Hong Kong 1938 Shadows




Kuafu (Sun)

The Sun-Chasing Giant
Name Arcanae Magic Characteristic Personality Shadow Rank
Kuafu Sun Fellowship Spoiler 4
Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship Base Repression
48 30 45 40 30 30 30 30 35 55
Light Wounds Heavy Wounds Deadly Wounds Fate Points
6 3 1 0
Elemental Attributes
Melee Missile Fire Ice Elec Wind Psi Nuke Bless Curse
Resist Resist Weak
Talents Subname Effect
Berserk Charge You gain an extra advantage as part of charge attacks.
Spells Action/Effect Description
Agilao MSB+4 Fire Damage Standard Attack that deals the above damage.
Arts Action/Effect Description
Mighty Swing Focused Attack Greatweapon, SB+5. The attack adds an extra SB/2 to damage.
Kill Rush Charge Greatweapon, SB+5. Should this attack hit, even if it does no damage, you may immediately perform a follow-up Focused Attack on an adjacent enemy.
Giant Slice Focused Greatweapon, SB+4. The attack, should it cause at least two Wounds, earns an extra wound.
Passives Action/Effect Description
Knacks Subname Effect
Light You can create a magical light, which illuminates the area around it brightly, enough to affect MC metres. The light requires a constant action per turn to sustain, and disappears the moment you cease to sustain it.
Traits Subname Effect
Shadow - This creature is a Shadow, one of the multitude of bizarre manifestations that crawl out of the Sea of Chaos. All Shadows are invisible to non-Persona users (although any effects the Shadow has on the world around them can be perceived, even if the person doesn't know what it is) and are unaffected by weapons wielded by a non-Persona user.
Size 5 This creature is unusually large or unusually small. You take 1 Advantage to Grapple tests against targets smaller than you per rank of difference, but 1 Disadvantage to hit. Conversely, you take 1 Advantage to hit targets larger than you per rank of difference. You gain 1 point of Unnatural Toughness for each rank above 3. 3 is the average size.
Skill Name Score Focus One (level 1) Focus Two (level 2) Focus Three (level 3) Focus Four (from talent) Focus Five (from talent) Temporary+Extra Focus
Melee Skill Melee Two Handed Two Handed
Ballistic Skill Ballistic
Athletics Strength
Endurance Toughness
Acrobatics Agility Dodge
Operation Agility
Subterfuge Agility
Academics Intelligence
Logic Intelligence
Medicine Intelligence
Technology Intelligence
Awareness Perception
Survival Perception
Fortitude Willpower
Authority Fellowship
Inquiry Fellowship Scrutiny
Linguist Fellowship
Manipulation Fellowship
Trade You Decide!

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Name Class Range Dam. Qualities
Big Club Two Handed 2m +7 Unwieldy, Concussive
Name AP Body AP Legs AP Arms AP Head Qualities
Giant Skin 4 4 4 4 -


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