Karo Nakajima

Date of Birth/Age: April 9th; 13 years old
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese
Residence: City of Nara, Japan
Homeroom Class: M3-A
Chosen Classes: Geography; Philosophy

Physical Details

Hair Colour: Black; needs a trim
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Height: 5'3”
Build: Scrawny
Handedness: Right handed


Theme: Ponder, By Sleepless: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVG9Q2EIexA
Battle Theme Yellow Tricycle Iro Aku: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWEH9kGYnsE


Character Sheet

Main Details


Primary Arcana Tower
Secondary Arcana 1 Fortune
Secondary Arcana 2 Emperor
Aptitudes Ballistic, Offense, Finesse, Willpower, Resolve, Agility, Perception
Experience Spent 6150
Evoker Rank 3
Major Persona Char Aznable, The Red Comet
Magic Score Willpower

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Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Melee 25 2 -
Ballistic 51 5 10
Strength 25 2 -
Toughness 30 3 5
Agility 35 3 10
Intelligence 25 2 -
Perception 43 4 5
Willpower 56 5 5
Fellowship 25 2 -
Realisation 17 1 -

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Light Wounds 3
Heavy Wounds 1
Deadly Wounds 1
Fate Points 1
Spirit 5
Exertion 5

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Trait Subname Effect
- -
- -
- -
- -

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Exemplary Base Effect Rank 4 Improvement Rank 7 Improvement Rank 10 Improvement
Reclaim the toil Whenever you spend Realisation to reroll damage or a test, and the result is either worse than the original result or an outright failure, you may choose to reclaim your spent Realisation and take the initial result. Unseen Downfall: Missile Attacks against Surprised enemies, or enemies with initiatives lower than yours in the first round of combat, deal +BSB/2 damage and gain the Concussive quality. Whenever you expend an item to assist a test which fails, or to attack an enemy which evades the attack, you reclaim that item. Furthermore, when spending Realisation to reroll damage or to restore wounds, if the result is a 1 or 2, you may choose to reroll and take either result. You now add your BSB/2 to initiative tests, and whenever you strike an enemy that benefits from Unseen Downfall, your attack also has the Paralytic Strike Quality.

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  • The Easiest Path: Gravitates toward solutions that require the least amount of work from him personally, for better or worse. May lead to creative problem solving or conflict aversion. It also may lead him to make really DUMB decisions.


  • Iconoclast: Down with tyranny! Down with the ruling class! Karo is naturally suspicious toward authority figures, especially ones who try to uphold law or tradition. Non-traditional leaders – those who break with the status quo – hold a little more sway over him.

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  • Description

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Injury Effect Cause Incident

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Skill Name Score Focus One (level 1) Focus Two (level 2) Focus Three (level 3) Focus Four (from talent) Focus Five (from talent) Temporary+Extra Focus
Melee Skill Melee
Ballistic Skill Ballistic Pistol Pistol
Athletics Strength
Endurance Toughness
Acrobatics Agility Dodge
Operation Agility
Subterfuge Agility
Academics Intelligence
Logic Intelligence
Medicine Intelligence
Technology Intelligence
Awareness Perception Anticipate Anticipate Threat
Survival Perception Navigation
Fortitude Willpower Resist Fear Resist manipulation Mental Ailments
Authority Fellowship Command
Inquiry Fellowship
Linguist Fellowship Japanese English
Manipulation Fellowship
Trade: Crafting Agility Models

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Skill Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier Three

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Melee Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Tier Two
Tier Three

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Ballistic Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Gun Kata You gain the Short Range and Point Blank advantages with pistols when using them in melee combat.
Hip Shooter You can make Focused Attacks with Pistols even if you've already moved. Making such an attack doesn't remove your ability to move this turn either.
Rapid reload You reduce the 'Reload' Quality of all Ballistic weapons by 1. If this reduces it to zero, then the weapon loses the Quality. This talent may be taken multiple times, to a max equal to your RB.
Tier Two
Covering Fire When wielding a Ballistic weapon, you may use your action to provide Covering Fire. Select one ally. That ally gains an Advantage on all evasion tests until the start of your next turn. If your weapon has the Burst function, then it can provide Covering Fire to allies up to X, but this procs a reload as normal.
Tier Three

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Physical Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Tier Two
Tier Three

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Mental Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Grounded Mind You reroll tests to resist the Confusion ailment. When you do succumb to Confusion, you can increase or decrease your DoF by 1 to determine Confusion's effects, to a minimum of 0.
Jaded You reroll tests, taking the preferred result, to resist fear, disgust or intimidation when the source is something you've encountered before. For non-specific sources of fear, such as low-level Shadows, blood, or horrific scenes, then seeing one is much like the other. For more specific sources of fear, such as Archetypes, then this talent only applies for that specific entity.
Tier Two
Litany against fear You reroll tests to resist the Despairing, Enraged and Panicked ailments, as well as fear in general.
Tier Three

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Interaction Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Cultivate Efficacy You may make an Authority test as an action; should you pass, all allies gain an Advantage to their next test.
Force of will You may use Willpower in place of Fellowship when using the Authority skill.
Inspire You may make an Authority test as an action; should you pass, you grant a +10 to all tests to resist fear and Panic to all allies for the rest of the encounter, or until you fail a test to resist fear and panic yourself.
Tier Two
Galvanizing Presence So long as you are in an engagement have failed no opposed Willpower tests during it, all allies in communication with you gain Advantage on tests to resist fear, Panic, Enraging and Brainwashing.
Tier Three

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Name Class Range Dam. Qualities
Haro Pistol (droid) 30m 6 Burst (2), Reliable, anti-air, hands-free
Combat Knife One Handed 1m 1 Burst (1), Small

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Meta Armour

Name AP Body AP Legs AP Arms AP Head Qualities
Normal Suit 4 4 4 2

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Major Persona

Name Char Aznable, The Red Comet
Knacks Social Barrier Perceive Magic
Traits Newtype Unnatural Willpower (1) Flight (2) Peer (Nerds)
Spells War Blessing Zio
Arts Pistol Whip Positron Cannon
Passives Resist Brainwash Dodge Psi

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