Power List Notes

Lanceropt Spectrum: The Khorne of spectrums, this is a spectrum where you'll be custom-building your own attack power. Rules to be worked out, although it'll be built around the idea of damage with limited utility - where the other spectrums are more utility than actual damage.

Meitner Spectrum: Powers directly affecting biology. High focus on the buff/debuff/general support game.
- Biokinetic: This is likely a pretty brutal one, so limited to either very short range or touch. Powers that debuff by crippling limbs, manipulating flesh, fucking about with organ function, etc.
- Neurokinetic: Fine control of the brain, this power expands on the hallucination grenade. Long range status application, with boons offering different, more specialised tables to roll on (Possibly with additional PP cost). Top-tier boon is likely one that lets you puppet people temporarily. Bane thoughts: Visual restriction (Requires LoS, enemy can make Int check to avoid at the cost of being blind for a round), touch requirements (Grapple time!)
- Exemplar: Personal enhancement. This one gives you statistic buffs temporarily (Unnatural stats), likely with the option for unique powers on top of it. Top-tier boon is likely one that lets you share it.
- Empathic: A skill bunny power. Likely has very limited combat potential - probably some limited debuffing - but this is one that would shine in -social- combat and general spy games bullshit. Specifics to be worked out later.
- Invigorate: Focused around restoring and/or stealing wounds. Pretty basic vampire stuff, probably needs some work to make it more flavourful.
- Metamorph: Gross-scale manipulation of the Contractor's shape. Powers would probably split between ones that worked well for spy games and ones that were built to give you some "war shape" shit. Top-tier boon: Division.

Vectrof Spectrum: Powers that make physicists cry. The focus is mostly on changing the battlefield by enhancing movement or altering it outright, OR on powers that make trying to hit or hurt you directly a hellish prospect.
- Speed: This one's mostly worked out. Makes you move faster and more easily, and boons should probably be reworked to focus on that. Remember: Changing capstone boon to Ghost Army stuff.
- Teleportation: An obvious one, but one where some flavour will need to be found. A boon that literally leaves your prior body behind to dissolve to ash? Hmm. Gruesome.
- Distortion: Revolves around changing the way the battlefield space works for -everyone-, mainly through the creation of zones of difficult/easy terrain. Limited combat potential via the Warp function where you can burn the zone for a low-level acid attack on everyone inside.
- Density: Want to create shields, fly or even walk -through- walls? This one's for you, although you won't be doing all of them with the same character.
- Probability: The outlier of the spectrum, keeps its spot for being based around quantum fuckery. Lots of powers to improve your odds offensively and defensively, boons to make spending fate more appealing and the option to apply curse points to enemies.
- Time: Make your actions cost less, or make the actions of your enemies cost more. Steal actions, stop time, be a fuckhead that everyone hates.

Shroeder Spectrum: Powers manipulating nonliving objects and phenomena. This is a bit more of a grap bag than the above, but is a general catch-all for utility powers with slightly more direct and concrete effects compared to the fuckers in Vectrof Spectrum.
- Augment: Improve preexisting, nonliving objects. Improve and modify your weapons and armour, give unique effects, etc etc etc.
- Telekinetics: This one's pretty obvious, but boons might be tough. Bane thoughts: A bane that limits your powers to only acting on specific mediums to mimic the more limited -kinetics.
- Illusion: Light manipulation - This power is about visibility fuckery of all stripes. Shroud your enemies in darkness, turn yourself invisible, impose hit penalties, etc.
- Item Generation*: A catch-all power for Contractors who can generate items - either for real, or with some Green Lantern bullshit. Weapons, cover and knick-knacks are probably all fair game. Likely a pretty situational power.
- Environmental Control*: Control of weather or themodynamics. This one requires some thought, but April has it in the anime so it probably needs to go in.
- Doll/Contractor Power Manipulation*: Power nulls, power thieves and pretty much anyone who mucks about directly with the powers of other Contractors and Dolls go in here. The fact that it's Schroeder rather than Vectrof likely suggests something interesting…

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