gift of Rin Sazabi. Was then accosted by Noburu Oda, who is a cousin to Asari

Mr. Gregory Cameron, Hierophant (Karo)

  • A teacher who took an interest in Karo. Gave him advice on how to make friends. Is now looking after Dopey, Karo’s pet pig

Hideki Nakajima, Lovers (Karo)

  • Karo's ace older brother. Terribly injured saving Karo from Darth Vader

Eliana, Strength (Karo)

  • Velvet Room attendant who gave Karo a model kit.

Yi Ji-hu, Star (Karo)

  • Kind of like Karo's big sister. Is looking out for him. Recently broke down into tears over Karo’s stubborn refusal to move into the dorm because he wants to avoid his brother

Kitsune, Moon (Karo)

  • A charming and alluring fox spirit that runs the Ninetail Izakaya, a bar in the Shadow Market. Does favours for Karo if she does favours for him

Sumire Fujiwara, Sun (Karo)

  • Member of culture club. The one Ji-hu uses to trick boys into joining. Tricked Karo into joining Culture Club with her sheer optimism

Minor Personas


Robin Redcap

  • Lived in Dinah's head. Mischievous and malevolent, wants her to ruin peoples' lives



  • Lived in Karo's head. Strait-laced and boring. Recently learned to use reverse psychology on Karo


  • Lived in Dinah's head. Cultured and haughty. Has Opinions on anime.



  • Lived in Karo's head. Affectionate and motherly, but willing to let Karo make mistakes


  • Lived in Karo’s head. Has two personalities: Dolya, who gives good fortunes to people, and Nedolya, who immediately curses anyone who so much as looks at her askance with terrible misfortune


Pale Rider

  • Lived in Sachiko's head. Solemn and serious demeanour hides a tenderness and reverence for the passing, beautiful moments of life. Not thirsty



  • Lived in Sachiko's head. Large, fighty, fearless, maternal. Extremely thirsty and physical, wants to slake her desires



  • Lived in Karo's head. Irrepressible frat boy. Shouts 'hell yeah!' 20 times a day. Wants Karo to hit on all the girls, especially Shrine Maidens



  • Lived in Sachiko's head. Cool and kinda big sisterly. Tricksy and sensual. Thirsty af in a sort of sexual and emotional kind of way. Gossip monster
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