Sachiko Kurata

Personal Details

Name: Sachiko Kurata
Date of Birth/Age: August 22nd, 16
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese
Residence: 5 Soejima Road, Room 3-A (Originally Yokohama, Japan)
Homeroom Class: H2-B
Chosen Classes: Psychology, Music

Physical Details

Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Build: Scrawny
Handedness: Right



Character Sheet

Main Details


Primary Arcana Devil (Toughness, Perception, Social)
Secondary Arcana 1 Death (Willpower, Resolve)
Secondary Arcana 2 Moon (Fellowship, Intelligence)
Aptitudes Toughness, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, Fellowship | Knowledge*, Resolve, Social
Experience Spent 6000
Evoker Rank 4
Major Persona Faust
Magic Score Fellowship

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Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Melee 25 2 -
Ballistic 30 3 -
Strength 25 2 -
Toughness 40 4 -
Agility 30 3 Deeds (+4), Actions (+1)
Intelligence 51 5 Trained (+15), Actions (+6)
Perception 40 4 -
Willpower 40 4 -
Fellowship 66 6 Intermediate (+10), Actions (+6)
Realisation 51 5 -

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Light Wounds 5
Heavy Wounds 2
Deadly Wounds 1
Fate Points 5
Spirit 24 (28)
Exertion 16 (20)

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Trait Subname Effect
Evoker Rank 4 A representation of your strength as an Evoker. You start at Rank 1 and gain another rank per 2,000 XP. Each rank increases your Spirit and Exertion, and lets you use more powerful Persona.
- -
- -
- -

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Exemplary Base Effect Rank 4 Improvement Rank 7 Improvement Rank 10 Improvement
The Flesh is Weak Whenever you successfully inflict an ailment on an enemy, and the DoS on your casting is greater than their Toughness Bonus (physical) or Willpower Bonus (mental), the target is also Staggered, granting you a One More. Devil's Advocate: You unlock the Devil's Advocate Personal Time Action. It is a group action between you and one other willing person. The other attendant takes 10 Stress, but selects a single Score. For the next week, each time they test this Characteristic they either gain an Advantage, or remove two Disadvantages. You take a Disadvantage to interaction tests with the attendant, and may not use Devil's Advocate on them again, until the effect wears off. Ailment Spells cost 1 Spirit less, to a minimum of 1. If cast as part of a One More or Baton Pass, they cost 2 SP less to a minimum of 1. You may now target yourself with Devil's Advocate. Targeted characters reduce the Stress they gain by an amount equal to your S-Link bonus with them (you do not reduce it at all). Finally, benefactors of Devil's Advocate can decide, instead of the other benefits, to gain an extra success on every Training or School Personal Time Action done during this time.

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  • Description

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Injury Effect Cause Incident

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Skill Name Score Focus One (level 1) Focus Two (level 2) Focus Three (level 3) Focus Four (from talent) Focus Five (from talent) Temporary+Extra Focus
Melee Skill Melee
Ballistic Skill Ballistic Basic
Athletics Strength
Endurance Toughness Injury
Acrobatics Agility Dodge
Operation Agility
Subterfuge Agility
Academics Intelligence Social Science Research Tactics Research
Logic Intelligence Reasoning
Medicine Intelligence
Technology Intelligence
Awareness Perception Anticipate
Survival Perception
Fortitude Willpower Resist Manipulation Mental Ailments
Authority Fellowship Demagogy Intimidate
Inquiry Fellowship Predict Motive Scrutiny Ask Around
Linguist Fellowship Japanese English
Manipulation Fellowship Entice Rumour Deception
Trade Fellowship Music Music

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Skill Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier Three

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Melee Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Tier Two
Tier Three

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Ballistic Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Tier Two
Tier Three

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Physical Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Tier Two
Tier Three

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Mental Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Scholar You may reroll Academics tests and take the preferred result, so long as you have access to a source of knowledge on that topic, such as a book, a computer with internet access or a library.
Tier Two
Just as Planned Whenever you take Stress from a mental cause (emotional distress, debating, studying etc), you take one less to a minimum of 0. Furthermore, the first Flashback Action or Group Action that would generate Stress for you each day instead provides 0 Stress.
Tier Three

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Interaction Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Inspire You may make an Authority test as an action; should you pass, you grant an advantage to all tests to resist Despair and Panic to all allies for the rest of the encounter, or until you fail a test to resist fear and panic yourself.
Eloquence You may reroll, and take the better result, Manipulate attempts to convince, seduce or persuade someone with words, so long as your Fellowship is higher than their own.
Battle Reading Select one target and make an Inquiry test as an action, opposed by Subterfuge or Manipulation; on a success, at any time between now and your next turn, you can force the target to reroll a single test and take the result you prefer.
Tier Two
Master Orator You may reroll, and take the better result, tests to persuade or address a crowd.
Social Vigneron You may reroll Manipulate attempts to manipulate public opinion on or around specific individuals. Furthermore when doing so, you are more protected from being discovered as the originator; you take a +20 bonus to tests to resist being found out.
Cold Reading You may reroll, and take the better result, Inquiry tests that attempt to discern or glean information about a person's personality, hobbies, personal information or motive through social or psychological methods, so long as your Fellowship or Intelligence is higher than their Perception or Intelligence.
Galvanising Presence So long as you are in an engagement have failed no opposed Willpower tests during it, all allies in communication with you gain Advantage on tests to resist fear, Panic, Enraging and Brainwashing.
Beyond Reproach You may reroll, and take the better result, attempts to thwart or determine the origin of rumours; if these rumours are targeted at you, you take a +20 bonus to tests as well.
Tier Three

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Name Class Range Dam. Qualities
Athame Light 1m SB+1 Burst (1), Small, Hexblade
Poppet Rifle 80m +5 Accurate, Curse

Hexblade: Can use best Fortitude focus instead of Parry vs targets suffering an ailment.
Curse: A successful hit with this weapon, regardless of doing damage, grants you Advantage when trying to inflict ailments on the target. The target suffers Disadvantage on Blood Loss and Exhaustion tests. This effect lasts for DoS turns, with extra hits extending the length. Should the length ever extend past 6 turns, then it lasts until the end of the encounter.
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Meta Armour

Name AP Body AP Legs AP Arms AP Head Qualities
Contracted Armour 4 4 4 2 Sentinel

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Major Persona

Name Faust
Knacks Divine Contract See Bonds
Traits Unnatural Toughness (1) Unnatural Intelligence (1) Unnatural Fellowship (1) Amphibious
Spells Ei Psi Bufu Rakunda Tarunda Dekaja Evil Smile Fumbling Friend

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Minor Personas

  • Pale Rider
  • Death
  • 3
  • Alive
  • Unhcegila
  • Devil
  • 2
  • Alive
  • Arohirohi
  • Moon
  • 3
  • Status

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Social Links

Arcana Fool Rank 3
Name The Sailor Scouts
Rank 1 Lives of their Own: Non-PC Members of the team gain Realisation equal to double the rank in this Social Link. They also gain a +5 to a single Score, plus another at rank 4, 7 and 10. (Even though each PC has this Arcana, the effects only apply once.) This power also allows Baton Passes to any team member, but does not power the Pass up unlike a 1-to-1 S-Link.
Arcana Magician Rank 3
Name Dinah Sarah-Schreier
Rank 1 Baton Pass!
Arcana Empress Rank 5
Name Suzanne Smithson
Rank 1 Teacher's Reputation: Unlocks the Blue Finn action. Sachiko rerolls all rolls to generate an event and decide if the event is positive or negative, and takes the preferred result.
Rank 4 Shameless Team-building Agenda: Sachiko may, up to three times a week, spend a Fate Point to allow an ally to reroll a test, add two advantages to a test, or remove an ailment.
Arcana Emperor Rank 7
Name Caolán Choi
Rank 1 Council Perks: Unlocks the Student Council action. Sachiko gains an Advantage to interaction tests against those under the council's jurisdiction, such as students or especially weak-willed faculty.
Rank 4 Electifying Confidence: Whenever Sachiko gains a third focus in an Intelligence or Willpower skill, she gains a fourth Focus in the same skill for free.
Rank 7 Imperial Revue: So long as Sachiko is present and able to act, Choi may use Demagogy in place of flat Willpower when making magic tests against targets affected by an ailment. So long as Choi is present and able to act, Sachiko can use Music to resist Mental and Spiritual ailments in place of Fortitude.
Arcana Lovers Rank 2
Name Hideki Nakajima
Rank 1 Trust Fall!: Whenever Sachiko declares a Group Action, all allies (but not her) gain an advantage to their test, and the most Stress she can suffer is 10. Whenever Sachiko baton passes to an ally, she loses Stress equal to her S-Link rank with the individual divided by two.
Arcana Justice Rank 4
Name Mari Kurata
Rank 1 The Kurata Identity: Sachiko unlocks the Kurata Identity action, which improves her Perception, reduces stress and improves her abilities in Investigations.
Rank 4 The Kurata Supremacy: Once per week, on completing an Investigation, Sachiko gains the Unnatural Fellowship (+1) trait until the end of the week, so long as she completes the investigation without incurring any Stress. She counts as passing if she spends Stress to buy items, powers or knacks, but only if she keeps it to 5 stress or less.
Arcana Hermit Rank 4
Name Tony Paredes Guerra
Rank 1 Tune Apprentice: Unlocks the Practice at Tony's action.
Rank 4 Set The Rhythm: At the start of a combat, Sachiko can make a Music test. On a success, and for each DoS, she can select one combatant of any side and add or subtract 1 from their Initiative.
Arcana Fortune Rank 3
Name Adrien Delacour
Rank 1 Baton Pass!
Arcana Hanged Man Rank 3
Name Roy Griffin
Rank 1 Duty of Care: Roy can use the Guardian or Protect actions on you so long as you are within 5 metres, moving adjacent to you as he does so.
Arcana Temperance Rank 4
Name Kimiko Miyamoto
Rank 1 Composure: Whenever Sachiko rolls a test with 2 or more advantages, she can choose to reroll the test flat and take the preferred result.
Rank 4 Faithfulness: Sachiko can spend a Fate Point to gain all of the current positive elemental resistances of an ally (Resists, blocks, absorbs, repels), for a number of rounds equal to her Confidant rank with the ally divided by two, rounding down- minimum of 1 round. If she uses this ability again before the previous set has expired, the new set overwrites the old one.
Arcana Tower Rank 3
Name Karo Nakajima
Rank 1 Baton Pass!
Arcana Star Rank 2
Name Prince Idraceyl Golothar
Rank 1 Wisdom of Summerset: When Sachiko uses the Analysis action, she analyses a number of targets equal to the Insight score. She may permanently spend a point of Insight to ask every Insight 1 Question at once.
Arcana Moon Rank 3
Name Alfred Alvin
Rank 1 Beguiling Song: Sachiko may use her Trade (Music) skill in place of Fellowship when casting Ailment spells.
Arcana Sun Rank 6
Name Debate Team (Evripidis Andreas and Rio Sakuma)
Rank 1 Browbeat: Sachiko can train the Intimidate skill up to rank four via weekly actions. Once per week, Sachiko can, for free, use any Item-gathering Personal Action without using up an action slot.
Rank 4 Fire-Forged Teamwork: Whenever Sachiko assists an ally of Social Link Rank 4 or higher, that ally gains an extra Advantage (so 2 instead of 1) from the assist. Furthermore, if she is present and not incapacitated or under an ailment, allies always count her as assisting their resistance tests vs. mental ailments and social manipulation.

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Experience Log

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