Yi Ji-Hu

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Full Name: Yi Ji-Hu
Position: Student, H-3A
Gender: Female
Nationality: South Korean
Date of Birth/Age: ??/??/??, 18
Place of Residence: Dorms near Sophia Academy

Hair: Shoulder-length, straight and black, glossy, silky and soft
Eyes: Olive
Height: 5'2"
Build: Slender
Handedness: Left

Relationship Status: Couple
School Club: Japanese Culture and Tea Club (Manager)
Electives: Social Studies, Psychology
Best Subject: ??
Worst Subject: ??
Likes: ??
Dislikes: ??
Favourite Weather: ??
Favourite Spots: ??

Notes from Roy
Oh, she's a cutie, this one. Most people like her, she's well-known, smart, attentive, and even likes cats. Could she be any better? Probably, but so could I, it's just a lot of work.

Notes from Dinah

Notes from Hideki

Notes from Sachiko

Notes from Ai
She's really neat and has a lot of conviction and spunk! Hidecchin, you're so lucky to have such a betterer better half <3 <3 …I wish she wasn't so reckless, though. I-if black jacket mask guy actually made her disappear… D:

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