Reiko Hamasaki

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Full Name: Reiko Hamasaki
Position: Student, H-1C
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese
Date of Birth/Age: ??
Place of Residence: ??

Hair: Shoulder-length, straight and light brown
Eyes: Hazel
Height: Around 5'0"
Build: Petite
Handedness: ??

Relationship Status: ??
School Club: Wushu and Cooking
Electives: Economics and Cultural Studies
Best Subject: ??
Worst Subject: ??
Likes: ??
Dislikes: ??
Favourite Weather: ??
Favourite Spots: ??

Notes from Roy
I don't really know much about this one. She's one of Ai's friends, so she should tell you more.

Notes from Dinah

Notes from Hideki

Notes from Sachiko

Notes from Ai
THEN I WILL! She's really nice and concerned and oddly enough a cool older senpai type despite being the same year as me. And and she made choco for everyone and got really worried when I freaked out and even sat next to me and it's really interesting but I don't quite know if it's just something she plain does because she's nice, you know? I hope I find out!!!! :O

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