Philip Timmann

Philip Timmann
Occupation: Steel Baron
Age 58
Birthday: 30th of Iest
Height: 5'11
Weight: 194 lbs

Appearance: Always well-groomed and dressed in the latest business wear, Philip has a broad, disarming smile, and a firm handshake. He's a quick talker, persuasive, and he usually looks as if he's listening carefully when others speak. Nowadays, he has grown a dignified moustache, his short brown hair has grown a little thinner and is streaked with gray, and his body has gotten a little more solid, but he still remains as confident as always.

Background: Philip Timmann was a shrewd business man even in his early days after inheriting and managing his late uncle's steel mill in an otherwise quite village in Agnesia. His family had been fairly wealthy for two or three generations as a result of investing in such businesses and ore mining, and he was no exception… except when it came to how much he made as a result, and his willingness to spread his financial empire further than any Timmann had before. To date, he owns approximately 23% of the country's steel industry, and is still expanding.

Despite his wealth, Timmann has been careful to craft a positive public image of himself by donating to charities, doing favors for the government and its officials, and - on the flip side of the coin - even occasionally shaking hands with the filthy workers in his factories. And while he is certainly no slouch when it comes to providing for and spending time with his family, there is a differences between the serenity of his home life that he describes to neighbors and friends, and the reality. Much of this revolves around his marriage - a loveless arrangement from the start - and the infidelities of his wife, which have come into the public's eye complete with half-elf lovechild. To all who know him outside of his household, the kindhearted steel baron was happy to accept the child and his wife despite the latter's unfathfulness. His explosive anger toward both of them as a result from these circumstance, and the complexities stemming from it, are such things that will remain buried in the Timmann household for what is likely to be many years to come.

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