Sachiko Kurata

Personal Details

Name: Sachiko Kurata
Date of Birth/Age: August 22nd, 16
Gender: Female
Nationality: Japanese
Residence: 5 Soejima Road, Room 3-A (Originally Yokohama, Japan)
Homeroom Class: H2-B
Chosen Classes: Psychology, Music

Physical Details

Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Build: Scrawny
Handedness: Right



Character Sheet

Main Details


Primary Arcana Devil (Toughness, Perception, Social)
Secondary Arcana 1 Death (Willpower, Resolution)
Secondary Arcana 2 Moon (Fellowship, Intelligence)
Aptitudes Toughness, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, Fellowship | Resolution, Social
Experience Spent 2000
Evoker Rank 2
Major Persona Faust
Magic Characteristic Fellowship

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Characteristic Scores

Name Value Bonus Modifiers Deeds
Weapon Skill 25 2 - 0
Ballistic Skill 30 3 - 0
Strength 25 2 - 1
Toughness 40 4 - 1
Agility 25 2 - 3
Intelligence 30 3 - 10
Perception 40 4 - 8
Willpower 40 4 - 2
Fellowship 60 6 Intermediate (+10) 11
Realisation (max) 10 1 - -

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Wounds 12
Spirit 12
Exertion 8
Realisation (Current) 10
Fatigue Threshold 6
Fatigue (Normal) 0
Fatigue (Total) 3
Stress 31
Epiphanies 2

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Trait Subname Effect
- -
- -
- -
- -

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Exemplary Base Effect Rank 4 Improvement Rank 7 Improvement Rank 10 Improvement
The Flesh is Weak Whenever you successfully inflict an ailment on an enemy, and the DoS on your casting is greater than their Toughness Bonus (physical) or Willpower Bonus (mental), the target is also Staggered, granting you a One More. Devil's Advocate: You unlock the Devil's Advocate Personal Time Action. It is a group action between you and one other willing person. The other attendant takes 10 Stress, but selects a single Characteristic. For the next week, each time they test this Characteristic they either gain a +10 bonus, or reduce a net penalty by 20 to a minimum of 0. You take a -10 penalty to interaction tests with the attendant, and may not use Devil's Advocate on them again, until the effect wears off. Ailment Spells cost 1 Spirit less, to a minimum of 1. If cast as part of a One More or Baton Pass, they cost 2 SP less to a minimum of 1. You may now target yourself with Devil's Advocate. Targeted characters reduce the Stress they gain by an amount equal to your S-Link bonus with them (you do not reduce it at all). Finally, benefactors of Devil's Advocate can decide, instead of the other benefits, to gain an extra success on every Training or School Personal Time Action done during this time.

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  • Sachiko's Night's Sleep stress reduction is always halved (Round down), to a minimum of 1.

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Injury Effect Cause Incident

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Basic Skills

Skill Name Score Known (+0) Trained (+10) Experienced (+20) Master (+30)
Acrobatics Agi - - - -
Athletics Str X - - -
Awareness Per X - - -
Charm Fel X - - -
Command Fel X - - -
Commerce Int - - - -
Deceive Fel X - - -
Demolitions Int - - - -
Disguise Fel - - - -
Dodge Agi X - - -
Endurance Tou X - - -
Inquiry Fel X - - -
Intimidate Str X - - -
Literacy Int X - - -
Logic Int - - - -
Magic Resistance Will X - - -
Medical Int - - - -
Parry WS - - - -
Scrutiny Per X - - -
Security Int - - - -
Sleight of Hand Agi - - - -
Stealth Agi - - - -
Survival Per - - - -
Tech Use Int - - - -

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Advanced Skills

Skill Name Specialisation Characteristic Known (+0) Trained (+10) Experienced (+20) Master (+30)
Linguist Japanese Int X - - -
- English Int X - - -
Lore Japan Int X - - -
Navigate - Per - - - -
Operate - Agi - - - -
Trade Musician Fel X - - -

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Interpersonal Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Eloquent You may reroll Charm, Inquiry and Deceive tests and take the preferred result.
Veiled Threats You may always use Fellowship in place of Strength when making Intimidate skill tests.
Tier Two
Tier Three

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Physical Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Exertion Your Fatigue Threshold is increased by 2.
Tier Two
Tier Three

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Evoker Rank

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Evoker Rank 2 Your Evoker Rank, which measures how powerful you are as a Persona User. You may not fuse or control a Persona with a Grade higher than your Rank. Evoker Rank also has many other effects, most notably on your Spirit and Exertion. Every time you take this talent, you increase your Rank by One. You must spend an amount of XP equal to the purchasing rank multiplied by ten; if you are purchasing Rank 3, then you must spend 300 XP for example. You may only purchase an Evoker Rank once every 2,000 XP spent, starting at Rank 1 at 0 XP.

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Tome Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Analysis Allows you to perform the Analysis action.
Tome Inventory 5 Unlocks the Tome Inventory ability, which stores up to X*2 items within the Tome itself that can be retrieved as you would any other item from a pocket. Stored consumables can be used without being withdrawn. You begin with one purchase in this talent.
Tome Communicate Allows you to use the Tome Communicate action.
Tome Tracker Allows you to use the Tome Tracker action.
Tier Two
Advanced Analysis Allows you to perform the Advanced Analysis action.

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Metaweapons (Melee)

Name Class Range Hits Dam. Pen. Qualities Other
Athame Light 1m WSB 1d5-1 R 0 Light, Balanced Can use Magic Resistance instead of Parry vs targets suffering an ailment.

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Metaweapons (Ranged)

Name Class Range Hits Clip Reload Damage Penetration Qualities Other
Poppet Rifle 100m 1 12 Full 1d10+2 0 Precise A successful hit with this weapon, regardless of doing damage, applies a +10 bonus to ailment tests against the target, who suffers a -10 penalty vs ailments, fatigue and blood loss tests. This effect lasts for DoS turns, and further hits lengthen the duration.

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Meta Armour

Name AP Body AP Legs AP Arms AP Head Qualities
Contracted Armour 4 4 4 3 -

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Small Cash Medium Cash Big Cash

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Ointment *3
Soul Drop *1
Lifestone *1

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Major Persona

Name Faust
Knacks Divine Contract Alarm
Traits Peer (The Contract-Bound, 1) Amphibious (1) Lore (Disease, 1)
Spells Ei Psi Life Drain Rakunda Tarunda Evil Smile

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Minor Personas

Minor Persona 1

  • Whiro
  • Devil
  • 1
  • Alive

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Social Links

Name Suzanne Smithson Arcana Empress
Rank 1 Time Available Weekday (Late)
Confidant Ability
Teacher's Reputation: Once per week, access an activity in the Docklands area with an activity cost of 3 Small or less for free.
Name Caolan Choi Arcana Emperor
Rank 2 Time Available Tue., Thu., Fri. (Late)
Confidant Ability
Council Perks: Once per week, select one regular 'Attend School' action and attach one of the following extras: A single Score Training of her choice with no Stress; A single Skill Training of her choice with no Stress; School that day only adds 1 Stress instead of 4.
Name Hideki Nakajima Arcana Lovers
Rank 1 Time Available -
Confidant Ability
Baton Pass
Name Ai Yoshino Arcana Justice
Rank 1 Time Available -
Confidant Ability
Baton Pass
Name Roy Griffin Arcana Hanged Man
Rank 1 Time Available -
Confidant Ability
Baton Pass
Name Lion Hall Debate Team Arcana Sun
Rank 1 Time Available Mon., Wed. (Late)
Confidant Ability
Browbeat: Sachiko gains a permanent +10 bonus to all Intimidate skill training tests. Furthermore, once per week, Sachiko can call Rio out and set her loose on a shopkeeper, earning her a -1 cash discount on any item she wants!

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Experience Log

Epiphanies Log

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