The Velvet Room and Fusion

The Velvet Room

The Velvet Room is a mysterious place that exists between dream and reality. It is difficult to define where it begins and ends, and it possesses a changeable form. Nonetheless, it offers services which are essential to Evokers.

Within the Room resides Igor, a bizarre but helpful man who has a unique power capable of shaping, fusing and channelling the power of Persona. Igor and his assistants offer four special functions to aid the Evokers in their journey: Fusion, Sacrifice, Itemisation and the Compendium.

The Minor Persona Pool

The Velvet Room keeps the pool of Minor Personas on hand- these are the Personas that are not currently equipped to anyone. Minors all belong to a shared pool which can be accessed by all PCs. PCs may visit the Velvet Room to withdraw Minors from this pool; once they do this, they are counted as possessing that Minor and can do whatever they wish with it, including returning the Minor back to the pool. A PC can only withdraw a Minor Persona from the pool if it matches one of their three starting Arcanae or one of their Fulfilled Arcana. A PC can possess up to three Minors at once. The pool can have multiple copies of the same Persona, but you personally can only equip a single copy of each Persona- so the pool can have, say, three Pyro Jacks, but you can only equip one at a time.


Fusion is the act of fusing two different Personas together to create a third, more powerful one. Because the Majors are tied intrinsically to the Evokers' personalities, Igor may only fuse Minors.

Fusion is a multi-step process.

  • First, you must choose two Minors that exist within the shared pool of Minors to act as parents. The Minors must have a different Arcana.
  • Second, you take the parents' two Arcanas and cross-reference those Arcanas on the chart at the end of this section. This provides you with the Arcana of the child Persona.
  • Third, you add the parents' Persona Grades together and find the average, rounding up. Then you add +1 to it. This provides the Grade of the child. By comparing that Grade with the Arcana, determined above, you find the Persona the child will become.
    • You cannot fuse a Persona whose Grade is higher than the highest Evoker Rank amongst the PCs. So to fuse a Rank 3 Persona, at least one of the PCs must be Evoker Rank 3.
  • Finally, fusion requires that all PCs agree to the act. Once this is done, the two parents are expended, and the child is created, taking its place within the Minor Pool.
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Sacrifice is the act of melding a Minor Persona into a Major Persona. In this act, the Minor is expended, but the Major is empowered by it.

Sacrifice consists of the following steps.

  • First, an Evoker must choose one of the Minors in their possession to sacrifice. (Reminder: An Evoker must have an Evoker Rank equal or greater than a Minor's Grade before they can possess it.)
    • An Evoker may only possess Minors from one of their starting Arcanas or from a Fulfilled Arcana, which is an Arcana in which the Evoker possesses a rank 10 Social Link.
  • Second, the Evoker may choose any number of Powers, Traits or Knacks from the Minor to transfer to their Major. This transfer is Stress-free.
    • If the Major has reached a limit (8 Powers, 4 Traits or 2 Knacks), but wants to add a new entry to the full category, they must erase an old one first.
  • Finally, the Minor is expended.
  • Something to note is that Sacrifice can be performed at any time, even during a battle- it takes one Round.

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Itemisation is the act of converting a Minor Persona into an item. The Minor is expended in the process.

Itemisation consists of the following steps:

  • First, a Minor existing within the Minor Pool must be selected, with the agreement of the party.
  • Second, the Minor will produce either a Spell Gem or an Art Gem (your choice), containing a Spell or Art that the Minor knows.

Alternatively, a Persona can be itemised into a tool to ensure it works inside the Sea of Chaos. All tools that are amplified by a Persona become high quality, and also might take on aesthetic qualities of the Persona.

Finally, each piece of Metagear has one empty Passive slot. You can sacrifice a Minor to attach one of the Minor's Passives to one of your Metagear. If the Metagear already has a Passive, then it is overwritten.
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Possibility Shards

Possibility Shards are special items gained through either defeating Shadows, or as 'residue' from socialising with a Confidant. They're little gems of concentrated miasma that can be used to generate Personas. Every Shard belongs to a specific Arcana. As a Free Personal Turn Action, you can use up a Possibility Shard to generate a Persona of that Arcana.
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Considering the rate at which Minors are expended, it is highly convenient to have a place where a copy of a Minor is stored. This is the Persona Compendium, kept with Igor in the Velvet Room. The Compendium can store an unlimited amount of Personas, but it can only store one of each type. Even if a Persona is 'withdrawn' from the Compendium, the template remains.

Withdrawing Persona can be done through Social Link actions.
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