Week 7 Happenings


(Spoken to Sachiko whilst eating lunch with Choi)

Càolan: I did ask about… [ Stops and smiles] Sachiko. You're about to meet one of the living treasures of Sophia Academy.
Spacey Girl: [ A girl with a cellphone wanders the courtyard with a baffled expression]
Càolan: That's Akari, and I love that she exists. Check this out. [ Shouts in English.] Hey Akari! Looking for someone?
Akari Billy!
Càolan: [ Grinning like a boy in a sweet shop.] That's her crush. [ Shouting in English like a fucking yankee] Oh no! Where is he?
Akari Billy, did you lose my number? Because you're not anywhere that I can find you!
Càolan: Akari is a precious girl. Her Japanese is fine, but her English…
Akari Ain't no sunshine when he's gone…
Càolan: She seems to only speak English if it's from a hit song. Hey Akari! Why do you only speak in lyrics?
Akari [ Visible confusion]
Càolan: nevermind. Hey, this is my friend Sachiko! She's friendly!
Akari Yatta! [ Wanders over to Sachiko.] I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my number, so call me maybe?
Càolan: How does she do it? Truly one of the Seven Sublimes of Sophia.
Akari. [ Looks away.] Ooh, tomodachi! Hey there, Delilah!
Càolan: and off she goes. What a legend.

(Observed by Ai whilst coming back from archery practice)

Frontin’ Schoolboy: Sigh…
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: Sigh…
Frontin’ Schoolboy: This Asaka stuff has got me down, dude.
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: Tell me about it. All my crazy-ass friends are furious.
Frontin’ Schoolboy: I can't wait for it all to just go away…
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: I don't even know if it will. [ Beepbeep] Oh my phone. … Aw, goddamnit.
Frontin’ Schoolboy: What is it?
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: One of my pals, the one with the algorithms all up in his shit? He's sending me another one of those online date videos.
Frontin’ Schoolboy: Aww, shit. He ain't stopping with those?
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: No way. He's been gaga over Sakura-chan for weeks. … Wait, this is a different girl.
Frontin’ Schoolboy: He's cheating on his online date girlfriend?! What a fuckboi!
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: Well. Maybe not a fuckboi. It's not real, it's just kinda sad and bad. What's a softer word that means the same thing?
Frontin’ Schoolboy: Beefboy?
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: Perfect. Anyway, let's check this one out. [ Angles the phone so Frontin' can watch.]
Frontin’ Schoolboy: 'Akiko'. What's the theme?
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: I think she's like, a sexy librarian or writer or something. Look, she's at a lake, writing a book.
Frontin’ Schoolboy: Huh.
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy:
Frontin’ Schoolboy:
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: She's actually really cute.
Frontin’ Schoolboy: Yeah…
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: … W-Wait, what are we doing? The algorithms! Man! They're getting to our heads!
Frontin’ Schoolboy: W-What, what- turn it off! Hurry up!
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: I'm trying, I'm- whew.
Frontin’ Schoolboy: That was close.
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: No one will ever know about this.
Gorgeous University Girl: Know what?
Frontin’ Schoolboy: GAH!-
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: AAAAGH!
Frontin’ Schoolboy: Oh no not again-
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: Where- who- what?
Gorgeous University Girl: [ This girl is amazing. Moderate height, fair-skinned and curvy, with long lustrous wavy curly brown hair falling in curtains around her face and emerald-green eyes.] Ooh, is that one of those online date videos?
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: No!
Frontin’ Schoolboy: I just want some milk-
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: It's not my video! It's my friend's! And he's a beefboy!
Gorgeous University Girl: [ Eyes Frontin'] He looks okay to me.
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: Not him, my other friend! He's kind of an asshole!
Gorgeous University Girl: Oh, I see. Lemme guess… [ Sits next to them.] He's got bad attitudes about women, and all this recent trouble is bringing them out, and it makes you uncomfortable?
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: Super uncomfortable. I hate it a lot.
Gorgeous University Girl: Then why do you still hang out with him?
Frontin’ Schoolboy: Tissue, need a tissue-
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: I-I mean, I've known him since I was seven.
Gorgeous University Girl: So you don't want to quit such a long friendship. Then have you told him how you feel?
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: N-No.
Gorgeous University Girl: Why not?
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: I-I dunno! I'm scared! He seems so vigorously bad, I don't think I can match the sheer fire he has for his shitty opinions!
Gorgeous University Girl: I dunno, you guys looked pretty angry earlier to me. Where's that anger when you're speaking to him?
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: … Carefully hidden?
Gorgeous University Girl: Haha. Listen, guys like that? Nine times out of ten, a sharp, well-spoken rebuke from an old friend will really shock them. Try it out, okay?
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: … I can do my best?
Gorgeous University Girl: Good man. Tell me how it goes! [ Walks away, the wind teasingly playing at her skirt.]
Frontin’ Schoolboy:
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy:
Frontin’ Schoolboy: … Sigh…
In-Over-His-Head Schoolboy: … Sigh…

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