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Shadow Personalities

Name Effect Combat Behaviour
Angry Angry Shadows take a +10 to Fear and Pinning tests, but a -10 to resist Frenzy or provocation. They will attack the party on sight. They will automatically Frenzy on taking Critical Damage. Angries prioritise whichever target is closest, unless the target is unbeatable; they're not stupid.
Coward Cowardly Shadows take a -10 to Fear and Pinning tests. If confronted alone, they will flee. Cowards prioritise targets who are the least threatening, with a special focus on targets who are already being attacked by others.
Cruel Cruel Shadows will engage the party on sight. Cruels will prioritise weak targets who are suffering from status effects or injuries, the weaker the better. If they One More, they will savagely focus on attacking the target. Unlike other Shadows, they will prioritise targets with no active Persona.
Friendly Friendly Shadows are non-hostile if encountered alone. They will curiously observe the party and may be capable of limited interaction, with the chance of providing boons. Friendlies prioritise support and ailments, and will prioritise targets who are most of a threat to their allies. They are satisfied with driving threats off and will rarely attempt to cripple, maim or kill.
Gentle Gentle Shadows are non-hostile if encountered alone. They will keep their distance from the party. Gentles will provide support to allied Shadows through healing or buffs. They will not attack unless cornered. If there are no allied Shadows willing or able to fight left, the Gentle will flee.
Happy Happy Shadows are non-hostile, even if encountered with other Shadows. They will putter around, but if they see something distressing- such as a fight, or a visible ailment- they will instantly become hostile toward whoever started it. Happies prioritise supporting those who are not upsetting them, especially if those people are fighting those who are/ upsetting them.
Honourable Honourable Shadows take a +20 bonus to Fear and Pinning tests, but a -10 penalty to resist Frenzy or provocations. They will openly engage the group. Honourable Shadows that fail a Fear test do not roll on the chart or flee, but instead gain a rank of Fatigue. Honourables prioritise targets who they consider the most worthy, mostly those with the most damage potential. They do not like attacking targets who are being flanked, and always prefer fighting one on one. If they Expose a target and gain a One More, they will not use that One More to attack the same target. They fight to the death.
Marauder Marauder Shadows will not attack on sight, but prefer to stalk the party until they are in trouble or engaged. Marauders prioritise hit and run attacks against whichever target they can do the most damage to; they also prioritise using ailment spells.
Mercurial Mercurial Shadows have three other Personalities, which they switch between at random (roll a 1d3 per round). -
Observer Observer Shadows are ill-intentioned, but non-hostile. They will observe the group peacefully and not intervene into battles; after observing a battle, they will run to other Shadows and begin spreading information about the group's weaknesses. Observers hate fighting themselves and will always try to flee. If they cannot flee, then they will attack whoever is most likely to block their retreat.
Pack Hunter Pack Hunter Shadows take a -10 penalty to all tests if alone. Conversely they take a flat +10 bonus to all tests if with another Pack Hunter. They will flee if encountered alone, but will attack if in a group. Pack Hunters prioritise targeting foes who are already under attack, wearing them down with sheer weight of numbers.
Paranoid Paranoid Shadows take a +20 bonus to Awareness. They will attack the party on sight. If a Paranoid Shadow is attacked by an ally, such as through accidental AoE or through Charmed, they will treat that ally as an enemy permanently. Paranoids prioritise targets who they consider to be the greatest risk, starting with those who can target the Shadow's weaknesses. They have no compunctions about abandoning their allies.
Predator Predator Shadows take a +10 bonus to Stealth tests. They will patiently pursue the party and attempt to set up ambushes, especially on isolated characters. Predators prioritise targets with low defenses and who are easy to hit. If they fail to pull off an ambush, they will attempt to retreat and try again.
Protective Protective Shadows take a +10 bonus to Awareness. They will not engage unless the party comes too close, or their allies engage the party. Protectives prioritise protecting their allies, either with their own body or with support spells. They will attempt to weaken foes they consider the most dangerous.
Smitten Smitten Shadows are in love with one ally and will never flee so long as the ally is around. If the object of their affection dies, they will fall unconscious with grief. If encountered alone, they instead fall for a party member at random and will stubbornly pursue them, proffering aid and fighting their foes. They are immune to Charm, unless the Charm is from their object, in which case it automatically succeeds. Smittens prioritise supporting the object of their affection, either with support spells or by fighting those who target them. They will also prioritise anyone they perceive as also liking their object, including other Smittens.
Smug Smug Shadows take a +10 bonus to Intelligence skill tests but a -10 penalty to Perception skill tests. They will engage on sight. Smugs prioritise targets whose weakness they can hit, so long as the target seems fairly strong. If a Smug scores a One More it will not use it to attack but will instead support or restore itself; these are the only times it will do so. If the Smug cannot support or restore itself, it will instead preen and gloat, wasting the One More.
Spoiler Spoiler Shadows will attack on sight. Spoilers prioritise disrupting targets' attacks, either through ailments, defensive spells, or by, say, knocking them over or engaging shooters in melee.
Strategist Strategist Shadows take a +10 bonus to Intelligence skill tests. If confronted alone, they will retreat to find more Shadows. Strategists prioritise targets whose weaknesses they can hit, and will attempt to Expose as many enemies as possible to set up an All Out Attack; if they cannot do so directly, they will either ailment likely candidates or support allies who can. If outnumbered or outgunned, the Strategist will voluntarily retreat and regroup, gathering more Shadows to itself.
Stupid Stupid Shadows take a -10 penalty to Perception and Intelligence tests, and a -10 penalty to resist Mental effects. They will attack the party on sight. Stupids prioritise the closest possible target, even if the target is unbeatable.
Traitorous Traitorous Shadows will turn on their allies if it seems as though they are going to lose. They do not like fighting by themselves, and will pretend to be non-hostile if forced to do so. Traitors prioritise weak targets who are least able to defend themselves or mitigate damage.

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