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Knacks represent special powers that a Persona has that are more for the sake of non-combat utility. They are often used to gain an edge in investigations and social situations. They do not cost anything to activate, but often have little or no real effect in combat and are of limited use against Shadows and other Persona users.

Knacks are divided into three categories: Social Knacks, Magical Knacks and Divining Knacks.

  • Social Knacks are knacks that come into play when dealing with other people.
  • Magical Knacks do things that are pretty explicitly supernatural, and cover a variety of fields.
  • Divining Knacks are used to perceive things that one might not be able to normally perceive, or quantify intangible things visibly.

Knacks do not cost anything to use except an action- all Knacks take a half action to use, unless otherwise specified, and have a range of 100m unless otherwise specified. However, they are restricted in what they can affect. If a Knack is marked as 'Waker Only', then it only affects the unenlightened, those who dwell in the waking world exclusively- essentially, people who are not Persona users or Shadows.

  • Enlightened individuals, including Shadows, who are 'hit' by a Knack with this restriction not only are not affected, but are aware they have been affected and can identify who used it with an Awareness or Willpower test. Furthermore, they can voluntarily be affected by the knack, but they have much more control over how much the user gets out of it. By and large, this works to limit knacks' utility against those who can put up a fight to the user, and also acts to help shield hidden Persona users from prying eyes. If a target becomes Enlightened whilst suffering from an ongoing effect, it immediately ends.
Knack Name Subname Effect Restrictions
Social Knacks
Amplify Emotion - You may amplify the emotions of a creature around you, although this must be an emotion that they are feeling at the time. This can provoke the creature to action or make it harder for them to resist emotional effects. The range of this ability is equal to your Fellowship, and you may affect FB targets. Waker Only
Confession - You may provoke a target into confessing something secret. Whatever they say is utterly true and leaves out no detail. However, to activate this, you, the user, must confess a secret to the target first. The target must be conscious and has to hear the words. The only control you have over the target's confession is thus: firstly, the target may be primed to be thinking about the secret through whatever social intrigue you think of, and so when provoked may say it; secondly, the darker and deeper the secret you tell, the more powerful effect this ability has in tugging out secrets from the target. -
Divine Contract - You and one other target agree to a binding agreement. The target does not have to be aware that you are using this power, but they must be aware that a solemn agreement has been made- religious oaths or the words 'I promise' might be invoked, for example. Should either party break the Contract, the other instantly knows about it, even if they don't understand how. The breaker suffers an instant 20 stress and 4 levels of fatigue, and their location is known to the partner for a full week. -
Empathy - You may use Empathy on all targets up to WPB*100 metres away. You can sense emotions as a Half Action, and may either focus on a single target or more than one (for example: wanting to get a feel for a crowd). -
Neutralise Emotion - You may reduce or neutralise the emotions of a creature around you. This might keep a creature from performing an action or make it easier for them to resist emotional effects. The range of this ability is equal to your Fellowship, and you may affect FB targets. Waker Only
Project Emotion - You may project an emotion onto another, so long as it is an emotion that you are feeling. Waker Only
Tongues - You gain basic understanding in a language being spoken by someone within range. The understanding is enough to gain a rough idea of what they are saying, and you have enough mastery of the language to convey basic idea and engage in trade. -
Magical Knacks
Alarm - You rig a space to alert you against the unexpected intruder. The space, which may be no larger than 5 cubic metres, then becomes warded until you end the alarm. Any creature larger than Size 3 that crosses the alarmed area sets the alarm off, which you sense no matter where you are (waking you if necessary). If desired, the alarmed area can also produce a loud sound of your choice when crossed, audible by all within 100 metres. When setting up an alarm, you can designate creatures that do not trip the alarm. Finally, you may maintain MC alarms at once. Waker Only
Animal Bond X You possess a special affinity with a certain type of animal (X). Just possessing Animal Bond allows you to communicate, roughly, with the animal type in question, as well as giving out simple commands such as 'follow this person' with the Charm or Command skill. If MC is equal to or higher than the animal's combined Intelligence and Willpower Bonuses, you may automatically pass animal command tests, give out more complex commands, and may send commands (and see through these animals' eyes) to the animal remotely so long as the animal is within MC kilometres of you. Finally, you may sense any animals of this type within MC kilometres. Waker Only
Darkness - You can dim the light in an area, not completely snuffing it out, but enough to darken an area equal to MC*10 metres around the point of use. Light sources have no effect on this field, except for light made by the Magical Knack 'Light'. The darkness requires a constant half action per turn to sustain, and disappears the moment you cease to sustain it. -
Disguise Form - You may disguise yourself or another, changing how that form is perceived. This allows you to change an appearance to exactly mimic another, and allows you total control over the appearance, even down to looking like an animal, tree etc. Sustaining this Trait is a Free Action. -
Divining Barrier - You may select one target- an inanimate object, a living entity, whichever- then physically touch them. For the next 24 hours, they count as an Enlightened for the purpose of being shielded from Divining Knacks. -
Dream Vision - You may use this knack to enter the dreams of someone who is currently asleep within MC*5 km. Doing this places you in a sleeplike trance for the duration of the act. In this dream, you can commune with the sleeper, shape the dream as you like, and remain in their dreams for up to MC hours. You can even, if you want, cause harm to the target by shaping it into a nightmare, which causes MC/2 stress to the target unless they pass a Willpower test. (A target may only be harmed like this once per night). On waking, the target will have hazy recollections of the dream, but might have subconscious effects from it. All of this only applies if the target is a Waker: when targeting an Enlightened individual, that individual has full control of the dream, can eject you at will, and remembers everything perfectly. -
Edit Memory - You may use this knack to edit the memory of an individual, removing, editing or adding (false) memories. The memories may not cover more than MC minutes' worth of material, and once tampered with, the target is immune to further tampering for another week. You can also use this ability to undo memory edits. Waker Only
Fire Control - You possess the ability to shape fire. Generally, you can spread a fire to MC adjacent square metres, or reduce it by MC square metres. Small-scale creation of fire is possible, usually no more than a handful, and disappears after MC minutes. You possess the ability to sculpt fire into various shapes or paths. -
Geas - You may use this knack to compel a person into performing an act, so long as they are within 10m and making eye contact. The act must be limited in scope- if it cannot be completed in an hour, then the knack has no effect, and may not cause physical harm to the target or anyone else. A target who has been affected by this knack is permanently immune to any future uses of this knack from any source. Waker Only
Hypnotise - You may use this knack to hypnotise a target, who must be within 10m of you and making eye contact. Hypnosis takes a Full Action. The target becomes sleepy, suggestible and docile for up to MC hours. A hypnotised character remains such unless physically hit with enough force to knock them over or cause harm. Once hypnotised, a target is immune to the effects for a whole week. Waker Only
Illusion - You can create MC amount of illusory shapes, typically no bigger than a single squares' worth. These shapes can be anything that comes to mind, such as light-giving spheres or even fake images of people, but they instantly vanish the moment they're touched. -
Light - You can create a magical light, which illuminates the area around it brightly, enough to affect MC*10 metres. This light lasts for MC hours, or until you will it out of existence. -
Liquid Control - You possess the ability to control the flow of liquid. Depending on the name of the Knack, this might be water ('Water Control'), a different liquid (eg. Oil, blood) or all liquids. Using this knack, you can make the liquid flow faster (up to a maximum of MC*2 metres per turn), shape its direction of flow, or spontaneously destroy or create it at a rate of MC litres per minute. Created or destroyed liquids are destroyed or restored after MC minutes. -
Lock - You magically lock an object, which must, naturally, be an object that can be locked. You must touch the object to lock it. This does not prevent the object from being unlocked normally (eg. With a key). -
Magic Writing - You may write a block of text, no more than 300 words, which is only visible to beings that you designate. The passage may be applied magically to any surface, and remains on that surface until you remove it. -
Magical Barrier - You may select one target- an inanimate object, a living entity, whichever- then physically touch them. For the next 24 hours, they count as an Enlightened for the purpose of being shielded from Magical Knacks. -
Magical Sound - As a Half Action, you can create sounds seemingly out of nowhere. The sounds can be as simple as beeps or as complex as an entire song you know. You can create the source of the sound anywhere within MC*10 metres, and the sound can be heard up to MC*100 metres away. Sustaining this knack is a Free Action. -
Shape Hex - You may select one living target within 5m, who may make a toughness test. On a failure, they are forced into a specific form, designated as X. The character returns to their normal form in MC hours, after which they are immune to being hexed into a shape for two whole weeks. Unless they are Enlightened, affected targets act as appropriate for the shape and have only a dim, confused awareness of what happened when they return from it. Waker Only
Shape Shift X You may use this knack to shift into a specific form, designated as X. In this form, you gain all the physical characteristics of the form in question, including traits and the Strength, Agility, Toughness and Perception characteristics. However, sustaining this form requires constant concentration, you may not use any Persona Spells, Arts or Metagear, and should you take damage, are knocked back into your normal form. You may only maintain this shape for up to an hour per day. -
Siphon - You may use this knack to inhibit other knacks nearby. All Magical Knacks within 1km that use MC to calculate their effects (eg. "MC*100 metres") reduces their effective MC by your MC, to a minimum of zero (at which point the knack cannot be used). Siphon is not affected by Siphon. -
Social Barrier - You may select one target- an inanimate object, a living entity, whichever- then physically touch them. For the next 24 hours, they count as an Enlightened for the purpose of being shielded from Social Knacks. -
Solid Control - You possess the ability to control the shape of solid, inanimate objects. Depending on the name of the Knack, this might be stone ('Stone Control'), metal ('Metal Control'), wood ('Wood Control') or all inanimate solids. Using this knack, you can shape the solid into a particular form, manipulating MC kilograms per minute. -
Telekinesis - You can manipulate inanimate objects weighing up to MC*100 kilograms within a range of MC*10 metres. The level of force applied by this Knack is not enough to cause damage by itself, and the telekinesis instantly ends if the object is touched or held by a living individual. -
Telepathy - You may use Telepathy on a target up to MC*100 metres away whose location you know. You can read thoughts as a Half Action, with the target taking a Willpower Test, automatically failing if X is higher than their Willpower Bonus. You can also send thoughts as a Free Action, with the message being no longer than MC*10 seconds. Waker Only
Ward - You ward a space against unwanted intrusion. The space, which may be no larger than 5 cubic metres, then becomes warded: Any creature larger than Size 3 must pass a Willpower test to enter the warded area, and on a failure, may not try again for another hour. When setting up a ward, you can designate creatures that may pass freely. Finally, you may maintain MC wards at once. Waker Only
Wind Control - You possess the ability to control the wind. Some broad control might be to control the wind's flow, or to make it flow faster (up to a maximum flow of MC*5 km/h) or reduce its speed (Up to a maximum reduction of MC*5 km/h per turn). Creation of the element is possible, but this only applies in areas where there isn't a natural wind. Once you stop sustaining this knack, the natural order of things reasserts itself. -
Divining Knacks
Discern Footprints - This knack allows you to perceive footprints, glowing bright red in your vision, but not who the owner was. -
Enlighten - You may apply this knack to a creature of 15 Intelligence or more with a touch. After this, the creature becomes temporarily Enlightened for ten minutes- not fully Enlightened, but enough to perceive Shadows, Personas, Miasma and the rest. This effect lasts for an hour, after which it ends and the target retains only a very dim memory of what metaphysical entities they saw. This doesn't protect the individual from Knacks. -
Orientate - You may use this knack to gain an objective understanding of direction- you can perceive the cardinal directions, etc. -
Perceive Illusion - This knack allows you to perceive illusions, both identifying illusions and revealing the true form to you. This affects the following Knacks: Darkness, Disguise Form, Illusion, Magical Sound, Shape Hex, Shape Shift. Waker Only
Perceive Magic - This knack allows you to perceive the use of magic. If a Persona user, Shadow or something similar has used a Spell or an Art in a 1km area around you in the past two weeks, then you can detect the metaphysical residue of that spell, revealing its location and how long ago it was cast. This also lets you detect the the following Knacks: Alarm, Animal Bond, Darkness, Divining Barrier, Dream Vision, Edit Memory, Fire Control, Geas, Hypnotise, Light, Liquid Control, Lock, Magical Barrier, Shape Hex, Social Barrier, Solid Control, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Ward, Wind Control. -
Perceive Owner - This knack allows you to take an object in your hand and gain a sense of who the owner might be. The more intimate the connection between the item and the owner, the more detail you will gain. Waker Only
Scry Creature - This knack allows you to scry the location of a specific living creature. You must have something of that creature's in your hand, called a focus. Scrying takes ten minutes. Foci may not be reused- after a scrying, you must find a different object (thus, if you used a strand of hair for the scrying, you must find something besides hair). Scrying gives you a general sense of where the person is, with the precision of the sense improving based on the intimacy of the focus to the target: body parts produce the best effect (blood and bone especially), whilst garments worn constantly or worn during emotionally intense moments produce an average result. At worst, scrying will outline an area of about 10km around the target; at best, it will pinpoint a space of about 100m. It can only scry targets who are in the Waking World. Limits on reusing Foci reset after one month. Waker Only
See Bonds - This knack allows you to perceive personal bonds of a selected target. These bonds manifest as intangible threads of light that appear only to you. These threads appear differently in colour depending on the nature of the bond and the intensity of the connection. A red bond represents a positive (eg. affectionate, trusting) bond, whilst a blue bond represents a negative (harmful, abusive, fearful, hateful) bond. The deeper the colour, the more positive or negative it is. The thicker the thread, the more strength that relationship exerts on the target. Note that if you cannot see the partner of a bond, then the bond vanishes into mid-air roughly 10 metres from the target. -
Sense Weather - You gain a fully accurate understanding of what the weather is going to be like for the next week. -
Witness Death - This knack allows you to perceive death. Creatures who are near death- perhaps due to injury or sickness- will begin to glow with white light. The brighter the light, the closer they are to death. Places or objects that have witnessed death also glow with this light. -

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