Realisation And Stress

Realisation and Stress

In addition to the standard characteristics, all Evokers possess two extra features known as Realisation and Stress.

  • Realisation is a tenth Charactiristic that all the Evokers possess. Realisation represents the strength of the character's self-realisation and the power of their Social Links. Realisation is unique to Evokers.
  • Stress is a type of special damage that represents how worn down the Evoker is by recent actions. Stress can create fatigue and make a character sick, and can be removed through rest. NPCs can have Stress too.

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Realisation is a special tenth Characteristic. Like all Scores it ranges from 1 to 100, and has a Bonus equal to the tens column of the Score.

  • Unlike other Scores Realisation is not increased through Advances.
  • Instead, Realisation begins at 10, and to this is added the sum of all the Evoker's Social Link ranks. So if a Evoker has three Social links at Rank 4, Rank 6, and Rank 1, their Realisation would be 21 (10+4+6+1).
  • Realisation generates Fate Points. You gain a number of Fate Points per week equal to your Realisation Bonus. Fate Points can be spent to provide special benefits to yourself.

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Stress is a type of special damage representing a long-term physical and mental tiredness that is deeper than just the exhaustion one gets from physical exertion. It represents a level of weariness that builds up over time due to various responsibilities, stressors and incidents. Stress is accrued through taking physical damage as well as personal actions.

Stress is accumulated in a meter up to 100. If Stress ever exceeds your Toughness, you become Fatigued, taking a Disadvantage to all tests. If it ever reaches 20 points above your Toughness, then you become Exhausted instead, taking two Disadvantages to all tests. Should Stress hit 100, you fall unconscious for 24 hours.
Stress is primarily removed through Personal Actions.
*At the end of each day, you lose 2 Stress. This is known as the 'Night's Sleep' bonus, and can be modified through various items.
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