Pilots' Deck

(14:49:17) Yanmei: It was bright but cold outside, helped in part by the way the sun bounced off the platinum white deck of the Dorian Lachapelle, seemingly making it glow, and the winds rippling off the Atlantic Ocean surrounding it. -
(14:56:22) Yanmei: At the end of the deck, beneath a few massive cannon turrets, were a couple of raised platforms with the occassional metal bench and accompanying table, where soldiers could take in the view, have a smoke, and probably take lunch on warmer days. For now, one of these was occupied. -
(14:59:57) * Yanmei sat on one of the provided benches, her crutch propped up next to her, warily watching the skies at the occassional seagull call. She was dressed in a thick brown coat, with a dark hat pulled firmly over her ears and dark gloves. Resting next to her, on that same bench, was a small plastic storage cooler.
(15:10:25) Minaplo: ["Mineminemine…"]
(15:11:42) Yanmei: "…!" Yanmei's eyes narrowed, and she drew the cooler protectively closer.
(15:19:45) * Sept was there, more or less on time, in a somewhat mismatched outfit - grey, sharp suit pants and, wrapped around his neck, the yellow scarf he usually wore with his striking red coat, but this time resting on a halfway buttoned up NERV uniform coat. "Hey," he said, walking up to the setup, hands deep in his pockets, trying to stay warm.
(15:21:54) * Aline came in later, wearing her gifted barzilite coat over a rather plain dark blueish shit-and-pants outfit. "…Mmm. Nothing like the cold sea air. Not."
(15:26:05) Aline: *SHIRT-and-pants :III
(15:27:40) Minaplo: [And last was William, wearing a long, black, solemn (and rather intimidating) black coat that fell to his ankles; it had a silver clasp at the throat. He wore a dark red turtleneck sweater underneath, and long black trousers that tucked into shiny black boots. He was, of course, armed.]
(15:30:45) * Yanmei offered them all grins at their approach. With one more glance around, she opened the cooler; a bit of steam poured out. "Sorry for the conditions? Got the cafeteria to make us some hot sandwiches, though. And pastries, if anyone wants it. "
(15:34:55) * Aline shrugged her shoulders, glancing at the others a few times to check them out. How long had it been since one of these meetings? It was almost like a lost pasttime. She briefly lost herself in reverie, before snapping back to reality. "Ooh, pastries."
(15:37:36) Sept: "I'll… sure. I lost my breakfast on the way here, anyway." He sat down, taking out one of the sandwiches and sitting down cross-legged. He bit into the sandwich. "'s why I had to lend this uniform."
(15:40:19) Minaplo: [William sat down next to Aline. "Ah, excellent. I've been busy all day." He grabbed a plate of pasties and began to tuck in.]
(15:41:21) * Yanmei winced. "Ugh, you have my sympathies, de Pteres. Welcome back, in any case." She passed a small paper plate with a warm cinnamon bun on it over to Aline.
(15:44:04) * Aline took it almost immediately, and began to chew. "…Well, yeah, I was sorta wondering. About the outfit, that is."
(15:44:22) Sept: "Mm, thanks. So what've I missed?"
(15:49:48) Yanmei: "Well… there was the trial. But I'm sure things were going on around here even before that, right?" She glanced at William and Aline.
(15:52:54) Aline: "Ah yes, the things you also missed." Aline began. "Well, there were attacks from a number of Metatron's big special spawns, Shinji had something of a breakdown because of them, and… hm. Well other than that, it's kind of been a bit of a blur?"
(15:55:47) Sept: "Yeah, start from the beginning, I guess. I heard about Shinji's thing, but not really the details of those encounters."
(16:04:21) * Aline lowered her head slightly, digging into her cinnamon bun a bit more before speaking. "Well, there were really only two battles before Michael, of note. The first, me, Asuka, and Shinji took on. It was pretty bitter, and I know 00 had to go berserk - for real, this time, no… funny business - to defeat it, but when it did, it did so with, from what I hear, sickening ease? The second
(16:04:22) * Aline was a bit harder by a fair bit. It took Mr. Dramatic Entry-" a nod at William. "-to finish it off, because it was setting up an N2 strike by hacking into the OD system." Aline took another bite. "Also, Beethoven."
(16:07:36) Sept: "The dog?" Sera asked, mouth full of sandwich.
(16:08:22) Yanmei: Yanmei, who had been biting into her own cinnamon bun, looked up in confusion at that.
(16:08:42) Minaplo: [There was a whistling in the air, a whistling of wind.-
(16:09:00) Minaplo: [A flying missile of feather and down whipped past Yanmei's face, and she'd realise that she was now bereft of bun.]
(16:09:09) Sept: "Or the composer," he finished.
(16:10:35) Aline: "The /composer/." Aline restated… and then proceeded to chomp down the last of her cinnamon bun hastily.
(16:16:44) Yanmei: Yanmei made a noise that sounded like between a yelp and a gasp, scrabbling halfway to her feet before accidentally reminding herself of her injury; she flopped back down on the bench rather hard, and glared around for the culprit.
(16:17:01) Yanmei: ^it was between
(16:17:27) Minaplo: [Fino sat perched upon a nearby cannon barrel, pecking at the cinnamon bun smugly.]
(16:17:47) Sept: "So." A pause. "Wasn't Michael supposed to follow all those surrender deadlines he gave us? What's with the spawn deviating from that? You okay?"
(16:19:32) Aline: "No no, those spawn were before he actually attacked." Aline paused, looked at Yanmei, and… shrugged. "…But no, him and Metatron are not technically on the same side, but apparently he is still fighting us but not under her auspices? It's a bit complex that way."
(16:20:44) * Yanmei simply -glared- at the bird, muttering angry Chinese under her breath as she reached for another bun.
(16:26:18) Sept: "And is there any way we'd be able to use that? What are Michael's real motives, anyway?"
(16:31:44) Aline: "He's stated his terms in complete certitude. If we were to have a chance to exploit his motivations or differences in opinion, it would've been to take the surrender agreement, which… wasn't ever an option." A deep sigh from Aline, and another glance at Yanmei. "…But he seems to want the main goal - a life for his kind, securing Adam, that sort of thing. /Apparently/ he is being
(16:31:44) Aline: negotiated away from the whole 'Take Adam and waltz off to some other planet' thing? It's a bit convoluted again, but he can't deliver that option, because /someone/ refused that to Metatron's camp already and she's rightly pissed."
(16:35:40) Sept: "Mm. So this Emissary's legitimate? Are they in direct contact?"
(16:38:23) Yanmei: "All the time? The Emissary is, like… a construct in a human's body. At least that's how I understood his explanation. He was literally made to serve Michael long before we or the Angels arrived on this planet."
(16:39:40) * Aline nodded. "Yeah. So there's definitely a connection here, he's definitely 'legitimate'."
(16:44:14) Sept: "Uhhuh. Guess I'll take a look at him while I'm here. And this trial? Some scuffle with Rei?"
(16:45:54) Aline: "Mmhm. Yanmei was more involved in the prep than I was, but it's basically that, there was a fight and a court-martial over it. It was pretty weird an incident, though…" A turn towards Yanmei.
(16:48:16) Yanmei: "Yeah. Basically, some technicians provoked an emotionally unstable Rei into attacking them? That's another thing…" She wagged her fork warningly. "Watch your step, because the crew has been really frustrated and restless lately. They hospitalized the Emissary around the same time."
(16:50:03) Minaplo: [William hastily chowed down on a hot meat pie, as though afraid he might say something untoward if his mouth weren't full of food.]
(16:53:23) * Sept had no such worries. "Here, too? I thought the Asgard staff were being assholes just because they were underground all day. What was the point of the court-martial, then? What would they have done?"
(16:55:50) Aline: "Mostly punishments after the war, and possibly denying a promotion, I think?"
(16:58:18) Yanmei: "Pretty much. There was a real chance that she would have been sentenced to do some time in prison after the war was over. Anyway, no one's above the law these days. Too big a chance of making the crew even more upset, and god knows we can't afford to alienate anyone these days."
(17:03:34) Sept: "A circus, then?"
(17:04:39) Aline: "I…" Aline frowned. "I wouldn't quite say that?"
(17:07:13) Yanmei: "It's… not like it was staged or anything."
(17:09:53) Sept: "But surely more about the precedent and appearances than application of directives." Sera pulled his coat tighter around himself.
(17:11:58) * Aline sighed and shook her head, but said nothing. This was definitely something Sera would be concerned about.
(17:13:01) Minaplo: ["… And what exactly do you mean by that?"]
(17:16:05) * Yanmei glanced uneasily at William and then back at Sera.
(17:17:46) * Sept sighed. "I mean no one cares about how we do our jobs, and there's little they can realistically do about it. I'd -assume- it's stressful for most parties involved, and would question if that's worth the value you get out of the trial. That's what I mean. I don't mean to have us verify or solve that issue here."
(17:20:08) * Aline looked up briefly. "I'd say something about the wages of participating in human society, but ultimately, talking that kind of philosophy isn't exactly my idea of important."
(17:25:26) Sept: "Eh, valid," Sera shrugged. "So I found some kind of agreement with 01."
(17:27:29) Yanmei: "What kind?" That vaguely uneasy expression was still lingering.
(17:28:01) * Aline simply peered at him curiously.
(17:29:04) Sept: "Not being Elisha"
(17:29:24) Sept: -disregardIsuck-
(17:35:25) Sept: "Seems like not being Elisha would seriously endanger the Evangelion, so I stopped that. I'll have to interface with 01 more directly from now on, which has its good and bad sides." He glanced around at the others, lingering on William.
(17:35:40) Minaplo: ["'More' directly?"]
(17:36:50) Aline: "…Yeah, what does that even mean?"
(17:40:07) Yanmei: "…"
(17:40:30) Sept: "LCL. There was a prototype… thing for it in the Asgard storage. It would never have been a long-term solution, but… it seems to work now. An aware Eva can just reform its pilot — itself? Either way, it's pretty reliable."
(17:41:28) * Aline blinked. Then blinked again. Then, for lack of a better response, deadpanned her way through. "But then you won't be able to listen to our glowing banter."
(17:44:15) Sept: "No, we've already established that. Even outside of the test run at Asgard, when I berserked with 01 in Almeria, we demonstrated capability for, um, banter, with and without actual equipment."
(17:45:15) * Aline paused. "…It still uh. sounds uh. Fucked up."
(17:46:13) Sept: "It's a trust fall, except the other person is literally also you."
(17:48:10) Yanmei: "And they approved the use of this prototype thing? In combat?" Yanmei's voice was stiff. She had also stuffened physically during the explanation itself. "So much could go wrong…"
(17:48:49) Yanmei: ^stiffened
(17:57:10) Sept: "Sure. Ego issues will almost certainly be… unprecedented with an aware Evangelion unit. But I'm convinced it's as reliable as anything we've used so far. I had a talk with one of the side effects brought about by the soul fragments developing far enough. The, I guess you could explain it as an entity of the atemporal soul, above me, Elisha, the Exarch and so forth," a hand motion to indicate several layers, like with an ogre, "representing the same facet as 01 represents of Elisha. I guess."
(17:59:39) * Aline …sort of tilted her head. Some of this was kind of not reaching even her.
(18:01:21) Yanmei: "…? But are -you- okay with this?" Yanmei finally decided to ask. "Like, knowing how stressful that whole process is and that you'll have to do it multiple times?"
(18:05:42) Sept: "Come on, don't ask me that. You know damn well I am! I can't very well let you go out there without me!"
(18:07:16) * Aline gently looked at Yanmei. "I think this whole thing was his idea anyway."
(18:10:01) Sept: "Of course it was, and that goes for you too!"
(18:12:50) Yanmei: "Not a big shocker," Yanmei muttered. "Look, fine. It's not like we're drowning in options, here? Drastic times and drastic measures."
(18:15:10) * Aline looked between the two. "As long as you, y'know, live through it, I'm fine with it…?"
(18:17:51) Sept: "You -know- I'd do anything," he muttered in return, crossing his arms. "Anyway, could I please have your permissions to try communications with 00 and 04? I think with 01, I'd be able to get some surface-level stuff off them without actual synch. The entity was referring to a fourfold division of Eros, Logos, Thanatos and Psyche, which I'm -fairly- sure is Elisha's terminology, so with that in mind I could check on the status of their fragments and if they're developing properly."
(18:20:07) * Aline looked at Yanmei a bit. "…I'm not sure if that'll be necessary."
(18:21:26) Sept: "I know there's still time, but if there's something wrong at all, we should know," Sera said, patiently.
(18:22:08) * Yanmei considered this carefully, briefly chewing her lower lip. "I've no objections if you want to do it personally, but yeah… Blanc and I have seen beings like that while synched before."
(18:23:41) * Sept frowned. "You're going to have to be more specific. Those beings, or beings like that? When? -Is this a girl thing you refused to tell me about-?"
(18:25:05) Aline: "That's what I meant by it not being necessary." Aline said plainly, before folding her arms. "As far as I can tell, they've both 'developed' into their fu-" Then Sera spoke. "How the hell is this going to be a girl thi… nevermind. Look, they've developed into full-on incarnations of those four aspects, if my analysis of mine is anything to go by." She left unspoken the clear knowledge
(18:25:05) Aline: that she was including him.
(18:27:38) * Sept turned to look at Yanmei expectantly, arms still crossed.
(18:31:10) * Yanmei tsked. "Anyway, 04 seems like he's in a more relaxed state of mind these days too. Of course, that's not saying a whole lot? I haven't done much analyzing, but I'd say he'd grown a ton." -
(18:33:17) Yanmei: "Those fragments of his psyche that you've been talking about? They appeared recently to us in visions while we were synched up with them. I didn't realize that it indicated that the soul fragments had grown into their full potential, though."
(18:33:59) Aline: "Nor did I, really. I guess that means something significant enough, though?"
(18:35:00) Sept: "It's a good sign, at least. I'm satisfied with that."
(18:36:06) * Yanmei nodded, glancing over at William a little self-consciously.
(18:37:58) Minaplo: [William seemed… Lost.]
(18:41:37) Yanmei: "We'll explain it later," said Yanmei, patting him on the shoulder. "How's 21 doing?"
(18:42:34) Minaplo: ["Being repaired." He said promptly.]
(18:43:20) * Aline shook her head, finally noticing William. "It's not the same."
(18:44:56) Yanmei: "Repairs… about that…"
(18:45:07) Sept: "Hm?"
(18:45:15) Minaplo: ["… What's not the same?"]
(18:49:54) * Aline looked a bit… distant, in a sense that implied she thought William was removed from things. "Matters are far more complicated for a 'trinity pilot', that is to say, a pilot of an Elisha unit. So… your experience isn't the same. That's probably why you're completely lost as to what we're talking about."
(18:54:08) Yanmei: "Your unit doesn't really talk to you, right? So listening in on us talking about visions and fragments and stuff probably makes us sound crazy. We're not, though," she added with a firm nod.
(18:54:32) Minaplo: ["… Mmm."-
(18:54:55) Minaplo: ["I mean, uh, I have the odd dream- memories that aren't my own, but other than that, no, it's pretty quiet."]
(18:55:36) Yanmei: "Huh. Do you remember those dreams much?"
(18:56:41) * Aline seemed curious now.
(18:59:08) Minaplo: ["A little. I remember…" He shook his head. "Flowers, a fragrance, I think… And then sometimes… Wine? It's wine. And tremors."]
(19:00:38) Sept: "Mmh," Sera said, with a bit of a blue tone.
(19:00:38) Aline: "…Ahhhh. Huh." Aline didn't really know the context much. "Well, it's certainly a start."
(19:02:12) Yanmei: "…" Yanmei crinkled her forehead a little. "It might get clearer later on."
(19:05:57) Minaplo: ["Maybe…"]
(19:08:15) Sept: "If they're EVA-driven at all. Let's be honest, until there's a link, there's any number of background factors to back up psychoses."
(19:09:03) * Aline gave Sera a sort of '…seriously?' look. "Psychoses."
(19:09:39) Sept: "I'm just saying!"
(19:12:52) Yanmei: "Look, it's too early to tell -what- it is either way."
(19:13:07) Minaplo: [William folded his arms, giving Sera a dubious look.]
(19:18:04) * Sept looked straight back at him. "No, look, you -know- your past and present aren't normal or stressfree, you were raised with religious standards and now exist in the most immoral of military environments, there's bound to be some conflict in there."-
(19:18:55) Sept: "Just take it as advice from someone who has a mandatory appointment to go explain his hierarchical imaginary friends to a shrink tomorrow."
(19:19:41) Aline: "Can we please not fight over this kind of thing?"
(19:20:32) Sept: "Can you let me try to be helpful to a dear fellow pilot?"
(19:21:22) * Aline scrunched her face.
(19:23:32) Minaplo: ["Immoral military environment?"]
(19:27:31) * Sept stuck out his tongue at Aline before turning back toward him. "Why were NERV's largest active bases always in France and Japan? Both are countries lacking a strong religious population and authority to organise proper opposition of child soldiers and Evangelion experimentation."
(19:28:32) * Aline …rolled her eyes. "…Wow."
(19:30:04) * Yanmei leaned back on her bench, watching with something that resembled interest.
(19:30:19) Minaplo: ["… And now you're taunting me. Why did we want him back, exactly? It's not like he contributes much in battle."]
(19:31:30) Sept: "And if you say that doesn't conflict with your upbringing, I'll take your word for it."
(19:39:44) Minaplo: ["It conflicts with everyone's upbringing." Snapped William. "No one wants the Evangelions for what they are. They only want them because we're on the edge of destruction."]
(19:41:09) * Aline was now peering back and forth between the two of them.
(19:41:28) Sept: "…really?"
(19:43:27) Minaplo: ["What, you disagree?"]
(19:48:19) Sept: "I do. There are two things I believe in at the very core of my being. Things I'll never be able to believe were mistakes." He smiled.-
(19:48:30) Sept: "My Evangelion and their pilots."
(19:52:57) Minaplo: ["Oh, please." William grabbed another meat pie and began to chew into it.]
(19:54:45) * Aline took the pattern to heart, and… took a sandwich instead. "…In…deed." Chomp chomp chomp.
(19:57:40) Sept: "Arguing with god-botherers is a pretty close third, though. I do it because I care." He got started on a second sandwich as well.
(19:59:07) Yanmei: "All right, now," Yanmei said briskly, having quickly gotten over being taken aback. "While you're all getting seconds, there was some other important news that directly concerns the Evangelion units on this ship."
(20:00:01) Sept: Nom. "Yeah?"
(20:00:33) * Aline tilted her head again, making and absentminded "Mnn?" noise in mid chew.
(20:00:54) Yanmei: "In short: NERV's broke. This is a problem for us."
(20:03:43) Sept: "They're what?" Sera kept eating his sandwich, unperturbed.
(20:05:37) Yanmei: "They're broke," she said again. "We barely have enough to cover EVA repairs. In fact, the slow-down of repairs on the damaged units from the last fight is directly related to that? -
(20:10:55) Yanmei: "…Let me explain. NERV has two sources of revenue. We have NERV-owned industries, entertainment and merch, and we have regular aid from the UN. In the last battle, in Boston, the first stream of revenue took a massive. A ton of our factories and goods were located in that city. So… unless we can find another way to get our hands on some cash, we're left depending on the UN for money,
(20:10:55) Yanmei: and the HIC in particular to approve and control said funding. Do you see why this is a disaster?"
(20:11:59) Yanmei: ^massive hit
(20:14:27) Sept: "I can see why this is an issue." A deliberative bite. "Mm."
(20:17:01) Minaplo: ["The UN can't pick up the tab?"]
(20:18:54) Sept: "More bureaucracy, to begin with. It's not direct or certain income."
(20:19:44) * Aline sort of… tilted her head the /other/ way. "So essentially speaking we're desperately trying to grab onto whatever we can?"
(20:22:02) * Yanmei tsked. "The UN could cover it, if we disregard the fact that the person pretty much running the show has it in her best interest to see our organization weakened and destroyed. What we're considering now is going to individual wealthy countries and asking for their help in our cause."
(20:23:44) Sept: "What would we give them?"
(20:26:21) Aline: "Assumedly, the lack of said person running said show might be an eventual offering."
(20:27:22) Sept: "Mm."
(20:27:31) Yanmei: "Wellll." She glanced around. She could see plenty of seagulls, but no cameras… "I'll be blunt. This isn't just about money. It's about a much deeper movement."
(20:32:01) Aline: "Sedition, no?"
(20:33:29) Yanmei: "Bingo. There are enough countries - powerful ones, too - that are disgruntled enough with the UN to let us pull it off. We'd be forming a new LN."
(20:36:15) Sept: "Independence, but with the responsibility of all those people. How do you stop it turning into a war like the previous one?"
(20:37:44) * Aline raised a finger slightly, and curled it. "…I don't think you do."
(20:39:39) Sept: "Christ…"
(20:41:46) Yanmei: "It's not a pretty plan," Yanmei admitted. "But it will keep us from being crushed long enough to see things to the end."
(20:47:43) Sept: "If that's what you have to do, we can at least try to limit the fighting to the Evangelion. Might be childish, but…"
(20:49:06) Aline: "…But our opponent will almost certainly not be so ready to compromise on the nature of the engagement."
(20:52:17) Minaplo: ["No, I agree. If you're going to go through this rebellion, holding back is only going to hobble you. Play your entire hand, because this is the last game."]
(20:52:18) Yanmei: "She won't," said Yanmei quietly. "In all honesty, it would be better for our side to limit armed conflict as much as possible? We have fewer resources, even with an alliance with those nations, and more to lose if there are a lot of casualties. I don't know how to do that in reality, though."
(20:53:49) Sept: "Of course. And I doubt 'our' leadership would be inclined toward pacifism or trust, either. The only way that would work would rely less on any of us and more on the people. We can dream."
(20:54:54) Minaplo: ["It makes more sense when fighting from a position of weakness to throw everything you have in." Said William, folding his arms and giving Yanmei a scrutinising look. "Who is the leadership of this little rebellion, anyway?"]
(20:58:10) * Aline thus hence looked at Yanmei to answer William's question.
(20:59:51) Yanmei: "The Operation Directors will be making most of the important decisions - probably with close communication with Vercingetorix. They're going to appoint someone to an official leadership position in order to handle international affairs and interact with the troops." She cleared her throat. -
(21:00:19) Yanmei: "I'm the one up for consideration for that."
(21:01:50) * Aline continued to look. It became a stare. Then a deeper stare. "…Well then."
(21:02:24) Minaplo: [William sat back.-
(21:03:07) Minaplo: ["Well, I can't say I disagree, Yanmei, although I'm not sure how the fourteen-to-eighteen-year-old female demographic ended up with so much power…"-
(21:03:16) Minaplo: ["But there is some good news already." He said.]
(21:05:51) Sept: "Good news?"
(21:06:30) Minaplo: ["Yes." He said, nodding. "It was a long, long time ago to my mind, but I remember the first time you tried something like this, Yanmei." He said with a sad smile.-
(21:07:06) Minaplo: ["I remember being in Poland when I heard the news of your death, struck down in the darkness by an unknown assassin. At least this time, you escaped with only a broken leg."]
(21:08:33) * Aline took a while to parse that, but then… "Well, one world or another…"
(21:10:14) * Yanmei blinked. She looked down for a moment, uncomfortably, crumpling a napkin in her hand. "The assassin was targeting other people this time. Thank god. You've got a few other details mixed up too…" -
(21:12:26) Yanmei: "I wasn't actually trying to start a rebellion back then. I… still regret doing what I did. It just turned out to be a long, painful, futile struggle."
(21:13:09) Minaplo: ["Like you could have lived with deciding to do nothing."]
(21:13:20) * Sept frowned at the explanation, not quite sure what to make of it.
(21:15:46) * Aline sighed a bit. "Well, wasn't that the whole point of that exercise? But… enough of that."
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(21:17:21) * Yanmei laughed quietly. "It's almost funny. She's been up to the same tricks again in this world? The gentlemen she was trying to kill two days ago were President Mazarin and Gilles de Orleans - one of our last remaining allies on the HIC."
(21:23:05) Sept: "..little reason for anything to change, is there? As long as you keep that in mind and don't get stuck on the same path…"
(21:26:08) Yanmei: "Oh, I'd rather die than repeat the same mistakes?" she agreed. "At least some things were different. She sent a Solomon Prime after them instead of the Iron Guard used in the illusion world. He was a new one, too. Called himself Augustine."
(21:26:59) Sept: "I wasn't aware there were more?"
(21:27:21) Yanmei: "He said that he was the last one, and that there were five in all."
(21:29:57) Sept: "That's one missing, isn't it? Either a prototype or a newer one… Did you recognize this one?"
(21:30:42) * Aline hummed softly, it was a contemplative noise. "…He… But…? Hm."
(21:31:47) Yanmei: "…ugh. Unfortunately? The Seventeeth. Elemiah."
(21:36:14) Sept: "Oh. That fucker." Sera glanced to the side. If he'd still had a sandwich, he would've set it down.
(21:39:14) Yanmei: "He's weird," Yanmei declared. "He was acting all non-hostile? Up until he shattered my leg and everything, I mean. Hate to see what happens if he and the Spectre get together…"
(21:41:18) * Aline blinked. "…Wait, what's with the two of them being together that's bad?" Then another pause. "Non-hostile how?"
(21:42:32) Sept: "Oh, yeah, that's right. He said Spectre was the last Prime, didn't he? Ramliel?"
(21:43:31) Yanmei: "Ramliel and Elemiah. An Eve and its Adam…" -
(21:45:01) * Yanmei shook her head. "And, non-hostile. As in giving me chances to bow out of the fight and actually apologizing for having to kill people instead of taking obvious disgusting pleasure in it."
(21:47:21) Sept: "But that was how Joan acted, as well, when they sent her for Elizabeth. I mean, obviously she had fun snapping my arm in the end, but she made a real effort to talk me out of it, first."
(21:48:08) * Aline decided against going after the 'why didn't you tell me about Ramliel-Spectre stuff, when all I knew was Sera's ramblings now months back' angle, for… "Well, considering the nature of them… They probably have motivations - or being under threat - for continuing to work for Caine anyway."
(21:49:25) Sept: "Mmh," Sera nodded.
(21:51:07) Yanmei: "Joan was ordered not to harm you unless you resisted," Yanmei recalled dully. "And… I've no doubt that's true. Some sort of conditioning or… something."
(21:52:15) * Aline suddenly twinged something at the mention of conditioning. "Hey. Then wouldn't it actually be a /good/ idea for them to meet?"
(21:53:24) Sept: "Mm! I see. You figure they could be independent with a Bond?"
(21:53:40) Yanmei: "…?" Yanmei's eyes widened a little. "Interesting…"
(21:54:34) Aline: "Exactly, Sera. After all, Yanmei. Remember what Yui said about mental contamination's effects on conditioning… I wouldn't be surprised if the mental contact of a Libido Bond has similar powers against conditioning."
(21:56:04) Sept: "No, it most certainly does, but there will always be exceptions. If you chart the risks first, yeah, it -could- work."
(21:58:30) Yanmei: "There's no promise that they will defect from Caine's command, even without the condition."
(21:58:37) Yanmei: ^conditioning
(21:59:48) Sept: "True. Or otherwise stand against us or humanity or whatever."
(21:59:49) * Aline nodded. "At the very least, if they realize - even if we also have ulterior motives behind it - that we want them to reunite…"
(22:01:56) Yanmei: "Well, we know where the Spectre is, at least, even if we can't get to her right now. That Augustine will be more difficult to pin down…"
(22:02:56) Sept: "Something constructive to think about, at least."
(22:03:41) * Yanmei nodded, just a touch more cheerful now.
(22:03:51) Aline: "Yeah, pretty much!"
(22:12:42) Sept: "Mmh." Sera, a bit laboriously, got up and dusted the bread crumbs off his lap and stretching. "If we're pretty much caught up, I'll go take a bit of a tour. I'll see you around, and, mm. Get better with the leg?"
(22:12:55) Sept: ^stretched
(22:15:08) Yanmei: "Thanks. Take it easy, okay?" Yanmei carefully closed the cooler - looking around sharply at the skies once more - and then prepared her crutch for standing. "I might get a little rest now."

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