Pilots Aftermath

[23:22] * Aline was lingering in the hospital still, trying to remember which injuries it was for. Having pushed her memories of everything that had so far happened so far back in place of the false and illusory was frustrating, and the girl knew it. But Aline knew now, and that's what was important…
[23:24] <Yanmei> There was a knock on her door.
[23:25] <Aline> A simple call back - if a bit of a weary one - was the reply. "Who is it…?"
[23:27] <Yanmei> "Zhang Yanmei," came the familiar voice.
[23:35] <Aline> If only somewhat familiar. It /had/ been years since she heard Yanmei-the-teenager. "…Come in, then." Was the equally-familiar reply.
[23:39] <Yanmei> And so Yanmei did. She was dressed in a blue suit with a crisp white blouse, and the strap of a leather brown purse was looped over one shoulder. She'd done something different with her hair - a ponytail instead of the familiar twin tails. "How're you feeling?"
[23:43] * Aline was of course still in her hospital gown, but she nonetheless smiled. "About as okay as I can be. It's hard remembering, but Metatron injuries are usually easier to recover from. That said… Interesting choice. But that's probably what you wore in the other world, right?"
[23:47] <Yanmei> "A lot of the time, yeah." She looked down at herself, frowning. "I didn't pick it because of that. I don't -think- I did…" But who was to really say? Her eyebrows knit together a little.
[23:52] * Aline looked a bit more closely at Yanmei, her smile becoming a bit more frowny than before out of sympathy. "It's hard. I haven't yet gotten a choice in the matter of clothing or daily life yet, but… you've probably heard by now that I had a /fit/ earlier."
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[23:54] <Yanmei> "Yeah. The Colonel said so." She stepped a little farther into the room and shut the door. "William too."
[23:59] * Aline noticed the door being closed, and craned her head forward a little bit more. "Yeah. I don't know what bothered William - maybe losing the life he had there? - but I… I don't quite miss what I had there."
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[00:00] <Yanmei> "You don't?"
[00:06] * Aline sat up, finally, and started to make gestures with her hands. The telltale bruising around the eyes from a not-as-severe Metatron attack was clearly visible on her face. "It's like… Yeah, I did do some work, I did settle down, but… I was constantly haunted by things. Shinji broke down a few times, I had to live about 3 years without hands, there was this damn kid who not only
[00:06] * Aline made me feel useless and old - even when I was just in my late 20s! - but eventually went so damn in sane I had to try - and fail - to kill her. In that world, I died fighting, Yanmei."
[00:11] <Yanmei> "Wait… what? No hands? What kid? Slow down a minute…"
[00:19] * Aline suddenly stopped, and blushed a bit nervously. "…Oh uh… sorry. I guess I just assumed you would've heard about it? Uh… they're actually intertwined. Have you ever heard of…" She paused, even swallowed a bit. "…Padma d'Orleans?"
[00:19] <Yanmei> "Padma. The one on Rosalie's squad…"
[00:26] * Aline nodded, still looking uncomfortable. Almost like she was expecting someone to jump in from the window or something. Man, being in a windowed hospital room was so /weird/. "She… I don't know /what/ her deal was, but she wasn't normal. I think she was capable of mind-reading - possibly just /naturally/, and knew AT powers only Angels could perform. One of my projects had been to
[00:26] * Aline try and duplicate one where she used an Anti-AT field to transmute matter… and I ended up transmuting myself instead. I spent three years with arms made out of solid /diamond/."
[00:31] * Yanmei stared blankly. "Seriously? Like, seriously, seriously?" She grimaced in sympathy now, ever so slightly. "I didn't… Look. I knew some sort of accident had happened, and that you got caught up in it, but everything else was confidential. I'd just left NERV around that time, which made it that much more annoying to dig out the facts? I heard that you left a little while later, because of the stress from it. Like a PTSD thing?"
[00:37] <Aline> "Oh. Right. NERV Confidentiality." Aline sighed and lolled her head back for a second. "Forgot about that. But yes, seriously seriously. Couldn't do almost anything but walk around. But I left because I already was getting tired of the constant uselessness, and then Padma decided to rub it in by conjuring some kind of giant death spider /while/ she was fixing the problem. And then taunting
[00:37] <Aline> me with what she picked up from her mind-reading. I just… couldn't take it." She shook her head then. "I haven't even gotten to the worst part yet. Stupid Angel."
[00:38] <Yanmei> "She could -read minds- too?"
[00:40] <Aline> "Yes! I said that already." But Aline's immediate semi-frustration broke quickly. "…Yeah. Or at least I was pretty convinced of it. Taunting me about things I was thinking before I could say them."
[00:44] <Yanmei> "So what, was she like some sort of Angel hybrid monster or something?" Her gaze lapsed as if she was considering something. "Or was that confidential too?"
[00:47] * Aline sighed rather deeply. "I never heard the truth, but… it seemed that way. It'd explain the super powers."
[00:48] <Yanmei> "Hm…" She broke off from whatever it was she was thinking, and abruptly tossed her hair. "But, she fixed you up. And then you died fighting her?"
[00:51] * Aline nodded, looking very saddened at that. "Yeah. It was a few hours after you died in that world. She flipped out and the others fought - and lost. I was forced to detonate 00's core with the Lance of Tears just in an attempt to do serious damage. It was… it was a mess."
[00:54] <Yanmei> "I'll bet," she said softly, and sighed. "The others… Oskar and Rosalie too? I'm sorry it ended that way. It wasn't fair…"
[00:55] * Aline looked up at the ceiling for a second. "It wasn't supposed to be fair. I'm guessing the only reason we weren't just tortured day-in, day-out was to make us believe it."
[00:59] <Yanmei> "Maybe so? Although I can't say my life was quite as eventful." A beat. "My illusory life," she corrected.
[01:00] * Aline waved her hand a little. "You had a family life, rather than all that… madness."
[01:03] <Yanmei> "A professional life too. One that hit wall after wall. One that was still dissatisfying even after I learned how to cope with it with dynamite. Wasted potential…"
[01:05] * Aline made this extremely weird combo of a frown and a raised brow, which included a sort of 'wait, really?' reflection in her eyes. "So not that different." Beat. "Dynamite?"
[01:09] <Yanmei> "Figurative dynamite." Yanmei smirked. "In the end, I couldn't beat the one thing sending all those obstacles my way."
[01:17] * Aline folded her arms. "Again, sounds familiar. I wonder how Sera must've been. Other than probably going mad from being locked up all day, he must've had it a bit easier just dying early."
[01:21] <Yanmei> "I wonder…" Her expression wasn't all that convinced, but she shook her head. "As I understand it? He was just being treated for physical injuries earlier. No sedatives."
[01:23] * Aline stared a bit, as if incredulous, but then nodded again. "…I'll believe it."
[01:31] <Yanmei> "I didn't get them either. As a trade off, I'm supposed to visit the mental health wing a lot, and 'Colonel Amatore-DeForest is advised to monitor me closely for erratic behavior patterns'." The stilted, memorized delivery of that last part would have been obvious, and she rolled her eyes. "Whatever. If I was going to start acting weird, I would have done it already?"
[01:36] <Aline> "Yeah, but… Come on. We all still lived those years. I'm honestly surprised nobody's tried to address me by name yet. I'm afraid I'll catch myself trying to correct them." Aline took a breath. "Like…" She made an impression of Surov's voice. It was actually pretty good - for a teenage girl trying to imitate a male scary mad scientist. "Aline-" Impression done. "-then I'd be like." And
[01:36] <Aline> now she tried to do an impression of her own adult voice, which sounded weird in practice. "No, Doctor Blanc."
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[01:42] * Yanmei snickered. "You should seriously do that. I'd love to see his face." Her grin cooled a little, and she… actually looked a little annoyed now. "Actually? I don't think he'd react much. He doesn't react to much of anything."
[01:44] * Aline craned her head to the side. "I know. I got to know the guy a little /too/ well over those years. Which is to say, I got to know him at all."
[01:44] <Yanmei> "Oh." A -very- sympathetic look now. "Oh, that's right…. I'm so sorry…"
[01:47] <Aline> "After the 6th surgical nightmare you get used to it." Aline managed to say with a straight face, but a slight shudder.
[01:48] <Yanmei> "W-what?" But then she remembered his credentials and gave a slight shudder of her own as her imagination took hold. "A-anyway, did they say when they were letting you out of here?"
[01:50] <Aline> "Mmmn… A few days." Was the terse response.
[01:53] <Yanmei> "Ah. Well, De Pteres might still be hanging around. William will be too, although, yeah, they didn't lower his sedative dosage enough for him to have a good conversation yet. And~" She put a hand to her own chest, "of course, I can smuggle things in from the outside."
[01:54] * Aline waved her hand a little. "I think I can live without smuggling for now~"
[01:59] <Yanmei> "Suit yourself~" she said airly. "Oh. I know the Colonel will be by to say hi later. She's been busy scanning for more threats and… well, there's that core now…"
[02:02] <Aline> "Yeah, there is." Aline said wearily. "I suppose it serves him right to be stuck in some hidden lab being worked on and probed."
[02:09] <Yanmei> "If it's even still conscious. Well, to my knowledge, they're just monitoring it for communication signals, or the likethereof. It's not like they'll build a massive weapon or do some crazy experiement with it." She paused. It was a long pause.
[02:13] * Aline smirked. "I /thought/ so." But she stretched back with her arms. "Either way, I'm at least a little satisfied that it's 'put away', as it were. Get my revenge out of the way."
[02:14] <Yanmei> "Feels good, huh?" Yanmei grinned.
[02:16] * Aline nodded her head. "Takes a lot to make me need it, though. But damned if that wasn't 'a lot'."
[02:30] <Yanmei> Yanmei's grin turned a bit knowing now. "Still, whatever we have to face next can't be any worse than that thing." She glanced down at her watch and frowned. "Ah, drat. I have to make it to Mazarin's office in a bit. But I'll be back later if you want to talk some more?" She grinned. "It's kind of a relief. I was worried you'd be in much worse shape."
[02:33] * Aline peered a bit. "…One more thing. How worse is worse?"
[02:34] <Yanmei> "Well, like… still screaming or sobbing uncontrollably. But you seem pretty calm to me."
[02:36] <Aline> "Ahhhh." She said, before Aline thought a bit more. "As long as I don't get the random hallucinations, I'm fine. Not very reassuring, but I try to be logical about things." A wink. "Still, you should go, then."
[02:38] <Yanmei> "Right, right." Yanmei spun for the door with a last wink in return. "Hang tight~ See you later."

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