[13:03] <@PersonaGM> [Dinah and Wallace were taken to the office by a glowering Asaka, who radiated an aura of anger around him.-
[13:04] <@PersonaGM> ["Detention." He said. "Both of you."-
[13:05] <@PersonaGM> ["I will determine the nature of your detentions later today. Until then, you are to wait in one of our disciplinary contemplation rooms."-
[13:06] <@PersonaGM> [And that was how Dinah and Wallace ended up locked inside a bare, small cube of a room with three chairs, a table, and a very locked door with a single small window.]
[13:08] <Dinah> Dinah didn't have any qualms with what she'd done. The whole point was getting out of that room, after all. But getting locked in another one wasn't high on her list of things to do. At least, not until she'd gotten a little 'me' time. So as soon as the door was closed behind them, she knocked against it - hard - and called out. "Yo, Asaka! Before you run off and glare at other
[13:08] <Dinah> kids, I gotta hit the bathroom!"
[13:09] <@PersonaGM> [Silence.]
[13:10] <Dinah> "C'mon! Choi just said he was goin' after bullies! And you're gonna leave me in here like that? What happens if I can't wait, y'know? That's gonna look awfully bad on you!"
[13:12] <@PersonaGM> [The door was solid, hard, and probably soundproof. Dinah definitely couldn't hear anything from the other side, like a remorseful Asaka or anything.-
[13:14] <@PersonaGM> [Wallace had already settled into a chair. "We're going to be here for… Some time."]
[13:16] <Dinah> "Good." Dinah sniffed as she confirmed that they were stuck in here and that nobody was paying attention out there. It wasn't perfect but it would do after all. Pulling her pack from her jacket pocket, she walked over to the window and opened it, though doubted it would go up all the way. Yanking a chair over toward it, she sat down, leaning back to get her closer to the opening
[13:16] <Dinah> while she produced her lighter and lit up a cigarette in her mouth.-
[13:17] <Dinah> "Ahh. That's the stuff." Exhaling out the window, she looked instantly relaxed and lingered like that for a few moments, taking another puff before speaking up again. "Y'should'a kept your mouth shut."
[13:25] <Dinah> (scratch all that)
[13:27] <Dinah> Throwing a middle finger toward the window in the door, the young woman scoffed and slammed her other fist against it again. "That's probably your thing, Asaka, isn't it?! Gross old guy." Sniffing in annoyance, she walked over to one of the chairs and kicked it out, turning to practically fall into it, crossing her arms over her chest.-
[13:28] <Dinah> She looked like the bear you didn't want to poke, and yet part of her just wanted an excuse. Even if Wallace had just been rying to help. Or something. Glaring over in his direction, she watched him for a moment before speaking up. "Y'should'a kept your mouth shut."
[13:31] <@PersonaGM> ["True." Said Wallace. "You should've too. But we both didn't, which makes us dummos."]
[13:36] <Dinah> "Nah." She snipped, crossing a foot over the other and bouncing them lightly. "Someone needed to say something. Asaka's an ass. He needs cut down a bit. But I was gonna make sure he knew it was me. Y'didn't need to volunteer."
[13:38] <@PersonaGM> ["True again." Said Wallace. "At least you've got someone to talk to now."]
[13:44] <Dinah> "Yep." As if to prove a point, she spent the next few minutes completely silent until she finally let out an annoyed groan. "Goddamnit." Reaching into her jacket pocket, she produced a small box of gum and shoved a piece in her mouth, chewing rather loudly and fiercely until it seemed to calm her a little.-
[13:45] <Dinah> Regarding him again, she leveled a firm scowl in his direction, a brow lifted warily. "Why're you so positive this year?"
[13:51] <@PersonaGM> ["Being young and carefree?" He offered. "… No, probably not. No one's really carefree. Guess nothing's gone too terribly this year so far."]
[13:59] <Dinah> His answer seemed to inspire even more of Dinah's ire, leaving her to glare fully at him for a long while. Turning her head indignantly, she just scoffed and spoke bitterly. "Must be nice."
[14:02] <@PersonaGM> ["What must be nice?"]
[14:04] <Dinah> "Nothing." She snapped off to him with the bark of the word, her eyes suddenly blazing with anger. "And if you piss me off, I'm gonna break your arm and beat you with it. Got it?!"
[14:05] <@PersonaGM> ["Got it."]
[14:06] <Dinah> "Good." A grumble left her lips as she chewed harder for a moment, obviously carrying a lot of stress all of a sudden.
[14:06] <@PersonaGM> [Wallace took a box of pocky out of his blazer, opened it, took out a stick and began crunching away at it.]
[14:11] <Dinah> There was silence for a good while as Dinah pulled out her phone and got back on the game she had been playing on he bus. For another few minutes, she played quietly until she finally chimed up again. "Amateur didn't even take our phones."
[14:13] <@PersonaGM> ["He's history teacher for a reason. Dummo probably doesn't know what a phone is."]
[14:17] <Dinah> "Or he knows he's getting my phone when he pries it out of my hand. And I'm not letting it go that easily." Playing some more, she was quiet for a time again. Under normal circumstances, she would be happy to just sit there and ignore her fellow prisoner.-
[14:19] <Dinah> But her nerves were shot, her temper was non-existent and she had no patience for anything going on. Which meant she needed distracted. Or she needed to start punching the wall. Spitting her gum out on the floor without a second thought, she held a free hand out without even looking. "Gimme one of those. You can have a piece of my gum if you want."
[14:21] <@PersonaGM> ["No worries." He shook a stick of pocky out of the box and handed it to her.]
[14:33] <Dinah> Snatching it from him, she took a bite and then held it in her lips while she retrieved a piece of gum and tossed it his way regardless. "If you don't want it, give it to someone else."

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