Navigators: an Introduction

In many generations of Evokers, there's one who has a unique ability. Their Persona possesses an unusual sense for perceiving space and time, for understanding the impossible eddies of the Sea of Chaos. These Evokers find their Tomes to be a little different, a little denser, with extra pages in odd places.

These Evokers are known as 'Navigators'. Navigators possess the ability to perceive the currents of miasma, giving them a massive ability to gain a sense for Dream Theatres, Shadows and similar. With experience, Navigators learn to manipulate these currents in subtle and not-so-subtle ways, allowing them to control the space around them, even on their home turf.

Navigator Mechanics

There does not need to be a Navigator, but if your group wishes to take one, then only one Evoker can be a Navigator.

From the very beginning, Navigators possess a special advantage: they start with all Tome Talents purchased in full, including the Inventory ones. This allows Navigators to analyse and track right off the bat.

More than that, however, Navigators also possess a special mechanic: Navigator Sight. Navigator Sight allows Navigators to perform special actions. Most of these actions are about gathering information in Dream Theatres. As time goes on, these abilities become more powerful, allowing Navigators to manipulate miasma-rich environments. Navigator Sights do not cost any resource in terms of Spirit and Exertion. Instead, they can only be formed a limited amount of times, which may be per day, per foray into a Dream Theatre or per Dream Theatre. Sights all take Full Actions to activate.

Navigators are special in that they learn new Sights via upgrading a special Social Link.

Navigators all start with a single Navigator Sight: Skip Ahead. Note that Sights can be used outside of Dream Theatres more or less freely, but require Miasma levels to be 20*Rank or higher, except for Skip Ahead, which can always be used.

Navigator Sight Rank Use Limit Restrictions Effect
Cast of Characters 1 Evoker Rank times per Dream Theatre - You scan a room you are aware of, and learn how many entities are in the room, their weight class (if Shadows) and Evoker Rank (if Evoker). You do not know their exact locations, but know enough to grant the party a +10 bonus to awareness in the room.
Dog Ear 1 Evoker Rank times per Dream Theatre Dream Theatre only You instantly teleport the entire party out of the Dream Theatre. On the next entry into the Theatre, you can choose to restart from your exit point.
Skip Ahead 1 Evoker Rank times per Dream Theatre - You scan a room you aren't in, sensing all of its geography and a rough estimate of how many entities are inside it. The room must either be one that's already been explored, or connected by a single route to a room that is.
Table of Contents 1 Once per Dream Theatre Dream Theatre only You scan the entire Dream Theatre. You learn how many rooms, lounges and non-secret routes there are, and how many routes you'd have to travel to get to Centre Stage.
Behind the Scenes 2 Once per Dream Theatre Dream Theatre Only You learn the Arcanae of the Theatre's Archetype Shadow.
Bookmark 2 Once per Dream Theatre Dream Theatre only, not Centre Stage You create a Lounge, linked to the room you are currently in by one 1-turn route.
Deus ex Machina 2 Evoker Rank times per Dream Theatre - You select a single item in your inventory. It suddenly vanishes, only to reappear in a treasure chest in a single explored room of your choice.
Fast Forward 2 Once per Dream Theatre Dream Theatre Only You select two routes. These routes now take the same amount of time to travel.
Foreshadow 2 Once per Dream Theatre Dream Theatre only You gain a sort of premonition-sense of the Dream Theatre. You learn how many rooms involve non-battle roadblocks. You may also ask the GM a single question about the roadblocks, such as "Which skill would you encourage us to train?" or "What tools should I be bringing?".
Genre Savvy 2 Once per Dream Theatre - You instantly learn the details of a single as-yet unidentified Convention.
Radical Interpretation 2 Once per Dream Theatre Dream Theatre only You learn how many Secret Routes, Secret Rooms, traps and treasure chests there are in a Dream Theatre.
Death of the Author 3 Once per Dream Theatre Dream Theatre only You select a single convention and interpret it right out of existence. The convention reappears in a week.
Just Offscreen 3 Once per Dream Theatre - You select a number of party members who are both not in the same room as you, and are currently not in the line of sight of anyone but the party. They appear in the same room as you, just out of sight of anyone else in the room with you.
Rewrite 3 Once per Dream Theatre Not Centre Stage You select a single known route. You now move this route to anywhere you like, so long as you have been in both rooms and the new location connects two rooms. (The location does not need to make spatial sense). You can also establish where the route exits to in regards to specific places in the route. You can undo this move at any time. After undoing, you can redo it once a day.
Skim 3 Once per Dream Theatre Dream Theatre only You learn, and sense the location and geography of, all of the rooms, lounges and routes in the Dream Theatre.

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