Good Morning Ma Am Do You Have Time To Talk About Ou

20:26] <Hideki> The sky was slightly overcast and a cool wind swept through the streets of Katashiba. It was early enough in the day that the few rays of sun poking through the clouds still had a coral tint to them; too early for a lot of the students living in the neighborhood to be up and about and using the sidewalks. In other words, it was the perfect time to go jogging. -
[20:28] * Hideki was making good time. He'd gotten into a certain rhythm, broken up every now and then when he noticed and waved to the occassional shopkeeper, or stopped to pet a stray cat, or spotted a poster for a club event happening next week, or… maybe he wasn't making good time. -
[20:30] <Hideki> But exercise was exercise, so he was still having fun. Clad in a blue and white tracksuit, he continued on his aimless path.
[20:36] <Dinah> The early morning was definitely not the realm of a particular student from the same dorm as Hideki and yet Dinah found herself out in the midst of it. Clad in a jacket over a long-sleeved shirt and a simple pair of jeans, she wasn't really going to stand out much. If not for the blue hair atop her head pulled into a messy ponytail, that is. And the cigarette shamelessly hanging from her mouth contrasted with her young look. -
[20:38] <Dinah> The bags under her eyes showed that sleep wasn't exactly something she'd had an abundance of and the sour expression on her face only confirmed that. Though whether she was sour because of the lack of sleep or something on her phone, which she was practically glaring at, was hard to tell. Regardless, whatever it was was quickly replaced by a game that her thumb worked away at as she staggered along the sidewalks.-
[20:39] <Dinah> Pulling the stick from her mouth, she let off an exhale to her right side before replacing it, grunting in some sort of frustration then as some not-so-pleasant sounds emerged from her game.
[20:47] * Hideki rounded a corner and spotted her. For a split moment he processed the coincidence, and then lifted his hand to wave. "Scheier!" Huh. He was more out of breath than he'd though. He tried again, and this time he nailed it. "Schreeeeiiiieeer! Hey, Schreeeeiiiieeer!"
[20:52] <Dinah> There was a slight flinch when her name was called out and she looked back which also made her wince. As if she hadn't known who it was. There was a moment where she considered her options and one of her feet lifted as if she was going to walk off regardless.-
[20:52] <Dinah> Instead, she put it down with a long sigh and a hand moving to her face to rub at it in some annoyance. "Hey."
[20:58] <Hideki> "Hey!" He put on the breaks once he was within a reasonable distance to start a converstion, and tried to catch his breath. "Whew. Whatcha up to?"
[21:01] <Dinah> "Couldn't sleep." She answered simply enough, gesturing to her vices then by lifting the hand with her phone and pointing it somewhat to her cigarette. "Usually walking around lets me relax enough to get back to sleep. Instead, things just keep pissin' me off, so I guess that's not happening."
[21:06] <Hideki> "That right?" He eyed her phone curiously. "What else do you do to relax? Seems like you should switch it up if that's not working."
[21:12] <Dinah> "Nothing." She left it at that for a long moment, looking back to her phone as she continued trying to get past the battle she was stuck on. "Walking, games, cigarettes. That's about it."
[21:18] <Hideki> "Hmm. Why not come for a run with me? It's a pretty good release."
[21:20] <Dinah> "Because that's dumb." She snapped it out, looking a little bad about saying it after, though not taking it back. "I don't run unless it's to get close enough to someone to hit them."
[21:22] <Hideki> "Okay, but why?" Hideki took the jab in stride. "I've seen you sprint after people. It's not like you're slow. You just don't like it?"
[21:25] <Dinah> "Don't get the point." She shrugged, her thumb tapping and dragging jewels around in a pattern to send her team into an attack. It seemed like she passed the level then that she was stuck on, though it was of no real comfort.
[21:29] <Hideki> "I mean, anyone could say the same thing about your game. Does there have to be a point?"
[21:32] <Dinah> "Has to be a point to the person doin' it."
[21:36] <Hideki> "Hmmm?" He craned his neck for a better look at her screen. "So what do you get out of it? You said it calms you down. That can't be all, can it?"
[21:41] <Dinah> "It's…fun, I guess." The glance at her screen offered enough information if he knew anything about such games. Her team looked rather impressive and the numbers being thrown around meant that they were high-level. As was the challenge she was going against. "What do you get out of running?"
[21:46] <Hideki> "Good question. It's okay on its own, but more importantly, it's useful for baseball. Baseball is almost always fun, especially when you're winning."
[21:52] <Dinah> "I guess that makes sense." She shrugged, clearing another level and going back to a menu, which saw her going to a different part of it and drawing new monsters to add to her collection. "Only part of baseball I've gotten into was hitting things with a bat. And I was definitely not hitting baseballs." -
[21:52] <Dinah> She sighed afterward then and sniffed. "Is this gonna be a thing where you keep egging me on to try it and I keep telling you I'm not going to until you annoy the hell out of me enough that I do it to shut you up?"
[21:55] <Hideki> "Well, either that or I keep having conversations and stuff with you. Either way, I'm satisfied."
[22:03] <Dinah> She frowned at that, pulling out her cigarette and dropping it, stamping it out afterward. "Rock and a hard place. Alright, lead on."
[22:12] <Hideki> "Alright!" Hideki beamed a sunny beam. "Let's jog the rest of the way home! Should only be a few blocks."
[22:20] <Dinah> Dinah didn't share his enthusiasm, visibly so, but with a little bit of a shrug, she started off, as it was basically just the opposite way she had come from at this point. -
[22:22] <Dinah> Despite her nasty habit, Dinah was quick on her feet, jogging the whole way back without really seeming to get that winded along the way. If he didn't know any better, he might think she actually did this usually. But she just seemed to keep in shape in other ways, apparently. -
[22:23] <Dinah> When they made it close enough to their dorm, she finally slowed to a walk, a frown on her lips while she produced her phone, focusing her eyes on it then. "I guess that wasn't terrible."
[22:27] <Hideki> "See?" Hideki slowed as well, stretching. "In any case, thanks."
[22:31] <Dinah> She snorted to his comment, not really aiming to prove him right. Though a brow lifted afterward. "For what?"
[22:37] <Hideki> "For the company, of course! You could've walked away at any time, but you didn't."
[22:42] <Dinah> "You probably would've followed me." She sniffed, pulling out another cigarette and placing it in her mouth. Holding up a finger, a small flame popped from the end of it and lit it up.
[22:50] * Hideki considered this. "Maybe," he admitted. "But I probably would've given up after a while."
[22:55] <Dinah> "Well, we'll never know, I guess." The telltale chime of something on her phone was something that every student recognized - the 'ding' of a text message, and Dinah's face scrunched up as she glared at it, stuffing her phone in her pocket then.
[22:56] <Hideki> "…You okay?"
[22:57] <Dinah> "It's my mom. So, no."
[22:58] <Hideki> "Ah. Family stuff. Is it complicated?"
[22:59] <Dinah> "My mom's a bitch. She married an asshole. Not that complicated."
[23:02] <Hideki> "I guess not. Sorry, it sounds like it sucks."
[23:06] <Dinah> "You've got no idea." She frowned and nearly snarled, taking an inhale of her smoke to relax herself somewhat. "Just texts me to torment the hell out of me. Then if anything goes wrong, she stops texting me." That was said with some particular amount of bitterness as she looked away.
[23:13] <Hideki> "Unreliable, huh? What about your dad?"
[23:14] <Dinah> She tapped some ash off her cig and frowned again. "He's kinda pissed at me."
[23:15] <Hideki> "How come?"
[23:20] <Dinah> "Last break, I went to live with him instead of mom and step-dick. And I kinda made a mess of things."
[23:26] <Hideki> "Any way to make it up to him? Or, like, apologise? You're human, after all. People make mistakes."
[23:33] <Dinah> "That……that one's complicated." She sighed, shaking her head. "Too much to get into."
[23:42] <Hideki> "Then let's not get into it." Hideki nodded. "Seems like school would be a relaxing getaway if things are that bad at home. You join any clubs?"
[23:46] <Dinah> "Yeah. Art and Wushu." Again, she shrugged, moving to lean against a nearby wall, propping a foot up as she enjoyed her smoke. "Art club guy is a fuckin' weirdo. Wushu instructor's pretty cool though."
[23:54] <Hideki> "Art guy, art guy…" Hideki thought for a minute and snapped his fingers. "You mean Matos? Guy's a blast! I've been in art classes with him for two years."
[23:55] <Dinah> "Makes sense that you two'd get along."
[23:56] <Hideki> "Thanks!"-
[23:57] <Hideki> "Who's in charge of Wushu again?"
[23:58] <Dinah> There was a brief pause as she looked at him and then blinked a few times, looking away. Producing her phone again, she got back into her game now that some of her energy had built back up.-
[23:59] <Dinah> "Jiang Chang. Easy name."

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