Week 8 Happenings


(Whilst Sachiko is having lunch with them)

TERRY: You know what I love? A bottle of ice-cold water. The way it slides down the throat… It feels so refreshing. I feel my brain expanding. It's better than drugs.
WALLACE: [ Wallace isn't paying attention. He's staring out at Sophia Court, a tension in the air.] This year feels so different. It's like everyone arrived all stirred up. I wonder what's really going on?
TERRY: It's the Conspiracy.
WALLACE: The Conspiracy?
TERRY: Secretive groups, mate, lurkin' in the shadows, trying to overthrow the Council and the teachers so they can turn this school into their own playground. It's fuckin' sick in the head, Asaka was in on it, betcha anything.
WALLACE: That's ridiculous. A conspiracy. Obviously it's a cult.
TERRY: What?
WALLACE: It's a fucking cult! There's a cult in this school wanting to turn all the students into… Something else. [ Frowning seriously] some fusion of Shinto and Catholicism, maybe. Saint Izanagi…? No, he'd be Jesus. Jesus Izanagi Christ.
TERRY: It's a conspiracy. Spearheaded by the power-hungry, aided by fucky teachers, bet my fucking life on it.
WALLACE: Or maybe it's an occult cult. Yes… Sophia has always had an eldritch reputation to it…
TERRY: They'd want to overthrow the Council first, then work their way up into the university. It's a long-term fucking game but they want this city, and they want it so fucking bad.
WALLACE: And of course they're picking students, high schoolers, overworked, stressed, long way from home, raging with hormones…
TERRY: Anyone who gets in their way they'll take out with fucking coppers, bye bye, see you never a-fucking gain, that's the police state for you-
WALLACE: Perfecting a cocktail of sex, drugs and literature to seduce the weak to their side-
TERRY: always fuckin' keeping the little guy down, I bet it's the rich kids-
WALLACE: Gonna set a camera up on the old temple, that place is rich in dark forces-

(Overheard by Dinah whilst at the HMS Dive)

HARD BOILED SCHOOLBOY: School's a real mess. You look into any gutter in this swollen city and you see Sophia staring back at you.
HARD BOILED SCHOOLBOY'S ADULT BIG BROTHER: This city isn't very big though.
HARD BOILED: But it's still swollen. With sin.
BIG BRO: It's like 500,000 people, tops. And ten percent of that go home for four months of the year.
HARD BOILED: Fine. School's swollen.
BIG BRO: Alright, got me there. You doing ok there?
HARD BOILED: I don't go looking for trouble, chief. Trouble finds me.
BIG BRO: Haha. Well, do try and keep your head down. It's what mum and dad would've wanted. But… You know how I said that there might be an investigation into the school?
BIG BRO: It's all true. And guess who's heading it? Yours truly, bro.
HARD BOILED: You're taking the case? But what about Nanako-
BIG BRO: Ah-ah-ah. Don't worry about that. Haha! The only thing I need you to worry about is… I'm gonna need a man on the inside. You get my thread?
HARD BOILED: … I don't know what you mean. [ Winking furiously]
BIG BRO: [Nodding stoically, like a badass]

(Witnessed by Hideki whilst on the way back from watching Hinata Morokuzu get clotheslined by a random kid)

SHUN NAKAHARA, THE KENDO DELINQUENT: -Hy can't you just take money away from the Debate Club? They've been terrible for years!
SHUN YUKIMURA, THE COUNCIL TREASURER: My friend, if you opened a lemonade stand on the corner of Satomi Lane you would make more money than the Debate Club gets from us. The chances of the police shutting you down within an hour are high and even then you would still make more.
STABBY SHUN: But- but… C'mon! We have more kids than usual! We need the cash!
COUNTY SHUN: We gave you extra funding, Nakahara. Quite a lot. In fact, it rather irritated Matsushita…
STABBY SHUN: W-Wait. it… Did?
COUNTY SHUN: Oh, indeed. I daresay she was even… Envious.
STABBY SHUN: She was?! Haha! I- uh, I er… Hahaha. Heehee.
COUNTY SHUN: [ Watches patiently]
STABBY SHUN: She's jealous of me, Yukimura. [ Beaming.]
COUNTY SHUN: Yes, that seems to be the conclusion on everyone's lips. Well done. *
[ County Shun claps Stabby Shun on the shoulder.]
COUNTY SHUN: I think I can trust you to take it from here.
STABBY SHUN: You can at that, my man! Seeya later! I'm outta here!
COUNTY SHUN: [ Watches him leave.] Hm… Easier than expected.
ABBY BLACKWOOD, THE SWIMMING CLUB LEADER: Oh hey there, Shun~ That was pretty smooth of you there.
LAST SHUN STANDING: Was it now? I didn't notice.
ABBY: Oh, yeah. It was very smooth.
SHUN: 'Neat'.
ABBY: Say, Shun… What are you up to now?
ABBY: I didn't say my line yet!
SHUN: I guarantee you that will not change this outcome. Do it for yourself, Blackwood. Please.
ABBY: [ Batting eyelashes.] You know, Shun, I'm like a mermaid in every way except one.
SHUN: [ Staring.]
ABBY: I have legs.
SHUN: The saddest thing is, it wasn't enough that you had to humiliate yourself. You had to find a witness. Funnily enough, I hear an actual siren call- the siren call of bureaucracy. Good day, Blackwood.
ABBY: [ Watching him go.] Oh yeah. He's coming around.

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