Hideki And Adrien S Ambush

[12:37] <PersonaGM> [Persona: A Study in Velvet, Chapter One: The Panther, the Worm and the War Criminal, Session Four. Covering Week Four.-
[12:38] <PersonaGM> [The manikin-villagers had long since gone to ground, and the boys had scattered. Only the girls remained. In the distance, they heard the rumbling of marching oni and the mechanical clanking of primitive battle tanks. A great dust cloud was rising from the north, filtered with the murky, gory red that seemed to saturate this place. What were our girls doing?]
[12:44] * Sachiko dismissed Faust as the cloud drew closer, the silver mirror and the shadow minions she'd been using to scry vanishing with it. "… if we can finish this fast we might be able to hit a second target," she said. "I'm picking up a weird signal from further into the compound."
[12:52] * Dinah sniffed a little bit and shrugged. "I'm all for it. Sooner I can kick the shit outta these things, the better."
[12:57] * Ai was, on the other hand, standing at the fore, if, allowing Dinah to be a bit further ahead of her. But. …Her metagear had been altered somewhat, with equipment from the village improvised for it. Instead of the usual shoulder-curtain that held up her robes, there were the side-plates of Japanese lamellar armor, if done in soft pink, and most notably… her glasses had been affixed into what was essentially a delicate pink-and-white cloth
[12:57] * Ai mixture with a pair of rising golden horns that merged with the upper horn of the glasses. To complete the onna-bugeisha 'performance outfit'? …A flagpole of traditional form, strapped to her back, with a long cloth banner. Pink, with a large white lily silhouette on it in a circle. Her bow was standing at ready, and she stared ahead simply. "…You two simply need to do what you do best. I'll set the tone for the theatrics and give
[12:57] * Ai directions by telepathy. Be honorable, or brutal, and it ought work…!"
[13:02] * Dinah smirked a little, cracking her neck some and then her knuckles. "Think about who you're talkin' to here. Like I need to be told to be brutal."
[13:02] <Sachiko> "Fine by me." She drew a wicked looking knife from her belt and took up her position.
[13:10] * Ai gave a thumbs-up, and then planted the bottom of her bow softly in the ground. "Waiting time."
[13:18] <PersonaGM> [After a few more minutes of tense waiting, several figures crested the hill at the north of the village.-
[13:18] <PersonaGM> [Two of them were Oni. But not the bog-standard Oni they'd fought before.-
[13:21] <PersonaGM> [The one on the left was a dark purple, and wore simple clothing- wraps tied together with a belt. He had, however, a massive iron rod in his right hand, which he was stroking slowly with his left. Several black threads stitched his mouth together into a perpetual smirk of cruelty.-
[13:22] <PersonaGM> [The one on the right was huge, easily eight feet tall. Its skin was hard and geometric, and a bright, shining gold. His clothing was much neater and ornate than the other Oni.-
[13:31] <PersonaGM> [But square in the middle was a handsome, eroic looking human, wearing elaborate Japanese armour in the style of the medieval period, his jet black hair in a decorative set of knots and bows, with a bone-handed sword over his shoulder.-
[13:32] <PersonaGM> ["I am Lord Okuninushi." Said the human, stepping forward. "I call upon the bandits and rebels to identify themselves!"]
[13:34] <PersonaGM> heroic*
[13:36] <PersonaGM> [The one on the left was light blue, and wore a light cape, with a jacket emblazoned with black swirls and suns. Instead of a face it had a… bone canyon… And in its hand it held a finely balanced glaive.*]
[13:37] * Ai stood and stared at him, for a while. The Lord, that is. Before… suddenly shifting, as if confused. She looked over to Dinah. To Sachiko. Briefly down at hersel… then back at Okuninushi. -
[13:37] <Ai> "…Okuninushi-san. I see none of those. I am a guardian, and my name is Ai Yoshino. The others' names are their right to grant."
[13:47] <Sachiko> "Sachiko Kurata," she volunteered. "One of the protectors of the village."
[13:49] <Dinah> "Dinah Sarah Schreier." She sniffed, rolling her shoulder with a grin. "I'd tell ya not to forget it but you won't be so lucky."
[13:51] <PersonaGM> [("I wouldn't mind having Dinah for dinner.") Murmured the blue-skinned oni. His horrific face contorted into a smile.-
[13:52] <PersonaGM> [("Haha, up top!") boomed the golden oni. The two shared a handshake.-
[13:52] <PersonaGM> [Okuninushi sighed.-
[13:52] <PersonaGM> ["If you have chosen yourself as this village's protectors, then I charge you to proclaim your purpose. From what do you protect this hamlet?" Said Okuninushi.]
[13:57] * Ai shrugged her shoulders. "You." …But she didn't stop. -
[13:58] <PersonaGM> [("More like Ai Yoshiyes, am I right?") said Kin-Ki the Golden Idol Oni.-
[13:58] <PersonaGM> [("Haha, noice.")]
[13:59] <Sachiko> "That one goes first," Sachiko murmured to Dinah.
[14:03] <Dinah> "Usually, I'd agree." She sniffed and grinned, staring them down. "But I wanna make him see us take his buddies down first."
[14:03] <Sachiko> "Heh."
[14:05] * Ai gestured with a hand. "I, in forming us three in this defense, say this: Your Lord believes that the purpose of war is glory. The nature of honor is spilled blood and traditions not questioned." She shook her head. "Our statement of purpose is this: War's purpose is protection. Honor is loyalty. To you, we would be Ronin, but to us? The wave we ride is not aimlessness, but loyalty to an honest life. Loyalty to love, succor, and justice. Your
[14:05] * Ai lord is blind to love - rounding up any you see to execute in the name of dishonorable traditions! Your lord is blind to succor - destroying the work of honest people for glory! And your lord is blind to justice - To create a twisted story that law is tyranny but tyranny is law? …No."
[14:06] * Ai then raised her bow, gesturing forward. "Remember us should aught you survive. That the Evokers accept no sin of loveless slaughter in a land on this sea. If you intend to fight still?" She put the bow into ready, yet, bowed.
[14:06] <Ai> Then so be it.
[14:07] <PersonaGM> ["I admire your spirit." Said Okuninushi.-
[14:07] <PersonaGM> ["I admit, you may very well be right." He shot a glance at the Oni behind him. "But the world in which we live is complex and shifting, and the words we speak are artificial and crafted like the blacksmith hones a sword."-
[14:08] <PersonaGM> ["I, Lord Okuninushi of the heavenly sword, will test your spirit in the fire of battle. Let us see if your purpose is as true as you say it is, and whether it gives you the power to overcome our 'tyranny'."-
[14:08] <PersonaGM> [He drew his sword.-
[14:14] <PersonaGM> ["Forgive me, but I will fight to the death. Believe me when I say it…" His face became dark. "I am doing you a favour that I am myself not worthy of receiving."]
[15:06] * Sachiko smiled slightly. "It'd look pretty bad if the men got spooked by a couple of warrior women, huh Yoshino? I can handle that." She made a sharp slicing gesture with her knife. "Faust, show them fear."-
[15:06] <Sachiko> Faust appeared in a blur, tree limb arms reaching out and then dissapating into a blast of black mist that swallowed Okuninushi's group. It clung to them, and all of them would feel the sensation of invisible talons grasping and pulling and tearing at their skin even though no damage appeared to have occured.
[15:18] * Ai smirked. "My my. I have such violent allies. But. …A monster's true character is their soul." She raised the bow, and pointed it. …Up? An arrow, with its seal, was nocked, then fired. "Mami. He is honorable. Make it so~" -
[15:20] <Ai> The image of Mami sparkled along the arrow's arc, and… With her hands out, she gave its prayer-strip the softest of touches? …And it flashed into a shining divine shell, which crashed down RIGHT on one of the oni's heads… then exploded in a wave of concussive force! In the aftermath…
[15:21] <Ai> The blastwave blew her bangs around. "Three against three is upright. Not so sure it was ever… fair."
[16:00] <Dinah> "Well, then. Guess it's up to me to do what we do best." Pulling out a pack of cigarettes from her pocket, she flicked it to pop one out, bringing it to her lips to pull it out then. Pocketing it, it suddenly lit at the end and as she exhaled, she pointed forward with a smirk. "Montag, Light 'em up!"-
[16:01] <Dinah> Another explosion, this one purely of flame, struck the three of their foes remaining, only for the smoke to clear as another blast went off, leaving her to smirk, crossing her arms across her chest.
[16:02] <PersonaGM> [A seeming ton of munition, magic and fire fell on the heads of the incoming army.-
[16:02] <PersonaGM> [There were screams, there were shrieks. And for a moment, silence.-
[16:03] <PersonaGM> [Okuninushi burst out of the cloud a few seconds later, parts of him still aflame, a panicked sweat running down his face, and strange shadowy blood oozing from bullet gashes in his side. His sprint didn't slow, however, and a moment later he was on the group, the edge of his cold, straight sword falling in an arc towards Sachiko's face.]
[16:09] <Sachiko> And then everything seemed to go wrong at once. Okuninushi found his footing slipped at the last moment, the plates of his armour somehow snagged one another, and it seemed as though the universe was somehow conspiring to turn that perfect arc into something a lot messier.-
[16:09] <Sachiko> Sachiko only had to make a slight sidestep, and her dagger came out to turn the rest of the strike away. "Unfortunate."
[16:41] <Ai> …And then while Sachiko did that, Ai… flipped into the air, an arrow nocked. She spun around Kin-Ki, hit the ground, and then dodge-rolled behind Okinushi. "Okinushi-san. I am behind you." -
[16:42] * Ai …Then. Thwip. An arrow, head made of golden light, went straight at his head, clipping into a topknot and then further.
[16:46] <Sachiko> … and the phantom shadows Okuninushi felt gripping at him became physical for a moment, yanking and pulling at the flesh Ai had grazed. At the same moment a spear of ice appeared from the folds of Faust's cloak and fired at the Oni still sitting on the back lines.
[16:55] <PersonaGM> ["OH SHIT-"-
[16:56] <PersonaGM> [The Oni practically exploded into a cloud of mist.-
[16:57] <PersonaGM> [Okuninushi's expression darkened greatly as his sword was pushed aside. A moment later, Ai's arrow struck him in the head and he staggered forward, only to be clawed back by Sachiko's friends on the other side.-
[16:57] <PersonaGM> [He staggered, his knees wobbly, and almost fell-
[16:57] <PersonaGM> [But a moment later, the great golden Oni, Kin-Ki, finished jogging over. It pushed him back up. "Don't die with a clean sword, Lord Okuninushi!"-
[16:57] <PersonaGM> ["I wasn't planning to…" He coughed.]
[17:04] <Sachiko> "I know your honor will stop you from stepping down to save yourself." Sachiko was using the swordsman's brief stagger to get some scant distance. "But it might save the life of your friend. If you don't believe in what you're doing, why throw away his life?"
[17:09] <Ai> "The purpose of a samurai is to serve." Ai intoned. "We serve a principle. You, a lord." …She looked to Sachiko, from the other side of Okuninushi. "But who is that lord?" …over telepathy…
[17:09] <Ai> ["If you want to save him… Would the revelation that the Asaka he knows is not the true man that made him, be anything of meaning?"
[17:16] * Sachiko stopped shuffling backwards, but kept the knife between them. Her eyes narrowed. "It might…"
[17:24] <PersonaGM> [Kin-Ki swiped his great big mitts at Sachiko, trying to grab her, although her last few shuffles got her out of the way.-
[17:25] <PersonaGM> ["I don't ask him to follow me. He's a brute who fights for loot and greed." Said Okuninushi.-
[17:25] <PersonaGM> ["That's me!" Said Kin-Ki cheerfully.-
[17:26] <PersonaGM> ["My lord is… My lord." Said Okuninushi. "I believe… That I will one day believe in him again."-
[17:27] <PersonaGM> ["Can your power break my sense of hope?" With that, he lashed out with his sword, quicker than the eye could see- its blade came close to punching through Dinah's chest, only for Pyro Jack to manifest in front of it, absorbing most of the blow.]
[17:28] <Ai> ["…He'll listen. Shall I or shall you?"]
[17:40] <Sachiko> ["Oni goes down first. Then we can work."] she sent back, concentrating. A bolt of shadow struck Kin-ki in the chest, and while it didn't seem to hurt, the Shadow's armour turned faintly transparent everywhere the magic touched.
[17:43] * Ai then …shifted, waving the tassels of a gohei that had been at her side. "…Then we shall purify this brute. And see what the truth means without a…" She squinted.
[17:44] <Ai> "…" No. Don't Ai. Don't. -
[17:44] <Ai> "Kinky fellow like that. All out of line."
[17:44] <Ai> Goddamnit Ai.
[17:45] <PersonaGM> ["Did you just make fun of my name?" Said Kin-Ki. "How rude."-
[17:45] <PersonaGM> ["Also, your name is Ai, which is like naming an ugly person 'beautiful', because no one loves you, punk."]
[17:46] <Ai> "I'll love me. I'll love me a long time, goldie~ <3"
[17:48] * Sachiko 's grimace suggested she was suffering an almost metaphysical level of pain.
[18:27] <PersonaGM> [Unheard in the din was the sound of a door sliding open.-
[18:27] <PersonaGM> [Out of a nearby house came a manikin, a familiar woman wielding a rusty pitchfork. She charged at Kin-Ki- only for the pitchfork to break on his armoured skin.-
[18:27] <PersonaGM> [The Oni snorted, picked the manikin up by the head, and planted her into the ground several metres away with a single toss. "Har."-
[18:28] <PersonaGM> ["No!" Okuninushi barked.]
[18:31] <Dinah> Once more, Dinah concentrated, fire almost burning in her eyes as she raised a hand. But just before she was going to speak, she saw the woman running out, her own nature telling her 'No!' before Kin-Ki made short work of her. With a harsh growl then, she pointed straight at the Oni, her voice a loud roar of anger. "BURN!"
[18:32] <PersonaGM> [Now Dinah would see why he hated fire. Within seconds of being exposed to her anger made manifest, his body began glowing orange, before parts of his face and shoulders liquefied and poured down onto the ground. "Ugh! My beautiful body- it hurts-"]
[18:47] <Sachiko> And as it began to stumble backwards, a blast of magic from Sachiko finished the job.
[18:51] <PersonaGM> ["Yagh!"-
[18:52] <PersonaGM> [As Kin-Ki dissolved into a puddle of gold, Okuninushi raised his sword in front of him. He eyed them all warily. "Saving me for last?"]
[18:54] <Sachiko> "Talking to them wouldn't get us far. Talking to you might," Sachiko said simply. She stowed her knife back into her belt.

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