Realisation And Stress

Realisation and Stress

In addition to the standard characteristics, all Evokers possess two extra features known as Realisation and Stress.

  • Realisation is a tenth Charactiristic that all the Evokers possess. Realisation represents the strength of the character's self-realisation and the power of their Social Links. Realisation is unique to Evokers.
  • Stress is a type of special damage that represents how worn down the Evoker is by recent actions. Stress can create fatigue and make a character sick, and can be removed through rest. NPCs can have Stress too.

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Realisation is a special tenth Characteristic. Like all Scores it ranges from 1 to 100, and has a Bonus equal to the tens column of the Score.

  • Unlike other Scores Realisation is not increased through Advances.
  • Instead, Realisation begins at 10, and to this is added the sum of all the Evoker's Social Link ranks. So if a Evoker has three Social links at Rank 4, Rank 6, and Rank 1, their Realisation would be 21 (10+4+6+1).
  • Realisation should be recorded as 'Max Realisation' and 'Current Realisation'. This is because Realisation can be 'spent' to activate special actions, known as Realisation Actions. These powerful Actions are highly powerful and can turn the tide of battles, as well as improve your longevity in the Sea of Chaos.
  • Spent Realisation can be regenerated by spending time with friends, with the amount regenerated depending on the strength of the Social Link.

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Stress is a type of special damage representing a long-term physical and mental tiredness that is deeper than just the exhaustion one gets from physical exertion. It represents a level of weariness that builds up over time due to various responsibilities, stressors and incidents.

  • Many Personal Actions incur Stress.
  • Certain Lethal Damage effects incur Stress as well.

Stress is accumulated in an unlimited meter. For every 10 points of Stress you have, you gain a rank of Stress Fatigue. This rank works like normal Fatigue in every way, except that it cannot be removed except through reducing Stress. If you have normal Fatigue, you add the two together to get your full Fatigue level.

  • If you would ever gain enough Stress Fatigue to knock you unconscious, then you reset your Stress to zero and catch an illness or malady that lasts for 1d5+5 days, reduced by your TB or WPB (depending on what the GM says). The effects of the illness vary from circumstance and character. The malady may make your Persona weaker, make you more prone to acting wildly, or make you very sick.

Stress is primarily removed through Personal Actions. Sleeping early is one effective option, whilst treating yourself to movies, books or special meals are also effective (if costly) options.
*At the end of each day, you lose 2 Stress. This is known as the 'Night's Sleep' bonus, and can be modified through various items.
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