Prefect Han

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Name: Han Ling
Position: Unemployed; formerly Prefect of Daxinganling
Sex: Male
Age: 41 (Born 1977)
Nationality: Chinese
Place of Residence: FNS Dorian Lachapelle

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5'7"
Build: Thin

Personal Details
Defining quote

Han Ling, or as he is universally, infamously known as, Prefect Han, was once Prefect of the Daxinganling prefecture in China's Heilongjiang province. Han was elected to the position in 2006, winning 68% of the vote, on a platform encouraging economic growth and education funding. Although he ran a solid campaign, he also had major benefits in the form of the Eight Way Gate group. Officially a service club dedicated to the betterment of society, in reality the Eight Way Gate group was a fierce political machine whose members included high-ranking politicians, military leaders and corporate officers. When a member of the group became successful, they paid greater fees and donations into the group, which was then invested in lesser members' ideas and goals. In this way, it fostered a cycle in which the powerful helped the other members who in turn became powerful and helped the others, using their connections, funding and so on to bolster each other's careers. The group had members across all of China, including many parliamentarians on all sides- including the President Zhou Xunhan.Thus, when the time came for Han to run for election, his campaign was massively bankrolled by the Eight Way Gate group, whilst his opponents floundered with a tenth of the budget.

In office, Han was a competent administrator. He kept the prefecture's budget balanced (even if sometimes the projects it was spent on had inexplicable expenditures…), schools and universities were built (even if the teachers were sometimes a little too familiar with him…) and the quality of life improved (even if the best improvements were in areas that had voted for him…). Unemployment dropped slightly and businesses flourished- especially if the owners were part of the Eight Way Gate. Nonetheless, Han craved more- more power, more wealth, more everything- he was fiercely ambitious. He laid out a private plan to elevate his way through the government ranks.

In 2010, the incumbent governor of Heilongjiang was embroiled in a devastating sex scandal that destroyed his career- orchestrated, although no one knew, by Prefect Han. In the following election, Han ran for office. Although he enjoyed good support in Daxinganling, the Eight Way Gate felt he was better where he was- they supported a different candidate, and Han lost. It was a bitter lesson for the Prefect, one he soon turned to ill ends. It seemed as though Eight Way Gate had no more use for him. Unfortunately, he had plenty of use for it.

Prefect Han correctly identified the major weakness of Eight Way Gate- the very thing that made it strong. It was a connection of the rich and powerful, an insular, protected little world where they all helped each other. However, this also meant that if one of them was up to something shady, then almost by default other Eight Way Gate members would be involved in that shadiness- they all scratched each other's backs, and sometimes those backs had lice. And so Han began investigating.

What he found amazed even him- Eight Way Gate was like a nervous system of corruption. The fact that it acted like this wasn't surprising, but the scale definitely was. Han had thought it limited to the sort of petty favours he'd received and doled out, but this was immense- drug ties, mass environmental protection breaches, officials paid to look the other way whilst villages were wiped out, high level involvement in the sex slave trade… The people who ran the country were even greedier than he was. Han was delighted.

And so over the years, he accumulated evidence painstakingly whilst at the same time removing any evidence of his own involvement. Before long he had so much of it that there were times he felt as though he could call anyone in the government and make them do whatever he wanted. It was exhilarating, exciting, arousing.

But then came something of a misstep for Han. When the Amur river flooded and pushed the Amur river 50 miles north into the Soviet Union, Han convinced the provincial governor to let him take control of the new areas south of the river- after all, it'd be a great boon to the prefecture and the province. Governor Dian agreed, and Han moved- with the intent of making himself more than a little rich of the proceeds. If anyone bitched, well, Dian could be pinned for it. China would never let the stupid commies dictate the removal of an elected official. There'd be protests! Riots! All across the country, young men and (hopefully pretty) women would march in the streets, bearing his face on their signs, demanding hashtag-justice-for-han whilst singing catchy protest anthems and heroic songs, probably the one from Les Miserables.

Unfortunately, Dian sold Han out even faster than Han could expect. By the time Chinese forces were pushing Russkie morons back over the river, Han's name was very widely known… To the highest levels of the USSR, China and the Federation. Somehow, Dian had escaped scrutiny, and when the Federation brought the hammer down, it came down hard on Han. This was, of course, grossly unfair- but it'd take more than the force of the world government to bring him down.

When the time came for his trial in Geneva, Han played his trump card. He told the Federation that he had absolute mountains of blackmail material on Chinese officials and corporate officers, from newly minted civil servants all the way up to the President himself. It could be theirs to do with as they will- if they wanted to coup the country, fine!- but all they had to do was give him a brief sentence and an extremely luxurious fair cell. The Federation, not being as above avarice as they liked to claim, agreed. And so Han happily went to his cell in Orléans, where he spent his days sleeping, playing video games, surfing the internet, eating four times a day and getting drunk on gorgeous French reds.

And then quite suddenly, his time in a cell was over even quicker than he'd expected. As it turned out, someone in the Federation felt that Han could be useful… Felt that he had talents (well of course he did!) that could be put to better use. He would be given a type of parole, and in exchange, he would have to work for this officer. If Han served well, then he would be pardoned and even rewarded…

And of course, Han accepted, out of deep greed a sudden burning sense of civic duty in the great and noble dream that was the Federation.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
10 10 20 30 30 60 60 20 60
Touched by the Fates (1), Specialist (Fellowship), Peer (Politicians 1, Criminals 1, Corporate 1, Media 1), Extra Skill
Horde Leader Bonus
Literacy Awareness+10, Charm+10, Inquiry+10 Deceive+20, Intimidate+20, Scrutiny+20
Specialist Skills
Linguist (English, Mandarin, Manchu), Lore (Administration, China) Lore (Politics+10)
Weapon Talents
Pistol Training
Skill Talents
Talented (Intimidate, Lore, Charm) Skill Reliant (Intimidate)
Interpersonal Talents
Cold Hearted, Veiled Threats Master Orator, Networking
Mental Talents
Brilliance, Jaded Total Recall
Support Talents
Able Assistant
Wounds Loyalty Fate Equipment
9 70 1

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