The Paskell Function

<Tyra> » Two days after the rumble in the warehouse (and the subsequent encounter with the Soldier of Fortune and such) an letter would find its way to Xiri, bearing the Paskell family seal. An invitation to a small party in the penthouse where the family lived at the top of Paskell Tower from the Paskell Princess herself that night. Not an entirely uncommon event -
<Tyra> » - but perhaps the family was celebrating the demise of one of their competitors
<Tyra> » It was naturally held after the usual business hours of the Tower, though the lobby was kept open so that invited guests could make their way after being checked by the suits at the door to make sure they were actual guests. The lobby of the Tower seems to try to toe the line between form and function. Marble flooring, rather comfortable looking chairs for those waiting to be helped and such.
<Tyra> » Instead of secretaries and rushed workers though the lobby was empty except for the suits making sure no one didn't wander off into the rest of the first floor, politely directing people to the set of elevators in the back of the room.
*Xiri attends, of course. She is nothing if not an attendant of most parties, there to liven the show, to brighten the spirits of those around her. Like a strategically-placed potted plant, inviting Xiri usually means enhancing the rest of the party. She is either still waiting to be admitted, or already up at the penthouse! With her, either way, is a lavish floral bouquet.
<Tyra> » Xiri has no trouble at all getting in, piling into the elevator with a few other guests that also arrived at the same time. The door extends again, the elevator operator flicking a switch and pushing a button before it begins to shoot up to the top floors of the Tower.
<Tyra> » It arrives with the ever present 'ding' cutting through the rather sedate elevator music, opening up to show a rather wide hall leading to a set of open double doors. Various guests are milling about, the sound of conversation and the clinking of glasses filling the room. The marble floors remain a theme here, tables set up with an array of finger foods and drinks as civilian model
*Xiri doesn't look awfully comfortable piling in an elevator, but it is thankfully brief, so she makes no complaint of it. She moves towards the top floor, as guided, since she's not really familiar with this tower. And in a way, kinda hopes she never has to. Ahem.
*Xiri does wind up interacting, after depositing her flowers in the inevitable pile of presents and gifts the other guests are bringing, with whoever is closest. It's not like she came to this party just to speak with Tyra and Tyra alone!
<Tyra> » robots see to everyone's needs. One in particular seems to be shepherding them, almost looking like a Warforged model himself with a black and white colouring scheme that resembles a butler's garb. Xiri may also spot Neville in the mix, seeming to be handling security for the party. As for the first person she encounters, it is in fact one of the higher placed Paskells in the company.
<Tyra> » A well built fellow standing a few inches taller than Xiri with dark hair and eyes, he's a familiar face in that 'seen him in the news' kind of fashion. His clothing is all top of the line tailoring, a tuxedo with all the trappings and even a cane tucked away in the crook of his arm. Xiri's memory may place him as the head of the company's PR department, actually.
*Xiri is dressed in purple, this time. Her trademark black feathers are curiously absent, replaced with eladrin fey trims of gold around the hem and rims of the dress; it's a conservative little number that nonetheless clings tightly to her body and wraps around her neck, but is sleeveless; instead, she wears detached sleeves that flare out nearer to her cuffs.
*Xiri does greet him, curtseying slightly as she holds her flute of champagne, and says, "If I may be so gracious, sir, I am Xirinas Fae'driel. It is a pleasure to meet you."
<Tyra> » He turns to face her, offering a brilliant smile and a bow of his own in response. "A please, Miss Fae'driel. Silas Paskell, at your service. I've heard rather amazing things about your performances at Festina Lente. I haven't had the chance to go myself, unfortunately…"
*Xiri smiles and tilts her head in that patent Xiri way, giving her just an ambience of harmlessness and approachability. "Ah. I understand, sir Paskell, yet I am flattered all the same. You will always be welcome whenever you have the time."
<Tyra> » There's a chuckle from the man as he gestures. "I'll have to try to make room, though I suspect my niece spends enough time there for the entire family. Though I must ask, is it true you refuse to record or perform outside the Lente?"
*Xiri gives him another gracious nod as she says, "I feel that music is best shared at face, an art that provides reason for the community to gather… a wondrous, gentle stage with which people may socialise with one another freely and amicably."
<Tyra> » He shakes his head with a good natured smile. "A shame. Completely understandable, but a shame that not everyone will be hearing your music."
*Xiri smiles more brightly as she responds, "I am but a simple musician, sir. I aim to entertain those around me; there will be other singers to soothe those elsewhere." A sip from her flute.
<Tyra> » "Hardly so simple, the way people rave. Modesty is good though, my dear."
*Xiri acquiesces quietly, smiling as her glance sets elsewhere. Maybe she's seen Tyra?
<Tyra> » Out of the corner of her eye Xiri can spot Tyra in another knot of people, still having not caved in and opted for a tuxedo of her own for this affair. Black suit jacket and slacks and such, but this time around it's a crimson vest under the jacket with the usual white dress shirt underneath. This time around it's buttoned up (with a red cloth wrapped about it instead of a bowtie, to boot).
<Tyra> » She's doing a good job of keeping her expression pleasant, though there's the occasional flash of desiring to escape on there. The problem with this is escape is currently impossible, pinned there by a tall lean man with a rather severe looking face. Dark hair carefully combed and kept short along with a beard and moustache and a black tuxedo. The current VP of Paskell Industries, Samuel Paskell. Also Tyra's father, of course.
*Xiri pads along with a smile on her face towards the Paskell Princess, sipping more from her champagne. She gives the both of them a tender smile, but lets them make the inevitable first move.
<Tyra> » Tyra's expression brightens considerably as she catches sight of Xiri, adjusting the fedora resting upon her head some as she senses a possible escape. Unfortunately her father wraps up his own conversation rather quickly as well, turning to regard Xiri with a pleasant smile. "Miss Fae'driel, yes? A pleasure to meet you. Tyraline has spoken much about you and was rather
<Tyra> » insistent that you be invited." He chuckles as Tyra gives her father that Look, seeming a bit sheepish as well. "Are you enjoying yourself so far, though?"
*Xiri does make the curtsey as usual first, with a smile as she says, "Oh, yes. This is quite the lavish gala you have hosted, and I am honored to be in your presence, sir." She does flash Tyra a smile on the side. … she also gets the feeling the 'has spoken much about you' is leading to her father scrutinizing her for future prospects, deep down.
<Tyra> » He gives a nod of the head, watching Xiri for a moment or two. "Excellent. We try our best, though I imagine it doesn't compare to the Festina judging by all the time Tyraline spends there." He'd give his daughter a knowing look, Tyra wincing for a moment before waving a hand. "Please, Father, not tonight? One night of no browbeating about slipping my security -
<Tyra> » - detail? Neville knows the place, it's perfectly safe."
*Xiri chuckles for a moment and says, trying to soothe him, "Your daughter is perfectly safe in the Lente, sir. I put all my soul and effort into making it a pleasant environment for anyone to enjoy a night without worry."
<Tyra> » He seems somewhat mollified by this, though there's still a slight frown. "Of course. Though I wish she'd not torment poor Mr. Vanya. Don't wander too far, Tyraline. Some other company heads are due to arrive so you can meet them and get acquainted." Tyra barely manages to hide a grimace, slipping over to Xiri's side. "Of course, Father."
*Xiri can't really go 'HEY YOU!' to Tyra's father and chew him out over his parenting style, so she just sort of smiles as she lets Tyra get chewed out by her father. She, at least, gives her a somewhat sympathetic look.
*Tyra gives Xiri a smile back, though soon enough she's slipped an arm around Xiri's and led her away and towards another section past the doors. The grand central chamber of the residence it seems, white marble still ever present as a staircase wraps around the wall to lead to the next floor. A crystal chandelier hangs overhead, glittering in the light.
<Tyra> » More guests are here, various automated servants seeing to them as they admire the various pieces of art on display. Some music also can be heard, obviously a recording but it is still an impressive piece. A bit sedate but perfect to relax amongst friends and family with. "Good timing, I was ready to just go disappear and don a mask or something to hide."
*Xiri gets yanked as Tyra grabs her arm in a way she hopes onlookers don't find eyebrow-raising, moving them towards the rest of the home, which… to Tyra's credit, she spends quite a while to take in breadth. She seems to be in completely awe. "Wow… I am awe-struck, Tyri."
<Tyra> » Fortunately, not too many looks towards the two. Either because the guests are distracted with other things or they are used to such things by Tyra is hard to say of course. "Never saw the news articles about the place, I take it? Plenty of pictures after it was fixed up." She glances back, frowning for a moment. "Sorry though, I had instructed Norman to inform me when you got
<Tyra> here but I think his programming is on the fritz again. I'll have to ask Diana to take a look.
*Xiri smiles wanly to her and says, "It's fine, Tyri." She places a hand on her shoulder as she looks towards the rest of the place, pacing about at a very slow gait and inspecting each article with genuine awe and interest. "I think I read the article before, but … I must have forgotten."
*Tyra follows after, speaking up as they come up to a painting depicting a scene of one of Oscar Litmund's works. "I could give you a look around if you want to refresh your memory." She spares a glance back. "Unless you want an insider's view on delicate business negotiations."
*Xiri giggles very lightly as she says, "Tonight, you are the princess, love. I am just here to attend," with a bright smile, patting her again. She sips her champagne.
*Tyra makes a face, though she does start to lead Xiri up the spiralling staircase with a light click of her heels with each step. "If you start with the 'princess' I'm going to have to find myself something stronger than champagne." She shakes her head, looking over at Xiri. "Not too much trouble over at the Lente though, right?"
<Tyra> With you not being there and such.
<Tyra> » The staircase leads up to a loft, various chairs and tables scattered about as some guests converse. A few suits watch over the area, though Xiri doesn't receive much scrutiny seeing as Tyra's with her. A few pictures of the Paskell family decorate the walls along with an old schematic of one of the early Warforged models.
*Xiri shakes her head as she says, "Jean-Baptiste is hosting poetry slam tonight. I, in a way, am sad that I had to miss it, but he promises to have the session taped for me to watch later." She looks towards the suits for a moment, waving coquettishly at them, before looking towards the early models.
*Lienne is now known as Reiska
<Tyra> » The suits offer nods back, a few of them recognizable as having been in Tyra's security detail during a visit to the Lente every now and then. Tyra glances at the schematics, frowning. "You better let me see that too, Xiri… ah, one of the first Warforged models." The frown turns a bit amused. "Prototype had issues differentiating friend and foe from the commands by the controller."
<Tyra> It was an awkward demonstration for R&D the first time around.
*Xiri furrows her brow for a moment as she mutters, "This is all nice and such, but… what of the family?"
*Tyra gives a slight shrug of the shoulders. "You ran into Uncle and Father already. Grandpapa's lurking about somewhere, I'm surprised he's keeping hidden that well. Grandmama's resting, she hasn't been feeling well this week." Tyra spares a look over the banister of the loft, frowning. "I'm avoiding Aunt Lorraine. Stepped on her toes with that hiring decision."
*Xiri tilts her head and gestures towards the blueprints and such. "I guess… I was just expecting more personal affections rather than the family trade. Perhaps I am an outdated soul?" she says with a gentle smile.
<Tyra> Oh! Sorry. The family pictures are for that, but most of the personal stuff is deeper in the manor. The party's a business negotiation thing foremost, I'm pretty sure. Vickers collapsing turned things upside down some.
*Tyra shakes her head. "You don't get to see embarrassing baby photographs of me or the like though, sorry."
*Xiri nods in return, looking about again and saying, "I just sense a rather… impersonal air." A sorrowful smile. "I tend to enjoy parties that are more about the people." A pause, and she starts to look embarrassed. "… oh, I did not mean to criticise your party, dear."
*Tyra fidgets a bit, looking a bit nervous. "S'not my party. Ah, sorry. It was a bit selfish of me to invite you, I guess."
*Xiri shakes her head as she smiles a bit brighter, saying, "Relax, dear. I'm happy I was able to fish you away from your father." There's a somewhat mischievous tone at that as she even winks at her, but then looks self-consciously at the suits around.
<Tyra> » The suits seem to be content to leave the two to their antics. The joys of having welcomed them into the Lente as well. Tyra can't help but smirk a little. "Oh good then, I won't feel quite as guilty then. You want to see the rest of the manor?"
<Tyra> « -one then, augh redundancy »
*Xiri tilts her head as she says, "Will you get in trouble, dear Tyri?"
*Tyra raises an eyebrow, grinning now. "Have you known that to stop me before? Not unless it causes a scandal or something, anyways."
*Xiri pauses, and then looks sidelong at Tyra with that sort of look, but then giggles a little further as she relents and says, "Lead the way, Tyri dear."
*Tyra tilts her head at the look, though soon enough once Xiri gives her assent she's leading her past the suits into the hallway. She does keep an arm wrapped around hers, hrming. "Second floor… everyone's office is on this floor, the library and study as well. Third floor has our actual rooms and such, past that is the roof of the tower." She glances over at Xiri, grinning.
<Tyra> » "So where do you want to start?" The hallway itself does have a few more family photographs as Tyra said, some seeming to be of Tyra in her younger years when graduating from university and such. There's also a couple older looking pictures of Tyra's grandparents when they were younger, along with her father, uncle and aunt in their teenage years.
*Xiri paces along with her, although she looks a little red in the face since Tyra is still clinging onto her with her arm. "Tyri, dear… do you think it is necessary to hold my arm so? I am afraid it would break," she teases with a smile.
*Xiri looks towards Tyra's photos, though, afterwards, putting her finger to the frame as she comments, "What was this from?"
*Tyra turns a bit red for a moment, quickly releasing. "Sorry. Carried away." She looks at the photograph, depicting a Tyra a few years younger in graduation robes receiving a piece of paper. "Ah. My graduation at St. Trinian Academy. One of the few times Father actually had a happy expression."
*Xiri looks to Tyra after she says that, giving her a somewhat subtle look from the side… maybe it's empathy. Then she looks back towards it and says, "What was your academy days like?"
*Tyra seems to miss the look, her attention on the picture. "Busy. The workload was a mess. It wasn't long after the attack here either so the security group assigned to me was a bit of a strangling presence." She smirks for a moment. "I did learn how to ditch them then too, though."
*Xiri tilts her head and raises her eyebrow. "You mean your espionage…" She gestures awkwardly, "Skills?"
*Tyra shifts a bit, looking a bit sheepish. "Yeah. Self taught. Says something about the state of security in this city."
*Xiri scratches her head and says, "Wow, Tyri… you have had a bit of a rough spot, from my view."
*Tyra looks over at Tyra. "Rough spot?"
<Tyra> « …Xiri, not Tyra »
<Tyra> « oh god fractured »
*Xiri pauses as she says, "Just living with people with no sense of privacy."
*Tyra chuckles. "Ah. I made do. By making my own privacy, really. There's some lines they can't cross yet, though. My room is rather off limits to security meddling, for instance."
*Xiri mentally murders the Slayer Within for starting to think about filing that point down if that ever becomes a pertinent point. All the while maintaining a perfectly empathic smile out front. "… let me guess, you are going to invite me there next?" she asks playfully.
*Tyra fidgets a bit, glancing at Xiri. She seems a bit embarrassed now, actually. "Ah, if you want? I mean, if it didn't seem to… ah screw it." She shakes her head. "I was debating between that or the roof, actually."
*Xiri snickers to herself, but also to Tyra, as she says, "Whatever comforts you the most, love."
*Tyra raises an eyebrow. "Room then, I guess." She turns away from the picture, leading the way through the hallway past a few doors. At the end is another spiralling staircase, leading up to another section of the manor. It continues farther but she steps off at the first landing, pulling out a key to start opening a door.
<Tyra> » This central chamber is circular in nature, possibly in the very center of the Tower so to speak with a series of doors along the sides. The lighting is more conventional here, though a few paintings still decorate the walls. Tyra's opened the door to her room soon enough, revealing a rather spacious bedroom all told. The walls are decorated with a few pictures of the Paskell family.
<Tyra> » A large window offers a grand view of the city of Paxia and the surrounding oceans and such, the red moon visible. Right by the window is a canopy bed, the curtains and blankets blue in color along with the pillows lying across it. A locked trunk is at the base of the bed while a nightstand is beside it. Off to the left is a large desk with a mess of papers along with a few newspapers as well.
<Tyra> » Alongside it is a slightly ajar door, apparently opening into the closet judging from the few clothes visible. Next to /that/ is a full length mirror, rather simple looking in design compared to the manor itself. The other side of the room plays host to a set of bookshelves loaded with books and papers as well along with another door, this one shut.
*Xiri actually looks a bit winded after they walk through seven more stairs and hallways. At least, the somewhat frequent breathing Xiri exhibits says so. When they enter the room proper, though, her first reaction is to gasp as she moves towards the balcony and press her fingers against the window frame, staring out towards the city. "What a view."
*Tyra follows after Xiri, shutting the door behind her. "One of the few benefits to all this, an amazing view." She walks over to stand alongside Xiri, looking out the window as well before glancing at Xiri. "You alright, Xiri?"
*Xiri looks towards Tyra and raises an eyebrow, taking another breath to ask, "Why do you ask?"
*Tyra grins. "You look tired."
<Tyra> Stairs a bit much?
*Xiri pauses, and looks at the door, then the bed, and then back at Tyra. "Oh, come now, Tyra, we've only been a few seconds in the room and you've already laid the 'you look tired' line upon me."
*Tyra actually looks surprised at that, then frantically shakes her head. "N-no! That's not what I meant!"
*Xiri giggles herself as she actually does look a bit embarrassed herself, and says, "I do not have a fondness for stairs, no."
*Tyra gestures towards the desk's chair. "You can sit down, if you want.." She seems to be still blushing a bit, not quite meeting Xiri's eyes.
*Xiri pauses, but then walks over to Tyra's bed instead to sit by it, smiling as she says, "Now I am sitting on your bed."
*Tyra raises an eyebrow for a moment, a faint tinge of red starting to already fade. "Is that my cue to try an actual line, Xiri?" She seems to have composed herself, an amused smirk on her face.
*Xiri smiles lightly as she says, "The night's still young. But you can try." She gestures for her to sit — whether on the bed or not — and says, "So tell me more about … I do not know, life."
*Tyra seems to consider giving such a line for a moment before simply taking a seat next to Xiri on the bed, sweeping her fedora off to lay next to her. "Life? Mmm. You know both sides of mine, really. Would be heiress, troublemaker. Admirer of the arts?" She giggles for a moment. "Actually, I've got a question. I haven't been outside of Paxia, really. What's your home like?"
*Xiri mmms softly as she stares out towards the red moon, gesturing slowly as she says, "My home… the Feywild is a land of eternal autumn, a land of high magic and little technology. A land where magical perfection in the arts can easily be achieved. For many of us, life was simply about… play, about refining our interests, with little menial work."
*Xiri gestures with her hand, and her gloves are apparently still Equipped, because she can conjure the image of a breathtaking autumn foliage with a lavish city of the most fussy and ornate architecture, of tall spires and large red crystals and gold filigree.
*Tyra actually looks rather amazed at this and Xiri's description, tilting her head slightly. "I… wow, Xiri." She admires the image for a few more moments before looking at her. "So why come 'dirt side', so to speak?"
*Xiri 's face is unmoving at that question, staring almost in a trance towards the image for a good, long while. It almost looks haunted, for a moment. Before smiling to say, "I followed my curious peers to share my love for music to a new audience."
*Tyra seems a bit put off by the haunted aspect of the look, fidgeting for a moment and nodding. "Aah. I'd say you've succeeded at that, then. Uncle Silas is dying to have you perform at one of our trade shows or something."
*Xiri chuckles and says, "I could always be convinced to play at a function of yours, Tyri, love. But he seemed more interested in asking if I wished to make records."
*Tyra shakes her head. "I wouldn't ask you to play at a business function. If I want you to perform it'll be for me, not to sell a few more Warforged."
*Xiri smiles again as she looks to Tyra to say, "Well, yes, I would prefer to play those who are genuinely interested in having a good time, not for the sake of drawing out another crowd…"
*Tyra nods, shifting a bit before pulling off her jacket to set aside as well and work her arms about a bit. "I figured as much. Your music should be enjoyed, not used as part of a sales pitch." She considered for a few moments before grinning. "Alright, let's do this. I asked you a question and you answered. You can ask me one now about anything."
*Xiri blinks a bit, but does keep her eye on Tyra as she jacket-removes and smiles lightly, asking an unusually forward question, "Did you… ever date, before?"
*Tyra is caught off guard by this one, judging by the hint of red and eyes heading towards the floor. "Ah, damn, good starter. I did a bit in university. Nothing really serious."
*Xiri mmms softly and says, "Did it … make you happier?"
*Tyra waggles a finger. "Technically my turn… but I quizzed you a lot before, so you can keep asking." She crosses her legs, looking out the window. "It did for a bit, though things never really seemed to 'click', you know?"
*Xiri nods slowly and says, "That happens," with a light tone as she presses her hand to Tyra's. Then she gestures to say, "I suppose it's your turn now, dear."
*Tyra smiles faintly, shifting her hand to lightly grasp Xiri's. "I'll avoid the cheesy question of just repeating what you asked me." She considers for a moment, then nods. "I… what do you think of Paxia? Most Eladrin seem to treat it like a playground almost, but you have a pretty different take to it I think."
*Xiri wonders about the ramifications of being led into her bedroom and holding hands on her bed with just a glass of champagne for a moment, but then looks to Tyra a little closer to say, "I am…" A pause. "I suppose I feel very personal about it. It has hate and selfishness, but I wish to provide a comfortable shelter from it all. Because I've come to feel home in it, for better or worse."
*Tyra nods slightly, seeming to be deep in thought judging from the slightly 'out there' look her eyes have. "That's true enough… we've both seen that to no small degree. The Lente is a good spot to get away from it all though, I'll admit. Thank you for that."
*Xiri smiles wider as she says, "It isn't just the place. It's everyone who comes there and believes in that message. I can only provide so much on my own."
*Tyra tilts her head, looking at Xiri. "I think you're selling yourself a bit short, Xiri."
*Xiri shakes her head, as she says, "I do my best to provide the appropriate stage, but my guests are still the heart of the Lente." She looks amicably to Tyra as she says, "Like you."
*Tyra blushes for a moment, looking down. "Ah, come now… your question, then."
*Xiri presses her lips together again, and then pauses, looking about. "I… hmm. You must know I imply nothing from this question, but have you ever thought of running away to … strike your own fortune? To cast certainty to the winds in exchange for freedom?"
*Tyra lets go of Xiri's hand, falling into thought again. "Many times. I've never followed through, but the thought crossed my mine plenty. It still does, really. The things I get up to in the shadows is about as far as I venture down that way." She shakes her head. "I'm still a Paskell, when you get down to it. Some things come with the name."
*Xiri looks a little bit sad at that, although she says, "Well, I believe you can make a right out of it, dear."
*Tyra shrugs slightly. "I dunno, what's making a right? I can't run this company. My father's hoping the fact he has a heir means he'll be President when Grandpapa gives it up but my aunt and uncle are both vying for it too."
*Xiri presses her lips together and lays her hand on Tyra's knee, since her hand is away now. "… sorry."
*Tyra places her hand on top of Xiri's, quirking her lips. "Unless you're the reason why the corporate hereditary succession structure exists in Paxia, you have nothing to be sorry about. It's my fault for bringing it up and killing the mood."
*Xiri mms softly, not responding right away, before looking to Tyra again and asking, "… would you like a hug, dear?"
*Tyra raises her head, looking at Xiri for a moment before smiling. "How could I say no? Of course."
*Xiri extends her arms forward and gives Tyra a hug. D’awww.
*Tyra wraps her arms around Xiri, returning the embrace and resting her head on the other woman's shoulder. "… thanks, Xiri."
*Xiri mmms softly as she holds her a bit tighter, and then says, "Anytime, Tyri."
*Tyra tightens her own embrace a bit more in response, then giggles for a moment. "So, now I feel a bit better about turning one of your questions on you. Have you ever dated?"
*Xiri mmms softly, saying faintly, "I am…" A pause. "In short, yes, Tyra."
*Tyra shifts a bit, not releasing Xiri but pulling back enough so she can see her face. "In short, huh?"
*Xiri draws back enough to be able to see her, although that probably means they're mere centimetres away from each other's face. "Yes. It was… still is… the best part of my life. It was as a dream stepped forth from the curtains of my daily life and swept me towards the winds of joy."
*Tyra looks a bit in awe by that, biting her lip as if she's about to say something before simply smiling a bit. "Aha. I… I hope something like that happens for me. Your turn."
*Xiri shuts her eyes for a moment as she lets go, looking back towards Tyra to say, although her expression isn't quite one of joy, "That period of my life is what eventually led me to Paxia…"
*Tyra lets go of Xiri as she does, fidgeting again for a moment as she nods. "…Led you here?"
*Xiri nods slowly. "We were united only in times of vacation… I lived in the feywild, you see. Eventually, I could bear it no more. I moved to the city so I could savour the experience more fully."
*Tyra nods, shifting some in how she is sitting on the bed so she can face Xiri.
*Xiri is silent for a bit more as she shuts her eyes, deep in reflection… before looking back to Tyra. A pause, before she glances towards the clock to say, "Will they wonder where you've went during the party?"
*Tyra glances at the clock, managing a wry smile. "Mm. Hard to say, really.' She reaches for her jacket, fiddling with a button on it for a moment. "Sorry about bringing this up."
*Xiri leans forward to Tyra again to say, "It was… good to reminisce. Keeps me focused." … focused in keeping her vengeance alive and well for the Slayer to keep existing, but hey. She leans forward to give Tyra a peck on the nose, playfully, giggling as she slips away to stand up from the bed.
*Tyra turns a bit red at that, looking up at Xiri as she starts to slide back into her jacket while giggling a bit. "It isn't nice to keep teasing me like that, Xiri."
*Xiri mms softly to say, "You are right. … would you like to give me one in return, then?"
*Tyra fidgets some more, turning a bit more red as she stands up as well. "Ah.. I would, though you don't have to if you don't want to."
*Xiri puts her hands behind her back and closes her eyes, lifting her chin up slightly as her lips push forward lightly.
*Tyra seems uncertain for a moment, then simply decides to go for it. A step forward and she's leaning in and up to give Xiri a kiss on the lips.
*Xiri doesn't break her mouth open for her, but she does mmm as their lips melt on each other, softly, tenderly. She's good at kissing, letting Tyra lead while supporting her if her lips falter for a moment… then pulls away from her after she feels Tyra's satisfied.
*Tyra takes a small step back once Xiri pulls away, opening her eyes that had closed at some point as she smiles faintly again. "…Thanks, Xiri."
*Xiri does open her eyes as well to smile back at her, and extends her hand out. "Shall we return?"
*Tyra takes her hand, chuckling. "Probably wise. I might steal another kiss otherwise."
*Xiri smiles as she walks towards the room entrance, silently bracing herself for another staircapade.
*Tyra leads the way, shutting the door behind her and making sure it's locked before starting down the stairs. "I guess I'll have to show you the rooftop another night, hm?"
*Xiri chuckles lightly as she says, "Might have to wait until it gets less chilly, love."
*Tyra makes a face for a moment as they make their way back to the rooms where the other guests are. "Oh, I'm sure we could figure out something."
*Xiri chuckles again, and then lo, to the party they go! To a cut.

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