Major Persona Generation

Major Persona Generation

Major Personas are a critical element of each player character. Not only are they key to fighting Shadows, they also reflect the soul of its owner.

There are two broad steps to making Major Personas: their identity and their mechanics. The identity is mostly done by the player with vetting by the GM, whilst the mechanics are worked out by the GM and player together.


All the Major Personas possess an identity- the appearance or shape of something from the collective consciousness. Its identity reverberates with the evoker- there is a reason why that person's true self took this form.

In this game, players are left to find their own identities for the Major Personas, with the theme that the Persona is a character or entity drawn from literature and story.

Some Rules and Guidelines

Drawn from Literature and Story. It's a very broad term, so the following rules and guidelines are in place to focus and narrow the search.

  • The most important rule: It has to be a notable character. At the very least it should be notable to the culture who developed it.
  • The character ought to be drawn from 'Literature', which in this terminology also includes these mediums: books, poetry, film, television, art, comics, theatre, opera and related media. It's discouraged to try to find a character from video games unless the pick is very, very good.
  • As a general guideline, the work the character is from should probably about 20 years old at the least; anything originating past the year 2,000 might struggle to resonate and is discouraged, but is not totally banned; it just has to have a real good backing behind it.
  • No Gods. Demigods are fine. Mortals who become gods later are fine. But a character who is and always has been a God is out.
  • Characters shouldn't be drawn from mythology. Now, there's a blur between myth and literature, which is acknowledged, so it'll have to be a know-it-when-you-see-it thing. Generally, if you can trace the work to an author, it's more likely to be literature than it is to be myth.
    • An exception: There are cultures who do not use written methods to record stories, or have only recently adopted it. These cultures tend to rely more on art, plays and the spoken word to convey their stories, and so instead of just eliminate them entirely, the 'no myth' guideline is much more flexible for them.
  • Characters who are also historical figures are fine, so long as the fictional or literary concept of the individual surpasses the historical concept of the individual in the popular consciousness. Otherwise, historical characters ought to be avoided.
    • Example: Jafar ibn Yahya was the vizier of Harun al-Rashid. He was a real person who did many things. But in the common consciousness, he's more associated with his persona from the Thousand and one Nights, where he's an adventurer, detective and problem-solver- or even moreso as a villainous sorcerer in modern adaptations. So he's fine.
    • Counter-Example: Abraham Lincoln is in numerous plays, books, films, etc., but none of these has really been able to replace the man himself in common consciousness. You cannot have your true self be reflected by Abraham Lincoln, no matter how much you like his beard.

Ultimately, the final yes/no on whether a Major Persona's identity is permissible is up to the GM.

A list of 'Prescribed Sources' is offered in the following link: Prescribed Sources. These are sources which I've collected and identified as being very acceptable. It's not an exhaustive list, but it exists to highlight possibilities that you might never have considered before.


The Major Persona also has some mechanical elements to design, specifically its starting powers, knacks and traits.

Generally, a Major Persona will have the following:

  • Four Powers (be they spells, arts or passives) from Tier 1. Based on the identity of your Persona and your chosen Arcanas, the GM will give you a broad list of powers to choose from.
  • One trait. Similarly to above, the GM will cull a list of traits for you to choose from.
  • One knack. Similary to above, the GM will cull a list of knacks for you to choose from.

Once you have chosen your Powers, Traits and Knacks, your Major Persona- young though it might be in terms of power- is finally ready.

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